Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 26 August 2013

Happy Birthday this week Karan Basu, Henry Fulton, Kimmel Gordon, Fatoumata Savadogo, Eliza Shelley, Philip Shelley, James Sothcott, Matthew Webster

INTER COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIPS – took place in Bedford on 24-25 August, with 13 Humbugs at the championships and we had 4 Gold Medals from GREG CACKETT (100m), GLEN WATTS (3000m Steeplechase), ANGUS MCINROY (Discus) and JADE LALLY (Discus, 2 Silver Medals from GREG CACKETT (200m) and GEMMA BENNETT (100m Hurdles) and 1 Bronze Medal from KRIS ROBERTSON (400m).

Full Results 100m – Men Heat 1 GREG CACKETT 1st (10.34 w0.9 m/s), in the final GREG took the Gold Medal (10.27 w1.2 m/s), Women Heat 1 SABRINA BAKARE U20 2nd (12.36 w-1.2 m/s), in the final SABRINA finished 4th (12.22 w-1.4 m/s)

200m – Men Heat 2 GREG CACKETT 1st (21.11 w-1.6 m/s), ANTONIO INFANTINO U23 3rd (21.20 w-0.7 m/s), in the final GREG took the Silver Medal (20.83 w1.2 m/s) and ANTONIO finished 4th (PB 21.04 w1.2 m/s) taking .03 of a second off his 2012 time, and is ranked UK No.8 U23 in 2013.

400m – Men Heat 3 KRIS ROBERTSON 1st (47.31), in the final KRIS took the Bronze Medal (47.37), Women Heat 1 GEMMA NICOL 1st (53.47), and did not compete in the final

100m Hurdles – Women Heat 2 GEMMA BENNETT 1st (13.41 w1.9 m/s), in the final GEMMA took the Silver Medal (SB 13.33 w2.3 m/s) and is ranked UK No.4 in 2013

3000m Steeplechase – Men GLEN WATTS had an emphatic win to take the gold Medal (9:10.70)

Long Jump – Men DAN BRAMBLE 5th (6.78m w-1.0 m/s)

Triple Jump – Women YASMIN LAKIN U20 6th (11.52m w-0.1 m/s)

Shot Put 4kg – Women LUCY UNDERDOWN 8th (11.00m)

Discus 2kg – Men ANGUS MCINROY took the Gold Medal (52.03m)

Discus 1kg – Women JADE LALLY took the Gold Medal (56.53m) and LUCY UNDERDOWN took the Bronze Medal (45.16m)


EDWIN YAMOAH WINS 4 GOLD MEDALS – Following his success in the World Transport Games on 2 August, EDWIN YAMOAH competed in the British Transport Games at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield on 18 August. What a competition, and he came away with 4 Gold Medals, awesome. Results were 100m Heat 1st (11.86 w0.7 m/s), in the final Gold (PB 11.63 w1.9 m/s), 200m final Gold (24.83 w3.3 m/s), 400m final Gold (PB 61.79) and Long Jump final Gold (PB 5.52m) and all in the same day.


LONDON INTER-CLUB CHALLENGE – This was the final match of the 2013 season and with an average attendance of over 350 per meeting, it proves the need for such a series as a pathway through our sport. Achilles and SBH are already in discussions to see how we can improve the Challenge in 2014. We had an excellent turn-out of athletes and officials in what was a continuous downpour all day. In the circumstances, the results were impressive.


We had a number of Team London volunteers who all said they “enjoyed” the experience. Angus Mckenzie co-ordinated these volunteers with background support from Rhian Horlock from the Run London project. We also had present the London Region of EA Manager, Bob Smith, the newly appointed London education and training manager Graeme Allan, Chris Minn, the London Region of EA webmaster and Tim Howells, the North London CCSO in attendance which was a real sign of support of the event from EA.


Particular thanks to Louise Mathews, for all her efforts as Field Referee at her first LICC. To all the officials and Allianz Park ground staff who braved the adverse conditions to make sure the meeting was a success.


Our winners were CONFIDENCE LAWSON U23 (100m and 200m), RANDY MOMIE U23 (100m), NENGI OSSAI V35 (200m), BILLY KELSEY U17 (800m), FLORENCE BRYANT U23 (800m), HANNAH O’SHEA U15 75m Hurdles), MAURICE RYAN 110m Hurdles), ANGUS MCINROY Discus) and ANDREW ELKINS U23 (Hammer).


Full Results 100m – Race 1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON U23 1st (10.58 w2.7 m/s), JUSTIN GEOHAGEN 4th (10.81 w2.7 m/s), JOHN OTUGADE U20 6th (11.06 w2.7 m/s), Race 2 RANDY MOMIE U23 1st (10.93 w1.7 m/s), ANDREW AMOAH U17 6th (11.83 w1.7 m/s), Race 3 NENGI OSSAI V35 2nd (11.04 w1.4 m/s), Race 5 NATHANAEL MURRAY U17 2nd (11.35 w2.1 m/s), Race 7 EBENEZER SARPONG U17 3rd (12.12 w1.9 m/s), HAASHIM ALI U15 7th (13.40 w1.9 m/s), Race 8 DITA JAJA U15 2nd (Equal PB 12.10 w1.4 m/s), JEROME LULE U17 3rd (12.16 w1.4 m/s), RONNIE ELLIS U15 8th (12.67 w1.4 m/s), Race 11 KARIM KHAN U15 6th (13.96 w1.4 m/s)

200m – Race 1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON U23 1st (21.34 w3.1 m/s), RANDY MOMIE U23 3rd (PB 22.13 w3.1 m/s) taking .35 of a second off his July time, JUSTIN GEOHAGEN 4th (SB 22.28 w3.1 m/s), Race 2 NENGI OSSAI V35 1st (22.10 w2.6 m/s), Race 5 EBENEZER SARPONG U17 7th (PB 25.56 w1.9 m/s) taking .02 of a second off his previous race time, Race 6 DITA JAJA U15 6th (26.65 w2.8 m/s), Race 9 LYDIA HERRIDGE U17 4th (PB 32.08 w3.3 m/s)

400m – Race 2 MALI LEWIS U23 2nd (52.39), Race 3 KHALID ALI-AHMED U17 2nd (55.40), JAMES NOBLE-BROWN U15 6th (PB 57.65), Race 4 VICTORIA BRYANT U23 (Nee Walker) 7th (67.48)

800m – Race 1 BILLY KELSEY U17 1st (1:57.88), JAMES SOTHCOTT U20 5th (2:02.11), KHALID ALI-AHMED U17 6th (2:06.04), Race 2 JAMIE HARPER U13 4th (2:20.11), Race 3 FLORENCE BRYANT U23 1st (SB 2:24.83), ELBY CINNAMOND U13 2nd (PB 2:30.93) taking 10.97 seconds off his May time, EMMA DWAN U17 4th (PB 2:32.13) taking 1.87 seconds off her July time, LYDIA HERRIDGE U17 7th (3:00.64), KAYLA MICHEL U13 8th (PB 3:03.98) taking .52 of a second off her May time

1500mMAGGIE COOPER V45 2nd (SB 5:25.07)

75m Hurdles – Race 1 HANNAH O’SHEA U15 1st (13.82 w2.8 m/s)

110m HurdlesMAURICE RYAN 1st (15.82 w0.9 m/s)

Long Jump – Pool 1 BOLU COKER U17 6th (5.80m w0.8 m/s), ALFREDO MELAO V55 8th (5.61m w-0.1 m/s), Pool 2 FREYA HUFTON U17 8th (4.49m), Pool 3 HANNAH O’SHEA U15 2nd (PB 4.35m) adding 9cm to her early August jump

Triple JumpBOLU COKER U17 5th (12.54m)

Shot 7.26kgSIMISOLA OYESANYA U20 3rd (9.15m), RICHARD KURTZ 6th (PB 7.71m), 3.25kg ABIOLA OGUNBODEDE U15 10th (6.99m)

Discus 2kg – Pool 1 ANGUS MCINROY 1st (50.16m), Pool 2 1kg ABIOLA OGUNBODEDE U15 9th (PB 18.38m)

Hammer 7.26kg – Pool 1 ANDREW ELKINS U23 1st (59.87m), RICHARD KURTZ 5th (PB 35.13m), Pool 2 RICHARD KURTZ 3rd (31.12m)

Javelin 400gWILLIAM PRIOR U13 3rd (PB 32.89m) adding 9.1m to his July throw, 600g ABIOLA OGUNBODEDE U15 12th (18.44m), NELIE ADEYOMO U15 14th (8.25m)


The QUADKIDS Competition took place in the morning, which proved to be another successful event for the Young Athletes. In the Boys event Shaftesbury’s DOMINIC COOPER U11 finished 10th (59 points), 75m Sprint 10th 15.30, Long Jump 9th 2.06m, 600m 11th 3:00.0, Vortex Howler 7th PB 11.41m.


RICHARD SAMUEL’S HOLIDAY EXCURSION – “Two old Shaftesbury sparring partners met up recently in France in Aix-En-Provence after many years. Guy MaCallum was a star distance runner in the 1970s and 80s with excellent times to his name over 5000m and quality results in cross country. Guy moved to work in France in the 1980s and is still there in Provence self-employed in sports promotion. Richard got in touch earlier this year and arranged to meet Guy whilst on holiday a few weeks ago. Guy has remarried to Dominique and lives just north of Marseille. Many stories were exchanged of dubious exploits on Shaftesbury trips which are probably best kept buried. Guy did say though that he began to think about a move to France after a trip to the Cross de Vanves in 1977 with Richard when the two travelled to the race in Paris in Richard’s old 2 CV. Richard whose French was risible did most of the speaking only to discover after the trip that Guy had French A level but had kept quiet about it! The photo shows these former Mousquetaires in fine form if a little aged. If anyone wants to get in touch with Guy – his email is


WORLD DUATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013RAY TUCKER also competed for Great Britain in Ottawa, Canada on 10/11 August, and finished 5th in the 70-74 age group. His time was 1 Hour 40 minutes 15 seconds, and his splits were 5km Run – 29m 48s, Transition 1 – 1m 42s, 20km Bike – 53m 5s, Transition 2 – 1m 14s, 2.5km Run – 14m 29s.


Ray had an enjoyable time with the British team at the Worlds Duathlon Championships, the ages ranged from 16yrs for the junior event to just above his age and we nearly had the largest team there. GB had nearly 200 in the team but USA had the largest with something in excess of 250. GB won 18 Gold, 14 Silver and 15 Bronze Medals – not a bad haul. The wide range of age groups made a nice blend and as most people seemed in good mood I felt part of a large happy family. Race day was hot, around 80 degrees C and as my race wave ( men 50+ ) was scheduled for 1 o’clock in the afternoon  I sought refuge in a library corridor opposite the venue until 45mins before the start and sat quietly hydrating myself and calming my mind.  When the gun went at the start of my race the Canadian and I moved out behind one of the Americans and took it in turns to lead from each other and things remained like that until 4000m when I suddenly felt very thirsty and my performance dropped allowing the Canadian and American to move away from me. My transition time (where one switches from running to cycling) was nothing special but ok and I started the cycle phase behind the Canadian and American in 3rd place. Because I was becoming dehydrated it was essential I took some fluid on board asap so I grabbed my container from the bottle cage but my hands were sweaty and I knocked the bottle against the bike cross bar and sent it spinning down the road. Initially, I carried on regardless but then decided that as I was in such need of fluid it would be crazy to continue on such a hot day without a drink (on a cold day I would have chanced it) so I stopped, got off my bike and ran back wearing my cycle shoes some 200m – 300m to collect my fluid bottle (containing an isotonic mixture). While doing this I noticed two Americans in my age group overtaking my stationary bike so relegating me to 5th place. By the time I got back to my bike and on my way I lost about 7 – 8mins and was extremely annoyed with myself. During the bike ride I drank all my fluid and felt very strong on the final run phase so although I finished in 5th place in the race overall it was pleasant to hear I was the fastest in my age group on the final stage. My time for the bike stage was 53mins whereas my fastest over the same distance but on a cycle track is 43mins, so it’s not unreasonable to think that a podium finish in one of these big championships is within my grasp as long as I don’t make serious blunders like dropping bottles. On this occasion I think 4th place would have been probable but for third I would have needed to have been faster than ever before. Both the run course which was one fairly flat circuit but slightly over the 5k distance and the bike course which was straight out and back, with no serious hills suited my style. Both courses were traffic free. The successful British team celebrated after the races by taking over one of the pubs until the early hours of the next morning.

James Cracknell (2 Olympic gold medals at rowing) gave the team a short talk on how to prepare mentally for big races. The one phrase which stuck in my mind was him saying to us that we must go into the race with the mind-set of trying to achieve the best we’ve achieved in training. He then added that he, Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent used to break world records in training. James had a bad race, he was in pain at the start with an injury but kept going as one would expect from him. Saw groundhogs and black squirrels, yellow garter snake was spotted near the canal side and two of our cyclists on a training ride had a black bear amble across the road in front of them. All in all I’ve had a great time.


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE NATIONAL FINAL – Takes place in Birmingham on Sunday 8 September for our Under 17 and 20 athletes. We are the reigning National Junior Champions and we have a very strong team. As Southern Champions, we have a good chance of being the first winners of his new competition and qualifying for the European Champions Clubs Cup for Junior’s in 2014.


HIGHGATE HARRIERS LATE SEASON OPEN MEETING – Takes place at Parliament Fields on 11 September. As entries for each event will be limited you are strongly advised to enter online, see upcoming fixtures for full details.


LEE VALLEY 5K AND 3K ROAD RACES – (Fast flat UKA permitted course) from the Lee Valley Athletic Centre on Wednesday 4 September. 3k starts at 7.00pm, 5k starts at 7.15pm (300 Limit), Registration closes 6.45pm. Entry Fee 3K £3 pre entry or £5 on night, 5K £5 pre entry or £7 on night.

Online entry link is

Paper entry form version downloadable at


HATFIELD 5K SERIES – Is a series of 3 races held from Affinity Water HQ, Tamblin Way, Hatfield AL10 9EZ. Race 1 (Incorporates Herts Senior Championship) is on 24 September, Race 2 (Incorporates Herts Vets Championship) is on 8 October, Race 3 is on 22 October. Start time is 7.45pm. Entry Fee is £6 per race, there is a discount if you enter all 3 races.

For full information and online entry, the link is


RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.



Saturday 30 August and Sunday 31 August – England U15 & U17 Championships – Bedford Athletic Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford MK41 9SB


Monday 1 September – Southern Counties Veteran League Final – Julie Rose Stadium, Willesborough Road, Ashford, Kent TN24 9QX, Women Only


Wednesday 4 September – Watford Open Graded Meeting – Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Garston, Watford WD25 7HH. Please be aware of the parking restrictions as traffic wardens are likely to be present and use Garston Manor School/St. Catherine’s School car parks where indicated. Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK:Athletics rules, Under 11s cannot compete at the Wednesday evening meetings. Start Times/Events 19.00pm 200m, 19.15pm Shot, 19.30pm BMC, 20.05pm 800m, 21.00pm 3000m, On the day entry form attached


Sunday 8 September – UK Youth Development League Final (U17/U20) – Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr B42 2LR, the first field event is at 10.30am, and track event 11.00am. The Coach leaves from Allianz Park at 8.15am, or Hendon Central at 8.30am with the return journey leaving Birmingham at 18.15pm.


Sunday 8 September – Eastern Young Athletes League Plate Final – Cambridge University Track, Wilberforce Road Sports Ground, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0EQ


Wednesday 11 September – Highgate Harriers Open Meeting – Parliament Hill Track, Highgate Road, NW5 1QR. Events are Long Jump U11 5.30pm, 600m U11 6.10pm, 75m U11 6.40pm, 100m, Long Jump and Discus 7.00pm, 1500m 7.45pm, Shot Putt 8.00pm, 400m 8.10pm, 5000m 8.30pm. Enter online at and it is £2 per event/ £1 per event for U18s. Entries on the night £5 per event/£3 per event for U18s, as entries for each event will be limited you are strongly advise to enter online.


Wednesday 11 September – Lee Valley Sprints Meeting – Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Lee Valley Leisure Complex, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR. All age groups except Under 11s, Start Times/Events 19.00pm 100m, 20.30pm 200m Entry form attached, Entry desk on the night closes 60 minutes before the start of each race


Sunday 15 September – Hertfordshire & Middlesex Young Athletes Road Relays – Minet Centre, Springfield Road, Hayes UB4 0LL. 14.00pm Under 11 Boys & Girls Road Race Approximately 1500m, 14.15m Approximately Under 13 Boys & Girls Road Relay 3 x 3000m Approximately, 14.55m Approximately Under 15 Boys & Girls Road Relay 3 x 3000m Approximately, 15.35m Approximately Under 17 Boys & Girls Road Relay 3 x 3000m Approximately. Please contact Tony Smith or Joyce Smith if you wish to run, entries have in by 9 September.


Wednesday 18 September – Watford Open Graded Meeting – Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Garston, Watford WD25 7HH. Please be aware of the parking restrictions as traffic wardens are likely to be present and use Garston Manor School/St. Catherine’s School car parks where indicated. Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK:Athletics rules. Under 11s cannot compete at the Wednesday evening meetings. Start Times/Events 19.00pm 100m, 19.20pm 400m, 19.40pm 1500m, 20.00pm 200m, 20.20pm 800m, 20.50pm 3000m, Note no field events. On the day entry form attached


Saturday 21 September – European Champions Clubs Cup For Juniors – Brno, Czech Republic


Saturday 21 September – Southern Women’s & Young Athletes Road Relays – Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot Start Times 11.00am Under 13 Girls 3 x 2291m, 11.35am Under 13 Boys 4 x 2997m, 12.30pm Under 15 Girls 3 x 2997m, 1.15pm Under 15 Boys 4 x 2997m, 2.10pm Under 17 Women 3 x 2997m, 2.55pm Under 17 Men 4 x 3851m, 3.55pm Senior Women 4 x 3851m, 3.55pm Veteran Women (Over 40) 4 x 3851m


Sunday 22 September – Southern Men’s Road Relays – Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot Start Times 12.30pm Veteran Men (Over 40, 50 & 60) 4 x 6000m, 2.30pm Senior Men 6 x 6000m


Saturday 25 September – North West London League (Cross Country) Match 1 – Horsenden Hill, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 Men & Women. The Perivale Community Centre will not be used. Course and start times to be published soon.



The Internationaal Antwerps Atletiek Gala took place on 24 August.

800m – Race 2 MELISSA COURTNEY U23 5th (PB 2:06.34) taking .91 of a second off her May time


The Watford Open Meeting took place on 21 August.

400m – Race 1 FLORENCE BRYANT U23 1st (PB 64.09), MARIE MUNK-JAKOBSEN U23 3rd (66.00), VICTORIA BRYANT U23 (Nee Walker) 4th (PB 66.88), Race 4 HAMZA KADIR U15 7th (PB 61.44), Race 5 JAMES NOBLE-BROWN U15 8th (57.76), Race 7 JAMES SOTHCOTT U20 7th (55.91), Race 8 BILLY KELSEY U17 1st (PB 51.99) taking .26 of a second off his June time, MOHAMED MOHAMED U23 5th (SB 53.69)

1500m – Race 3 ELBY CINNAMOND U13 15th (PB 5:19.10), Race 4 HENRY FULTON U13 6th (PB 5:02.22), GERRY O’BRIEN U13 7th (5:02.69), Race 5 CHLOE GOODSON U17 3rd (PB 4:53.89) taking 5.60 seconds off her July time, HENRY ROCHA U13 10th (5:06.70), Race 6 LIANNE LANGFORD U15 3rd (PB 4:48.52) taking 2.68 seconds off her July time, Race 7 NATALIE CONNOR U17 4th (SB 4:43.49), Race 8 ELLIOT DEE U15 13th (4:42.98), Race 9 JEREMY DEMPSEY U15 3rd (PB 4:34.43) taking 3.78 seconds off his July time, JAMIE HARPER U13 7th  (PB 4:35.95) taking .29 of a second off his July time, Race 10 GEORGE GROOM U15 9th (4:25.06), Race 11 KHALID ALI-AHMED U17 9th (4:18.65), Race 12 SAM GRIFFITHS U17 9th (PB 4:15.22) taking 1.78 seconds off his June time, AMY CAMPBELL 14th (4:20.01), Race 13 MARK PEARCE U20 3rd (PB 4:03.77) taking 7.10 seconds off his 2012 time, ROBBIE LIGHTOWLER U17 5th (PB 4:05.36) taking 4.15 seconds off his 2012 time, Race 14 ADAM THORPE U17 12th (PB 4:10.51) taking 3.55 seconds of his July time, Race 16 GLEN WATTS 12th (3:59.87)

3000m – Race 1 MELISSA COURTNEY U23 1st (PB 9:20.28) taking 17.11 seconds off her April time, Race 2 NIALL FLEMING U23 2nd (SB 8:17.73)


The Paddington Rec Open Meeting took place on 21 August.

100m – Race SX 1.1 RENARD FREDERICK U23 2nd (11.16 w-0.6 m/s) and Race SX 2 2nd (11.07 w1.0 m/s)


The Bournemouth Open Throws Meeting took place on 20 August.

Shot Put 7.26kg – Under 23 Men ANDREW ELKINS U23 1st (10.02m)

Hammer 7.26kg – Under 23 Men ANDREW ELKINS U23 1st joining the 60m club (PB 60.16m) adding 1.23m to his July throw, and is ranked UK No.7 U23 in 2013



24 August – OAK HILL – SAAM KYU SMART U15 9th (21.17), MARIE SATO U15 13th (21.39), SUZU SATO U20 14th (21.39), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU U15 16th (21.57), LYDIA KYRIACOU U13 24th (first time 22.54)

24 August – POOLE – HUGH RICHARDS V65 175th (New PB 25.01)

24 August – ST ALBANS – CLAIRE SIMM U23 17th (New PB 19.24), REBEKAH GARDINER U23 32nd (20.08)


PHOTOGRAPH’SFrom time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.


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