Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 6 January 2014

Happy Birthday this week to Frank Bailey, Frankie Fox, Julian Goater, Mark Goddard, Taariq John-Clarke, Alexander Journet, Naomi Kendall, Gabriella Kyriacou, Stephen Murphy, Gerry O’Brien, Darel Ritter, Trudy Thompson, Mary Wu

DAVE BEDFORD HONOUREDDAVE was awarded the OBE in the New Year’s Honours List for services to athletics and charitable fundraising.

For the remaining newsletter information and results

BOXING DAY – What a superb turnout of 46 runners on a fine dry day, with many Parents with Sons and Daughters combinations toeing the line. 8 runners opted to run the 1 LAP RACE with SCOTT MCKENZIE U11 having a runaway win by over two and a half minutes (6.47), DOMINIC COOPER U11 2nd (9.21), LOUISA STAAB U11 3rd (1st Girl 9.42), NAOMI COOPER U11 4th (10.03), MODESTA ALDAMA V40 5th (1st Woman 10.22), ELEN ALCOCK U11 6th (10.38), NICKY JOHNSON V40 7th (20.11), JANET MONTGOMERY V40 8th (21.49). The 2 LAP RACE was a close run race with RICHARD JOHNSON U20 claiming the win (1st U20 Man10.28), MICHAEL BOWER U17 2nd (1st U15 Boy 10.32), JAMIE HARPER U13 3rd (1st U13 Boy 10.35), GERALD FOX V40 4th (1st V40 Man 11.03), NATHAN FERNANDES U13 5th (11.13), CAMERON MCKENZIE U20 6th (11.41), JACK BLOOM U13 7th (11.50), LIA RADUS U13 8th (1st U13 Girl 11.56), EMMA DWAN U17 9th (1st U17 Woman 12.18), MARIE SATO U15 10th (1st U15 Girl 12.20), BEN BLOOM U11 11th (12.22), SAAM KYU SMART U15 12th (1st U15 Boy 12.25), LIDIA KYRIACOU U13 13th (12.31), MAAYAN RADUS U11 14th (1st U11 Girl 12.40), GEMMA HARPER U13 15th (12.44), ROBERT PICK V55 16th (1st V55 Man 12.54), JUDAH YAWITCH U13 17th (13.09), DARREL YAWITCH 18th (1st Senior Man 13.19), EMIL DODDS U13 19th (13.35), SOPHIA STAAB U13 20th (13.39), JEREMY SOTHCOTT V45 21st (1st V45 Man 13.50), ANDREW DODDS V40 22nd (14.02), RODNEY FERNANDES V40 23rd (14.06), MIKE HARPER V40 24th (14.10), GILLIAN RADUS V40 25th (1st V40 Woman 14.40), MARK RADUS V40 26th (15.00), JOHN DRYDEN V65 27th (1st V65 Man 15.17), MARGARET COOPER V45 28th (1st V45 Woman 15.37), AMELIA CORBO U11 29th (15.46), TRACEY HARPER V40 30th (16.07), FRANK ATTOH V55 31st (16.25), LAWRENCE KITT 32nd (17.44), ANDREAS STAAB V40 33rd (18.21), SHELDON STONE V40 34th (18.36), KATIE ALCOCK 35th (1st Senior Woman 20.14), GARY ALCOCK V40 36th (20.22), ANDREW ALCOCK 37th (20.24)

We now have a new honorary category in the Club ‘Canine’ – Jack Russells Patch, Puzzle, Pickle and Poppy escorted their owner KATIE ALCOCK and her twin brother ANDREW.

Various COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS took place last week-end with the majority of Shaftesbury athletes running either the Hertfordshire or Middlesex championships.

The Hertfordshire Championships took place on Sunday 6 January at a soggy Cassiobury Park in Watford. What an outstanding day for the Club, with 5 individual winners and 5 team winners.

There were wins from MAAYAN RADUS U11 Non Scorer, LUCA STUBBS U11, JAMIE HARPER U13, JAMIE DEE U17, BEN ROCHFORD U20 and MICHAEL CALLEGARI SM. Also our U11 BOYS, U13 BOYS, U15 BOYS, U20 MEN and SENIOR MEN won their respective Team Gold Medals. 

U11 Girls (1500m) – MAAYAN RADUS U11 won the race but was a Non Scorer (8.02), AIMI WEIGHTMAN U11 4th (8.43), AMELIA CORBO U11 Non Scorer (9.35), LOUANN LAMY U11 Non Scorer (9.42), TILLY ADAMS U11 12th (9.54) the winner was Grace Ingles of Watford Harriers (8.07). Team result 1st St Albans “A” 15 points, 2nd St Albans “B” 32, 3rd Herts Phoenix 33. 22 runners finished

U11 Boys (1500m) – LUCA STUBBS U11 1st (6.23), JACK COBB U11 2nd (6.31), MICHAEL CRAIG U11 5th (6.46), MATTI HARRIS U11 Non Scorer (6.49), MATTHEW CRAIG U11 8th (6.52), JUDAH YAWITCH U11 Non Scorer (7.00).Team result 1st SBH 8 points, 2nd St Albans 24, 3rd Herts Phoenix 26. 33 runners finished

U13 Girls (3000m) – MIA GROOM U13 8th (11.13), LIDIA KYRIACOU U13 9th (11.20), SCARLETT KENT U13 11th (11.35), GEMMA HARPER U13 12th (11.39), SOPHIA DEMPSEY U13 22nd (12.32), CIARA DALY U13 25th (12.47), JADE KASHI U13 27th (12.47) the winner was Sophie Morton of Chiltern Harriers (10.18). Team result 1st St Albans “A” 9 points, 2nd Chiltern Harriers 14, 3rd SBH “A” 28, 5th SBH “B” 59. 42 runners finished

U13 Boys (3000m) – JAMIE HARPER U13 1st (9.15), DAVID STONE U13 2nd Non Scorer (9.19), HENRY FULTON U13 3rd (10.03), NATHAN FERNANDES U13 4th (10.06), JOE CHOTT U13 5th (10.15), HENRY ROCHA U13 12th (10.41), FREDDIE SHIRET U13 13th (10.45), CONRAD HOLLAND U13 22nd (11.32), MURRAY WILSON U13 26th (12.07). Team result 1st SBH “A” 8 points, 2nd St Albans 20, 3rd Herts Phoenix 22, 4th SBH “B” 30. 34 runners finished

U15 Girls (4500m) – JESSICA HURLEY U15 4th (19.55), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU U15 5th (19.58) the winner was Marella Whitfield of Harrow AC (18.40). Team result 1st St Albans “A” 21 points, 2nd Herts Phoenix 14, 3rd St Albans “B” 39. 28 runners finished

U15 Boys (4500m) – GEORGE GROOM U15 2nd (16.25), JEREMY DEMPSEY U15 4th (17.15), ELLIOT DEE U15 6th (17.29), CHARLIE GRIFFITH U15 7th (18.02), THOMAS FULTON U15 (St Albans School) 8th (18.08), RUFUS KENT U15 15th (18.53), NATHAN GAMMON U15 20th (19.48) the winner was Jamie Philpott of Herts Phoenix (16.08).  Team result 1st SBH “A” 12 points, 2nd Herts Phoenix 25, 3rd St Albans School 35, 5th SBH “B” 42. 34 runners finished

U17 Women (6000m) – REBECCA HURLEY U17 9th (25.17), GAIA CASCIELLO U17 12th (27.21) the winner was Hannah Morton of Chiltern Harriers (23.05). Team result 1st Chiltern Harriers 14 points, 2nd Herts Phoenix 25, 3rd St Albans 24. 13 runners finished

U17 Men (6000m) – JAMIE DEE U17 1st (18.39), ROBBIE LIGHTOWLER U17 (St Albans School) 2nd (19.26), SAM GRIFFITHS U17 3rd (19.34), JOSH CLIFFORD U17 10th (20.36), ADAM THORPE U17 (St Albans School) 14th (21.12). Team result 1st St Albans School 14 points, 2nd SBH 14, 3rd Chiltern Harriers 25. 25 runners finished

U20 Women (6000m) – ISOBEL THOMPSON U20 5th (26.24) the winner was Hannah Dewhurst of Stevenage & North Herts (22.50). No club completed a team. 5 runners finished

U20 Men (8000m) – BEN ROCHFORD U20 1st (26.48), MARK PEARCE U20 2nd (26.49), PHILLIP CROUT U20 3rd (27.03), JOSEPH REDWOOD U20 4th (27.55), JAMES SOTHCOTT U20 5th (29.32), KYLE LANGFORD U20 6th (29.52). Team result 1st SBH “A” 6 points, 2nd SBH “B” 15, 3rd St Albans 24. 25 runners finished

Senior Women (8000m) – REBEKAH GARDINER U23 3rd (30.42), JOANNE KENT V45 (Barnet) 4th (30.52), VICTORIA WALKER U23 5th (31.18) the winner was Hannah Kitchen of Watford Harriers (30.13). Team result 1st Watford Harriers 34 points, 2nd St Albans Striders 48, 3rd Barnet & District 79. 57 runners finished

Senior Men (12000m) – MICHAEL CALLEGARI U20 won by 18 seconds (38.33), DOMINIC EASTER 9th (40.13), ORLANDO EDWARDS V35 10th (40.44), EUAN MACKENZIE U2315th (42.09), MATT GRANT 19th (42.46), KEVIN WALDEN 33rd (45.35), RUSSELL DEVITT V60 104th (62.44).Team result 1st SBH 84 points, 2nd Barnet & District 134, 3rd St Albans Striders 156. 110 runners finished

Photographs taken by Mark Easton at the Hertfordshire championships – 

LOST PROPERTY – Simon is in possession of two pair of gloves (maybe a child, but could be women’s), also a more mile water bottles which were left at Cassiobury Park. Please contact Simon at

The Middlesex Championships took place on Saturday 5 January at a rather wet Wormwood Scrubs. There were top ten finished from FINN HARVEY U13 3rd, LIA RADUS U13 4th, SAM WILSON U20 5th, WILL RYLE-HODGES SM 6th, FLORENCE BRYANT SW 6th, KHALID ALI-AHMED U17 8th, EMMA DWAN U17 10th, VICTORIA DAWES SW 10th. The Under 13 Girls claimed the Silver Medals.

U13 Girls (3000m) – LIA RADUS U13 4th (11.58), SOPHIA STAAB U13 8th (12.50), JOSEPHINE CHADWICK U13 11th (12.57), KAYLA MICHEL U13 28th (14.21), ALICE YAU U13 33rd (14.33), NIKOLINA BANOVIC U13 50th (15.47) the winner was Charlotte Buckley of Thames Valley Harriers (11.50), Team result 1st Thames Valley Harriers 21 points, 2nd SBH 23, 3rd Highgate Harriers 27. 55 runners finished

U13 Boys (3000m) – FINN HARVEY U13 3rd (11.14), FRANKIE FOX U13 25th (12.43), SHAY KOHLER U13 48th (13.32) the winner was James Young of Trent Park (11.09), Team result 1st Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 17 points, 2nd Harrow 31, 3rd Thames Valley Harriers 45, 8th SBH 76, 61 runners finished

U15 Girls (4000m) – MARIE SATO U15 14th (19.30), GEORGIE MARLBOROUGH U15 21st (19.56), ELLA COLLIER U15 33rd (21.46) the winner was India Weir of Thames Valley Harriers (17.43), Team result 1st Thames Valley Harriers 10 points, 2nd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 15, 3rd Enfield & Haringey 36, 7th SBH 67. 42 runners finished

U15 Boys (4000m) – HAMZA KADIR U15 13th (17.00), the winner was Terry Fawden of Highgate Harriers (15.29), Team result 1st Highgate Harriers 15 points, 2nd Trent Park 25, 3rd Thames Valley Harriers 29. 46 runners finished

U17 Women (5000m) – EMMA DWAN U17 10th (23.37), ELLIE MCNAMARA U17 18th (27.01) the winner was Georgia Fear of Highgate Harriers (19.44), Team result 1st Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow 13 points, 2nd Harrow 35, 3rd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 48. 20 runners finished

U17 Men (6000m) – KHALID ALI-AHMED U17 8th (20.29), BILLY KELSEY U17 11th (21.09) the winner was Jamie Finnigan of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (19.05), Team result 1st Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow 10 points, 2nd St Mary’s Richmond 31, 3rd Thames Valley Harriers 35. 31 runners finished

U20 Women (5000m) – The winner was Hannah Viner of Highgate Harriers (20.55) 5 runners finished

U20 Men (8000m) – SAM WILSON U20 5th (32.57) the winner was Eoin O’Brien of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (30.52), Team result 1st St Mary’s Richmond 29 points. 15 runners finished

Senior Women (8000m) – FLORENCE BRYANT U23 6th (35.18), VICTORIA DAWES V40 10th (36.24) the winner was Sarah Swinhoe of London Heathside (34.49), Team result 1st Thames Valley Harriers 29 points, 2nd London Heathside 42, 3rd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 68. 67 runners finished

Senior Men (12000m) – WILL RYLE-HODGES U23 6th (41.52), ROBERT RIGBY V50 60th (48.36), LESLIE ODAMTTEN-ADDY 69th (49.23) the winner was Antonio Silva of Queens Park Harriers (39.59), Team result 1st Thames Valley Harriers 119 points, 2nd Hillingdon 152, 3rd Highgate Harriers 175. 165 runners finished

SOCIAL EVENING FOLLOWING THE SOUTHERN CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS ON SATURDAY 25 JANUARY – The club has organised a social evening, which is being held in the Magdala Pub, 2a South Hill Park, Hampstead NW3 2SB. The Club are subsidising the event so tickets are priced at just £5 each.

The menu is Thai Green Curry or Vegetable Lasagne. The function room which is above the pub has been booked for the night and takes a maximum of 65 people. If you wish to come for a drink you are most welcome, as downstairs is very large. The food will be served between 5.30-6.00. Simon will also have the Club Kitty to cover the cost of at least the first drink, to celebrate a gong or six at the Southern Championships.

The Magdala Pub is a 6-7 minute walk from the Hampstead Heath track and right next to Hampstead Heath Overground Station, or 1 stop from Gospel Oak which is at the back of the Lido.

Monies before the day would be appreciated, Ray Powell will be at Allianz Park for the next 2 Tuesdays between 6-7 and at the Metropolitan League at Horsenden Hill, if people cannot get to Allianz Park.

Money on the day is OK but Ray needs to know if you are coming by Tuesday 21 January at the very latest. Please contact Ray, e-mail or phone 01462 811165 or 07947 680507 

ACTIVE TRAINING WORLD METROPOLITAN LEAGUE – takes place this SATURDAY 11 JANUARY, Race headquarters and changing is available at the Perivale Community Centre, Horsenden Lane South, Perivale, Middlesex UB6 7NP. The course is a short walk away, and this is where you can collect your race numbers. Start times 1.15pm U13 Boys (3km), 1.20pm U13 Girls (3km), not before 1.35pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4km), not before 1.40pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4km), not before 1.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6km), not before 2.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8km). Please go to Active Training World Metropolitan League web site for information on directions etc. Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run. 

INDOOR JUMPS TRAINING – With the 2014 Track & Field season less than 4 months away, it’s time for all JUMPERS to get back into training. After the success of the pre-Christmas series, SBH in conjunction with the NORTH LONDON ATHLETICS NETWORK are promoting a further 10 week training camp at Allianz Park to improve the skills and knowledge of athletes of all abilities. Coaches supervising the sessions will be – Pole Vault ALLAN SUTTON and BASIL BARA, High Jump SUE SMITH, Long and Triple Jump ALFREDO MELAO. The overall arrangements are under the supervision of CLYDE GORDON.

The camp will run from WEDNESDAY 8 JANUARY to WEDNESDAY 12 MARCH inclusive. The weekly session will start at 19.00 and end at 21.00 (warm up starts at 18.30). The cost to athletes to attend per session will be £3 per head for young athletes (U20) and students and £5 per head for seniors to include entry into the facilities. For further information email Clyde Gordon –

RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.


Saturday 25 January – Southern Championships – Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath NW5 1QR, nearest station is Gospel Oak, Start times 11.00am U15 Boys (4500m), 11.20am U13 Girls (3000m), 11.35am U13 Boys (3000m), 11.50am U15 Girls (4000m), 12.10pm U17 Men (6000m), 12.40pm U20 Women (6000m), 1.05pm U17 Women (5000m), 1.30pm U20 Men (8000m), 2.05pm Senior Women (8000m), 2.50pm Senior Men (12000m). Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager. 

Saturday 1 February – North West London League Match 4 – Being held in Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon NW4 1RL. Awaiting information including start times.Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run. 

Saturday 8 February – Active Training World Metropolitan League Match 4 – Takes place at Wormwood Scrubs, Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road, W12 0AE. Enter main car park off Du Cane Road (via Artillery Lane), through 6’6” height/width barrier. Extra parking will be available in the enclosed/fenced hospital parking area. Parking is free in all areas at the week-end. Start times 1.15pm U13 Boys (3km), 1.20pm U13 Girls (3km), not before 1.35pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4km), not before 1.40pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4km), not before 1.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6km), not before 2.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8km). Please go to Active Training World Metropolitan League web site for information on course maps, directions etc and will be available 2 weeks prior to the race. Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run. 

Saturday 22 February – National Championships – Takes place in Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Start times 11.00am U15 Women (5000m), 11.25am U15 Boys (4500m), 11.45am U20 Women (6000m), 12.15pm U13 Girls (3000m), 12.35pm U17 Men (6000m), 1.00pm U15 Girls (4000m), 1.20pm U20 Men (10000m), 2.05pm U13 Boys (3000m), 2.20pm Senior Women (8000m), 3.00pm Senior Men (12000m). Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager.


The Goring, Woodcote & District 10k (Road Race) took place in Woodcote on 5 January

JAKE SHELLEY U23 1st (SB 33.32)

The Regents Park 10k (Road Race) took place on 5 January

CLAIRE SIMM 183rd (50.25) 

The British Athletics Cross Challenge took place in Antrim, Northern Ireland on 4 January

Senior Women – RACHEL FELTON 10th (19.19) the winner was Mimi Belete of Bahrain (18.07)

The Bedfordshire Championships took place in Luton on 4 January

Under 17 Men – JAMAL LEWIS U17 2nd (20.32) the winner was Jonathan Janes of Bedford & County (20.11) 

The Surrey Championships took place in Dorking on 4 January

Senior Men – KOJO KYEREME V35 8th (3rd V35 44.26) the winner was Ian Bailey of Aldershot, Farnham & District (41.16) 247 runners finished 

The Serpentine New Year’s Day 10k (Road Race) took place in Hyde Park on 1 January

LISA WEBB V45 62nd (3rd Woman 1st V45 40.32), MARTIN GREY V70 443rd (2nd V70 59.31). The winner was Jamal Mohamed of Newham & Essex Beagles (34.20). 582 runners finished. 

The Buntingford, Hertfordshire Year End (10 Mile Road Race) took place on 29 December

RUSSELL DEVITT V60 150th (6th V60 77.25). The winner was Alex Milne of Enfield & Haringey (53.55). 497 runners finished. 

The Poole Around The Lakes 10k (Road Race) took place on 26 December

MELISSA COURTNEY U23 16th (PB 2nd Woman 36.11), taking 62 seconds off her 2012 time, the winner was Shaun Dixon of Highgate Harriers (31.27). 316 runners finished.

The Cleveden Boxing Day (Road Race) took place on 26 December

Approximately 4 Miles – RUSSELL DEVITT V60 341st (14th V60 30.55). The winner was Richard Peters of Bristol & West (19.20). 869 runners finished. 


4 January – OAK HILL –SAAM KYU SMART U15 6th (22.50), YEE YEWT SMART U20 41st (27.26)

4 January – RICHMOND –EMMA ARCHER V35 72nd (First Time 25.24)

4 January – ST ALBANS –LIAM DEE U20 1st (First Time 16.54)

1 January – GLADSTONE –SAAM KYU SMART U15 15th (23.24), YEE YEWT SMART U20 43rd (27.54), RAY TUCKER V70 72nd (40.31)

1 January – HAMPSTEAD HEATH – YEE YEWT SMART U20 23rd (28.44)

28 December – OAK HILL – MARGARET COOPER V45 3rd (New PB 19.08), SAAM KYU SMART U15 13th (21.52), LIDIA KYRIACOU U13 15th (22.15), YEE YEWT SMART U20 45th (26.50)

PHOTOGRAPH’SFrom time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

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England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed JARED KEELY as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. JARED is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 020-3675-7243 or by email on

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.