Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 26 August 2013

Happy Birthday this week Karan Basu, Henry Fulton, Kimmel Gordon, Fatoumata Savadogo, Eliza Shelley, Philip Shelley, James Sothcott, Matthew Webster

INTER COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIPS – took place in Bedford on 24-25 August, with 13 Humbugs at the championships and we had 4 Gold Medals from GREG CACKETT (100m), GLEN WATTS (3000m Steeplechase), ANGUS MCINROY (Discus) and JADE LALLY (Discus, 2 Silver Medals from GREG CACKETT (200m) and GEMMA BENNETT (100m Hurdles) and 1 Bronze Medal from KRIS ROBERTSON (400m).

Full Results 100m – Men Heat 1 GREG CACKETT 1st (10.34 w0.9 m/s), in the final GREG took the Gold Medal (10.27 w1.2 m/s), Women Heat 1 SABRINA BAKARE U20 2nd (12.36 w-1.2 m/s), in the final SABRINA finished 4th (12.22 w-1.4 m/s)

200m – Men Heat 2 GREG CACKETT 1st (21.11 w-1.6 m/s), ANTONIO INFANTINO U23 3rd (21.20 w-0.7 m/s), in the final GREG took the Silver Medal (20.83 w1.2 m/s) and ANTONIO finished 4th (PB 21.04 w1.2 m/s) taking .03 of a second off his 2012 time, and is ranked UK No.8 U23 in 2013.

400m – Men Heat 3 KRIS ROBERTSON 1st (47.31), in the final KRIS took the Bronze Medal (47.37), Women Heat 1 GEMMA NICOL 1st (53.47), and did not compete in the final

100m Hurdles – Women Heat 2 GEMMA BENNETT 1st (13.41 w1.9 m/s), in the final GEMMA took the Silver Medal (SB 13.33 w2.3 m/s) and is ranked UK No.4 in 2013

3000m Steeplechase – Men GLEN WATTS had an emphatic win to take the gold Medal (9:10.70)

Long Jump – Men DAN BRAMBLE 5th (6.78m w-1.0 m/s)

Triple Jump – Women YASMIN LAKIN U20 6th (11.52m w-0.1 m/s)

Shot Put 4kg – Women LUCY UNDERDOWN 8th (11.00m)

Discus 2kg – Men ANGUS MCINROY took the Gold Medal (52.03m)

Discus 1kg – Women JADE LALLY took the Gold Medal (56.53m) and LUCY UNDERDOWN took the Bronze Medal (45.16m)


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