Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 1 May 2014

Well I am back after a 2 week break. The reason I stood down was for personal family reasons, as it was becoming difficult to produce the newsletter. Following a discussion with Geoff Morphitis we agreed that I would continue producing the weekly newsletter, and will be issued on Thursday of each week.

For the remaining newsletter information and results

This week we include fixtures for the next 7 days, plus the result of the first Eastern Young Athletic League meeting on the 13 April. Next week will include all results from 14 April.

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION ROUND 1 Takes place this Saturday 10 May at the Cardiff International Sports Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff CF11 8AZ. For timetable please use the following link

UK WOMENS ATHLETIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1 ROUND 1 Takes place this Sunday 11 May at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR. For timetable please use the following link

BRITISH UNIVERSITY & COLLEGES CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place this Saturday 3 May to Monday 5 May at the Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Bakers Lane, Bedford MK41 9SB. For information & final timetable please use the following link 

WATFORD OPEN GRADED MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 7 May at Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford WD25 7HH, nearest large car park if the facility car parks are full is the Leavesden Country Park off College road WD5 0NR (approximately 1100 metres) which is a continuation of Horseshoe Lane. Age-Groups are Under13 up to Veteran Men & Women (Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK Athletics rules). Entry cost is £4 for one event, £6 for two or more events. Entries from 5.30pm, there may be separate desks for different events.

Start times and events 7.00pm 100m, 7.15pm Triple Jump, 7.30pm BMC, 8.05pm 1500m. The BMC slot includes a 1 Mile Invitational Race to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute barrier on 6 May 1954. Please enter yourself by using the following link to download on the Day Entry Form, also you can check on any last minute information then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top of the page.

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE ROUND 1 Took place at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford on Sunday 13 April, and was an excellent result for our Barnet & District/Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers composite team finishing in 3rd place. Match result 1st Basildon 630 points, 2nd Havering 585 points, 3rd B&D/SBH 516 points.

For the Power of 10 results use this link once you access the PO10 result you can select “External Result” at the top of the page which will then load the official EYAL results.

An excellent start to the season with many of our Under 13 athletes competing in their first ever competitive match. There were wins from GABRIELLA MURRAY PANAYIOTOU U13 (Javelin), FREDDIE SHIRET U13 (Long Jump), EVEY BECKER U15 (800m), CHLOE GOODSON U15 (1500m), HANNAH O’SHEA U15 (Long Jump), DANIEL HOUSEY U15 (300m), STEFAN ASHTON U15 (300m), JUSTIN LEE U15 (80m Hurdles), ABBAS ADEJONWO U15 (80m Hurdles & Long Jump), MICHAEL MILLER U15 (Javelin), LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE U17 (100m & 80m Hurdles), REBECCA HURLEY U17 (300m), OLIVE CURRAN U17 (Triple Jump), ESTHER AKWAJI U17(Triple Jump), JAMES BRENNAN U17 (800m). Regarding MICHAEL MILLER’S throw of 42.11m has now ranks him UK No.2 U15 in 2014.

Under 13 Girls100m (B) JODY WALKER-PAYNE 2nd (PB 14.41 w-1.6 m/s), 800m (A) HANNAH BROWN 4th (PB 2:51.38), (B) ELIZA BLAYNE 2nd (2:50.64), 1500m (A) CIARA DALY 3rd (PB 5:59.68), 70m Hurdles (A) GABRIELLA MURRAY PANAYIOTOU 2nd (PB 14.15 w1.9 m/s), Long Jump (B) TILLY ADAMS 3rd (3.26m), Shot 2.72kg (B) MAGDA GOZDOWSKA 3rd (5.29m), Discus 0.75kg (A) CIARA DALY 3rd (PB 9.78m), (B) MAGDA GOZDOWSKA 2nd (9.64m), Javelin 400g (A) GABRIELLA MURRAY PANAYIOTOU 1st (SB 17.53m) 

Under 13 Boys200m (A) MATHEW CRAIG 6th (33.40 w-1.7 m/s), (B) MICHAEL CRAIG 3rd (33.35 w-1.8 m/s), 800m (A) GERRY O’BRIEN 2nd (SB 2:32.94), (B) FREDDIE SHIRET 2nd (2:36.02), 1500m (A) MICHAEL CRAIG 5th (5:36.97), (B) MATHEW CRAIG 4th (5:47.37), 4 x 100m Relay 5th (63.55), High Jump (A) BEN BELLISARIO 2nd (PB 1.35m) equalling his 2013 jump, Long Jump (A) BEN BELLISARIO 3rd (PB 4.17m) adding 5cm to his 2013 jump, (B) FREDDIE SHIRET 1st (PB 4.13m) equalling his 2013 jump, Javelin 400g (A) THOMAS BRENNAN 6th (8.78m)

Under 15 Girls100m (A) ROBYN PALMER 4th (PB 13.72 w-1.7 m/s) taking .58 of a second off her 2013 time, 200m (A) RACHEL CARTER 4th (SB 28.69 w0.4 m/s), 300m (A) JESSICA HURLEY 2nd (PB 43.13) taking .57 of a second off her 2013 time, (B) TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 2nd (SB 46.97), 800m (A) JESSICA HURLEY 2nd (2:27.88), (B) EVEY BECKER 1st (SB 3:06.46), 1500m (A) CHLOE GOODSON 1st (SB 5:07.40), 70m Hurdles (A) RACHEL CARTER 2nd (PB 12.59 w0.4 m/s), (B) HANNAH O’SHEA 1st (SB 13.80 w0.4 m/s), 4 x 100m Relay 2nd (53.63), Long Jump (A) HANNAH O’SHEA 6th (SB 4.22m), (B) ROBYN PALMER 2nd (PB 4.13m) adding 34cm to her 2013 jump, Shot 3kg (B) MARCELINA GOZDOWSKA 4th (PB 6.25m), Discus 1kg (A) MARCELINA GOZDOWSKA 5th (PB 9.81m)

Under 15 Boys100m (A) ABBAS ADEJONWO 5th (SB 13.35 w-1.5 m/s), (B) DANIEL HOUSEY 4th (PB 12.99 w-0.2 m/s) taking 1.01seconds off his 2013 time. 200m (A) DANIEL HOUSEY 4th (26.17 w-0.7 m/s), (B) STEFAN ASHTON 6th (28.85 w1.2 m/s), 300m (A) DANIEL HOUSEY 1st (PB 40.52) taking 2.18 seconds off his 2013 time, (B) STEFAN ASHTON 1st (44.35), 1500m (A) HENRY FULTON 2nd (4:45.02), (B) SAR LACHMANN 3rd (5:34.98), 80m Hurdles (A) JUSTIN LEE 1st (SB 13.20 w1.8 m/s), (B) ABBAS ADEJONWO 1st (PB 15.09 w1.8 m/s) taking .71 of a second off his 2013 time, High Jump (A) JUSTIN LEE 2nd (SB 1.50m), Long Jump (A) JUSTIN LEE 4th (PB 4.90m), ), (B) ABBAS ADEJONWO 1st (SB 4.61m), Javelin 600g (A) MICHAEL MILLER 1st (PB 42.11m) adding 3.18m to his March throw.

Under 17 Women100m (A) EMMA BABALOLA 3rd (SB 13.14 w-1.4 m/s), (B) LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 1st (SB 13.83 w-0.6 m/s), 200m (A) EMMA BABALOLA 3rd (SB 27.27 w1.2 m/s), (B) LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 4th (SB 29.44 w0.9 m/s), 300m (A) LIANNE LANGFORD 2nd (SB 45.14), (B) REBECCA HURLEY 1st (45.55), 800m (A) LIANNE LANGFORD 2nd (2:23.53), (B) REBECCA HURLEY 2nd (PB 2:32.24), 80m Hurdles (A) LOLA DOWNES 2nd (PB 13.41 w-0.4 m/s), (B) LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 1st (PB 15.50 w-0.4 m/s), 4 x 100m Relay 2nd (53.02), High Jump (A) ESTHER AKWAJI 4th (PB 1.45m) equalling her 2013 jump, Long Jump (A) OLIVE CURRAN 2nd (SB 4.94m), (B) LOLA DOWNES 5th (PB 3.56m) adding 40cm to her 2013 jump, Triple Jump (A) OLIVE CURRAN 1st (10.08m), (B) ESTHER AKWAJI 1st (SB 9.85m), Shot 3kg (A) ELLA BROOKE 6th (6.38m), (B) ZOE MACK 3rd (5.13m), Discus 1kg (A) REBECCA HURLEY 4th (SB 15.84m), Hammer 3kg (A) SIAN SINCLAIR 2nd (PB 24.66m), Javelin 500g (A) OLIVE CURRAN 4th (PB 11.58m)

Under 17 Men800m (B) JAMES BRENNAN 1st (SB 2:18.22), 4 x 100m Relay 5th (49.85), High Jump (A) ADAM ABDICHE 4th (PB 1.65m) adding 10cm to his 2013 jump, Long Jump (A) ADAM ABDICHE 3rd (PB 5.21m) adding 10cm to his 2013 jump, Triple Jump (A) ADAM ABDICHE 3rd (9.05m)


Under 13 Girls100m MANUALLA ALVAREZ 1st (PB 14.26), 200m HANNAH BROWN 6th (PB 31.28), 800m CRYSTAL COLLINS 4th (2:59.10)

Under 13 Boys100m KIERON LEE 9th (PB 16.81), 800m THOMAS BRENNAN 1st (SB 2:41.42), KIERON LEE 2nd (PB 2:6.87), Javelin 400g THOMAS BRENNAN 1st (PB 14.10m)

Under 15 Girls100m MARCELINA GOZDOWSKA 9th (PB 15.12), LAUREN FERNANDES 12th (SB 15.23), 200m TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 9th (PB 31.49)

Under 15 Boys800m RUAIRI MCELHATTON 3rd (SB 2:37.22)

Under 17 Women100m LOLA DOWNES 1st (SB 14.14), ELLA BROOKS 3rd (15.34), 200m ELLA BROOKS 1st (31.84)

Under 17 MenLong Jump ADE ADEFOLALU U20 1st (5.58m)