Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 30 July 2015

Happy Birthday this week to Lis Ahlstrom, Kate Barber, Rainer Burchett, John Dryden, Joshua Edwards, Martin Grey, Freya Hufton, Teigue McAuliffe, Eli Minster, Sophia Pitsialis, James Trapmore, Layla Walker-Lawrence, Victoria Webster

GB & NI TEAM FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – Congratulations especially to our up and coming athletes who have been selected to compete in the World Championships in Beijing 22-30 August – ZHARNEL HUGHES U23 (200m), KYLE LANGFORD U20 (800m), DAN BRAMBLE (Long Jump) and DARYLL NEITA U20 (4 x 100m Relay)

For the remaining newsletter information and results

WORLD MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place in Lyon, France from 4 August until 16 August, with 8,042 competitors from a record breaking 98 countries, of these 587 are athletes from Great Britain.

Shaftebury athletes competing are ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 (800m & 1500m) in which this is his first time in the Outdoor Championships. In 2014 he competed in the Indoor Championships in Budapest, Hungary winning the 800m (1:52.60) and 1500m (3:57.00) and 3000m (8:49.86). KOJO KYEREME V35 (10000m) this is his first Championships and his seasons best is (30:08.94) and NENGI OSSAI V40 (100m & 200m) who won a 100m Silver Medal in the 2013 Outdoor Championships in Brazil, and in the 2014 Indoor Championships came 4th in the 60m (7.05). In this year European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland won the 60m (6.97) and was Silver medallist in the 200m (22.35). Apologies but the current World rankings are so out of date.

NEW 200m U23 AND SENIOR MEN CLUB RECORD – Congratulations to recent new member ZHARNEL HUGHES U23 following his phenomenal run in the Sainsburys Anniversary Game last Saturday, his time of (20.05) took .45 of a second off TERRY WILLIAMS current 200m Club Record (20.50) which he set on 24 August 1994. He is now ranked UK No.1

NEW 800m U20 MEN CLUB RECORD – Congratulations to KYLE LANGFORD U20 following his outstanding run in the Sainsburys Anniversary Game last Saturday, his time of (1:45.78) took 1.63 seconds off his own 800m record (1:47.41) which he set on 17 May 2014. And is ranked UK No.2 behind Michael Rimmer, and UK No.1 U20 by over just over 3 seconds. Also he moves up to No.2 in the SBH All-Time rankings only .14 of a second behind PAUL HERBERT’S (1.45.64) Senior Club Record which he set on 5 June 1988. Both KYLE and PAUL have a common coach in GEORGE HARRISON, not bad for achievements 27 years apart. 

SAINSBURYS ANNIVERSARY GAMES – Took place on Friday/Saturday 24-25 July at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium.

100m – SM Heat 1 OJIE EDOBURUN U20 7th (10.39 w-0.3), SW Heat 2 DARYLL NEITA U20 6th (11.43 w-0.3)

200m – SM ZHARNEL HUGHES U23 1st (PB 20.05 w-1.4) taking .08 of a second off his 9 July time, and is ranked UK No.1 in 2015

800m – SM KYLE LANGFORD U20 7th (PB 1:45.78) taking 1.63 seconds off his 2014 time, and is ranked UK No.1 U20 in 2015

5000m – SW BETH POTTER 13th (PB 15:36.49) taking 4.30 seconds off her 2014 time, and is ranked UK No.7 in 2015


Long Jump – SM DAN BRAMBLE 6th (7.94m w0.4)

In the 4 x 100m Relays we were the only Club that had 4 entrants and 4 finishers with 4 season’s bests.

JACK PETCHEY AWARDS – Shaftebury athletes were recipiants at this years awards, which was held at the Artsdepot Theatre, Finchley on 15 July. The attached photograph shows of our winners – left to right JUDAH YAWITCH, MATTI HARRIS, JOSEPHINE CHADWICK, REBECCA ANDREOU, ELLIOT DEE, fron row DYLAN MICHEL, LIDIA KYRIACOU and LUCA STUBBS

UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE SOUTHERN PREMIER 1 – The final fixture took place in Bromley on 26 July.

Match Result 1st Blackheath & Bromley (725.5 points 6 league points), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (688 points 5 league points), 3rd SBH (683.5 points 4 league points), 4th Team Norfolk (451 points 3 league points), 5th Enfield & Haringey (435 points 2 league points), 6th Stevenage & North Herts (322 points 1 league points).

Men’s Result 1st SBH (403 points), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (318 points), 3rd Blackheath & Bromley (285 points), 4th Team Norfolk (207 points), 5th Enfield & Haringey (189 points), 6th Stevenage & North Herts (161 points).

Women’s Result 1st Blackheath & Bromley (405.5 points), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (340 points), 3rd SBH (245.5 points), 4th Enfield & Haringey (211 points), 5th Team Norfolk (209 points), 6th Stevenage & North Herts (126 points).

Final League Positions 1st Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (2877.5 points 23 league points), 2nd Blackheath & Bromley (2766.5 points 20 league points), 3rd SBH (2700 17 league points), 4th Enfield & Haringey (2071.5 points 11 league points), 5th Team Norfolk (1870 points 9 league points), 6th Stevenage & North Herts (1587.5 points 4 league points).

A day interrupted by the regular showers did not distract our athletes from getting on with the job. Due to injuries and holidays, virtually every team member did 2 or 3 events and some even did 4. The team effort secured the Men an easy win and the Women a clear 3rd place, for a combined placing of 3rd.

We had a host of PBs. The most notable of which were both OMAR PARSONS and BEN ROCHFORD in the 400m,  FELLAN MCGUIGAN in the hammer, DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH in the javelin, AKIN COWARD in the triple jump, JEREMY DEMPSEY in the 3000m and both HAMZA KADIR and ELLIOT DEE in the 1500m. On the women’s side, we had REBECCA HURLEY (400m H), SAPPHIRE CLARKSON (TJ) and ALESSA LEWIS (LJ and 80m H). Special mention to a number of the women like REBECCA KEATING, LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE, SOPHIA PITSIALIS and younger sister LOUISA PITSIALIS who took on events for the first time ever just to score points. Well done all of you.

One of the highlights was the arrival of EUROPEAN JUNIOR 800m CHAMPIONKYLE LANGFORD to support the team and to express his regret at not being able to compete after his record breaking run the previous day at the Diamond League at Olympic Park.

We believe we have done enough to qualify for the Final on Sunday 6 September in Birmingham. Please make sure you are all available. More details will follow once our entry is confirmed.

100m – U17M A CHENNA OKOH (2nd Claim) 1st (11.45 w-1.2), B DITA JAJA 1st (11.55 w-1.2), U17W A MIREIA DE SOUSA CALADO 5th (14.50 w-1.5), B TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 5th (14.30 w-1.7), U20M A ZANSON PLUMMER 3rd (11.1 w-1.7), B NATHANAEL MURRAY 4th (11.79 w-2.0), U20W A PAGE FAIRCLOUGH 1st (12.29 w-1.8), B EAVION RICHARDSON 3rd (13.00 w0.0)

200m – U17M A CHENNA OKOH (2nd Claim) 1st (22.69 w-3.0), B ABBAS ADEJONWO 4th (SB 25.93 w-2.5), U17W A MIREIA DE SOUSA CALADO 6th (29.10 w-2.8), B LOUISA PITSIALIS 6th (PB 34.59 w-2.8), U20M A ZANSON PLUMMER 1st (22.14 w-2.3), B SAM HAZELL 2nd (SB 23.18 w-2.1) taking .50 of a second off his April time, U20W A DJANIRA COSTA 6th (SB 28.53 w-4.0), B REBECCA KEATING 6th (SB 33.57 w-3.7)

300m – U17W A LIANNE LANGFORD 4th (43.68), B TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 5th (SB 48.80)

400m – U17M A DANIEL HOUSELEY 4th (PB 55.12) taking .41 of a second off his June time, B ADAM ABDICHE 3rd (PB 61.00), U20M A OMAR PARSONS 1st (49.02) taking .48 of a second off his 2014 time, B BEN ROCHFORD 1st (PB 49.19) taking 1.32 seconds off his 2014 time, U20W A JESSIE CONCANNON 2nd (62.01), B SOPHIA PITSIALIS 3rd (PB 73.67)

800m – U17M A ADAM SHIRET 3rd (2:01.75), B HAMZA KADIR 3rd (2:02.72), U17W A JESSICA HURLEY 4th (2:24.10), U20M A BEN ROCHFORD 1st (1:57.60), B BILLY KELSEY 1st (1:57.10), U20W A LIANNE LANGFORD U17 1st (PB 2:20.52), B ARIANA GOMES 3rd (2:37.10)

1500m – U17M A HAMZA KADIR 1st (PB 4:05.71) taking 1.84 seconds off his June time, B ELLIOT DEE 1st (PB 4:08.95) taking 1.17 seconds off his June time, U20M A JAMIE DEE 2nd (4:05.57), B KHALID-ALI AHMED 1st (4:11.25), U20W A CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON (2nd Claim) 3rd (5:17.54)

3000m – U17M A JEREMY DEMPSEY 1st (PB 9:03.04) taking 3.22 seconds off his June time, B RUFUS KENT 2nd (10:31.10), U20M A KHALID-ALI AHMED 2nd (9:09.67), B GEORGE GROOM 1st (9:12.57), U20W A CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON (2nd Claim) 4th (11:25.61)

80m Hurdles – U17W A ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 3rd (13.18 w-3.0), A ALESSA LEWIS 3rd (PB 15.3 w-1.1)

100m Hurdles – U17M A KARIM KESKAS 4th (16.17 w-2.7), B JUSTIN LEE 3rd (17.01 w-3.4), U20W B ESTHER AKWAJI 3rd (20.32 w-2.7)

110m Hurdles – U20M A MATTHEW HALL 2nd (16.01 w-2.7), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 2nd (17.79 w-2.8)

300m Hurdles – U17W A TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 5th (PB 52.39)taking .62 of a second off her June time

400m Hurdles – U17M A KARIM KESKAS 1st (PB 61.69) taking .31 of a second off his May time, A ADAM ABDICHE 2nd (77.46), U20M A JULIAN LAMY 3rd (59.66), B DEREECE O’CALLAGHAN 2nd (PB 64.21), U20W A REBECCA HURLEY 2nd (PB 69.40) taking 1.74 seconds off her May time, B LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 2nd (PB 101.04)

1500m Steeplechase – U17M A GEORGE GROOM 1st (4:04.03), B OLIVER GREENSTEIN 3rd (5:33.50), U20W A REBECCA KEATING 3rd (SB 8:49.39)

2000m Steeplechase – U20M A SAM GRIFFITHS 1st (6:25.98), B JULIAN LAMY 1st (6:49.71)



4 x400m Relay – U17M 1st (PB 3:35.24) taking .66 of a second off their 2012 time DANIEL HOUSELEY (55.5), JEREMY DEMPSEY (55.0), CHENNA OKOH (50.6), ADAM SHIRET (54.2), U20M 1st (SB 3:24.03) taking 1.80 seconds off their May time SAM HAZEL (51.0), BILLY KELSEY (52.2), BEN ROCHFORD (51.1), OMAR PARSONS (49.8), U20W 4th (4:39.82) JESSIE CONCANNON (63.7), REBECCA HURLEY (63.7), SOPHIA PITSIALIS (77.6), LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE (74.9)

High Jump – U17M ADAM SHIRET 1st (1.65m), U20M A AKIN COWARD 1st (1.90m), B JULIAN LAMY 2nd (PB 1.70m) equalling his May jump, U17W ALESSA LEWIS Equal 3rd (1.40m), U20W A ESTHER AKWAJI 5th (1.40m)

Pole Vault – Cancelled due to bad weather

Long Jump – U17M ABBAS ADEJONWO 5th (5.21m), U17W ALESSA LEWIS 3rd (PB 4.91m nwr) adding 2cm to her June jump, U20M A ADE ADEFOLALU 2nd (SB 6.49m nwr) adding 8cm to his June jump, B ALANDO ALFRED 1st (5.99m nwr), U20W A KAYANNA REID 5th (PB 4.74m nwr) adding 13cm to her June jump, B ARIANA GOMES 5th (4.16m nwr)

Triple Jump – U17M ABBAS ADEJONWO 2nd (12.31m), U17W ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 3rd (9.00m nwr), U20M A AKIN COWARD 1st (PB 12.86m nwr) adding 37cm to his June jump, B ALANDO ALFRED 1st (12.62m nwr), U20W A SAPPHIRE CLARKSON 2nd (12.31m nwr), B ESTHER AKWAJI 2nd (9.99m nwr)

Shot 6kg – U20M A JAMES HAMBLIN 2nd (12.31m), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (10.68m)

Shot 5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 2nd (13.22m)

Shot 4kg – U20W A LINDSEY JONKER 2nd (10.21m), B FIONA MCQUIRE 2nd (8.16m)

Shot 3kg – U17W PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 3rd (9.32m)

Discus 1.75kg – U20M A DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 4th (30.08m), B ALFIE INGHAM 2nd (PB 23.12m)

Discus 1.5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 5th (25.62m)

Discus 1kg – U17W PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 2nd (31.05m), U20W A FIONA MCQUIRE 3rd (27.64m), B ABI OGUNBODEDE U17 3rd (17.03m)

Hammer 6kg – U20M A FELLAN MCGUIGAN 2nd (PB 68.27m) adding 12cm to his June throw, B JAMES HAMBLIN 2nd (63.53m)

Hammer 5kg – U17M BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 1st (60.44m)

Hammer 4kg – U20W A REBECCA KEATING 1st (52.66m), B LOUISA PITISALIS U17 3rd (PB 23.94m) equalling her May throw

Hammer 3kg – U17W A PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 1st (54.25m)

Javelin 800g – U20M A DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (PB 47.15) adding 2.53m to his June throw, B ALFIE INGHAM 1st (46.37m)

Javelin 700g – U17M KARIM KESKAS 5th (PB 31.81m) adding 1.78m to his 2014 throw

Javelin 600g – U20W A LINDSEY JONKER 3rd (25.70m), B FIONA MCQUIRE 2nd (23.95m)

Javelin 500g – U17W KLAUDIA DEBRECZENI 3rd (29.73m)

HIGHGATE HARRIERS OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 9 September at Parliament Hill Fields. Events are open to all-age groups with certain events for Under 11s. Flyer attached, entries are on-line only. You are strongly advised to enter as soon as possible as entries will close when event is full.

MARATHON WORKSHOPMARA YAMAUCHI who is a two-time Olympian and GBs second fastest female marathon runner ever, will host a one-day masterclass on training and preparing for the Marathon. The workshop is being held at St Mary’s University, Twickenham on 5 September and 10 October. Mara Myers (her maiden name) started her athletics career as a member of Parkside AC, Harrow in the early 1990s. The backbone of Parkside was Bob & Sylvia Parker, and for those who may not be aware, Bob has been a member of Shaftesbury for over 60 years. He was a top class runner, and is recognised in the athletic world as one of the country’s top middle distance Coach. He in fact coached David Bedford to his record breaking performances during the 1960, & 70s.

Parkside (were a women’s only club) from 1989 to 1996 inclusive won the Senior National Cross Country team title, and from 1990 to 1998 had 4 National Champions, Andrea Whitcombe 3 times, Alison Wyeth, Katy McCandless and Mara Myers who won the 1998 Championships at Leeds.

Attached is a flyer giving you the full workshop information

ENGLAND ATHLETICS NEWSLETTER – This is the link showing their current information, July Issue 4

RUN! LONDON NEWSLETTER – This is the link showing their current information, July Issue


UK INTER COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIPS, TOGETHER WITH THE ENGLAND SENIOR AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place this Saturday 1 August and Sunday 2 August at the Bedford International Athletic Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).

LONDON INTER CLUB CHALLENGE (ALL AGE-GROUPS INCLUDING U13s) – The third of four fixtures takes place this Saturday 1 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Is free to all members of Shaftesbury, but why not bring a friend and introduce him to athletics (there is a charge of £3 per event for non-members). Registration opens at 10.30am, and closes 30 minutes before the published start time. All events are for both male and female age-groups unless stated. Timetable attached.

Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and register. 

QUADKIDS Takes place prior to the London Inter Club Challenge this Saturday 1 August. CLYDE GORDON will be managing the event, with registration from 9.30am, first event starts at 10.00am, and completion around 11.30am, and is free to enter for Shaftesbury members and is £2 for non-members. Quadkids is primarily for school years 3 to 7 inclusive, ie age 7 to 12 and includes the four core disciplines of running (600m), throwing (Vortex Howler), jumping (Long Jump) and sprinting (75m). All are welcome and Parents you may be asked to join in by helping out on maybe one of the events.

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE COMPOSITE TEAM WITH BARNET & DISTRICT (UNDER 13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) – The final fixture takes place this Sunday 2 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager Joyce Smith or Jeremy Sothcott 

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR MEN) – The final fixture takes place on Saturday 8 August at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR). Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Geoff Morphitis

UK WOMEN’S ATHLETIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1 (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR WOMEN) – The final fixture takes place on Sunday 9 August at the Robin Park Arena, Loire Drive, Wigan (Satnav WN5 0UH). Note this is a double header fixture with Division 3, Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Nicole Cara 

WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 12 August at Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Garston,Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). Entry costs at Wednesday Meetings £4 for one event, £6 for two or more events, entries from 5.30pm, there may be separate desks for different events. Please use this link to the Watford Harriers website then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top of the page. Once you are in the open meeting section, you can see the full information including any late changes. Also you can print off the ‘On The Day Entry Form’

Timetable7.00pm 100m, 7.15pm Shot, 7.30pm 400m, 8.05pm 800m no times over 2m 45s please 


The British Masters Championships took place in Kingston on 26 July

400m – W45 LISA WEBB V45 won the Bronze Medal (SB 66.26) and is ranked UK No.9 V45 in 2015

1500m – W35 LISA WEBB V45 8th (5:03.88) 

The Derek Crookes Southern U13 Inter County Match took place in Kingston on 26 July

1500m – Boys A LUCA STUBBS U13 9th (5:02.46), Girls B SYDNEY ALLEN U13 6th (PB 5:17.96) taking 8.86 seconds off her May time 

The Scottish Athletics Throws & Jumps Grand Prix Series took place in Livingston on 25-26 July

Shot 7.26kg – SM ANGUS MCINROY 1st (14.18m)

Shot 5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 1st (16.87m)

Discus 2kg – SM ANGUS MCINROY 1st (52.40m)

Discus 1.5kg – U18M GEORGE EVANS U20 1st (54.09m)

The Campeonatos de Portugal took place in Leiria, Portugal on 25-26 July

Discus JADE LALLY 1st (58.97m)

The Herne Hill Harriers Open Meeting took place in Tooting Bec on 25 July

100m – SX3 NENGI OSSAI V40 1st (11.31 w-1.7)

200m – SX2 NENGI OSSAI V40 2nd (22.63 w-1.4)

The Morton Games took place in Dublin on 24 July

400m – Race 1 RICHARD MORRISSEY 5th (47.88)

The Warri Relays Grand Prix took place in Warri, Nigeria on 24 July

Triple Jump NATHAN FOX 1st (SB 16.65m w1.2) adding 36cm to his April jump, and is ranked UK No.4 in 2015

The Track Academy Invitational 2015 took place in Willesden on 23 July

100m – SX Heat 3 TAARIQ JOHN-CLARKE U23 3rd (PB 11.26 w3.1) taking .06 of a second off his 2014 time

200m – SX Heat 7 LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE U20 5th (28.17 w2.7)

Long Jump – SX ALANDO ALFRED U20 2nd (PB 6.21m nwr) adding 56cm to his 2014 jump, TAARIQ JOHN-CLARKE U23 4th (5.84m nwr), FREDDIE SHIRET U15 9th (PB 4.80m nwr) adding 29cm to his 12 July jump 

The BMC Regional Races took place in Eltham on 22 July

800m – Race A BILLY KELSEY U20 6th (1:52.61), Race C OMAR PARSONS U20 1st (PB 1:54.58) taking 2.66 seconds off his 15 July time, Race D ADAM SHIRET U17 5th (1:59.75), TED NTIBAZONKIZA U23 7th (2:00.62), Race F Mixed KIERAN MORELAND 3rd (SB 2:04.39) taking 1.05 seconds off his 15 July time

1500m – Race A WILLIAM RYLE-HODGES U23 4th (PB 3:58.21) taking .02 of a second off his 2014 time, Race B Mixed JAMIE HARPER U15 7th (PB 4:12.46) taking .54 of a second off his June time, and is ranked UK No.4 U15 in 2015

The Newham Open Series took place on 22 July

100m – Race SMH3 RENARD FREDERICK 1st (10.84 w2.7) 

The Lee Valley Sprint Series took place on 22 July

100m – SX2 PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U20 4th (12.14 w1.1), SX3 MAURICE RYAN 2nd (12.01 w-0.4), SX7 ANDREW NICOLAOU U13 1st (PB 12.71 w0.0) equalling his June time (windy), SX10 NICHOLAS SHAW U13 1st (PB 12.65 w1.6) taking .45 of a second off his 12 July time, SX12 CHRISTOPHER CASTRO-NETA U20 2nd (PB 11.77 w0.0), SX14 HARRY KYRIACOU U20 4th (11.68 w-0.7), SX17 LEON SINCLAIR U23 5th (11.29 w0.9), SX18 NENGI OSSAI V40 1st (SB 11.06 w0.7) taking .12 of a second off his June time, and is ranked UK No.1 V40 in 2015, SX20 ANTONIO INFANTINO 5th (11.09 w0.0), SX22 PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U20 4th (12.31 w0.0)

200m – SX8 CHRISTOPHER CASTRO-NETA U20 8th (PB 24.21 w0.3), SX11 NENGI OSSAI V40 1st (22.31 w0.0), SX12 LEON SINCLAIR U23 2nd (22.37 w0.0) 

The SU-DI-KA-Kupa took place in Szombathely, Hungary on 22 July

Hammer 7.26kg CHRIS BENNETT 2nd (69.51m)

The Meeting Elite de la Roche sur Yon took place in Lasur Yon, France on 22 July

100m – Race 2 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 6th (10.70 w0.6)

200m – Race 1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 7th (21.66 w-0.9) 


25 July – ALDENHAMJAMES DAVIS U15 7th (22.11), SAAM KYU SMART U15 11th (First Time 24.03), CLAIRE HOBSON 16th (First Time 24.59) – CASSIOBURYJOSHUA EDWARDS U15 5th (New PB 19.03) – CHIPPENHAMJAMES TRAPMORE V35 4th (First Time 18.40) – GLADSTONEDAVID LAMY V45 31st (23.08), ISABELLE LAMY V45 75th (27.12) – GROVELANDSPOPPY MEDENIS U13 79th (26.24) – HAMPSTEAD HEATHOLIVER GREENSTEIN U17 12th (First Time 20.12), DAVID GREENSTEIN V50 32nd (22.03), SAMUEL GREENSTEIN U11 33rd (22.12) – OAK HILL SAMUEL CAHILL U13 5th (20.25), STUART SINGER V50 9th (21.32) – ST ALBANSREBEKAH GARDINER 9th (18.01)

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. 

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £3.00.

As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for a form which will give you membership of Allianz Park, you can pick up the form from the reception at Allianz Park. Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.

Charges for those with a membership form are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

All membership enquiries should be directed towards Jenny Poll at Jenny will also be at Allianz Park (Tuesday and Thursday Evenings) in the West Stand. Her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252.

England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed IAN BANNISTER as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. IAN is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 0203 675 7243 or by email on