• 10/06/17

    Middlesex Schools Championships – For SBH Results Only Click Here

    Took place in Uxbridge on 10 June

    Congratulations to our Middlesex Champions ANDREW NICOLAOU (100m), REMI TOKOSENUMI (200m), NAJIBE ARBI (400m), AMBER DUVERNEY (75m Hurdles) and SOPHIA OBI  (80m Hurdles). We also won 4 silver and 7 Bronze Medals.
    ANDREW NICOLAOU (100m), LATIFAH HARRIS-OSMAN (100m), REMI TOKOSENUMI (200m) and JEFF HAGAN (Triple Jump) have qualified for the English Schools Championships in Birmingham on 7-8 July.

    100m – U15B Heats ANDREW NICOLAOU (11.4 nwr), NICHOLAS SHAW (11.8 nwr), ROHAN BAGAI (11.8 nwr) in the Final ANDREW won the Gold Medal (PB 11.0 nwr) taking .18 of a second off his 14 May time, and is ranked UK No.1 U15 in 2017. Also a Middlesex record and qualifying time for the English Schools, NICHOLAS won the Bronze Medal (PB 11.5 nwr) taking .20 of a second of his 2016 time, ROHAN finished 4th (11.8 nwr)
    100m – U15G  Heats ESTHER FATUADE (SB 12.9 nwr) equaling her 7 May time, SAVANNAH IYAMU (PB 13.1 nwr) equaling her 7 May time, EMILY RODRIGUEZ (13.2 nwr) , MEARA MCLAWRENCE (13.4 nwr) in the Final ESTHER won the Silver Medal  (PB 12.7 nwr) equaling her 2016 time, EMILY won the Bronze Medal  (PB 12.8 nwr) taking .21 of a second off her 14 May time, SAVANNAH finished 7th  (13.4 nwr), MEARA finished 8th  (13.5 nwr)
    100m – U17M  Heats SHINAWAT JAIDEE (PB 11.4 nwr) taking .07 of a second off his 7 June time, TRISTON FOSTER (PB 11.8 nwr) equaling his 4 June time, in the Final SHINAWAT finished 5th  (11.7 nwr), TRISTON finished 6th  (PB 11.8 nwr) equaling his Heat time
    100m – U17W  Heats LATIFAH HARRIS-OSMAN (PB 12.2 nwr) taking .40 of a second off her 28 May time, and is ranked UK no.7 U17 in 2017, also a qualifying time for the English Schools, CHINWE IWUNZE (12.8 nwr), SHAKIRA RILEY (13.9 nwr)  in the Final LATIFAH won the Silver Medal (12.4 nwr) , CHINWE won the Bronze Medal (12.7 nwr)
    200m – U15B  REMI TOKOSENUMI in the Heats ran (24.5 nwr) in the Final REMI won the Gold Medal (PB 23.00 nwr) taking .30 of a second off his 9 April time, and is ranked UK no.6 U15 in 2017. Also a Middlesex record and qualifying time for the English Schools
    200m – U17M  Heats JOSH KUMAR (23.0 nwr), MICAH AGYEPONG (23.3 nwr)  in the Final MICAH finished 4th  (23.5 nwr), JOSH finished 5th  (23.8 nwr)
    400m – U17M  Heats ANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN (52.8), NAJIBE ARBI (No Time Shown) in the Final NAJIBE won the Gold Medal  (51.7), ANTHONY won the Bronze Medal  (52.8)
    800m – U15G  Heats SYDNEY ALLEN (2:31.5), LARISSA GILES (2:38.8), JESSICA YEFET (PB 2:53.8), ZOE DAVIS (3:02.5) in the Final LARISSA finished 4th (2:25.2), SYDNEY finished 6th (2:35.9)
    800m – U17M Straight Final MITTIO MOHAMMADIAN finished 4th (2:03.4)
    1500m – U15G Straight Final ELENA RONCARATI won the Silver Medal (5:06.3)
    75m Hurdles – U15G  Heats AMBER DUVERNEY (12.1 nwr), EVELYN BARTER (PB 12.7 nwr) taking .01 of a second off her 14 May time, in the Final AMBER won the Gold Medal  (11.9 nwr), EVELYN finished 4th  (PB 12.7 nwr) equaling her Heat time
    80m Hurdles – U17W Straight Final SOPHIA OBI won the Gold Medal (12.4 nwr)
    400m Hurdles – U17M Straight Final BEN BELLISARIO finished 4th (PB 71.75 nwr) taking 3.97 seconds off his 30 April time
    Long Jump – U15G Straight Final EVELYNE FONYEYNE won the Bronze Medal (PB 4.60m nwr) adding 10cm to her 22 April jump
    Triple Jump – U15B Straight Final JEFF HAGAN won the Silver Medal (12.87m nwr) adding 33cm to his 7 May jump, and is ranked UK No.2 U15 in 2017, also a qualifying distance for the English Schools
    Triple Jump – U17M Straight Final ODERA UMEUGOJI won the Bronze Medal (PB 12.98m) adding 20cm to his 7 May jump