Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 24 July 2014

Happy Birthday this week to Nathan Bloom, Dylan Carlsson-Smith, Jeremy Chor, Gabrielle Coveney, Akin Coward, Victoria Dawes, Niall Fleming, Martin Grey, Freya Hufton, William Levy, Gemma Nicol, Dominic Thompson

WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place in Eugene. Oregon, USA from 22-27 July

Day 1 22 July – 100m Heat 4 OJIE EDOBURUN had an impressive win (10.43 w-0.2 m/s) and qualified for the Semi-Final . OJIE has been seeded to run Heat 1 and with the athletes drawn in this heat may have to run somewhere near his personal best time of 10.32 to qualify for the final.

Day 2 23 July – 100m Semi-Final Heat 1 OJIE EDOBURUN in what proved to be the fastest of the 3 heats OJIE certainly upped his game to finish in 3rd place (10.36 w0.0 m/s) qualifying for the final. The Final was a fast race with the 2 Americans taking the honours OJIE finished in a creditable 6th place (10.45 w-0.6 m/s)

NEW WORLD RECORD ANTHONY WHITEMAN has broken his own World V40 800m record, running 1:48.05 at the BMC Grand Prix in Stretford on12 July. His previous record was 1:48.22 which he set in Indianapolis, USA on 6 June 2012. ANTHONY said he was quite shocked with the time, and is his fastest time since 2003 and ranks him 14th overall in the UK this year.

For the remaining newsletter information and results

NEW CLUB RECORD – Congratulations to ZOE BROWN who vaulted (4.45m) in the Welsh Athletics International in Cardiff on 15 July. Adding 3cm to her own record which she set on 8 July

BETH POTTER EUROPEAN SELECTION – Congratulations to BETH POTTER who has been selected to compete for the Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the European Championships in Zurich starting on the 12 July. BETH will be running the 10000m

COMMONWEALTH GAMES – Are only just over 1 week away, with the Opening Ceremony held yesterday, the Athletics programme starts on Sunday 27 July with the Men’s and Women’s Marathon. This is the link which shows the timetable for all the various sports including Athletics 

ENGLAND ATHLETICS EBULLETIN – This is the link to July 2014 Issue No.4 

RUN! LONDON NEWSLETTER – This is the link to the July edition 


THE UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE UPPER AGE-GROUP SOUTHERN PREMIER ROUND 4 – Takes place this Sunday 27 July at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon NW4 1Rl. A much better team performance clearly established SBH in 3rd place following match 3, and 3rd overall after 3 rounds. With the final match at Allianz Park (Copthall) we should secure our qualification for the National Final in September.

For timetable please use the following link 

WATFORD OPEN GRADED MEETING – Takes place next Wednesday 30 July at Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford WD25 7HH, nearest large car park if the facility car parks are full is the Leavesden Country Park off College road WD5 0NR (approximately 1100 metres) which is a continuation of Horseshoe Lane. Age-Groups are Under13 up to Veteran Men & Women (Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK Athletics rules). Entry cost is £4 for one event, £6 for two or more events. Entries from 5.30pm, there may be separate desks for different events.

Start times and events 7.00pm 200m, 7.15pm Triple Jump, 7.30pm 1500m no times over 5m 45s please, 9.15pm 3000m. Please enter yourself by using the following link to download on the Day Entry Form, also you can check on any last minute information then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top of the page. 

SOUTHERN COUNTIES VETERANS LEAGUE HERTS & NORTH MIDDLESEX DIVISION The 4th and final match took place on Monday 14 July at Hemel Hempstead.

For the Power of 10 results use this link once you access the PO10 result you can select “External Result” at the top of the page which will then load the official results.

We are competing as a composite team with Barnet & District. The result turned out to be a comfortable win for the Men’s team, 1st B&D/SBH 119 points, 2nd Enfield & Haringey 90, 3rd Ilford 88, 4th Herts Phoenix 80, 5th Dacorum & Tring 45, 6th Harrow 17, 7th Trent Park 8. The Women’s result was 1st Herts Phoenix 59, 2nd B&D/SBH 48, 2nd Enfield & Haringey 48.

The final league tables are as follows – Men 1st B&D/SBH 28 league points, 2nd Enfield & Haringey 24, 3rd Ilford 18, 4th Herts Phoenix 13, 5th Dacorum & Tring 9, 6th Harrow 9, 7th Trent Park 7. Women 1st Herts Phoenix 16, 2nd Enfield & Haringey 11, 3rd B&D/SBH 9, 4th Trent Park 3 The final is on Sunday 7 September

High Jump M35 CLYDE GORDON V45 2nd (1.55m), Long Jump M35 CLYDE GORDON V45 3rd (SB 4.47m), Javelin 800g M35 CLYDE GORDON V45 2nd (SB 25.33m) adding 2.51m to his April throw, also CLYDE ran the 1st leg in the 4 x 200m relay

BMC GOLD STANDARD RACES – Took place at Watford on Wednesday 16 July

For the Power of 10 results use this link once you access the PO10 result you can select “External Result” at the top of the page which will then load the official results.

800m Men’s Race A RICHARD CHARLES U23 2nd (1:48.65), Race B JAMAL LEWIS U17 5th (1:53.33), Women’s Race A MARILYN OKORO 1st (2:02.24), MELISSA COURTNEY U23 7th (2:09.45)

1500m Men’s Race A MICHAEL CALLEGARI U23 9th (PB 3:45.15) taking 2.63 seconds off his 2013 time, Men’s Race B IAN RAWLINSON (HCA) 1st (SB 3:48.78) 

WATFORD OPEN GRADED MEETING – Took place on Wednesday 16 July

For the Power of 10 results use this link once you access the PO10 result you can select “External Result” at the top of the page which will then load the official results.

There was a top 10 UK ranking run from COLLETTE HURLEY V50 (400m) UK No.7

400m Race SX1 COLLETTE HURLEY V50 6th (SB 69.40) taking 2 seconds off her June time, and is ranked UK No.7 V50 in 2014, Race SX3 REBECCA HURLEY U17 6th (62.94), Race SX5 NATHAN DAVIES U17 6th (PB 56.38) taking .32 of a second off his May time, Race SX6 TOM CAREY 1st (SB 50.76) taking 1.77 seconds off his May time, 800m Race SX1 MAYAAN RADUS U11 10th (2:51.80), Race SX4 JOSEPHINE CHADWICK U13 5th (PB 2:30.99) taking 7.19 seconds off her June time, MIA GROOM U13 6th (PB 2:31.55) taking 4.82 seconds off her May time, Race SX5 REBECCA ANDREOU U17 2nd (PB 2:26.94) taking 1.52 seconds off her June time, JUDAH YAWITCH U13 3rd (PB 2:27.56) taking 10.30 seconds off his May time, Race SX6 LIA RADUS U13 7th (PB 2:31.10) taking 1.22 seconds off her June time, JO KENT V45 9th (2:32.29), Race SX10 JOE CHOTT U15 3rd (PB 2:17.42), LIANNE LANGFORD U17 4th (2:19.11), JESSICA HURLEY U15 8th (PB 2:21.36) taking .94 of a second off her May time, Race SX11 RUFUS KENT U15 6th (2:21.14), FLORENCE BRYANT U23 8th (2:24.03), Race SX13 THOMAS PATRICK U15 13th (2:17.94), Race SX14 JAMIE HARPER U15 8th (2:14.42), Race SX15 SOPHIA PARVIZI-WAYNE U20 12th (2:17.25), Race SX17 ELLIOT DEE U15 10th (2:07.14), Race SX18 ADAM SHIRET U15 10th (2:06.15), Race SX20 KIERAN MORELAND U23 4th (PB 2:01.14) taking 1.53 seconds off his June time, Race SX21 DAVID BOWERS 3rd (PB 1:59.62) taking 3.45 seconds off his May time, KHALID-ALI AHMED U17 5th (1:59.80), Race SX23 BILLY KELSEY U20 3rd (SB 1:55.83) taking 2.37 seconds off his May time, TED NTIBAZONKIZA U20 4th (PB 1:55.93) taking 1.51 seconds off his June time, MOHAMED MOHAMED 11th (2:00.79), Race SX24 LIAM DEE U20 2nd (PB 1:51.89) taking .52 of a second off his 2013 time, High Jump AKIN COWARD U20 (1.95m), WILLIAM LEVY U15 (1.50m), LOUIS DAVIS U13 (1.45m) 

SOUTHERN LEAGUE DIVISION 3 NORTH This is the League position following our 4th round match which took place on Saturday 12 July in Battersea Park. 1st West Suffolk/Diss 1143.5 points (20 Match Points), 2nd B&D/SBH 1022.5 (19), 3rd Cambridge & Coleridge 1093.5 (17), 4th Hillingdon 977 (16), 5th Serpentine 939 (16), 6th London Heathside 1035 (15), 7th Watford Harriers 961 (15) The top 4 teams will gain promotion after the fifth and final matches.

Our final match is on Saturday 2nd August at Allianz Park where we entertain West Suffolk/Diss, Loughton and Colchester. 4 teams will be promoted to Division 2 North so we are looking good, a 1st or 2nd in our match will give us a final league 2nd position. It will be a tremendous end to the season if we can overtake West Suffolk to become Division 3 Champions, but will require a win by 122 points.

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE ROUND 4 Below are the season and personal bests for each athlete that competed at the match which took place in Stevenage on Sunday 13 July, also the link to the Power of 10 including the official result

Under 13 Girls70m Hurdles (B) GABRIELLA MURRAY-PANAYIOTOU 1st (PB 12.9), High Jump (A) MIA GROOM 4th (PB 1.20m) equalling her June jump, Long Jump (B) JODY WALKER-PAYNE 1st (PB 4.18m) , Discus 0.75kg (A) MIA GROOM 5th (PB 14.71m) adding 13cm to her May throw 

Under 13 Boys200m (B) BEN BELLISARIO 4th (PB 31.2) taking 1.3 seconds off his April time, 800m (A) DANIEL GREENSTEIN 5th (PB 2:39.1), 1500m (B) JUDAH YAWITCH 1st (PB 5:02.9) taking 2.58 seconds off his June time, High Jump (A) LOUIS DAVIS 1st (PB 1.54m), Long Jump (A) FREDDIE NEWING 6th (PB 3.85m), (A) KIERON LEE 6th (PB 3.37m)

Under 15 Girls200m (B) SOPHIA TAGLIA 3rd (PB 29.0) taking .05 of a second off her March time, 300m (B) GEORGINA EMANUEL 2nd (PB 47.3) taking .71 of a second off her June time, 70m Hurdles (A) RACHEL CARTER 1st (PB 12.1) taking .01 of a second off her 11 July time, (B) HANNAH O’SHEA 4th (PB 13.4) taking .12 of a second off her June time, High Jump (A) LEWA ADEBAYO 6th (PB 1.30m) equalling her June jump, Long Jump (A) RACHEL CARTER 5th (3.93m) adding 58cm to her June jump, Shot 3kg (A) EMMA TAYLOR 4th (PB 6.19m), Javelin 400g (B) EMMA TAYLOR 1st (PB 22.86m)

Under 15 Boys300m (A) OLY AROWOJOLU 2nd (PB 39.2) taking .95 of a second off his June time, (B) ADAM SHIRET 1st (PB 40.4), 800m (A) LUKE CONSANTINOU 3rd (PB 2:16.1), High Jump (A) JUSTIN LEE 1st (PB 1.60m) adding 10cm to his April jump, Shot 4kg (A) OLY AROWOJOLU 2nd (PB 12.44m) adding 1.15m to his June put, (B) WILLIAM PRIOR 1st (PB 11.05m) adding 4cm to his June put, Discus 1.25kg (A) OLIVER HOCKING 3rd (PB 30.37m) adding 2.69m to his June throw, Javelin 600g (A) WILLIAM PRIOR 1st (PB 36.81m) adding 21cm to his June throw

Under 17 WomenLong Jump LOLA DOWNES 4th (PB 3.81m) adding 25cm to her April jump, Shot (B) ESTHER AKWAJI 4th (PB 6.04m), Discus 1kg (A) REBECCA HURLEY 5th (PB 18.81m) adding 2.97m to her April throw, (B) EMMA BABALOLA 3rd (PB 15.64m)

Under 17 Men100m (A) TITUS TAN 5th (PB 12.3) taking .03 of a second off his June time, 800m (B) OLIVER GREENSTEIN 2nd (PB 2:21.7) taking 5.39 seconds off his May time, Long Jump (A) TITUS TAN 3rd (PB 5.33m) adding 6cm to his June jump


Under 13 Girls800m NICOLE BOWEN (PB 2:42.4), HANNAH BROWN (PB 2:48.6) taking 2.47 seconds off her June time, High Jump SCARLETT KENT (PB 1.15m) adding 10cm to her May jump

Under 13 Boys75m Hurdles FREDDIE NEWING (PB 14.3), Long Jump RUFUS KENT (PB 4.61m) adding 58cm to his June jump

Under 15 Girls200m EVEY BECKER (PB 30.5), 300m EVEY BECKER (SB 49.7) taking .59 of a second off her May time, Discus EMMA TAYLOR (PB 13.32m)

Under 15 Boys100m, GABE YAWITCH (PB 13.4) taking .14 of a second off his June time, 200m OLIVER HOCKING (PB 26.5)

17 Women300m REBECCA ANDREOU (PB 46.6), Long Jump RACHEL CARTER (SB 3.93m) adding 58cm to his June jump

RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.


The Athletics Ireland Senior Championships took place in Dublin on19-20 July

3000m Steeplechase DALTON MCGUIGAN U20 9th (SB 9:51.55) taking 5.94 seconds off his 6 July time

Pole Vault ZOE BROWN 1st (4.30m)

Hammer 7.26kg DEMPSEY MCGUIGAN U23 2nd (64.47m)

The UK Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest took place in Birmingham on19-20 July

High Jump DAVID SMITH 5th (2.19m)

Pole Vault ADAM CARPENTER U23 1st (4.80m)

Triple Jump – SMA NONSO OKOLO 2nd (15.67m w1.4 m/s)

Discus 2kg GREGORY THOMPSON U23 1st (54.03m)

Hammer 4kg LOUISA JAMES U23 2nd (60.19m), REBECCA KEATING U20 9th (51.36m)

The Sainsbury Anniversary Games took place in Horse Guards Parade, London on 20 July

1 Mile MELISSA COURTNEY U23 10th (4:48.0)

High Jump ALLAN SMITH U23 6th (2.16m)

The Southern Counties U17 Inter Counties took place in Portsmouth on 20 July

800m LIANNE LANGFORD U17 1st (2:19.6)

3000m GEORGE GROOM U17 6th (9:31.6)

Shot 5kg BILLY PRAIM-SINGH U17 (2nd Claim) 6th (11.50m)

Hammer 5kg BILLY PRAIM-SINGH U17 (2nd Claim) 3rd (55.56m)

Javelin 700g ALFIE INGHAM U17 2nd (51.59m)

The Newham Athletics Open Meeting took place on20 July

100m – SM5 CHARLES ROMITO 3rd (PB 12.23 w0.1 m/s) taking .05 of a second off his June time, SW1 SHEREEN CHARLES 3rd (SB 12.19 w1.7 m/s) taking .03 of a second off her June time, then in race SW SHEREEN finished 3rd (SB 12.11 w1.2 m/s) taking .08 of a second off her earlier race time

The Ontario Senior Championships took place in Ontario, Canada on19-20 July

800m PHILIPPA AUKETT 2nd (2:09.98)

1500m PHILIPPA AUKETT 2nd (SB 4:22.58) taking .51 of a second off her May time

The BMC Grand Prix took place in Oxford on19 July

800m – Men Race A ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 2nd (1:49.51), Race D PAUL LASLETT 5th (1:55.46), Women Race A MARILYN OKORO 2nd (2:01.77

5000m – Men Race A MATTHEW ARMSTRONG 6th (PB 14:22.82) taking 2.86 seconds off his 2012 time

1 Mile – Men Race B IAN RAWLINSON (HCA) 3rd (SB 4:08.10), PHILLIP CROUT U20 7th (PB 4:10.35) taking 17.10 seconds off his May time

The SIAB Schools International took place in Cardiff on19 July

3000m – U17M JAMIE DEE U17 (England) 3rd (8:44.70)

The LEAP Meeting took place in Loughborough on19 July

100m – SM2.1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 7th (10.59 w-1.0 m/s), SMC CONFIDENCE finished 3rd (10.57 w0.0 m/s),

200m – SM2 ANTONIO INFANTINO 3rd (21.18 w0.0 m/s)

400m – SM2 KRIS ROBERTSON 5th (46.84)

100m Hurdles – SW1 KYLIE ROBILLIARD 3rd (SB 13.54 w1.0 m/s) taking .01 of a second off her 6 July time, and is ranked UK No.10 in 2014, in SWA KYLIE finished 3rd (13.73 w-1.5 m/s)

400m Hurdles – SM3 LLOYD GUMBS 1st (51.81)

Pole Vault – SM GREGOR MACLEAN Equal 2nd (5.06m)

The Crystal Palace Open Meeting took place on19 July

100m – SM2 ANDREW AMOAH U20 3rd (11.23 w-1.4 m/s),

1500m – SX SOPHIA PARVIZI-WAYNE U20 4th (PB 4:37.73) taking 1.87 seconds off her May time 

The Newham & Essex Beagles Open Meeting took place on16 July

100m – SM1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 3rd (10.57 w-1.3 m/s) SM7 CONFIDENCE finished 3rd (10.76 w-0.7 m/s), SM3 ZANSON PLUMMER U20 3rd (11.10 w1.2 m/s), SM4 NANA NOTTINSON-NYAAKU 4th (11.49 w0.0 m/s), SW SHEREEN CHARLES 1st (12.27 w0.3 m/s),

200m – SM3 ZANSON PLUMMER U20 1st (22.56 w-1.1 m/s)

400m – SM1 RICHARD MORRISSEY 2nd (47.26)

The Crawley Open Meeting took place on16 July

Hammer 7.26kg – SM CHRIS BENNETT 1st (68.18m)

The Welsh Athletics International took place in Cardiff on15 July

Pole Vault – SW ZOE BROWN 1st (PB 4.45m) adding 3cm to her 8 July vault, breaking her own Club Record, SM ETHAN WALSH U20 7th (4.55m)


19 July – OAK HILLSTUART SINGER V50 5th (20.25), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU U17 9th (21.17), SAAM KYU SMART U15 19th (22.30), YAT WING SMART U23 24th (23.16) – ALBERT PARK, MIDDLESBOROUGHGEMMA HARPER U13 37th (New PB 21.43) – BLACK PARK CAROLINA WEATHERILL V45 41st (First Time 21.55)

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

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England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed JARED KEELY as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. JARED is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 020-3675-7243 or by email on

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

The above fees include the 10% discount which is given to members of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, if you are a new member you can pick up a discount form from the reception at Allianz Park.

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