Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 31 July 2014

Happy Birthday this week to Lis Ahlstrom, Kate Barber, Sagie Benaim, Rainer Burchett, John Dryden, Teigue McAuliffe, James Trapmore, Layla Walker-Lawrence, Victoria Webster

COMMONWEALTH GAMES – Glasgow on 27 July to 2 August

DAY 1 27 JULY – SHOT 7.26kg Pool A ZANE DUQUEMIN (Jersey) produced a seasons best (18.90m) to finish in 4th place, adding 4cm to his March put and ranks him UK No.1 in 2014

Hammer 4kg Pool A RACHEL HUNTER U23 (Scotland) produced a throw of (61.91m) finishing in 6th place, in the Final RACHEL improved to (63.29m) earning her a final position of 7th place

DAY 2 28 JULY – SHOT 7.26kg Final ZANE DUQUEMIN (Jersey) could not quite match his Qualifying put due to a slight injury, and finished in 9th place (18.16m)

High Jump Pool A DAVID SMITH (Scotland) was jumping with an injury finished equal 6th (2.11m), Pool B ALLAN SMITH U23 (Scotland) did not start

Triple Jump Pool B YAMILE ALDAMA V40 (England) qualified for the final in 2nd place with her 1st jump (13.29m)

Hammer Pool A CHRIS BENNETT (Scotland) finished in 4th place (68.01m) with his 1st attempt, DEMPSEY MCGUIGAN U23 (Northern Ireland) finished in 6th place (66.16m) with his 3rd attempt, both CHRIS and DEMPSEY qualified for the final

Decathlon WILLEM COERTZEN (South Africa) 100m Heat 3 3rd (PB 10.88 888 points) taking .01 of a second off 2009 time, Long Jump Pool A 5th (7.40m Total 1798 points), Shot 8th (13.70m Total points 2508 points), High Jump 8th (1.87m Total points 3195 points), unfortunately due to an injury WILLEM was unable to start the 400m.

DAY 3 29 JULY – 10000m Final BETH POTTER (Scotland) had what can only be described as the race of her life, and with just 10 laps to go she led the 3 Kenyan athletes for 4 laps. BETH finished in 5th place having a domestic battle with Kate Avery of England who just piped her on the line. BETH ran a personal best (32:33.36) taking 12.33 seconds off her May time, and ranks her UK N0.5 in 2014, also a New Club Record eclipsing the 32:36.07 set by SARAH WALDRON on 6 April 2012

Triple Jump Final YAMILE ALDAMA V40 (England) did not start

Hammer Final DEMPSEY MCGUIGAN U23 (Northern Ireland) finished in 11th place (64.79m), CHRIS BENNETT (Scotland) finished in 12th place (61.92m)

DAY 4 30 JULY – 800m Heat 4 MARILYN OKORO (England) finished in 5th place (2:03.90) and qualified for the Semi-Final

400m Hurdles Heat 2 SEB RODGER (England) finished in 4th place (50.45)

Discus Pool A NICK PERCY U23 (Scotland) finished in 5th place (56.71m), Pool B ANGUS MCINROY (Scotland) finished in 7th place (56.28m), ZANE DUQUEMIN (Jersey) finished in 8th place (57.26), ANGUS and ZANE qualified for the Final

For the remaining newsletter information and results

WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place in Eugene. Oregon, USA on 22-27 July

DAY 4 25 JULY – 800m Heat 4 KYLE LANGFORD had an excellent start finishing in a close 2nd place (1:49.73) qualifying for the Semi-Final

DAY 5 26 JULY – 800m Semi-Final Heat 1 KYLE LANGFORD had the race under his control, with 3 of them breaking away from the field KYLE came home in 2nd place (1:48.76) qualifying for tomorrow’s Final

4 x 400m Relay Heat 1 GB & NI had a comfortable win by over 3 seconds (SB 3:35.37) with SABRINA BAKARE bringing the team home on the final leg

DAY 6 27 JULY – 800m Final KYLE LANGFORD after qualifying in a well-run semi-final was on the back foot from the start of the race, as the 2 Kenyan athletes spread-eagled the field going through 400m in (49.42), KYLE never recovered and finished in 8th place (1:55.21)

4 x 400m Relay Final GB & NI won a superb Silver Medal and was always in contention with the American squad (SB 3:32.00), SABRINA BAKARE ran Leg 3 and closed to within 3 metres behind the American runner

THE UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE UPPER AGE-GROUP SOUTHERN PREMIER 1 – The final match took place on Sunday 27 July at Allianz Park. For the Power of 10 results use this link this is the link for the “External Results”

Match Result 1st Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow 675 points, 2nd SBH 627, 3rd Team Norfolk 615, 4th Blackheath & Bromley 586, 5th Tonbridge 583, 6th Reading 582.

Apologies but the final league positions and non-scoring results are not available as yet, and will be published next week

Under 20 Women – 100m (A) JESSIE CONCANNON 6th (13.21 w-0.5 m/s), (B) EMMA BABOLOLA U17 2nd (12.74 w-0.2 m/s), 200m (A) YASMIN LAKIN 6th (PB 26.88 w1.7 m/s) taking .12 of a second off her 2011 time, 400m (A) JESSIE CONCANNON 4th (60.78), 800m (A) ELEANOR HUNT 4th (SB 2:27.89) taking .16 of a second off her April time, 1500m (A) MOLLY PATCH 3rd (5:06.12), (B) REBECCA ANDREOU U17 2nd (PB 5:13.12) taking 5.18 seconds off her 2013 time, 3000m (A) MOLLY PATCH 1st (PB 10.16.67) taking 14.65 seconds off her June time, 100m Hurdles (A) DJANIRA COSTA (2nd Claim) 2nd (15.27 w1.7 m/s), (B) RACHAEL FATUADE 1st (PB 15.77 w1.7 m/s) taking .50 of a second off her June time, 400m Hurdles (A) RACHAEL FATUADE 4th (PB 73.40), (B) DJANIRA COSTA (2nd Claim) 1st (71.70), 1500m Steeplechase (A) REBECCA KEATING 5th (PB 8:47.24), 4 x 100m Relay 4th (51.32) RACHAEL FATUADE, ESTHER AKWAJI U17, DJANIRA COSTA, YASMIN LAKIN, High Jump (A) MEGAN MCINNES U17 6th (1.45m), (B) ESTHER AKWAJI U17 5th (1.40m), Pole Vault (A) ARIANA GOMES 4th (PB 2.60m) equalling her June vault, Long Jump (A) YASMIN LAKIN 4th (PB 5.28m nwr) adding 3cm to her 2013 jump, (A) RACHAEL FATUADE 1st (4.63m nwr), Triple Jump (A) YASMIN LAKIN 2nd (11.65m nwr), (B) DJANIRA COSTA (2nd Claim) 4th (9.73m nwr), Shot 4kg (A) SIMISOLA OYESANYA 4th (9.58m), (B) EBONY COWARD U17 4th (PB 7.17m), Discus 1kg (A) SIMISOLA OYESANYA 3rd (PB 38.06m) adding 12.41m to her 2013 throw, (B) KAYOMIE THOMPSON 4th (19.47m), Hammer 4kg (A) REBECCA KEATING 1st (50.84m), (B) KAYOMIE THOMPSON 1st (35.12m), Javelin 600g (A) ABI OGUNBODEDE 5th (18.48m), (B) SIMISOLA OYESANYA 3rd (15.06m)

Under 20 Men – 100m (A) JOHN OTUGADE 1st (10.77 w1.9 m/s), (B) ZANSON PLUMMER 1st (10.96 w0.1 m/s), 200m (A) ANDREW AMOAH 1st (SB 22.21 w1.4 m/s) taking .08 of a second off his June time, (B) ZANSON PLUMMER 1st (SB 22.10 w1.7 m/s) taking .25 of a second off his 21 July time, 400m (A) BILLY KELSEY 5th (SB 52.59) taking .18 of a second off his April time, (B) BEN ROCHFORD 3rd (51.27), 800m (A) BEN ROCHFORD 3rd (1:57.18), (B) ADAM THORPE 1st (2:01.57), 1500m (A) LIAM DEE 1st (3:48.76), (B) PHILLIP CROUT 1st (3:59.83), 3000m (A) PHILLIP CROUT 2nd (8:46.40), (B) SAM GRIFFITHS 2nd (9:19.33), 110m Hurdles, (A) MATTHEW HALL 4th (15.44 w2.2 m/s), (B) HENRYK HADASS 3rd (SB 19.46 w1.1 m/s) taking .78 of a second off his June time, 400m Hurdles (A) HENRYK HADASS 5th (SB 62.64), 2000m Steeplechase (A) ADAM THORPE 2nd (SB 6:43.21), 4 x 400m Relay 2nd (3:25.13) TED NTIBAZONKIZA (53.4), LIAM DEE (50.2), BILLY KELSEY (51.0), BEN ROCHFORD (50.6), High Jump (A) AKIN COWARD 1st (PB 2.03m) adding 6cm to his 12 July jump, (B) ADE ADEFOLALU 2nd (1.80m), Pole Vault (A) ETHAN WALSH 1st (4.20m), (B) MATTHEW HALL 2nd (2.70m), Long Jump (A) ADE ADEFOLALU 2nd (6.39m nwr), (B) BOLU COKER 2nd (SB 6.12m nwr) adding 20cm to his June jump, Triple Jump (A) DEAN OAMEN 2nd (13.65m nwr), (B) ALANDO ALFRED 1st (13.26m nwr), Shot 6kg (A) JAMES HAMBLIN (2nd Claim) 3rd (12.72m), (B) IZAIAH TURNER (2nd Claim) 1st (11.48m), Discus 1.75kg (A) IZAIAH TURNER (2nd Claim) 4th (29.24m), (B) MATTHEW HALL 3rd (23.02m), Hammer 6kg (A) JAMES HAMBLIN (2nd Claim) 1st (61.33m), Javelin 800g (A) JOE BAMFORD 1st (PB 54.92m), (B) JOHN SPERLING 1st (PB 49.23m)

Under 17 Women – 100m (A) EAVION RICHARDSON 2nd (PB 12.31 w1.0 m/s) taking .40 of a second off her April time, (B) JADE ADEFOLALU 2nd (13.50 w2.0 m/s), 200m (A) EAVION RICHARDSON 2nd (PB 25.40 w3.8 m/s) taking .60 of a second off her June time, (B) LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 4th (27.59 w1.3 m/s), 300m (A) LIANNE LANGFORD 5th (43.90), (B) EMELIA ECONOMU 6th (PB 46.91) taking 1.89 seconds off her 2013 time, 800m (A) LIANNE LANGFORD 2nd (2:18.94), (B) SOPHIE BOWEN 2nd (PB 2:24.02) taking 2.09 seconds off her May time, 1500m (A) EMELIA ECONOMU 5th (5:42.90), (B) OLIVE CURRAN 5th (PB 7:18.63), 80m Hurdles (A) MEGAN MCINNES 6th (PB 13.59 w2.3 m/s) taking .31 of a second off her 2013 time, (B) LOLA DOWNES 1st (13.03 w1.5 m/s), 4 x 100m Relay 3rd (53.23) LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE, JADE ADEFOLALU, EAVION RICHARDSON, MEGAN MCINNES, 4 x 300m Relay 6th (3:08.36) REBECCA ANDREOU, LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE, OLIVE CURRAN, LIANNE LANGFORD, High Jump LINDSEY JONKER 2nd (PB 1.50m), Pole Vault (A) MEGAN MCINNES 2nd (2.45m), Long Jump OLIVE CURRAN 3rd (4.90m nwr), Triple Jump (A) OLIVE CURRAN 3rd (9.54m nwr), Shot 3kg LINDSEY JONKER 1st (PB 11.87m), Discus 1kg EUNICE YEBOAH 4th (SB 19.21m), Hammer 3kg (A) EMMA BABALOLA 4th (18.63m), Javelin 700g EAVION RICHARDSON 4th (20.91m)

Under 17 Men – 100m (A) YAW AGYEMAN-PREMPEH 6th (SB 11.93 w1.1), (B) ETHAN THOMAS 3rd (11.85 w2.2 m/s), 200m (A) ETHAN THOMAS 6th (24.65 w1.7 m/s), (B) KARIM KESKAS 6th (25.85 w0.6 m/s), 400m (A) JAMAL LEWIS 3rd (52.24), (B) JACK FITZPATRICK 3rd (54.95), 800m (A) KHALID-ALI AHMED 2nd (2:00.67), (B) NATHAN DAVIES 4th (2:15.63), 1500m (A) JAMAL LEWIS 1st (SB 4:12.63), (B) CHARLIE GRIFFITHS 2nd (PB 4:31.47), 3000m (A) OLIVER GREENSTEIN 6th (PB 10:57.42), 100m Hurdles (A) KARIM KESKAS 4th (PB 15.67 w2.2 m/s) taking .49 of a second off his June time, (B) ADAM ABDICHE 4th (17.86 w1.8 m/s), 400m Hurdles (A) MARK CUNNINGHAM (2nd Claim) 3rd (PB 63.08) taking 1.06 seconds of his June time, (B) ADAM ABDICHE 2nd (PB 74.10), 4 x 100m Relay 5th (SB 47.26) YAW AGYEMAN-PREMPEH, NABIL HAQUE, JORDAN TOWNSEND-SIMPSON, ETHAN THOMAS, 4 x 400m Relay 3rd (3:44.54) JACK FITZPATRICK (55.5), JORDAN TOWNSEND-SIMPSON (56.5), KARIM KESKAS (58.6), KHALID-ALI AHMED (54.0), Pole Vault MARK CUNNINGHAM (2nd Claim) 3nd (2.80m), Triple Jump JORDAN TOWNSEND-SIMPSON 3rd (PB 11.01m nwr) adding 24cm to his June jump, Shot 5kg BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 3rd (11.88m), Discus 1.5kg (A) BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 5th (29.49m), Hammer 5kg (A) BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 2nd (53.69m), Javelin 700g ALFIE INGHAM 1st (PB 52.64m) adding 19cm to his June throw

AMMENDEMENTIn the Eastern Young Athletes match at Stevenage, the non-scoring Long Jump in fact was LOUIS DAVIS (PB 4.61m) adding 29cm to his June jump

RUN! LONDON NEWSLETTER – This is the link to the July edition 


WATFORD OPEN GRADED MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 13 August at Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford WD25 7HH, nearest large car park if the facility car parks are full is the Leavesden Country Park off College road WD5 0NR (approximately 1100 metres) which is a continuation of Horseshoe Lane. Age-Groups are Under13 up to Veteran Men & Women (Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK Athletics rules). Entry cost is £4 for one event, £6 for two or more events. Entries from 5.30pm, there may be separate desks for different events.

Start times and events 7.00pm 100m, 7.15pm Shot, 7.30pm BMC, 8.05pm 800m no times over 2m 45s please. Please enter yourself by using the following link to download on the Day Entry Form, also you can check on any last minute information then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top of the page.

BMC events please use this link to enter Closing Date Friday 8 August. Timetable 7.30pm M800m U17 & older (1.52 and below), W800m U17 & older (2.10 and below), M1500m U17 & older (3.49 and below), W1500m U17 & older (4.25 and below).

SOUTHERN LEAGUE DIVISION 3 NORTH ROUND 5 Takes place on Saturday 2 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon NW4 1Rl. For timetable please use the following link 

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE DIVISION 1 ROUND 5 Takes place on Sunday 3 August at the Bedford Athletic Track, Barkers Lane, Bedford MK41 9SB. For timetable please use the following link

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION ROUND 4 – Takes place on Saturday 9 August at Sportcity, Gate 13, Rowsley Street, Manchester M11 3FF. This is the club meeting of the year, we must win if we are to have any chance of retaining our Premiership title.For timetable please use the following link

RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.


The Eastern Counties Championships took place Cambridge on 26 July

1500m – U15B GEORGE GROOM U15 won the Gold Medal (4:20.1)

The Herne Hill Harriers 125th Anniversary Open Meeting took place Tooting Bec on 26 July

100m – Race SX2 NENGI OSSAI V35 2nd (11.2 nwr)

200m – Race SX6 NENGI OSSAI V35 2nd (22.6 nwr)

800m – Race SX2 KIERAN MORELAND U23 10th (2:09.13), ADAM SHIRET U15 11th (2:10.47)

3000m – Race SX BETH ANDERSON V35 8th (SB 10:36.24) taking 27.07 seconds off her 2 July time 

The Lee Valley Sprints Meeting took place on 23 July

100m – Race SX15 NANA NOTTINSON-NYAAKU 6th (11.46 w0.8 m/s), Race SX16 BAMI FALANA U23 2nd (PB 11.06 w2.3 m/s) taking .03 of a second off his 2012 time, REGINALD OKEHIE U20 2nd (PB 11.23 w2.3 m/s), Race SX18 NATHANAUL MURRAY U20 7th (11.28 w1.6 m/s), Race SX22 ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (10.54 w0.6 m/s), CONFIDENCE LAWSON 4th (10.59 w0.6 m/s), Race SX24 RANDY MOMIE U23 1st (PB 10.86 w1.1 m/s) taking .01 of a second off his 2013 time

200m – Race SX15 ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (PB 20.70 w1.2 m/s) taking .21 of a second off his May time, and is ranked UK No.8 in 2014

The Meeting National de la Roche sur Yon took place in La Roche sur Yon, France on 23 July

100m GREG CACKETT (HCA) 4th (10.52 w1.3 m/s)

200m GREG CACKETT (HCA) 3rd (SB 21.01 w1.0 m/s) taking .05 of a second off his 11 July time

The Trafford Grand Prix took place in Stretford on 22 July

3000m – Race SX3 PAUL SIMONS V50 3rd (PB 9:43.38) taking 7.64 seconds off his June time

The Blackheath & Bromley Open Meeting took place on 21 July

100m – Race SX1 ZANSON PLUMMER U20 1st (11.01 w0.0 m/s)

200m – Race SX1 ZANSON PLUMMER U20 1st (SB 22.35 w0.8 m/s) taking .12 of a second off his May time

The EAMA Outdoor Inter Area Challenge took place in Solihull on 20 July

800m – W35 LISA WEBB V45 6th (2:30.16)


26 July – OAK HILLJAMIE HARPER U15 1st (18.20), STUART SINGER V50 7th (20.24), GEMMA HARPER U13 15th (21.47), SAAM KYU SMART U15 16th (21.50), YAT WING SMART U23 22nd (22.47), SUZU SATO U23 30th (23.50), YEE YEWT SMART U20 24th (28.51) – CLEETHORPES ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 1st (15.30) – EDINBURGH MURRAY WILSON U13 252nd (25.12) – GLADSTONE JOSH MORGAN U13 91st (32.56) – GIBSIDE CLAIRE SIMM U23 25th (First Time 25.26) – ST ALBANS REBEKAH GARDINER U23 4th (New PB 17.35)

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

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This is the link to the London Athletics website, which contains useful information

England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed JARED KEELY as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. JARED is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 020-3675-7243 or by email on

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

The above fees include the 10% discount which is given to members of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, if you are a new member you can pick up a discount form from the reception at Allianz Park.

Any official coach of SBH gains entry free of charge.

All membership enquiries should be directed towards