Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 21 December 2017

Happy Birthday this week and next week to Helena Agholor, Angela Barrett, Dave Bedford OBE, Anastasia Charalambous, Joe Chott, Willem Coertzen, Margaret Cooper, Aliya Darbandi, Michael Fox, Lisa Gaul, Colin Godfrey, Sally Hames, Guy Handlesman-Leigh, Ori Handlesman-Leigh, Jodeci Hibbert, Kojo Kyereme, Lucy Marcus, Austin Lewis, Angus McKenzie, Michael Miller, Anna Murphy, Chima Onuora, Abiodun Oyepitan, Beth Potter, Samra Richardson, Gila Schajer, Allan Scott and Amelia Shenton


Winter Fixture Card 2017-2018 Updated 25-11-17 Indoor Fixtures Updated –
Winter Information Sheet 2017-2018 –
Cross Country Team Managers –
Road Running Team Managers –
Winter Points Tables –Updated To Include The 2 December Metropolitan League Results –

Allianz Park Membership, which gives SBH members 10% discount on entry to the Allianz Park stadium – Membership details and Form can be either printed or saved
SBH Wednesday Night Jumps Club at Allianz Park From 19.00 to 21.00 – Pole Vault coaching is led by STEVE LOWE and High Jump is supervised by SHAKA BUNSIE Please contact the coach in advance and let him know you’re planning to attend. Session administrator CLYDE GORDON
Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Club Hoody, information on how to buy one

WISHING YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL 2018 With 2017 coming to an end, our achievements from our Young Athletes right through to our Seniors are too numerous to mention. You can view these Achievements on the SBH website by using this link –

Last month I become President of Shaftesbury and look forward to 2018 with great anticipation. I intend supporting the club at various fixtures throughout the year. In particular, I am planning to attend the Commonwealth Games in Australia in April and look forward to meeting the many SBH athletes who will be competing in the Gold Coast.

A special thanks to our Officials, Coaches and Team Managers whose hard work and professionalism enables our athletes to perform at their highest level. 2017 has been a year where our membership, especially amongst the Young Athletes, has grown substantially. Both our Coaches and the Allianz Park facility have been creaking at the seams with the increased level of activity.

For those who want a challenge, the Boxing Day Race at Allianz Park is the place to be after a stressful Christmas Day. Both the one and two lap races start at 11.00 (£1 entry fee) and are open to all age-groups including parents and pets, with fancy dress being optional. There will be prizes, raffle and refreshments.

THE NEXT NEWSLETTER – Will be published in 2 weeks’ time on Thursday 4 January.

EUROPEAN CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS – At the recent championships in Samorin, Slovakia there was a mixed relay, which was on the programme for the first time.
Great Britain won the championships by just 1 second from Czech Republic, and a further 1 second behind was Spain. Leg 1 (slightly over 1700m) featured Shaftesbury’s MELISSA COURTNEY and came into the changeover in a close 3rd place (5.39), the remaining legs were (1500m). Leg 2 saw CAMERON BOYEK establish a slight lead (3.58), on Leg 3 SARAH MCDONALD put some daylight between the Czech Republic and Spain (5.01), the Final Leg was left to TOM MARSHALL although tiring in the final stages (3.46) brought the team home to become European Champions.

SOUTHERN COMBINED EVENTS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place at Lee Valley on 16-17 December.
This was EVELYNE’S excellent first attempt at a multi-event, unfortunately she had a problem in the 800m which dropped her down the field.
Pentathlon  Under 15 Girls EVELYNE FONTAINE 12th 1662 points) 60m Hurdles (PB 10.68), 800m (DQ), High Jump (1.41m), Long Jump (3.74m), Shot 3kg (PB 6.44m)

CROSS INTERNACIONAL DE VENTA DE BANOSTook place in Vente De Banos, Spain on 17 December
7575m – SW NAOMI TASCHIMOOWITZ 12th (28.39)

TRACK ACADEMY SPRINT CHALLENGETook place in Willesden on 16 December
I shall publish the Indoor Rankings from the first week of January
60m – SM 1.4 YUMA HAMANO U15 2nd (PB 8.02), 1.5 JAMES MUSA U17 2nd (PB 7.64), LIAM MVULA U17 4th (PB 7.83), 1.6 MANUEL DARKWAH U20 1st (7.63), NICHOLAS SAVVA U15 2nd (7.74), ROHAN BAGAI U17 3rd (7.84), KOFI OWUSO U15 4th (PB 7.89), 1.7 CEAKE MADDIX U20 1st (PB 7.31) taking .14 of a second off his 2016 time, TRISTON FOSTER U17 2nd (7.44), TANAWAT RAVENG U15 3rd (PB 7.67), MITTIO MOHAMMADIAN U20 4th (7.72), KANE PINNOCK U15 5th (PB 8.00), JOELMO VICENTE U17 6th (8.39), 1.9 NICHOLAS SHAW U17 4th (PB 7.27) taking .03 of a second off his 25 February time, JOSH KUMAR U20 5th (7.55), ANDREW NICOLAOU U17 6th (7.59), 1.10 LUKE SMITH U20 1st (PB 7.10) equalling his 2016 time, MICAH FORBES-AGYEPONG U17 3rd (7.21), LOUIS UBAKA 4th (7.23), 1.11 GABRIEL YIADOM U20 4th (SB 7.13), JACOB BERKELEY U20 5th (7.30), SM 2.4 JOELMO finished 3rd (PB 8.27) taking .12 of a second off his 1.7 time, 2.5 KANE finished 2nd (8.02), YUMA finished 4th (8.04), 2.6 ROHAN finished 1st (7.77), LIAM finished 4th (7.85), KOFI finished 5th (7.91), 2.7 MITTIO finished 1st (7.59), NICHOLAS finished 4th (7.70), 2.8 JOSH finished 1st (PB 7.43) taking .08 of a second off his 1 January time, ANDREW finished 2nd (7.46), MANUEL finished 4th (PB 7.56) taking .07 of a second off his 1.6 time, JAMES finished 5th (7.74), TANAWAT finished 6th (7.75), 2.9 CEAKE finished 2nd (PB 7.24) taking .07 of a second off his 1.7 time, TRISTON finished 3rd (PB 7.40) taking .04 of a second off his 1.7 time, 2.10 JACOB finished 1st (PB 7.07) taking .05 of a second off his 19 March time, LOUIS finished 4th (7.19), NICHOLAS finished 6th (PB 7.25) taking .02 of a second off his 1.9 time, 2.11 LUKE finished 2nd (PB 7.03) taking .07 of a second off his 1.10 time, GABRIEL finished 4th (SB 7.11) taking .02 of a second off his 1.11 time
60m – SW 1.3 TOSIN JOKOSENUMI U13 2nd (8.52), 1.4 EMILY RODRIGUEZ U17 1st (PB 8.05) taking .14 of a second off her 3 December time, FOPE ALLO U15 6th (PB 8.89), 1.5 LATIFAH HARRIS-OSMAN U17 2nd (7.82), CHINWE IWUNZE U20 4th (7.98), 2.2 FOPE finished 2nd (9.00), 2.4 TOSIN finished 5th (8.62), 2.5 LATIFAH finished 2nd (7.86), CHINWE finished 4th (8.00), EMILY finished 6th (8.09)

PARKRUN RESULTS – 16 DECEMBER – CARIN GLADES, PERTH, AUSTRALIA – STUART MOORE V55 41st (25.09) 63rd parkrun – GREAT LINES, MEDWAY – CLIFF GOLDING V60 72nd (24.21) 33rd parkrun – GROVELANDS – JOSEPH HEATHER U15 9th (20.26) 16th parkrun, REBECCA JEFFERY U13 65th (26.31) 3rd parkrun, ABIGAIL JEFFERY U11 67th (First Time 26.44) 1st parkrun  – HACKNEY MARSHES – BARRY CHISHOLM V55 63rd (23.08) 108th parkrun – HAMPSTEAD HEATH – SHONA MICHEL V45 137th (28.26) 18th parkrun – KESGRAVE – CLAIRE HOBSON 61st New PB (23.00) 97th parkrun – OAK HILL – STUART SINGER V55 51st (24.56) 195th parkrun – PANSHANGER – VICTORIA PRITCHARD 1st (18.26) 17th parkrun, RICHARD WILLIAMS V35 3rd (18.53) 38th parkrun – SOUTHAMPTON – PHILIPPA AUKETT 28th (19.19) 3rd parkrun

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

WINTER CROSS COUNTRY POINTS SERIES – The next fixture in the series is for the Under 11 Boys & Girls at the Middlesex Cross Country Championships at Greenford on Saturday 6 January and the Hertfordshire Cross Country Championships at Watford on Sunday 7 January.

INDOOR FIXTURES WITH CLOSING DATES The following fixtures have a closing date between December and up to Mid-January.
To obtain information on how to enter yourself, scroll down to Upcoming  Fixtures For The Next 4 Weeks below.
CD Friday 22 December – Southern U15 & U17 Championships on Saturday 6 January and Sunday 7 January – Please note the 1500m for U20 and Senior Men and Women is on Saturday 6 January
CD Tuesday 26 December – Metaswitch Games on Saturday 30 December
CD Friday 29 December – New Year Open Meeting on Sunday 1 January

To obtain information on how to enter yourself for these fixtures, use this link to the SBH website then scroll down to find the fixture you wish to enter.
CD Tuesday 2 January – Southern U20 & Senior Championships on Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January
CD Wednesday 3 January – Scottish National Open Championships on Saturday 13 January
CD Sunday 14 January – Scottish National Senior Championships on Sunday 28 January
CD Sunday 14 January – London U17 Games Includes U15 B/G 60m Hurdles on Saturday 20 January
CD Sunday 14 January – London U13 & U15 Games on Sunday 21 January
CD Sunday 21 January – London U20 & Senior Games on Saturday 27 January and Sunday 28 January

HOW TO TREAT ACHILLES HEEL PROBLEMS the following article was on the Athletics Weekly website recently, which was written by LAUREN GOWLAND who is a fifth-year medical student at Lancaster Medical School and a member of Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde AC. 

Achilles tendon injuries afflict runners about 10 times more frequently than non-athletes of the same age. From Achilles tenosynovitis, Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendinosis, Achilles rupture to Achilles tendinopathies, most of us have experienced the pain of them at some point in our careers. But what causes them and how do we treat and avoid them?
The Achilles tendon is the thickest tendon in the human body. It attaches the plantaris, gastrocnemius and soleus muscle to the posterior tuberosity of the calcaneus serving its main function to plantar flex the foot.
It is surrounded by a connective tissue sheath also known as a paratendon. This structure is highly vascular and allows the tendon to glide more easily with movement. All conditions are treatable, but with varying degrees of success. With the correct diagnosis and appropriate management measures put in place, recovery will usually take around three months.
But since the treatment options available are so vastly controversial, the risks and benefits of each option need to be thoroughly assessed and matched to each individual case before a final decision is made, so make sure you consult a medical expert if you are plagued by the problem.
In the meantime, here’s a guide that might help you.
Achilles tenosynovitis This is inflammation of the sheath surrounding the tendon. It commonly causes fibrosis and scarring within the sheath restricting the range of motion of the Achilles tendon. Symptoms experienced with this condition include pain, tender swelling around the Achilles and crepitus on movement of the ankle joint.
Causes for this condition relate to having a tight calf and Achilles complex, changing the volume of training completed or changing the type of footwear being worn.
What to do: Management options for Achilles tenosynovitis can be divided into short and long term plans. Firstly, rest from the aggravating sport. Secondly, at the time of the injury, ice and compression should be applied for about 10-15 minutes every hour for 3-4 hours. This will ease pain along with reducing swelling and inflammation.
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs may be given for a few days to a week to reduce inflammation also. Longer term management of Alfredson’s eccentric heel drops (see below), massage and a change in footwear is recommended.
Achilles tendinopathy This is an umbrella term for clinical conditions in and surrounding the tendon. Medically speaking, tendinopathy is due to non-inflammatory, intra-tendinous collagen degeneration with fibre disorientation and thinning.
Under examination, the overall bulk of the Achilles tendon will increase while its overall strength will decrease. There two types of tendinopathy – insertional, where the Achilles joins to the calcaneus – and non-insertional, occurring approximately two to six centimetres from this point. Symptoms include increasing pain, stiffness around the tendon.
What to try: Heat and light walking are known to improve the symptoms whereas strenuous activity is likely to exacerbate them.
There are three main response stages. Firstly, reactive tendinopathy is a short-term response whereby the Achilles thickens and stiffens in an attempt to reduce the load being placed upon it. The tendon disrepair is due to delineation of the tendon fibres.
Finally, in the degenerative tendinopathy stage, which is more common in older athletes, due to chronic overloading, collagen becomes disorganised and the matrix begins to break down. Increased vascularity and neuronal ingrowth contribute to this stage.
Achilles tendinitis Achilles tendinitis is inflammation of the Achilles tendon itself. There are two main locations where this occurs: firstly, at the insertion point where the tendon attaches to the calcaneus and secondly, at the mid-point of the tendon. In both cases the damaged tendon fibres may calcify providing symptoms of stiffness and pain.
There are many theories about what triggers it including overuse of the Achilles, muscle imbalance or weakness, decreased blood supply and tensile strength with aging or even malalignment such as hyper-pronation.
The tenocytes themselves produce Substance P and prostaglandin E2, inflammatory mediators, in response to increased loading. This subsequently leads to delineation of the tendon fibres.
What to try: There have been numerous studies conducted to determine the best treatment for Achilles tendinitis, but the outcome remains unclear. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), first line management
for Achilles tendinopathies includes rest; stopping the precipitating sport that caused the injury.
Provide analgesia for the pain itself. Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) are advised for an acute injury but longer term paracetamol would be preferable due to the lower risk of side effects.
In terms of easing symptoms, the application of ice packs or cold compresses to the area immediately after the injury will be of some benefit.
Achilles tendinopathy A total of 66% of Achilles tendon problems occur in runners and it is down to characteristically chronic overuse of the Achilles tendon while training. Other causes of tendinopathy include extreme overloading such as rapid increase in training volume, poorly fitting footwear, change in running surface or excessive pronation of the foot. There’s also a genetic link with Achilles tendinopathy.
What to try: The treatment of Achilles tendinopathies is multifactorial and highly controversial. Initial approaches would be the same as recommended for Achilles tendinosis. Evidence suggests that eccentric rehabilitation programmes promote the most effective outcomes. The Achilles responds to this type of exercise as the fibres of the tendon are reorganised to deal with a higher load.
You could also try orthotic devices that marginally lift the heel or support the arch with the aim of reducing the strain on the tendon while it heals.
HOW TO DO THE HEEL DROP One of the recommended exercise programmes based on eccentric heel drops was devised in 1998 by Dr HAKAN ALFREDSON, a Swedish sports medicine doctor. It is known as “ALFREDSON’S heel drop protocol” and the exercise regimen comprises three sets of 15 heel drops twice daily for 12 weeks.
The exact technique to perform these exercises involves the patient standing on a step with both heels overhanging. The patient lifts the injured heel off the step and raises the good heel to plantarflex the foot, still on the step.
Secondly, the weight is transferred onto the injured foot in the plantar flexed position, over the edge of the step.
Finally, to complete the exercise, the heel is slowly lowered over the edge of the step over approximately 10 seconds until the foot is in the dorsiflexed position. A variation is to bend the injured leg. This puts more weight through the tendon to strengthen it further.
WHAT ELSE TO TRY Vary where you run: For example, run on grass or trail instead of road to reduce the load put through the Achilles tendon. Similarly, reassess the choice of footwear.
Change your footwear: Many runners who suffer with Achilles tendinopathies have a hyper-pronated running style. This is the movement of the subtalar joint into eversion, dorsiflexion and abduction. Finding a supportive shoe to help counteract some of this movement will reduce the susceptibility to such injuries.
Avoid steroid jabs: NICE does not support the use of steroid injections as a recognised treatment for Achilles tendinopathies as there’s an increased risk of tendon atrophy or rupture.
Try shock wave therapy: With this treatment, acoustic shockwaves are passed through the skin and directed at the Achilles tendon with the aim of boosting blood flow to the area and promoting regrowth of the tendon in a linear fashion.
Look for lasers: Low level laser therapy is thought to increase collagen production and reduce blood flow in new vessels. It’s best used as adjuncts to eccentric Achilles exercises.
Surgery as a last resort: Rarely, resistant Achilles tendinopathy may require open surgery to excise fibrous adhesions and degenerative nodules. Surgical methods are of main benefit in acute rupture as opposed to tendinopathies. Younger athletes with full rupture are more likely to benefit from surgical repair as risk of re-rupture is reduced. With a possible future sporting career the benefits of surgery are likely to outweigh any risk.

Contact details of all Team Managers please see links at the top of this Newsletter.

BOXING DAY BONANZATakes place at Allianz Park and Starts at 11.00am, £1 entry fee, there will be prizes, raffle and refreshments, and why not come in fancy dress.

METASWITCH INDOOR GAMES – Takes place at Lee Valley Athletics Centre are 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Saturday 30 December.
For full information and to enter please use this link – EHAC Indoor Games 30-12-17
Entries Close Tuesday 26 December
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee
NEW YEAR OPEN INDOOR MEETING – Takes place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Sunday 1 January. For all age-groups except under 11s.
For full information and to enter please use this link –
Entries Close Friday 29 December – Entries on the Day Accepted
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee

MIDDLESEX CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Saturday 6 January. The race headquarters is The Tir Chonaill Gaels Club, Berkeley Fields, Berkeley Avenue, Greenford (Satnav UB6 0NZ). Directions – turn off Greenford Road (A4127), opposite the entrance to the Glaxo Factory. The playing fields are at the end of Berkeley Avenue, and there is parking in the Clubhouse or in adjacent roads. The nearest station is Greenford (Central Line) and the HQ is about 20 minutes walk.
Start Times 10.45am U11 Boys (1500m), 10.50am U11 Girls (1500m), 11.00am U13 Boys (3000m), 11.05am U13 Girls (3000m), 11.25am U15 Boys (4000m), 11.30am U15 Girls (4000m), 11.55am U17 and U20 Women (5000m), 12.25pm U17 Men (6000m), 12.55pm U20 Men (8000m), 1.00pm Senior Women (8000m), 1.45pm Senior Men (12000m).
Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager
HERTFORDSHIRE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Sunday 7 January at Cassiobury Park, Watford (Satnav WD18 7LG).
By Car – There is one official car park for Cassiobury Park at the end of Gade Avenue near the bottom of Cassiobury Park Avenue (WD18 7LG is the nearest postcode).
The car park is signposted from the centre of town and Rickmansworth Road with brown tourist information signs. Parking is free but limited, with 78 spaces plus six more reserved for blue badge holders. In the summer an extension is opened to enlarge the carpark, however on good weather weekends this will often be full. The car park opens at 6am and closes at 9pm.
On-street parking to the north and south of the park is free but restrictions apply.
By Tube – Cassiobury Park is a 2-minute walk from the Watford Metropolitan line station on the London Underground network. Exit the station onto Cassiobury Park Avenue and turn right, after about 150 metres turn left onto Shepherds Road – the park is straight ahead of you.
By Train – Watford Junction (1.3 miles) and Watford High Street (2.1 miles) are the two closest overground stations.
Start Times 11.00am U11 Girls (1500m), 11.10am U11 Boys (1500m), 11.20am U13 Girls (3000m), 11.30am U13 Boys (3000m), 11.45am U15 Boys & Girls (4500m), 12.05pm U17 Men and Women, U20 Women (6000m), 12.30pm U20 Men & Senior Women (8000m), 1.15pm Senior Men (12000m).
Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager

SOUTHERN U15 AND U17 INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS INCLUDES 1500m FOR U20/SENIOR MEN & WOMEN – Takes place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Saturday 6 January and Sunday 7 January.
Entries Close Friday 22 December
Please note the 1500m for U20 and Senior Men and Women is on Saturday 6 January, entries close Friday 22 December
For full information and to enter please use this link –
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee

ENGLAND U20/SENIOR COMBINED EVENTS INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place at the English Institute of Sport, Coleridge Road, Sheffield (Satnav S9 5DA) on Saturday 6 January and Sunday 7 January.
Please use this link for entry information –
Entries Close – Date to be given
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee
WINDSOR, SLOUGH, ETON AND HOUNSLOW OPEN MEETING – Takes place at Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Pococks Lane, Eton (Satnav SL4 6HN) on Sunday 7 January for all age-groups.
Events 60m, 60m Hurdles, Long & Triple Jump, Shot. A second series of sprint races will only be quaranteed for the first 100 entries due to time constraints.
Entries on the day, all age-groups £7 per event. Entries from 12.30pm to 5.00pm. Check in from 10.30am in the WSEH clubhouse – closes at 12.00 midday. Contact: DENNIS DALY 01753 686169
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee

START FITNESS METROPOLITAN LEAGUE – The fourth fixture of five takes place on Saturday 13 January at at Wormwood Scrubs, Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road (SatNav W12 0AE). Enter main car park off Du Cane Road (via Artillery Lane), through 6’6” height/width barrier. Extra parking will be available in the enclosed/fenced hospital parking area. Parking is free in all areas at the week-end.
Start Times 12.40pm U11 (Over 9) Boys (1.5km), 12.45pm U11 (Over 9) Girls (1.5km), 12.55pm U13 Boys (3km), 1.00pm U13 Girls (3km), not before 1.20pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4km), not before 1.25pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4km), not before 1.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6km), not before 2.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8km).
Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run.
Please collect your race numbers from the respective team managers – JEREMY SOTHCOTT (Boys) and JO KENT (Girls)
Please go to Start Fitness Metropolitan League web site for course maps, and any other final information.

SCOTTISH NATIONAL OPEN (ALL AGE-GROUPS) INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place at the Emirates Arena, 1000 London Road, Glasgow (Satnav G40 3HG) on Saturday 13 January. Please use this link for entry information –
Entries Close Wednesday 3 January
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee
SOUTHERN U20 AND SENIOR INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January.
For full information and to enter please use this link –
Entries Close Tuesday 2 January
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee
LONDON INDOOR GAMES U17 INCLUDES U15 BOYS AND GIRLS 60m HURDLES – Takes place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Saturday 20 January. Entries are limited, with no entries on the day. For full information and to enter please use this link
Entries Close Sunday 14 January
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee

LONDON INDOOR GAMES U13 AND U15 – Takes place at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR) on Sunday 21 January. Entries are limited, with no entries on the day. For full information and to enter please use this link
Entries Close Sunday 14 January
Note: You will have to be enter yourself and pay the appropriate entry fee

PHOTOGRAPH’S From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. Also I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.  

FACEBOOK – Photographs can be found on the SBH page. 

SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION – Little athletics programme is an athletics ‘Multi Skills’ programme for children aged 4-9 years. The programme is designed to teach children fundamental movement skills of athletics – running, jumping and throwing. The sessions are game based and as of September there will be a progression throughout the term.
LAP runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30-5.30pm – Term time only.  
1st Legacy athletics club is a pathway club for children aged 10-15 years new to athletics. Children are introduced to all the different athletics disciplines and have the opportunity to develop running, jumping and running skills that we hope they will then go onto use as a participant in the formal athletics club structure or in any other sport for activity they choose to progress to. The lead coach is Gintare Dargeviciute who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club.
1st Leg AC runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00–6.00pm – Term time only.
For full and contact details use this link to the SBH website   

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7240. 

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.20.
As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for membership of Allianz Park, this is a the link for all information and application form Allianz Park Membership Form 2017 Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.
Charges for those with a membership card are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £24.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 60) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00.
Please use this link to view all membership details and application form (which you can print)Allianz Park Membership Form 2017

All Allianz Park membership enquiries should be directed towards Emma Gouge at her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252, or Becky Hall at her direct phone number is 0203 675 7240