Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 10 September 2015

Happy Birthday this week to Emma Babalola, Nicole Bowen, Olivia Bowen, Amelia Corbo, Lauren Daymer, Gerald Fox, Joseph Goodman-Spiers, Clyde Gordon, Michael Harper, Nene Harrison, Finn Harvey, Daniel Hoff, Ben Kelly, Shah Kohler, Dominic James, Hamza Kadir, Sian Sinclair, Maryam Williams, Gabe Yawitch

For the remaining newsletter information and results

THE SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS CLUB HOUSE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS AFTER TUESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER DUE TO RENOVATION WORKS – The works will probably take 4 weeks, which includes redecoration and  works to the roof. Middlesex University will be supplying new equipment and a new floor for the gym. There will also be a change of access and use, with a Photo/Card entry system on all 3 doors (2 external and 1 internal). Information on how to register for the Photo/Card entry system will be published shortly.

5 MEDALS AT THE WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES – Congratulations to EDWIN YAMOAH who competed in the World Transplant Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina from 23-30 August. EDWIN was World Champion in the (Long Jump) and won 4 Silver Medals (100m, 200m, 4 x 100m and4 x 400m).

100m – Heat 1 1st (11.96 w4.5) in the Final EDWIN won the Silver Medal (11.82 w9.0)

200m – Straight Final EDWIN won the Silver Medal (SB 24.85 w1.9)

Long Jump – Straight Final EDWIN won the Gold Medal (5.80m w4.7)

4 100m Relay – Straight Final EDWIN running for GB won the Silver Medal (49.54)

4 400m Relay – Straight Final EDWIN running for GB won the Silver Medal (3:56.58)

When the games were over EDWIN took a few relaxing days in Brazil.

GEORGIA BELL – Has now moved across the water to Berkeley, California, where she is studying for a Masters on Sports Scholarship. We wish her every success in her studies, and GEORGIA will be looking at improving her 1500m personal best (Outdoor 4:16.96, Indoor 4:26.24) which she ran in May/February respectively this year. Also her 800m personal best (Outdoor 2:03.38, Indoor 2:07.12) could be under threat.

The University of California was founded in 1868, and is located to the east of San Fransico Bay. They are known as the ‘Calfornia Golden Bears’ and currently the cross country season has started and finishes in Late November with the NCAA Championships in Louisville Kentucky. The track & field indoor season commences in January with the MPSF Championships in Seattle, Washington at the end of February. The outdoor season starts the first week in March through to end of June, finishing with the NCAA Championships and the USATF Championships both in Eugene, Oregon.

UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE FINAL – Took place in Birmingham on Sunday 6 September. Match Result 1st Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (839 points), 2nd SBH (771), 3rd

Blackheath & Bromley (759.5), 4th Team Edinburgh (727.5), 5th City of Sheffield (715), 6th Rugby & Northampton (670), 7th Birchfield Harriers (644), 8th Team DC (597)

A fantastic team performance in good conditions saw SBH finish 2nd overall, which was our best performance under the new YDL format. There were many good individual efforts but the key to our success was the team spirit and the willingness of the athletes to double and treble up, even at short notice, to cover an injured colleague. The list of athletes who did 3 events and more is a long one but I think it is worth drawing attention to this level of commitment in a National Final.

Starting with the U17 men. CHENNA OKOH collected 4 medals in the 400m (gold) and a PB in the 200m (silver) as well as both relays. GEORGE GROOM picked up 3 Golds in the 3000m, 1500m S/C and particularly commendable was his first attempt at the 400m H where he not only won the “B” but ran a time faster than the “A” string winner. HAMZA KADIR won a full set of medals in the 800m, 1500m and the 4 x 400m relay. KARIM KESKAS, both hurdles and 200m, BILLY PRAIM-SINGH, took the Gold and 2 Silvers in the SP, HT and DT. ABASS ADEJONWO won the TJ and was also in the LJ and sprint relay team.

Moving to the U17 women. ISABEL DEACON never stopped all day taking on the PV, 80m H, TJ and the 4 x 100m. PHILIPPA DAVENALL broke off her holiday in the Lake District a day early to compete and was rewarded with a full set of medals in the HT, DT and SP. TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG was another busy athlete in the 100m, 300m H, the 4 x 100m and the 4 x 300m. LIANNE LANGFORD was in the 300m (Bronze), 1500m and 4 x 300m. REBECCA ANDREOU was carrying an injury and yet insisted on playing her part for the team in the 800m, 1500m and 4 x 300m. LOLA DOWNES was in the 80m H, 200m and the 4 x 100m. JESSICA HURLEY, another athlete struggling with illness, covered the 300m, the 4 x 100m and the U20 800m.

Now the U20 men. GERALD MATTHEW had a really impressive comeback after 2 months off with injury in the 100m, 200m and the 4 x 100m collecting 2 silvers and a bronze. SAM HAZEL won 2 golds in the 400m and the 4 x 400m and a massive PB in the 200m where he picked up the Silver. BEN ROCHFORD collected silvers in the 800m and 1500m and a gold in the 4 x 400m. Multi-eventer DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH won gold in the JT and silvers in the 110m H and the SP as well as competing in the DT.

Finally in the U20 women, KAYANNA REID won the “B” string TJ and LJ as well as competing in the 100 and 4 x 100m. RACHAEL FATUADE also covered 4 events, 100m, 200m, 100m H and the 4 x 100m. CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON was awesome taking on the 800m, 1500m and the 3000m where she won the “B” string silver. FIONA MCQUIRE competed in the SP, JT and the DT where she took the bronze. SOPHIA PITSIALIS covered the SP, HT, JT and HJ. REBECCA HURLEY, who like her sister had also been far from well last well, was in the 400m H, 400m and 4 x 400m. Last but not least was LILY BECKFORD, the European Junior 4 x 400m relay gold medalist, who took gold in the 400m and the 200m as well as running in the 4 x 100m relay.

The men were clear winners and therefore qualified for the European Champion Clubs Cup for Juniors in 2016.

Attached are 2 Photographs, firstly a jubilant team after collecting their medals, and are flanked by team managers GEOFF MORPHITIS (left) and COLETTE HURLEY (right). The second photograph features from the left CHENNA OKOH (with his medals) the U17 who collected a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze, KAYANNA REID who won “B” string golds in both the TJ and the LJ, SAPPHIRE CLARKSON who won the TJ gold, to her right DITA JAJA who won a silver and a bronze, then in the foreground KARIM KESKAS silver medal in the 400m H, and to his right is ALANDO ALFRED silver in the TJ. Finally to his right is COLETTE HURLEY a very hard working team manager.

100m – U17M A DITA JAJA 3rd (11.18 w0.4), B JORDAN TOWNSEND-SIMPSON 4th (PB 11.70 w2.4) taking .06 of a second off his June time, U17W A MIREIA DE SOUSA CALADO 8th (14.00 w-0.3), B TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 7th (14.11 w1.5), U20M A GERALD MATTHEW 3rd (11.00 w0.1), B ANDREW AMOAH 2nd (11.13 w0.2), U20W A KAYANNA REID 7th (13.02 w-0.1), B RACHAEL FATUADE 6th (13.50 w-0.2)

200m – U17M A CHENNA OKOH (2nd Claim) 2nd (22.50 w1.0), B KARIM KESKAS 7th (25.85 w2.1) equalling his July time, U17W A LOLA DOWNES 8th (PB 29..60 w0.9), B GEORGINA EMANUEL 8th (31.07 w-0.1), U20M A GERALD MATTHEW 2nd (21.84 w4.2), B SAM HAZELL 3rd (SB 22.34 w0.8) taking .51 of a second off his July time, U20W A LILY BECKFORD 1st (24.91 w1.0), B RACHAEL FATUADE 8th (PB 28.97 w3.0)

300m – U17W A JESSICA HURLEY 8th (44.31), B LIANNE LANGFORD 3rd (43.59)

400m – U17M A CHENNA OKOH (2nd Claim) 1st (50.59), B ADAM SHIRET 7th (55.56), U20M A OMAR PARSONS 2nd (50.45), B SAM HAZELL 1st (49.73), U20W A LILY BECKFORD 1st (55.55), B REBECCA HURLEY 6th (64.84)

800m – U17M A THOMAS FULTON 5th (2:03.91), B HAMZA KADIR 1st (2:02.80), U17W A REBECCA ANDREOU 7th (2:32.84), B EMELIA ECONOMU 5th (2:33.48), U20M A BEN ROCHFORD 2nd (1:55.11), B BILLY KELSEY 1st (1:58.10), U20W A CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON (2nd Claim) 8th (PB 2:46.18), B JESSICA HURLEY U17 4th (2:35.30)

1500m – U17M A HAMZA KADIR 2nd (4:10.89), B ASHVIN KURI 7th (SB 4:57.31), U17W A LIANNE LANGFORD 5th (5:00.09), B REBECCA ANDREOU 4th (5:53.13), U20M A BEN ROCHFORD 2nd (PB 4:01.21) taking 5.56 seconds off his April time, B BILLY KELSEY 1st (4:06.21), U20W A CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON (2nd Claim) 7th (5:16.36), ARIANA GOMES 7th (5:41.50)

3000m – U17M A JEREMY DEMPSEY 4th (9:08.21), B GEORGE GROOM 1st (9:24.66), U17W A GABRIELLA KYRIACOU 6th (11:24.01), U20M A MARK PEARCE 1st (SB 8:39.90) taking 38.25 seconds off his May time, B KHALID-ALI AHMED 1st (9:06.49), U20W A SOPHIA PARVIZI-WAYNE 1st (10:06.70), B CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON (2nd Claim) 2nd (11:21.13)

80m Hurdles – U17W A ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 6th (12.70 w0.9), A LOLA DOWNES 6th (13.55 w1.3)

100m Hurdles – U17M A KARIM KESKAS 6th (15.74 w-0.2), B JUSTIN LEE 4th (16.42 w0.5), U20W A RACHAEL FATUADE 6th (16.21 w1.3), B ESTHER AKWAJI 6th (SB 18.58 w3.1) taking 1.64 seconds off her May time

110m Hurdles – U20M A MATTHEW HALL 2nd (14.84 w3.3), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 2nd (16.47 w1.4)

300m Hurdles – U17W A TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 8th (55.49), B GEORGINA EMANUEL 8th (58.71)

400m Hurdles – U17M A KARIM KESKAS 2nd (PB 61.68) taking .01 of a second off his July time, B GEORGE GROOM 1st (PB 59.24), U20M A MARK CUNNINGHAM 5th (64.41), B DEREECE O’CALLAGHAN 1st (PB 59.53) taking 4.68 seconds off his July time, U20W A REBECCA HURLEY 5th (PB 69.29) taking .08 of a second off her July time, B RACHAEL FATUADE 6th (78.44)

1500m Steeplechase – U17M A GEORGE GROOM 1st (4:40.47), B OLIVER GREENSTEIN 4th (PB 5:28.66) taking 4.42 seconds off his June time

2000m Steeplechase – U20M A JULIAN LAMY 2nd (6:18.90), B SAM GRIFFITHS 1st (6:23.82)



4 x400m Relay – U17M 3rd (3:36.57) THOMAS FULTON (55.4), HAMZA KADIR (54.5), JEREMY DEMPSEY (54.9), CHENNA OKOH (51.8), U20M 1st (3:26.85) SAM HAZELL (51.5), KHALID-ALI AHMED (53.6), OMAR PARSONS (51.1), BEN ROCHFORD (50.7), U20W 4:34.6 (DQ) REBECCA HURLEY (65.2), ARIANA GOMES (66.6), ESTHER AKWAJI (74.2), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU (68.5)

High Jump – U17M JUSTIN LEE 4th (PB 1.60m) equalling his August jump, U17W ALESSA LEWIS 6th (1.40m), U20M A AKIN COWARD 2nd (SB 2.00m) adding 1cm to his March jump, B JULIAN LAMY 2nd (PB 1.80m) equalling his August jump, U20W A ESTHER AKWAJI 7th (1.40m), B SOPHIA PITSIALIS 5th (PB 1.40m) adding 5cm to her 2014 jump

Pole Vault – U17W ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 5th (3.05m), U20M A ETHAN WALSH 2nd (4.55m), B GEORGE GRANT 2nd (3.65m)

Long Jump – U17M ABBAS ADEJONWO 5th (5.34m w0.0), U17W ALESSA LEWIS 7th (4.36m w-0.8), U20M A ADE ADEFOLALU 6th (5.96m w-1.0), B BOLU COKER 1st (5.96m w0.9), U20W A EAVION RICHARDSON 2nd (5.61m w-1.7), B KAYANNA REID 1st (PB 5.14m w1.2) adding 17cm to her August jump

Triple Jump – U17M ABBAS ADEJONWO 1st (13.11m w0.2), U17W ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 5th (9.58m w1.0), U20M A ALANDO ALFRED 2nd (13.69m w0.4), B AKIN COWARD 2nd (12.41m w0.3), U20W A SAPPHIRE CLARKSON 1st (11.14m w0.3), B KAYANNA REID 1st (10.88m w0.4)

Shot 6kg – U20M A JAMES HAMBLIN 3rd (12.50m), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 2nd (11.04m)

Shot 5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 1st (13.66m)

Shot 4kg – U20W A FIONA MCQUIRE 8th (8.03m), B SOPHIA PITSIALIS 6th (PB 7.50m)

Shot 3kg – U17W PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 3rd (11.44m)

Discus 1.75kg – U20M A DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 7th (28.60m), B MATTHEW HALL 6th (17.70m)

Discus 1.5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 2nd (37.98m)

Discus 1kg – U17W PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 2nd (PB 34.34m) adding 58cm to her August throw, U20W A FIONA MCQUIRE 3rd (32.76m), B KLAUDIA DEBRECZENI 5th (17.40m)

Hammer 6kg – U20M A JAMES HAMBLIN 2nd (59.85m), B ALFIE INGHAM 4th (PB 15.55m) adding 35cm to his June throw

Hammer 5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 2nd (57.14m)

Hammer 4kg – U20W A LOUISA PITISALIS U17 7th (PB 24.01m) adding 7cm to her May throw, B SOPHIA PITISALIS 6th (PB 14.51m)

Hammer 3kg – U17W A PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 1st (54.58m)

Javelin 800g – U20M A ALFIE INGHAM 3rd (47.82m), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (PB 47.57m) adding 42cm to his July throw

Javelin 700g – U17M MICHAEL MILLER 4th (41.14m)

Javelin 600g – U20W A FIONA MCQUIRE 8th (24.29m), B SOPHIA PITISALIS 6th (PB 21.64m) adding 35cm to her August Throw

Javelin 500g – U17W KLAUDIA DEBRECZENI 2nd (33.49m)

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE – The Plate Final took place at Thurrock on Sunday 6 September.

Match Result 1st Chelmsford (620.5 points), 2nd Thurrock (525), 3rd Norwich (517), 4th Cambridge & Coleridge (495.5), 5th B&D/SBH (434.5), 6th Dacorum & Tring (399.5)

After a long and successful season I am positive our young athletes will have gained valuable experience for the years ahead. On behalf of Shaftesbury we thank our team managers, helpers and officials for the work they put in since the beginning of April. 

No wind speeds were recorded, unless shown

100m – U13G B EMILY RODRIGUEZ 1st (14.1), U13B A NICHOLAS SHAW 1st (PB 12.6) taking .05 of a second off his July Time, B ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (PB 12.5) taking .07 of a second off his 2 September time, U17W A JESSICA MCMORROW U15 6th (14.7), A JODY WALKER-PAYNE U15 2nd (PB 13.7) equalling her June time, U17M B TRISTAN PROCIDA U15 4th (12.9)

200m – U13G A EMILY RODRIGUEZ 4th (29.8), U13B A ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (26.1), B NICHOLAS SHAW 1st (PB 26.7), U15G A RACHEL CARTER 4th (28.5), B SOPHIA TAGLIA 2nd (28.5), U17W A SHAKIRA RILEY U15 5th (PB 28.8) taking ..51 of a second off her August time, DARA APOOLA U15 4th (PB 29.0) taking .70 of a second off her April time

300m – U15G A SCARLETT KENT 2nd (P46.6), B JOSEPHINE CHADWICK 1st (PB 46.6) equalling her July time, U15B A FREDDIE SHIRET 4th (PB 42.0) taking .50 of a second off his May time, U17W A JESSICA MCMORROW U15 5th (49.8), B MIA GROOM U15 4th (48.3)

400m – U17M A GABE YAWITCH U15 5th (PB 62.4), A NATHAN TADESSE U15 4h (PB 61.8)

800m – U13G A SYDNEY ALLEN 3rd (PB 2:39.5), U13B A JUDAH YAWITCH 1st (2:25.6), B MATTI HARRIS 1st (2:30.6), U15G A SCARLETT KENT 3rd (2:32.5), B JOSEPHINE CHADWICK 1st (2:29.8), U15B A JACK BLOOM 3rd (2:16.0), B FREDDIE SHIRET 2nd ( 2:19.4), U17W A MIA GROOM U15 4th (2:45.0), B SOPHIA STAAB U15 4th (PB 2:41.1) taking .40 of a second off her May time, U17M A RUFUS KENT 5th (2:20.4), B NATHAN TADESSE U15 4th (2:26.0)

1500m – U13G B ELINA BULMAN 4th (6:00.4), U13B A LUCA STUBBS 2nd (PB 4:58.1 taking .30 of a second off his May time), B DYLAN MICHEL 2nd (PB 5:04.6) taking .64 of a second off his june time, U15G A LIDIA KYRIACOU 5th (5:51.3), B GEMMA HARPER 3rd (5:44.2), U15B A THOMAS PATRICK 2nd (4:28.9), U17W A KAYLA MICHEL U15 4th (5:34.9), U17M A JAMIE HARPER U15 2nd (4:24.0), B RUFUS KENT 3rd (5:00.4)

70m Hurdles – U13G A AMBER DUVERNEY 4th (PB 12.7) taking .02 of a second off her August time, B EVELYN BARTER 4th (PB 12.7) taking .10 of a second off her July time

75m Hurdles – U15G A RACHEL CARTER 2nd (12.2), B SOPHIA OBI 2nd (12.6)

100m Hurdles – U17M B JAMES DAVIS 3rd (17.9)

High Jump – U13G B HOLLY TAYLOR 3rd (PB 1.20m) equalling her August jump, U15G B SCARLETT KENT 6th (1.15m), U15B A BEN BELLISARIO 3rd (PB 1.60m) adding 5cm to his August jump, U17W A MIA GROOM U15 6th (1.25m), U17M A JAMES DAVIS 3rd (PB 1.65m) adding 3cm to his July jump, B JAMIE HARPER U15 2nd (PB 1.60m) adding 5cm to his May jump

Long Jump – U13G A HOLLY TAYLOR 5th (PB 4.31m) adding 31cm to her August jump, U13B A NICHOLAS SHAW 1st (PB 5.04m), U15G A SOPHIA OBI 5th (4.36m), B ROBYN PALMER 5th (3.70m), U15B A FREDDIE SHIRET 3rd (PB 4.93m) adding 13cm to his July jump, U17W A SARAH BANGURA 5th (4.07m), B JODY WALKER-PAYNE 4th (4.06m), U17M A FEMI AYODELE 6th (4.85m)

Triple Jump – U17W A SARAH BANGURA 4th (9.18m), U17M A FEMI AYODELE 2nd (PB 11.41m)

Discus 0.75kg – U13G A SARMRA RICHARDSON 4th (PB 14.61m)

Discus 1kg – U15G A RACHEL CARTER 5th (PB 17.76m), B ANUSHA BULMAN 5th (PB 13.54m), U17W B SHAKIRA RILEY 4th (PB 9.02m)

Discus 1.25kg – U15B A OLIVER HOCKING 1st (35.19m)

Discus 1.50kg – U17M A JAMIE HARPER U15 6th (PB 12.44m)

Shot 2.72kg – U15G B HOLLY TAYLOR 5th (6.08m), B EVELYN BARTER 4th (PB 5.83m)

Shot 3kg – U15G B EMMA TAYLOR 4th (7.29m)

Shot 3.25kg – U13B A ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (8.59m), B MATTI HARRIS 6th (PB 4.50m) adding 41cm to his June put

Shot 4kg – U15B A OLIVER HOCKING 2nd (10.10m)

Hammer 3kg – U15G A EMMA TAYLOR 3rd (PB 25.55m) adding 3.93m to her April throw

Hammer 4kg – U15B A JACK BLOOM 3rd (PB 6.66m)

Javelin 400g – U13G A SARMRA RICHARDSON 4th(PB 20.91m) adding 3.39m to her August throw, B EVELYN BARTER 5th (PB 10.07m)

Javelin 700g – U15G B JAMES DAVIS 6th (22.50m) 

EARLY WARNING – The Vitality North London Half Marathon is returning for its second year on Sunday 20 March 2016. Following last year’s successful inaugural event, runners are invited back to North London for 2016 with an exciting twist! The route for this epic stadium to stadium half has been reversed to finish inside the iconic Wembley Stadium, connected by EE.

Early Bird Entries open on Wednesday 2 September 2015 at

Arguably the greatest finish line in the world, Wembley Stadium will see thousands of runners end their 13.1 mile half marathon challenge on a high as they run under the famous arch to the finish line.

There is currently an “early bird” discount and if you would like any additional information about the event please don’t hesitate to contact


MIDDLESEX & HERTFORDSHIRE ROAD RELAYS – Takes place this Sunday 13 September at Minet Centre, Springfield Road, Hayes, Middlesex (Satnav UB4 0LL). Timetable – 14.00pm U11 B&G Road Race (1500m approx), 14.15pm approx. U13 B&G Road Relay (3 x 1500m Approx), 14.55pm approx. U15 B&G Road Relay (3 x 1500m Approx), 15.35pm approx. U17 M&W Road Relay (3 x 1500m Approx).

Note: Entries are now closed 

EUROPEAN CHAMPION CLUBS CUP (JUNIOR MEN) – Takes place on Saturday 19 September in Istanbul, Turkey. We are competing against TJ Sokol Opava (Czech Republic), Playas de Castellon (Spain), Nike Klaipeda (Lithuania), Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Portugal), AD Mass Ljubljana (Slovakia), LC Zurich (Switzerland) and Fenerbahce Sport Club (Turkey).

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Geoff Morphitis 

SOUTHERN YOUNG ATHLETES PLUS UNDER 20, SENIOR AND VETS WOMEN ROAD RELAYS – Takes place on Saturday 19 September in Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot (Satnav GU11 1PZ). Timetable – 11.00am U13 Girls (3 x 2997m), 11.45am U13 Boys (4 x 2997m), 12.40pm U15 Girls (3 x 2997m), 1.25pm U15 Boys (4 x 2997m), 2.20pm U17 Women (3 x 2997m), 3.05pm U17 Men (4 x 3851m), 4.05pm Senior Women and Veteran 40+ (4 x 3851m).

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – TONY SMITH (Boys), JO KENT (Girls), SIMON KEENE (Under 20 and Senior Women) or MAGGIE COOPER (Masters Women) 

SOUTHERN UNDER 20, SENIOR AND VETS MEN ROAD RELAYS – Takes place on Sunday 20 September in Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot (Satnav GU11 1PZ). Timetable – 12.30pm Veteran 40+ (4 x 6000m), 2.30pm Senior Men (6 x 6000m).

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager –TONY JACKSON (Senior Men) or SIMON KEENE (Under 20 Men). 

WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 23 September at Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Garston,Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). Entry costs at Wednesday Meetings £4 for one event, £6 for two or more events, entries from 5.30pm, there may be separate desks for different events. Please use this link to the Watford Harriers website then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top of the page. Once you are in the open meeting section, you can see the full information including any late changes. Also you can print off the ‘On The Day Entry Form’

Timetable7.00pm 100m, 7.20pm 400m No U13s, 7.40pm 1500m no times over 5m 30s please, 8.00pm 200m, 8.20pm 800m, 8.50pm 3000m no times over 11m 00s please 

NORTH WEST LONDON LEAGUE CROSS COUNTRY – The first fixture of five takes place on Saturday 26 September at Horsenden Hill. The race headquarters is in The Tir Chonaill Club, Berkeley Avenue (Satnav UB6 0NZ). Turn off Greenford Road (A4127), opposite the entrance to the Glaxo Factury. The playing fields are at the end of Berkeley Avenue, and there is parking in the Clubhouse or in adjacent roads.

Timetable – 1.00pm U11 Girls (1200m), 1.15pm approximately U11 Boys & U13 Girls (2000m), 1.35pm approximately U13 Boys & U15 Girls (3000m), 2.00pm approximately U15 Boys & U17 Women (4000m), 2.25pm approximately U17 Men (4700m), also at the same time is the 50th Anniversary race for Senior/Veteran Men & Women (6000m).

Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run 


The Commonwealth Youth Games took place in Apia, Samoa on 7-9 September

Shot 5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 4th (16.65m)

Discus 1.5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 won the Silver Medal (58.19m)

The Memorial Boris Hanzekovic took place in Zagreb, Croatia on 7-8 September

Long Jump DAN BRAMBLE 2nd (7.99m) 

The Palio Citta Della Quercia took place in Rovereto, Italy on 8 September

800m KYLE LANGFORD U20 4th (1:47.40), U23W ELLIE BAKER U20 2nd (2:08.73)

The Scottish Athletics Throws & Jumps Grand Prix Final took place in Livingston on 5-6 September

Shot 5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 threl (PB 18.30m) equalling his February put

Discus 1.5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 threw (61.24m) George competed as a guest 

The Meeting Citta di Padova took place in Padova, Italy on 6 September

800m KYLE LANGFORD U20 6th (1:47.22)

The Cardiff 10k (Road Race) took place on 6 September

KOJO KYEREME V40 3rd (SB 29.51) taking 33 seconds off his May time, and is ranked UK No.1 V40 in 2015, RACHEL FELTON V35 60th (1st Woman PB 33.27) taking 15 seconds off her May time, and is ranked UK No.2 V35 in 2015

The Folksam Grand Prix took place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 5 September

Triple Jump NATHAN FOX 3rd (15.94m w0.8), DANIEL LEWIS 7th (14.87m w0.2)

The Tampere Games took place in Tampere, Finland on 5 September

100m DARYLL NEITA U20 1st (11.53 w1.9)

The Texas Tech Double Duels (Cross Country) took place in Ruidoso, New Mexico, U.S.A on 4 September

ZXC SOPHIE CONNOR U23 (New Mexico University) 22nd (19:57.0)

The Lee Valley Sprints Open took place on 2 September

100m – SX1 ROSALIND ZEFFERTT V50 6th (15.91 w0.4), SX2 JODY WALKER-PAYNE U15 1st (13.87 w0.2), SHAKIRA RILEY U15 2nd (14.05 w0.2), SX5 ANDREW NICOLAOU U13 5th (PB 12.57 w0.4) taking .10 of a second off his August time, SX10 LEON SINCLAIR U23 2nd (11.18 w-0.4)

200m – SX3 ANDREW NICOLAOU U13 1st (PB 25.76 w0.2) taking .60 of a second off his August time, and is ranked UK No.10 U13 in 2015, SX9 LEON SINCLAIR U23 1st (22.38 w0.3) 


5 September – ALDENHAMSAAM KYU SMART U15 10th (23.21) – GLADSTONEDAVID LAMY V45 37th (22.41), JOSH MORGAN U13 73rd (25.35), JIM DUNNE V60 79th (26.02) – GROVELANDSPOPPY MEDENIS U13 57th (26.37) – GUILDFORDJOHN DRYDEN V65 211h (29.02) – HIGHBURY FIELDSBARRY CHISOLM V55 55th (New PB 22.40) – OAK HILL OLIVER GREENSTEIN U17 2nd (New PB 18.43), DAVID GREENSTEIN V50 15th (20.37), SAMUEL GREENSTEIN U11 16th (20.42), STUART SINGER V55 17th (20.56) – PANSHANGERRUSSELL DEVITT V65 63rdh (24.39) – SOUTHAMPTONLUCY SHORT 25th (First Time 19.00)

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. 

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £3.00.

As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for a form which will give you membership of Allianz Park, you can pick up the form from the reception at Allianz Park. Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.

Charges for those with a membership form are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

All membership enquiries should be directed towards Isobel Dunnicliffe at Isobel will also be at Allianz Park (Tuesday and Thursday Evenings) in the West Stand. Her direct phone number is 020 3675 7252.

England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed IAN BANNISTER as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. IAN is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 020 3675 7243 or by email on