Alan Weller

Past Presidents:

1905-1906 Arthur Bettinson, 1909-1910 Lord Ronaldshay, 1919-1921 Charles Saville, 1921-1922 F.Stanton, 1922-1938 Hon Gerald Wallop, 1938-1953 Ernest Reavell, 1953-1962 Harold Ashton, 1962-1964 David Carey, 1964-1967 Arthur Kendall, 1967-1970 Charles Harrison, 1970-1971 Fred Henning, 1971-1974 Bryan Smith, 1974-1977 Douglas Thompson, 1977-1980 Tony Sunderland, 1980-1982 Bob Parker, 1982-1985 Roger Simons, 1985-1966 Martin Grey, 1986-1988 Joyce Smith MBE and Martin Grey, 1988- Harold Ashton, Geoff Morphitis, Jim Cunningham, Tony Smith, Gerry Elmore, Gerald Alterman, Frank Attoh, Neville Thompson, 2008-2011 Simon Keene, 2011-2014 George Harrison MBE, 2014- Dave Bedford OBE

Vice Presidents:

Ron Collins, Dave Bradley, Dave Thomson, Carol Backhouse, Irene Peaty, Dave Bedford OBE, Charles Fogg, Alan Weller, Stephanie Paparizos, Clyde Gordon, Richard Bober, Geoff Williams, Steve Marshall, John Wright, Ray Powell, Philip Cunningham, Colette Hurley

Life Members:

Peter Woodsmith, Bryan Smith, Roger Simons, Dave Bedford OBE, Tony Sunderland, Julian Goater, Bob Parker, Geoff Morphitis, Keith Moyse, Tony Smith, Martin Grey, Patricia Hicks, Joyce Smith MBE, Brenda Atkinson, Linda Elmore, Margaret Beacham, Carol Backhouse, Julia Avis, Frank Attoh, Neville Thompson, Gerry Elmore, George Harrison MBE, Neil Winter, Gerald Alterman, Dian Taylor, Dominic Bannister, Geoff Williams, Stephanie Paparizos, Simon Keene, Richard Bober, John Wright, Philip Cunningham, Clyde Gordon,  Ray Powell, Alan Weller, Ron Collins, Irene Peaty

Club Officers:

Chairman Tony Sunderland Treasurer Geoff Morphitis  Assistant Treasurer Clyde Gordon Officials Secretary John Wright Coaching Secretary Jeremy Sothcott Welfare Officer Men Michael Tuvey Welfare Officer Women Nene Harrison General Secretary Philip Cunningham Clerk to the Council and Promotions Secretary Dave Bradley EA Registration Officer David Nathan Council Members Tony Smith Clyde Gordon Colette Hurley Joyce Smith and Bryan Smith Jeremy Sothcott Neelam Kaderbhoy Karl Bulman

Newsletter and Cross Country Fixtures Alan Weller Webmaster Alan Weller and Dave Bradley Statistician Ronan Breen Men Statistician Bryan Smith Women

London Marathon Volunteer Co-Ordinators Ray and Clare Powell

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