Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 16 July 2015

Happy Birthday this week to Moses Arthur, Benjamin Bloom, Grace Conroy, Jessica McMorrow, Leslie Odamtten-Addy, Louis Persent, Shakira Riley, Valerie Rowe, Paul Ruocco, Derek Surrey

For the remaining newsletter information and results

EUROPEAN U23 CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place in Tallinn, Estonia on 9-12 July.

Thursday 9 July

3000m Steeplechase – Heat 1 LIZZY BIRD 4th (10:03.69)

Hammer 7.26kg – Pool A DEMPSEY MCGUIGAN 9th (65.09m)

Friday 10 July

Hammer 4kg – Pool A RACHEL HUNTER 9th (61.16m)

Saturday 11July

3000m Steeplechase – Final LIZZY BIRD 12th (10:04.42)

Sunday 12July

1500m – Straight Final MELISSA COURTNEY 10th (4:17.49)

ENGLAND SENIOR AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Saturday 1 August and Sunday 2 August at Bedford. This is the link to enter, including details of entry standard Entries closed but they will take entries today/tomorrow.

BRITISH ATHLETICS LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP – The third of four fixtures took place at Scotstoun on Saturday 11 July.

A much weakened team made the long journey to Glasgow for the 3rd round of the BAL Premiership. The efforts of the athletes at the British Championships the previous week took its toll as did the unfortunate clash with the English Schools where a lot of our talented juniors were competing and of course last but not least the 5 Junior club members who have been selected for the European U20s which start this week. However, everybody competed well and volunteered to take on additional events to score the all-important “extra” point. It was therefore very frustrating that at the end of the day we finished in 6th place just 5 points behind 4th place which would have been good enough to take us top of the table whereas we are now in 4th place.

One of the stars on the day was GLEN WATTS who ran his first ever 400m Hurdles and then returned 45 minutes later to win his speciality, the 3000m S/C in a SB. We had an impressive double first from MICHAEL CALLEGARI and RICHARD CHARLES who ran as a team to finish 50m clear of the rest of the field. We had another double first in the Discus where ZANE DUQUEMIN and ANGUS MCINROY defeated a quality field. SAM TAYLOR-OUTRIDGE had another SB in the javelin and GREGOR MACLEAN threw a PB to make up for his disappointment in the pole vault.

The event of the meeting was the high jump where a great competition captivated the crowd when both the SBH jumpers had outdoor SBs of 2.24, for a double first, with DAVID SMITH just edging out ALLAN SMITH on countback. We still have a chance of winning the Premiership title at Round 4 on Saturday 8 August at Lee Valley, but a full turnout will be required.

Match Results – 1st Newham & Essex Beagles (332 Points 8 League Points), 2nd Birchfield Harriers (290 Points 7 League Points), 3rd Sale Harriers Manchester (276 Points 6 League Points), 4th City of Sheffield (270.5 Points 5 League Points), 5th Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (268 Points 4 League Points), 6th Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (266 Points 3 League Points), 7th Enfield & Haringey (247.5 Points 2 League Points), 8th Glasgow City (239 Points 1 League Point).

League Positions after 3 fixtures – 1st City of Sheffield (19 League Points 893.5 Match Points), 2nd Birchfield Harriers (17 League Points 856.3 Match Points), 3rd Sale Harriers Manchester (17 League Points 844.3 Match Points), 4th Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (16 League Points 863.5 Match Points), 5th Enfield & Haringey (13 League Points 826.8 Match Points), 6th Newham & Essex Beagles (12 League Points 819 Match Points), 7th Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (11 League Points 811.5 Match Points), 8th Glasgow City (3 League Points 613 Match Points).

100m – A NENGI OSSAI V40 (DQ), B ANDREW AMOAH U20 8th (11.22 w0.1), Non Scoring Race 1 ASHLEY WILSON (HCA) 7th (PB 11.48 w1.6), Race 2 MAURICE RYAN 7th (11.63 w2.4)

200m – A NENGI OSSAI V40 8th (22.32 w3.8), B MAURICE RYAN 8th (24.52 w2.3)

400m – A KRIS ROBERTSON 7th (49.53), B ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 8th (SB 50.27)

800m – A ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 2nd (1:52.51), B BEN ROCHFORD U20 3rd (1:54.51)

1500m – A MICHAEL CALLEGARI U23 1st (3:52.03), B RICHARD CHARLES U23 1st (SB 3:52.25) taking 5.01 seconds off his May time

5000m – A PHILLIP CROUT U23 2nd (14:48.48), B DANIEL WATTS 1st (SB 15:02.03)

110m Hurdles – A ASHLEY WILSON (HCA) 5th (14.91 w2.0), B MAURICE RYAN 4th (15.43 w0.2)

400m Hurdles – A GLEN WATTS 8th (PB 62.23), B MARK CUNNINGHAM U20 8th (64.31)

3000m Steeplechase – A GLEN WATTS 1st (SB 9:01.53) taking 3.37 seconds off his June time, B SAM GRIFFITHS U20 5th (PB 10:01.12)


4 x 400m Relay – 8th (3:33.41) BEN ROCHFORD (50.8), ANTHONY WHITEMAN (51.5), SAM GRIFFITHS (54.1), GLEN WATTS (57.1)

High Jump – A DAVID SMITH 1st (2.24m), B ALLAN SMITH 1st (2.24m)

Pole Vault – A MARK CUNNINGHAM U20 8th (2.60m), B GREGOR MACLEAN (NH)

Long Jump – A ANDREW AMOAH U20 7th (SB 6.36m w1.6), B ADE ADEFOLALU U20 5th (6.12m w1.5)

Triple Jump – A NONSO OKOLO 3rd (14.96m w2.2), B ADE ADEFOLALU U20 7th (11.53m w1.0)

Shot 7.26kg – A ZANE DUQUEMIN 2nd (17.72m), B ANGUS MCINROY 2nd (13.86m)

Discus 2kg – A ZANE DUQUEMIN 1st (56.36m), B ANGUS MCINROY 1st (54.01m)

Hammer 7.26kg – A SAM TAYLOR-OUTRIDGE 8th (SB 38.52m) adding 1.12m to his June throw, B ANGUS MCINROY 8th (PB 6.26m) adding 2.15m to his May throw

Javelin 800g – A SAM TAYLOR-OUTRIDGE 4th (SB 63.29m) adding 1.02m to his May throw, B GREGOR MACLEAN 3rd (PB 49.95m) adding 86cm to his 2009 throw 

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE – The fourth of five fixtures took place at Sandy, Bedfordshire on Sunday 12 July. An outstanding team performance winning by 275 points, as you can see by the results we had an astonishing 57 first places.

Match Result 1st B&D/SBH (798 points), 2nd Cambridge & Coleridge (523), 3rd Southend (427), 4th St Albans (380), 5th Biggleswade (275), 6th Peterborough (227), 7th Hertford & Ware (99)

The League position after the fourth of five fixtures is as follows – 1st Bedford (28 League points 3155 Match points), 2nd Stevenage (27 LP 2986 MP), 3rd Basildon (26 LP 3082.5 MP), 4th Havering (24 LP 2805.5 MP), 5th Nene Valley (24 LP 2761.5 MP), 6th Ipswich (24 LP 2733.5 MP), 7th B&D/SBH (23 LP 2718 MP), 8th Chelmsford (23 LP 2674 MP), 9th Cambridge & Coleridge (22 LP 2368.5 MP), 10th Dacorum & Tring (21 LP 2400 MP). The final fixture is at Allianz Park on Sunday 2 August.

Dependant on the final results on the 2 August, we will be in either in The Top 6 Final at Bedford, or the Plate Final (places 7 to 12) at Thurrock, on Sunday 6 September 

No wind speeds were recorded, unless shown

100m – U13G A EMILY RODRIGUEZ 3rd (PB 13.6) taking .20 of a second off her June time, B HOLLY TAYLOR 5th (15.1), U13B A ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (12.9), U15B A TAJAUN SUBARAN 2nd (12.9), U17W A SOPHIA TAGLIA 4th (13.7), U17M A DITA JAJA 1st (PB 11.5) taking .60 of a second off his 2013 time

200m – U13G A EMILY RODRIGUEZ 2nd (29.3), B ISSY COLBECK-ROGERS 3rd (PB 30.6), U13B A ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (PB 27.3), B JEFF HOGAN 1st (PB 28.0), U15G A RACHEL CARTER 2nd (29.0), U15B B AYO-OLUWA OLUKOTUN 1st (PB 25.7), U17W A SOPHIA TAGLIA 3rd (PB 28.0) equalling her June time, U17M B DANIEL HOUSLEY 1st (PB 24.7) taking .20 of a second off his April time

300m – U15G A JESSICA MCMORROW 3rd (PB 46.4) taking .10 of a second off her June time, B JOSEPHINE CHADWICK 2nd (PB 46.6) equalling her 2014 time, U15B A AYO-OLUWA OLUKOTUN 1st (PB 39.8), B GREG HURLEY 1st (42.0), U17W A REBECCA ANDREOU 1st (PB 45.8) taking .80 of a second off her 2101 time, B HANNAH BROWN U15 2nd (PB 48.2) taking .50 of a second off her April time

400m – U17M A ADAM SHIRET 3rd (53.6), A DANIEL HOUSLEY 1st (55.6)

800m – U13G A LOUANN LAMY 1st (PB 2:37.7) taking 6.83 seconds off her June time, B AMELIA CORBO 2nd (PB 2:54.9) taking 5.89 seconds off her 2014 time, U13B A JUDAH YAWITCH 1st (2:25.7), B MATTI HARRIS 1st (2:29.7), U15G A JOSEPHINE CHADWICK 1st (2:26.9), B SCARLETT KENT 1st (2:31.4), U15B A JAMIE HARPER 1st (2:11.9), B JACK BLOOM 1st ( 2:16.8), U17W A JESSICA HURLEY 1st (2:22.3), B REBECCA ANDREOU 1st (2:24.3), U17M B JAMES DAVIS 1st (2:27.8)

1500m – U13G A MAAYAN RADUS 1st (5:22.8), B ELINA BULMAN 1st (5:49.1), U13B A LUCA STUBBS 2nd (5:07.5), B DYLAN MICHEL 3rd (5:25.7), U15G A LIDIA KYRIACOU 1st (5:16.2), B MIA GROOM 1st (5:19.0), U15B A HENRY ROCHA 1st (4:36.4), B FINN HARVEY 1st (4:39.1), U17W A GABRIELLA KYRIACOU 1st (5:05.5), B KAYLA MICHEL 1st (5:43.0), U17M A JEREMY DEMPSEY 2nd (SB 4:20.5), B RUFUS KENT 2nd (4:52.7)

70m Hurdles – U13G A EVELYN BARTER 1st (PB 12.8) taking .40 of a second off her June time, B AMBER DUVERNEY 1st (PB 13.3) equalling her June time

75m Hurdles – U13B B LUCA STUBBS 1st (16.1), U15G A RACHEL CARTER 3rd (12.4), B SOPHIA OBI 1st (PB 12.7) taking .11 of a second off her June time

80m Hurdles – U15B A MICAH AGYEPONG 2nd (PB 13.0), B BEN BELLISARIO 1st (PB 15.6) equalling his May time, U17W A TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 2nd (PB 14.2) taking 1 second off her April time

100m Hurdles – U17M A JUSTIN LEE 2nd (PB 16.1) taking .26 of a second off his June time, B KAREM KESKAS 1st (18.9)

High Jump – U13G A LOUANN LAMY 1st (PB 1.27m), U15G A MIA GROOM 3rd (PB 1.25m) equalling her June jump, U15B A BEN BELLISARIO 3rd (1.45m), U17M B JAMES DAVIS 1st (1.55m)

Long Jump – U13G A HOLLY TAYLOR 3rd (PB 4.00m), B AMBER DUVERNEY 2nd (3.51m), U13B A JEFF HOGAN 1st (PB 5.26m), U15G A SOPHIA OBI 1st (PB 4.65m) adding 36cm to her June jump, B JODY WALKER-PAYNE 3rd (SB 4.09m) adding 53cm to her April jump, U15B A FREDDIE SHIRET 5th (4.31m), B MICAH AGYEPONG 3rd (4.42m), U17W A TILLY SUTHERLAND-YOUNG 3rd (PB 4.61m) adding 12cm to her June jump, B JESSICA HURLEY 1st (3.95m), U17M A ABBAS ADEJONWO 2nd (5.71m), B JUSTIN LEE 1st (PB 5.04m) adding 14cm to his 2014 jump

Triple Jump – U17W A JESSICA HURLEY 2nd (8.81m), U17M A ABBAS ADEJONWO 1st (12.85m), B FEMI AYODELE 1st (PB 11.59m) adding 60cm to his June jump

Discus 0.75kg – U13G A SARMRA RICHARDSON 1st (PB 17.37m) adding 31cm to her June throw, B AMELIA CORBO 1st (PB 14.94m)

Discus 1kg – U15G B MIA GROOM 3rd (PB 14.39m) adding 91cm to her May throw, U17W B LOUISE PITSIALIS 1st (PB 17.10m) adding 2.85m to her 4 July throw

Discus 1.25kg – U15B A OLIVER HOCKING 1st (29.28m)

Discus 1.50kg – U17M A JAMES DAVIS 3rd (23.86m), A RUFUS KENT 2nd (PB 16.55m) adding 2.53m to his June throw

Shot 2.72kg – U13G A AMELIA CORBO 1st (PB 6.84m) adding 1.19m to her 2014 put, B HOLLY TAYLOR 1st (PB 6.55m)

Shot 3kg – U15G B EMMA TAYLOR 1st (7.14m), U17W B LOUISE PITSIALIS 1st (PB 8.30m) adding 10cm to her May put

Shot 3.25kg – U13B A ANDREW NICOLAOU 1st (PB 9.82m)

Shot 4kg – U15B A OLIVER HOCKING 1st (11.40m)

Shot 5kg – U17M B OLIVER GREENSTEIN 2nd (PB 5.40m) adding 14cm to his June put

Hammer 3kg – U15G A EMMA TAYLOR 1st (20.99m), U17W A LOUISE PITSIALIS 1st (27.45m)

Hammer 4kg – U17M A AYO-OLUWA OLUKOTUN 32nd (PB 18.87m)

Hammer 5kg – U17M A JUSTIN LEE 2nd (PB 7.41m)

Javelin 400g – U13G A SARMRA RICHARDSON 2nd (14.40m), B EVELYN BARTER 1st (PB 9.32m) adding 84cm to her May throw

Javelin 500g – U15G B EMMA TAYLOR 1st (23.06m), U17W B HANNAH BROWN 2nd (PB 7.40m)

Javelin 600g – U15B A LOUIS DAVIS 1st (36.24m), B GREG HURLEY 3rd (PB 25.56m) adding 4.41m to his 2014 throw

Non Scoring

100m – U13G ISSY COLBECK-ROGERS (PB 14.9), AMBER DUVENEY (15.7), NATANYA POPOOLA (PB 16.1) equalling her June time, U15G ROBYN PALMER (13.5), JODY WALKER-PAYNE (PB 13.7) equalling her June time, DARA APOOLA (13.8), LATIFA HARRIS-OSMAN (PB 13.7), SOPHIA OBI (PB 13.9) taking .10 of a second off her June time, JESSICA MCMORROW (PB 13.8) equalling her June time, SHAKIRA RILEY (PB 13.8) taking .03 of a second off her June time, ILONA LAMY (PB 16.1), U15B GABE YAWITCH (13.6), BEN BELLISARIO (14.5)

200m – U13B JUDAH YAWITCH (30.3), SAMUEL GREENSTEIN U11 (33.7), U15G DARA APOOLA (30.1), SHAKIRA RILEY (PB 30.1) taking .40 of a second off her June time, ANGEL ALEJO (30.2), U15B MICAH AGYEPONG (PB 25.4) taking 1 second off his June time, TAJAUN SUBARAN (PB 27.4)

300m – U15G SCARLETT KENT (PB 46.3) taking 1.65 seconds off her May time, GEORGIA LEE (PB 48.1) taking .30 of a second off her June time, LIA RADUS (PB 48.3), SOPHIE OGUNNIYI (PB 48.4), U15B GABE YAWITCH (PB 44.1), FREDDIE SHIRET (44.8), NATHAN TADESSE (45.0)

400m – U17M JACK FITZPATRICK (54.8)

800m – U13B BENJAMIN BLOOM (2:30.4), GILAD NACHSHEN (PB 2:36.5) taking 2.58 seconds off his May time, SAMUEL GREENSTEIN (2:40.9), U15G LIA RADUS (2:28.3), GEORGIA LEE (PB 2:35.1) equalling her June time, SOPHIA STAAB (2:42.2), SOPHIA DEMPSEY (2:55.6), ANUSHA BULMAN (2:56.5), U15B NATHAN TADESSE (2:21.2), U17M OLIVER GREENSTEIN (2:22.3)

1500m – U15G GEMMA HARPER (5:42.0)

70m Hurdles – U13G NATANYA POPOOLA (16.6)

High Jump – U15G SCARLETT KENT (PB 1.25m) adding 5cm to her 2014 jump, U17W ALESSA LEWIS (PB 1.45m) equalling her June jump

Long Jump – U13G EVELYN BARTER (PB 3.75m) adding 33cm to her June jump, U17W ALESSA LEWIS (4.86m)

Discus 1kg – U15G ANUSHA BULMAN (PB 12.97m)

400m Relay Split Time – U15G DARA APOOLA (54.0), U15B TAJAUN SUBARAN (51.5) 

ENGLISH SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place in Gateshead on 10-11 July

Congratulations to our English School Champions SOPHIA PARVIZI-WAYNE U20 (3000m) and REBECCA KEATING U20 (Hammer), also Bronze Medals were won by PHILIPPA DAVENHALL U17 (Hammer) and BILLY PRAIM-SINGH U17 (Hammer).

100m – U20M Heat 4 ZANSON PLUMMER 1st (11.06 w-1.9), Semi-Final 3 ZANSON finished 1st (10.99 w-2.3), in the Final ZANSON had a problem and finished 8th (31.29 w-2.2)

400m – U20M Heat 2 OMAR PARSONS 4th (SB 49.52) taking .37 of a second off his April time, Heat 3 SAM HAZEL 4th (PB 49.00) taking .33 of a second off his June time, U17M Heat 4 CHENNA OKOH (2nd Claim) 2nd (50.32), in Semi-Final 1 CHENNA finished 3rd (49.73), in the Final CHENNA finished 6th(50.87)

800m – U20M Heat 1 BILLY KELSEY 4th (1:54.71), in the Final BILLY finished 4th (1:54.39), U17M Heat 3 HAMZA KADIR 6th (1:59.61)

1500m – U15B Heat 2 JAMIE HARPER 9th (4:20.85)

3000m – U20M Straight Final JAMIE DEE 6th (8:41.08), U20W Straight Final SOPHIA PARVIZI-WAYNE won the Gold Medal (10:01.31)

110m Hurdles – U20M Heat 1 MATTHEW HALL 4th (15.47 w0.8)

1500m Steeplechase – U17M Straight Final GEORGE GROOM 8th (4:33.31)

Pole Vault – U20M Straight Final ETHAN WALSH 5th (4.50m), U17W Straight Final ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 8th (3.25m)

Triple Jump – U20M Straight Final ALANDO ALFRED 8th (13.73m nwr), U20W Straight Final KAYANNA REID 13th (10.71m w2.7)

Discus 1.25kg – U15B Straight Final OLIVER HOCKING 9th (35.58m)

Hammer 5kg – U17M Straight Final BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) won the Bronze Medal (62.55m)

Hammer 4kg – U20W Straight Final REBECCA KEATING won the Gold Medal (53.39m)

Hammer 3kg – U17W Pool B PHILIPPA DAVENHALL (2nd Claim) 6th (49.52m), in the Final PHILIPPA won the Bronze Medal (PB 57.08m) adding 4.78m to her May throw, and is ranked UK No.4 U17 in 2015

Javelin 800g – U20M Straight Final ALFIE INGHAM 6th (53.80m)

IAAF DIAMOND LEAGUE – Took place in Lausanne, Switzerland on 9 July.

200m ZHARNEL HUGHES U23 1st (PB 20.13 w0.0) taking .02 of a second off his May time, and is ranked UK No.1 in 2015

IAPS NATIONAL FINAL – Recent new member ROHAN OYEWOLE U15 competing for Haberdashers won the Javelin 600g Silver Medal (35.94m) in Birmingham on 24 June. He also won the Javelin Bronze Medal (34.41m) in the Hertfordshire Schools Championships on 6 June

BOB GAYLER – He is unwell at this moment, we wish him a speedy recovery

ATHLETICS SUMMER CAMPS AND CLINICS AT ALLIANZ PARK – are taking place from 3 August and will be providing experience of all athletic disciplines, as well as building upon the key skills of; agility balance and co-ordination.

Camp 1 – 3 to 7 August, Full Day 09.30 -15.00, Half Day 09.30 – 12.30

Camp 2 – 10 to 14 August, Full Day 09.30 -15.00, Half Day 09.30 – 12.30

Camp 3 – 17 to 21 August, Full Day 09.30 -15.00, Half Day 09.30 – 12.30

Camp 4 – 24 to 28 August, Full Day 09.30 -15.00, Half Day 09.30 – 12.30

All camps are for 4-11 year olds

All Full Day Camps cost £30 per child per day, or a whole week (5 days) cost £120.

All Half Day Camps cost £15 per child per day, or a whole week (5 days) cost £60.

This year we are offering the chance to add on Breakfast Club and After Camp Club at an extra cost.

Breakfast Club 8.30 – 9.30 £3 per child per day, After Camp Club 15.00 – 16.00, £3 per child per day,

Both Clubs will be £5 per child per day,

Specialist Clinics

Jumps – Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump – Tuesdays 4,11,18, 25 August, 13.30 to 16.00

Sprints and Hurdles – Wednesdays 5,12,19, 26 August, 13.30 to 16.00

Throws – Discus, Javelin, Shot – Thursdays 6,13, 20, 27 August, 13.30 to 16.00

For 11-16 year olds, Each Clinic is £18, or book on to all 3 Clinics for £45.

To enter please contact Jenny Poll at or direct phone number which is 0203 675 7252, all members of Shaftesbury will receive a 10% discount, but please tell Jenny that you are a member. Flyers attached.

WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE SPORTS CAMP – It’s a local summer camp run by NICOLE CARA SBH UKWAL Team Manager along with other Shaftesbury athletes as coaches. We offer football cricket athletics and multi sports to 4-14 year olds.

We are a new, safe, fun and affordable sports camp based at Mill Hill Village Sports Club, Burton Hole Lane, Mill Hill NW7 1AS. We offer sports and activities from specialist coaches to children aged 4-14 years old. We offer a wide variety of sports and activities where each child has the freedom to change groups/activities throughout the day. For information and entry details please use this link There will be a discount of 20% to Shaftesbury members.


WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place in Cali, Colombia on 15-19 July. 

EUROPEAN U20 CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place in Eskilstuna, Sweden on 16-19 July.

SOUTHERN COMBINED EVENTS, RELAY & U15/U17 3000m CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place this Saturday 18 July and Sunday 19 July at the Bedford International Athletics Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB)  

UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE SOUTHERN PREMIER 1 (UNDER 17/20 MEN/WOMEN) – The final fixture takes place on Sunday 26 July at Norman Park Athletics Track, Hayes Lane, Bromley (Satnav BR2 9EJ). Timetable attached

Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager – Colette Hurley or Geoff Morphitis 

UK INTER COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIPS, TOGETHER WITH THE ENGLAND SENIOR AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Takes place on Saturday 1 August and Sunday 2 August at the Bedford International Athletic Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).

LONDON INTER CLUB CHALLENGE (ALL AGE-GROUPS INCLUDING U13s) – The third of four fixtures takes place on Saturday 1 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Is free to all members of Shaftesbury, but why not bring a friend and introduce him to athletics (there is a charge of £3 per event for non-members). Registration opens at 10.30am, and closes 30 minutes before the published start time. All events are for both male and female age-groups unless stated. Timetable attached.

Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and register. 

QUADKIDS Takes place prior to the London Inter Club Challenge on Saturday 1 August. CLYDE GORDON will be managing the event, with registration from 9.30am, first event starts at 10.00am, and completion around 11.30am, and is free to enter for Shaftesbury members and is £2 for non-members. Quadkids is primarily for school years 3 to 7 inclusive, ie age 7 to 12 and includes the four core disciplines of running (600m), throwing (Vortex Howler), jumping (Long Jump) and sprinting (75m). All are welcome and Parents you may be asked to join in by helping out on maybe one of the events.

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE COMPOSITE TEAM WITH BARNET & DISTRICT (UNDER 13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) – The final fixture takes place on Sunday 2 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager Joyce Smith or Jeremy Sothcott 

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR MEN) – The final fixture takes place on Saturday 8 August at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton (Satnav N9 0AR). Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Geoff Morphitis

UK WOMEN’S ATHLETIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1 (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR WOMEN) – The final fixture takes place on Sunday 9 August at the Robin Park Arena, Loire Drive, Wigan (Satnav WN5 0UH). Note this is a double header fixture with Division 3, Timetable attached.

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Nicole Cara 


The Southern Counties Senior Inter County Meeting took place in Crawley on 12 July

100m – SW A SHEREEN CHARLES 1st (12.13 w1.4), SM Non Scoring RENARD FREDERICK 1st (11.22 w-1.4)

200m – SW A SHEREEN CHARLES 1st (25.36 w-0.8)

800m – SW B LUCY SHORT 2nd (2:21.52)

1500m – SW B NICOLA ROGERS (HCA) 2nd (4:51.99)

110m Hurdles – SM B ASHLEY WILSON (HCA) 1st (15.1 w-2.0)

400m Hurdles – SM A SEB RODGER 1st (51.77)

Shot 4kg – SW A LUCY UNDERDOWN 1st (12.52m)

Discus 1kg – SW A JADE LALLY 1st (57.52m), LUCY UNDERDOWN 2nd (41.85m)

Hammer 4kg – SW A LOUISA JAMES U23 1st (59.11m) 

The Guldendensporen Meeting took place in Kortrijk, Belgium on 11 July

400m Hurdles SEB RODGER 2nd (51.01) 

The Woodford Green Open Meeting took place on 7 July

100m – Race SX3 JAMES DAVIS U17 1st (12.81 w-0.1)

400m – Race SX4 JAMES DAVIS U17 4th (58.1)

Discus 1.5kg – SM F44 MICHAEL NICHOLLS F44 1st (PB 31.68m) adding 5.86m to his May throw, and is ranked UK No.2 F44 in 2015

Javelin 800g – SM F44 MICHAEL NICHOLLS F44 1st (PB 31.84m) adding 8.83m to his May throw, and is ranked UK No.2 F44 in 2015

Javelin 600g – U15B JAMES DAVIS U17 1st (40.11m) 


11 July – ALDENHAMJAMES DAVIS U15 5th (21.56) – BATH SKYLINERICHARD SAMUEL V60 39th (First Time 23.32) – LUTON WARDOWNGARETH EDWARDS V40 3rd (19.00) – OAK HILL KEVIN WALDEN 1st (18.20), STUART SINGER V50 16th (21.30), KIRAN KURI U13 65th (27.20) – PANSHANGERRICHARD WILLIAMS 3rd (New PB 17.50, RUSSELL DEVITT V65 75th (24.49)

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. 

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £3.00.

As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for a form which will give you membership of Allianz Park, you can pick up the form from the reception at Allianz Park. Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.

Charges for those with a membership form are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

All membership enquiries should be directed towards Jenny Poll at Jenny will also be at Allianz Park (Tuesday and Thursday Evenings) in the West Stand. Her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252.

England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed IAN BANNISTER as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. IAN is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 0203 675 7243 or by email on