Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 25 October 2018

Happy Birthday this week to Fope Allo, Rohan Bagai, Isabella Carson, Sarena Clarke, Gerry Elmore, Benjamin Hocking, Simon Keene, Andrew Lawler, Ben Mcguire, Lewis Mcguire, Nana Nottinson-Nyaaku, Charlotte Ord-Lonsdale, David Pearlman, Evie Redpath, Daniel Rees, Emily Rodriguez, Joyce Smith MBE, Luca Stubbs, Victoria Walker and Callum Woodage

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SBH MIDWEEK JUMPS CLUB AT ALLIANZ PARK FROM 19.00 TO 21.00 The current arrangements and until further notice are that Pole Vault training is on Monday’s and High Jump training is on Wednesday’s. Please contact the session administrator CLYDE GORDON in advance and let him know you’re planning to attend.

LEE VALLEY INDOOR FIXTURES – Link to a PDF which I produced for all fixtures from 2 December to 24 March, once you decide on what fixture you want to enter, there is a link you can select to complete the entry process  L All Indoor Fixtures Lee Valley December 2018 to March 2019 For Newsletter Updated 20-10-18
The following have a closing date in November or December – 2/12 (25/11), 1/1 (28/12), 5/1 (30/12) and 6/1 (30/12)
Entry Information is still not published for the following – Southern Championships on 16/12, 12/1 and 19/1. Essex & Eastern Counties 2/1. Meatswitch Games 16/1. Masters Fixtures 10/1, 17/2, 24/2 and 9/3. Hertfordshire, Middlesex & Kent Championships 16/3.

OTHER INDOOR FIXTURES – Link to a PDF which I produced for all fixtures from 2 December to 3 March, once you decide on what fixture you want to enter, there is a link you can select to complete the entry process  M All Indoor Fixtures Other Venues December 2018 to March 2019 For Newsletter Updated 20-10-18
Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow fixtures are entries on the day.
Entry Information is still not published for the following – Scottish and English Championships.

SOUTHERN CROSS COUNTRY RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place on Saturday 20 October at Wormwood Scrubs.
Another excellent day following our recent successes at the National road relays.

On the day we won 2 Southern team titles, firstly our Under 20 Men’s team of BEN WINFIELDTHOMAS PATRICK and GEORGE GROOM won the race by 40 seconds ahead of Reading, with THOMAS recording the fastest time of the race and BEN 6th fastest time of the race. Next saw Under 17 Men’s of  LAURANCE EDWARDSKRISTIAN IMROTH  and JUDE MIRANDA winning by some 9 seconds from the City of Norwich. KRISTIAN ran the fastest time of the race, 16 seconds ahead of William Maloney. Finally our Under 13 Boy’s team of ZICO JONESISAIAH OCHEJA and GIANLEO STUBBS secured a well-earned Bronze Medal, with GIANLEO recording the 7th fastest time of the race.

Our Under 15 Boy’s finished 6th,  Under 15 Girl’s 8th, Under 17 Women 11th and Under 13 Girl’s 8th.

Under 13 Girls (3 Legs of 2000m)SBH 32nd (28.42) Leg 1 MYA MAIRS-INGRAM (26th 8.20), Leg 2 EVIE REDPATH (22nd 8.48), Leg 3 TALYA FREEDMAN (32nd 11.34)
Team Result – 1st Guildford & Godalming (22.36), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Houndslow (23.03), 3rd Basingstoke & Mid Hants (23.17) 34 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Katie Sakaria of Guildford & Godalming (7.20), 2nd Isabelle Martin of Abingdon (7.28), 3rd Christina Kirby of Guildford & Godalming (7.31)

Under 13 Boys (3 Legs of 2000m)SBH won the Bronze Medal (22.03) Leg 1 ZICO JONES (8th 7.28), Leg 2 ISAIAH OCHEJA (7th 7.28), Leg 3 GIANLEO STUBBS (3rd 7.07 7th fastest time of the race)
Team Result – 1st Bracknell (20.59), 2nd Herne Hill Harriers (21.11), 3rd SBH (22.03) 27 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st William Rabjohns of Poole (6.35), 2nd Harry Prestcott of Bracknell (6.53), 3rd Christo Chiltern of Herne Hill Harriers (6.55)
Photograph of our Bronze Medalists ISAIAHZICO and  GIANLEO

Under 15 Girls (3 Legs of 2000m)SBH 8th (23.18) Leg 1 SYDNEY ALLEN (18th 7.58), Leg 2 JOANNE MIRANDA (7th 7.28), Leg 3 ASHA HORBACKI  (8th 7.52), SBH Incomplete Team Leg 1 ELINA BULMAN (36th 8.49), Leg 2 ELEANOR RACHEL (32nd 9.08) apparently on Leg 3 SARON RICHARDSON was misdirected and did not finish
Team Result – 1st Blackheath & Bromley (21.38), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Houndslow (21.47), 3rd City of Norwich (22.07) 31 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Zakia Mossi of Blackheath & Bromley (7.01), 2nd Naomi Toft of Blackheath & Bromley (7.09), 3rd Eloisa Harris of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Houndslow (7.13)

Under 15 Boys (3 Legs of 2000m)SBH “A” 6th (20.51) Leg 1 LUCA STUBBS (3rd 6.40 7th fastest time of the race), Leg 2 DYLAN MICHEL (7th 7.10), Leg 3 SAMUEL GREENSTEIN (6th 7.01), SBH “B” 15th (22.02) Leg 1 ASHWIN FOWKES-GAJAN (26th 7.30), Leg 2 DYLAN HAMMOND (17th 7.07), Leg 3 MAX WINFIELD (15th 7.25), SBH “C” Incomplete Team Leg 1 SAM TRUEMAN (18th 7.06)
Team Result – 1st Bracknell (20.03), 2nd Herne Hill Harriers (20.04), 3rd Walton (20.10) 26 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Edward Enser of Bracknell (6.28), 2nd Danny Adams of City of Norwich (6.35), 3rd Ben Harrison of Herne Hill Harriers (6.35)

Under 17 Women (3 Legs of 2500m)SBH 11th (26.43) Leg 1 EMILY HATHAWAY (10th 8.38), Leg 2 MIA GROOM (11th 8.52), Leg 3 JESSICA PATRICK  (11th 9.13), SBH Incomplete Team Leg 1 NADIA POTTER (26th 9.47)
Team Result – 1st Blackheath & Bromley (24.43), 2nd Herne Hill Harriers (24.50), 3rd City of Norwich (24.51) 26 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Yasmin Marchini of Herne Hill Harriers (7.57), 2nd Katie Goldsmith of City of Norwich (8.06), 3rd Morgan Squibb of Blackheath & Bromley (8.09)

Under 17 Men (3 Legs of 3000m)SBH “A” won the Gold Medal (31.40) Leg 1 LAURANCE EDWARDS (5th 10.51), Leg 2 KRISTIAN IMROTH  (1st 9.56 fastest time of the race), Leg 3 JUDE MIRANDA (1st 10.53), SBH “B” 18th (36.41) Leg 1 DYLAN HEPWORTH (21st 11.36), Leg 2 BEN OUBRIDGE (22nd 13.15), Leg 3 DANIEL GREENSTEIN (18th 11.50), SBH “C” Incomplete Team Leg 1 BEN KELLY (28th 12.57)
Team Result1st SBH (31.40), 2nd City of Norwich (31.49),  3rd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Houndslow (32.06) 20 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs1st Kristian Imroth of SBH (9.56), 2nd William Mahoney of City of Norwich (10.12) 3rd Ben Marks of Walton (10.15)
Photograph of our Gold Medalists JUDEKRISTIAN and LAURANCE

Under 20 Women (3 Legs of 2500m)No SBH Team
Team Result – 1st Bracknell (25.33), 2nd Herne Hill Harriers (25.51), 3rd Blackheath & Bromley (26.13) 7 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Maddie Deadman of Basingstoke & Mid Hants (8.10), 2nd Iyata Santos of Blackheath & Bromley (8.11), 3rd Mollie O’Sullivan of Herne Hill Harriers (8.15)

Under 20 Men (3 Legs of 3000m)SBH “A” won the Gold Medal (30.54) Leg 1 BEN WINFIELD (3rd 10.29 6th fastest time of the race), Leg 2 THOMAS PATRICK  (1st 10.00 fastest time of the race), Leg 3 GEORGE GROOM (1st 10.25 4th fastest time of the race), SBH “B” Incomplete Team Leg 1 HENRY FULTON (6th 12.00)
Team Result1st SBH (30.54), 2nd Reading (31.34), 3rd Bracknell (34.02) 3 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs1st Thomas Patrick of SBH (10.00), 2nd Abdiqadir Mohamed of Thames Valley Harriers (10.09), 3rd Eddie Stevini of Reading (10.12)
Photograph of our Gold Medalists BENTHOMAS and GEORGE

Senior Women (3 Legs of 3000m)No SBH Team
Team Result – 1st Wycombe Phoenix Harriers (34.48), 2nd Herne Hill Harriers (35.11), 3rd Belgrave Harriers (35.22) 35 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Katie Snowden of Herne Hill Harriers (10.59), 2nd Pippa Woolven of Wycombe Phoenix Harriers (11.01), 3rd Saron Haileselase of Belgrave Harriers (11.11)

Senior Men (4 Legs of 5000m)No SBH Team
Team Result – 1st Highgate Harriers (57.47), 2nd Belgrave Harriers (57.48), 3rd Thames Valley Harriers (57.49) 42 teams finished
Fastest 3 Legs – 1st Mohamud Aadan of Thames Valley Harriers (13.26), 2nd Abdishakur Nege Abdulle of Hillingdon (13.42), 3rd Roger Poolman of Highgate Harriers (13.55)

Link to official results – U20 Women U20 Women Fastest Times U20 Men U20 Men Fastest Times U17 Women U17 Women Fastest Times U17 Men U17 Men Fastest Times U15 Girls U15 Girls Fastest Times U15 Boys U15 Boys Fastest Times U13 Girls U13 Girls Fastest Times U13 Boys U13 Boys Fastest Times Senior Women Senior Women Fastest Times Senior Men Senior Men Fastest Times

STROUD HALF MARATHON – Took place on 21 October
RACHEL FELTON V35 16th (77.12 1st Woman)

LEE VALLEY MINITHON – Took place on 20 October
60m – U11G SIENNA CORBYN (SB 10.64)
60m – U13B EBUKA NWOKEJI (PB 8.51), OBINNA NWOKEJI U13 (PB 8.74)
200m – U11G SIENNA CORBYN (PB 33.94) taking 1.18 seconds off her 2017 time
200m – U13G NATALIA CORBYN (PB 33.68) taking .82 of a second off her 22 July time
200m – U13B EBUKA NWOKEJI (28.92), OBINNA NWOKEJI U13 (PB 29.69)
Long Jump – U13G NATALIA CORBYN (PB 2.82m) adding 7cm to her 2017 jump

LONDON UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES LEAGUE – Took place at Parliament Hill Fields on 17 October
XC 8000m – SM THOMAS BUTLER U23 (St Mary’s University) 5th (28.17), GEORGE GROOM U20 (St Mary’s University) 13th (29.45), TED NTIBAZONKIZA U23 (St Mary’s University) 31st (31.35)

PARKRUN 5K RESULTS –  20 OCTOBER – ALLY PALLY– THEO BODEN U15 39th (22.07) 160th parkrun – GREAT LINES MEDWAY – CLIFF GOLDING V60 91st (24.57) 47th parkrun – GUILDFORD – JOHN DRYDEN V70 460th (35.10) 106th parkrun – HACKNEY MARSHES – BARRY CHISHOLM V55 93rd (22.12) 145th parkrun – OAK HILL – STUART SINGER V55 22nd (21.20) 226th parkrun, SHONA MICHEL V45 47th (New PB 23.11) 25th parkrun – PANSHANGER – FREYA STAPLETON U17 4th (18.41) 40th parkrun RICKMANSWORTH – DAN WATTS 1st (16.21) 5th parkrun – STEVENAGE – RUSSELL DEVITT V65 140th (26.31) 129th parkrun

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athlet4s. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FAMOUS FOSBURY FLOP On the 50th anniversary of the famous Fosbury flop Olympic high jump clearance at Mexico 1968, STUART WEIR shares great insight from an interview with the technique’s pioneer which was published on the Athletics Weekly website.

DICK FOSBURY won gold at the Olympics in 1968, exactly 50 years ago, and changed the high jump forever.
The anniversary made me recall meeting him at a reception during the 2011 World Championships and hearing how he had pioneered the technique which was to be called ‘the Fosbury flop’.
Initially high jumpers ran straight at the bar. Then the scissors technique became the normal method of clearance, with the jumper throwing one leg and then the other over the bar in a kind of scissors movement. By the 1930s the Western roll technique had become popular, with the inner leg used for the take-off, while the outer leg was thrust up to lead the body sideways over the bar. The straddle technique saw jumpers take off as in the Western roll, but rotating their torso around the bar belly-down.

FOSBURY recalls his introduction to athletics at school: “In track and field our teacher had us try every event so I ran, I threw and I jumped. And he taught me to high jump using the Western roll where the jumper ran at the bar with a straight approach and aimed their arm and leg at the bar to go over belly first and land in the pit – which was the standard technique at the time.
“The other technique that he taught us was the scissors, where you run at the bar and clear the bar with your seat while your legs did a scissor kick over it. For me this was a simple technique. And of course in those days you were landing in sawdust or wood chip, which was a technological advance on sand. So the landing was as important as clearing the bar so that you survived the jump!
“As things improved, wood chip was a good environment for us to land in. All the schools had sawdust pits then the new environment was with foam and that is what really opened it up, because we were jumping into a safer environment.”
“They raised the bar and I knew I had to try something different to get over it”
Now for anyone living in the modern era, it may be hard to grasp and believe that before FOSBURY, no Olympic high jumper went over the bar backwards. But that was how it was.
Then FOSBURY, a frustrated schoolboy obsessed with the high jump, realised that he was never going to improve using traditional methods.
The best high jumper in the world at the time was the Russian VALERY BRUMEL. In the years 1960-63, he took an Olympic silver and broke the world record six times before becoming Olympic champion in Tokyo in 1964. The young FOSBURY studied him.
“I read everything I could about his technique and his training,” he says. “That was where I learned about his speed – his greatest asset.”
FOSBURY was using the scissors technique and felt comfortable with it but his coach explained that the technique was too limiting, so he would have to change in order to progress. Of course, the coach wanted him to change to the classical style.
“I tried the straddle technique and the belly roll technique but had very poor results, so I asked my coach if I could go back to the scissors. He said, ‘don’t quit yet but it is your decision’. So I decided to go back to scissors and at age 16 (in 1963) I jumped a personal best height of 1.65m. Then they raised the bar and I knew I had to try something different to get over it.
“I knew I had to lift my hips up and to do that I needed to get my shoulders back out of the way. And I cleared the bar at the next height, eventually jumping 1.77m so I improved by 15cm that day.
“In that competition I changed my position from sitting on the bar to lying flat and going over on my back – upside down from everyone else. The change made me competitive and I finished fourth in the meet.
“For the next two years I would lead with my shoulders and was going over the bar at a slight angle. All the time I was doing it by feel as there was no model to follow. I was creating it as I went. In my second year (senior year in high school) I had turned my back to the bar and arched over the bar to fall into the pit. And by then by 1965 the flop had arrived.”

It wasn’t until 1968 that the Olympics came into his thoughts. “I had no ambitions because the Olympics seemed so far away and such a high level of competition that I never imagined reaching it,” he says. “I did not have that Olympic dream until 1968 when my training began to produce better results.”
He went to regional trials and USA nationals and was selected for the Mexico City 1968 Olympics. He jumped 2.24m to win the gold medal from team-mate ED CARUTHERS, with Russians third and fourth. Sadly his hero, BRUMEL, had retired following a motorcycle accident.
Having won the gold and broken the American record, FOSBURY asked for the bar to be raised to 2.29m, hoping to break BRUMEL’S five-year-old world record of 2.28m. However, none of his attempts at 2.29m came close.
Contemporary reports say that while coaches were appalled at his unorthodox approach, the crowd was captivated. FOSBURY’S analysis of the 1968 Olympics is that there were better jumpers in the competition but that his technique gave him a definite advantage. With hindsight, he adds: “No one realised what the advantage would be. But, as history has proved, this was a better technique.”
FOSBURY never set out to change the sport. He just found a technique that worked for him.
“I have had the blessing and good fortune to have made a contribution to the sport but I did not set out to do this,” he says. “I was not trying to change the event. I knew that my technique was my path to success. And I had this technique which was mine – mine alone – and I thought that someday someone would use it. But who knew whether it would be two or three high jumpers or 200.
“The criticism of other coaches did not really matter as long as I was meeting the rules and reaching the standards.”
That in the 1972 Olympics, four years later, 28 of the 40 competitors used FOSBURY’S technique vindicated him totally.
FOSBURY is quick to point out that he was not the first to jump backwards as DEBBIE BRILL, and another jumper in Montana, also came up with the approach of jumping backwards. He adds with a twinkle: “I was just blessed to be the first one to discover it and have success with it at this high level. So I got naming rights, something I am very proud of.”
Another unique contribution that FOSBURY made to the high jump was the development of special shoes with ADI DASSLER (of Adidas).

“At that time high jump shoes were leather and on the sole, some kind of grippy surface,” he says. “High jump shoes are very special shoes for our event because they have a build-up on the forefront. After my success in the Olympics I talked with ADI. We had four spikes at the front and also heel spikes for traction and to keep us from slipping on take-off. After the meeting, ADI sent me shoes with a single spike.”
DASSLER was a designer and an inventor of athletics equipment and FOSBURY an engineer. Together they worked through several prototypes to reach a shoe that worked well in high jump.
FOSBURY failed to make the US team for the 1972 Olympics and his career was effectively over. Having proved to the world that his technique worked, he had arguably achieved his goal.
Of course, FOSBURY competed in the amateur era. He said that the flop “brought me gifts – not necessarily monetarily … but I have met presidents and kings, seen the world, shared my life with wonderful people. It opened doors and allowed people to perceive me in a positive light.”

The current Winter Fixture Card can be found on the SBH website also the contact details for all Team Managers can be found here – and then select “Athletics”

NATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS– Takes place on Saturday 3 November at Berry Hill Park, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (SatNav NG18 4JR).
Start Times10.45am U20 Women (3 x 2.5K), 10.57am U17 Women (3 x 2.5K), 11.26am U13 Boys (3 x 2K), 11.50pm U13 Girls (3 x 2K), 12.15pm U20 Men (3 x 3K), 12.40pm U17 Men (3 x 3K), 1.06pm U15 Girls (3 x 2K), 1.30pm U15 Boys (3 x 2K), 1.50pm Senior Women (3 x 3K), 2.40pm Senior Men (4 x 5K).
Entries Closed
Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager

NORTH LONDON CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Saturday 3 November at Hackney Marshes Centre, off Homerton Road (Satnav E9 5PF).
Start Times2.00pm U20, Senior & Veteran Women, 2.45pm U20, Senior & Veteran Men.
Entries Close Saturday 20 October
Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager

START FITNESS METROPOLITAN LEAGUE – The second fixture of five takes place on Saturday 10 November at Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (SatNav AL8 6XF).
Race Headquarters – Adjacent to the building by the playground at the north end of the north car park, close to the Start/Finish, refreshments will be available in this area. Registration will be adjacent to the Start/Finish.
Changing Facilities – There are no showers/changing rooms, as such. Toilets are available in the building by the playground, extra toilets will be provided nearby. There are Toilets located at the Sailing Centre on the south side of the park.
Course Location – North Side Stanborough Park – Course Map Headquarters to course 20 seconds.
Course Description – Start and Finish in grassed field, remainder undulating parkland course suitable for spikes.
Public Transport – Welwyn Garden City Station (Main Line) 1.25 miles.
Directions From Major Roads – Leave the A1(M) at Junction 4, (after the Hatfield Tunnel). At the roundabout take the second exit to A414/A6129. At the next roundabout take the first exit A6129. At the bottom of the dual carriageway take the second exit out of the roundabout. The entrance to the car park on the north side is on your left after around 100m. The entrance to the car park on the south side is more or less opposite but you cannot gain access from the left side of the carriageway.
As early arrivers will undoubtedly fill the car park on the north side, you may be advised to go straight to the one on the south side.
Parking – There is a fairly large car park on the north side of the Park, adjacent to the course.
There is a very large car park on the south side of the Park, 5 minutes walk to the course.
These car parks are ‘Pay & Display’. You must display a ticket or you may incur a fine. We have negotiated a reduced rate of £1.50.
There is a footpath under the road bridge, providing traffic-free access between the south side and the north side of the Park.
Access to both of these car parks is only permitted from the adjacent side of the carriageway. If you cannot find a space on the north side, to get to the south side you must drive to the roundabout at the top of the hill and return on the other side of the carriageway.
Start Times12.40pm U11 (Over 9) Boys (1700m), 12.45pm U11 (Over 9) Girls (1700m), 12.55pm U13 Boys (3000m), 1.00pm U13 Girls (3000m), not before 1.20pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4200m), not before 1.25pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4200m), not before 1.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6000m), not before 2.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8000m).
Other Information – All clubs should arrive before the start of the meeting (12:40) in order for numbers to be distributed to each club. To be eligible to score, competitors must compete in the correct race for their age group. Competitors in the Under 13 race must be 11 or over on the day of competition.
Safety: Runners are not allowed to wear I Pods/Walkmans when competing.
Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run 
Please collect your race numbers from the respective team managers – JEREMY SOTHCOTT (Boys) and JO KENT (Girls)
Please go to Start Fitness Metropolitan League web site for course maps, and any other final information.

LONDON CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Saturday 17 November at Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath (SatNav NW5 1QR), nearest station is Gospel Oak.
Start Times1.15pm U20 and Senior Women, 2.00pm Under 20 and Senior Men.
To Qualify you must have to be (a) born in the Greater London area, (b) has not less than one year’s bona fide residence in the Greater London area, (c) has not less than one year’s continuous full-time employment in the Greater London area, (d) has not less than one year’s full-time attendance at an education establishment in the Greater London area.
Map of Parliament Hill and adjoining roads and stations, start of races close to athletic track –,-0.1597202,15z
Entries Close Friday 2 November
Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager

LONDON YOUTH GAMES – Takes place on Saturday 17 November at Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath (SatNav NW5 1QR), nearest station is Gospel Oak.
Races will commence prior to the London Championships.
Map of Parliament Hill and adjoining roads and stations, start of races close to athletic track –,-0.1597202,15z
Note: You will have to be selected by your respective London Borough Team Manager

PHOTOGRAPH’S From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. Also I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.

FACEBOOKPhotographs can be found on the SBH page.

CURRENT DISTRIBUTION OF SHAFTESBURY INFORMATION Currently I notify members (by email) using “MailChimp”. The reason I changed, was in November last year “Gmail” put a limit of 100 addresses that users could send to in a 24-hour period, and currently I send to approximately 850 members each issue.

On seeking technical advice “MailChimp” was recommended as the best way for SBH to go forward. There is one thing you should be aware off is that when you receive an email from me, the footer at the bottom has 4 options, of which one is “Unsubscribe Me From List”. Could I ask you not to select this as if you do you will be automatically removed from my distribution list.

SBH PRIVACY STATEMENT – In becoming a member, SBH will collect certain information about you. Can you please read the attached ‘Privacy Statement’ which contains Information on General Data Protection Regulations  SBH Privacy Statement Final April 2018

SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION – Little athletics programme is an athletics ‘Multi Skills’ programme for children aged 4-9 years. The programme is designed to teach children fundamental movement skills of athletics – running, jumping and throwing. The sessions are game based and as of September there will be a progression throughout the term.
LAP runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30-5.30pm – Term time only.
1st Legacy athletics club is a pathway club for children aged 10-15 years new to athletics. Children are introduced to all the different athletics disciplines and have the opportunity to develop running, jumping and running skills that we hope they will then go onto use as a participant in the formal athletics club structure or in any other sport for activity they choose to progress to. The lead coach is Gintare Dargeviciute who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club.
1st Leg AC runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00–6.00pm – Term time only.
For full and contact details use this link to the SBH website

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7240.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.20.
As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for membership of Allianz Park, this is a the link for all information and application form Allianz Park Membership Form 2017 Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.
Charges for those with a membership card are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £24.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 60) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00.
Please use this link to view all membership details and application form (which you can print)Allianz Park Membership Form 2017

All Allianz Park membership enquiries should be directed towards Emma Gouge at her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252, or Becky Hall at her direct phone number is 0203 675 7240