Main Indoor Competitions

SEAA Championships
London Indoor Games
British Masters Championships
British Masters Multi-Event Championship
Middlesex and Hertfordshire Championships
Southern Vets Championships
British Universities Championships
Lee Valley Open Meetings

Main Outdoor Competitions & Leagues

British Athletics League –  BAL Timetable For Round 1 At Leigh On 5 May and BAL Timetable For Round 2 June 2 Fixture 2018 and BAL Timetable For Round 3 July 7 Fixture 2018 and BAL Timetable For Round 4 August 4 Fixture 2018
UK Women’s Athletics League –
UK Youth Development League –  UKYDL Timetable Allianz Park – Round 4 29-07-18  YDL Upper Age-Group Premier Timetable For All Fixtures 2018
Eastern Young Athletes League –  EYAL Timetable For Round 1 April 15, Round 3 June 3 and Round 5 August 5 Fixtures 2018 and EYAL Timetable For Round 2 May 6 and Round 4 July 8 Fixtures 2018
Middlesex Young Athletes League –  MYAL Timetable For Round 1 May 26, and Round 3 June 17 Fixtures 2018 and MYAL Timetable For Round 2 May 26 and Round 4 July 22 Fixtures 2018
SCVAC Veterans League –  SCVAC Timetable For All Veterans Fixtures 2018
London Inter Club Challenge Meetings –
Middlesex Championships
Hertfordshire Championships
SEAA Championships
UK Championships
English Schools Championships
British Masters Championships
British Universities Championships
British Athletic Grand Prix
Watford Open Meeting
British Milers Club
European Junior Clubs Cup
European Senior Clubs Championships
Commonwealth Games
European Championships
World Championships
Olympic Games