Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 16 July 2020

Happy Birthday from this Thursday 16 July to Benjamin Bloom, Renee Diomar, Sarah Duodu, Ruben Hedman, Joshua Liburd, Leslie Odamtten-Addy, Yaroslav Poleukton, Hugh Richards, Paul Ruocco and Derek Surrey.

RECENT NEW MEMBER We wish you a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful time with Shaftesbury to MITYRAE BROOKS

LICC ON 25 JULY AND YDL 26 JULY POSTPONED – England Athletics have been unable to agree with Government (DCMS) how events are to take place. Therefore, it was decided yesterday by the SBH promotions team that we could not promote the meetings due on Saturday 25 July (LICC) and Sunday 26 July (YDL) as there was inadequate time to produce an acceptable timetable and to notify both athletes and officials.
We hope to have the new regulations by the end of the week at which point we hope to be able promote the 2 cancelled fixtures on the weekend of Saturday 1 August and Sunday 2 August.

CAN YOU HELP PLEASE During the period when all competitions are suspended, I will do my upmost in keeping the Newsletter information and other content going.
I would welcome any contributions From Yourselves, any impending marriages, or additions to the family, any running or competing incidents, also past warm weather training/holidays (No Club 24 please). Currently the response has been excellent, but if you have anything that could make it into next week’s Newsletter – please email me.

TRAINING VIDEOS PRODUCED BY JADE LALLY – JADE has recently produced two videos relating to the basic fundamentals for Discus, this is the link to JADE’S first video on How To Hold A Discus the second video is on Discus Basics: Foot Placement

YOU CAN JOIN TY HOLDEN’S CIRCUIT SESSION ON ZOOM – TY will be holding a circuit session on Zoom, which is a conferencing platform, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. If you wish to join, please email TY at and he will email you an ID number for you to join in. Zoom can accommodate up to 100 users at a time.

UPDATE ON PROCEDURES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK FROM JEREMY SOTHCOTTWhich is now open to SBH members subject to the conditions below.
We have now negotiated the use of some Track & Field facilities with Saracens compliant with current guidance issued by the UK Government and England Athletics.
At the present time, the track & field groups will be limited to a maximum of five ‘Competing Club Athletes’ and one coach for each session e.g. 5 athletes on track and 5 athletes at the throws area.
Athletes should have their own implements. However, one implement of each weight will be left in the SBH store beside the sanitising equipment. Arrangements will have to be made in advance with TY HOLDEN.
Following Government Guidelines up to 5 athletes with a suitably qualified coach can now undertake Jumps training utilising jump beds and sand pits. We have updated our guidance documents, based on information and advice from our partners and government, to include guidance specific to Jumps areas (such as Cleaning requirements before, during and after sessions). Athletes, coaches, clubs and venues must follow the latest guidance – please read our updated guidance documents at: 👉
The indoor track and the clubhouse gymnasium cannot be used.
Athletes invited to train by their coach must be sent the attached Allianz Park Track & Field Agreement in advance of starting training at Allianz Park. The athlete and parent (if under 16) to sign and return to me and TY before they can train.  Athletes should meet their coach promptly at their booking time outside the SBH Clubhouse where they will be asked to confirm that they do not have, and that no one in their household has, (or has had within the last 14 days) any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
The athletes will then be escorted using social distancing (2 metres) into the SBH Clubhouse to sign the attendance record with times in and out of the stadium (black A4 folder on photocopier).  There is also some hand sanitiser on the table for use. Athletes must follow the instructions of the coach and observe social distancing during warm-up, the session and cool down.
Stadium Booking details
Please let me and TY know the names of the athletes and your preferred time slots for the following week (Monday to Sunday) before 6pm on the Saturday. We will confirm the availability and distribute the schedule to Saracens and to all coaches.
Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All 1 hour 35 minute slots (Saturday & Sunday – last slot finishes at 7.20)
9.00 – 10.35, 10.45 – 12.20, 12.30 – 2.05, 2.15 – 3.50, 4.00 – 5.35, 5.45 – 7.20, 7.30 – 9.00
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
There are 3 x 1 hour 35 minute slots and 7 x shorter 50 minute slots
9.15 – 10.50, 11.00 – 11.50, 12.00 – 12.50, 1.00 – 1.50, 2.00 – 2.50, 3.00 – 3.50, 4.00 – 4.50, 5.00 – 5.50, 6.00 – 7.25, 7.35 – 9.00
There is a 10 minute gap between each session for transitioning.
If you haven’t got a key fob for gaining access through the clubhouse, then please contact GEOFF MORPHITIS Mobile: 07976 994302 who will arrange to issue one to you. Please do not enter the clubhouse until the coach/athletes from the previous session exit.  No parents will be permitted to enter the stadium unless there is a child protection issue i.e. one coach and one athlete aged under 18.
There is a single disabled toilet (unisex) that can be used within the indoor area.
When going in and out of the Clubhouse from the carpark please make sure the door handle is left in the upward locked position at all times.
Link to the SBH Athlete and Coach Track & Field Training Agreement, which will sent to all participating athletes, and then to be returned signed by the athlete and parent – SBH – Allianz Park Track & Field Areement During Lockdown Period
Please let me know if you have any questions – JEREMY SOTHCOTT Mobile: 07764 621424 email

ENGLAND ATHLETICS DRAFT COMPETITION PROGRAMME – England Athletics have just published  May 2020 version 9 of The Draft Competition Programme for the period w/e 19 July to w/e 27 September. This sets the structure for joint men/women meetings which SBH hopes to follow. Fixtures below updated 24 June 2020 with Venue Confirmations and Dete Changes (these are shown in Red).

All the promotions listed below are subject to: –
1. Government lifting the present lockdown by 1 July so as to allow group gatherings
2. UKA issuing specific instructions to allow compliance with Government requirements
3. Obtaining a sufficient number of appropriately qualified officials from the participating clubs
4. Facility availability
5. Securing a suitable First Aid provision
6. Receipt of the appropriate licences from UKA

Saturday 25 July (Postponed to Saturday 1 August) – LICC (1) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 26 July (Postponed to Sunday 2 August) – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (1) – Venue Lee Valley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Sunday 2 August – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (1) – Venue Lee Valley – U20 / Senior, Saturday 8 August – LICC (2) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 9 August – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (2) –  Venue Lee Valley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Saturday 15 August – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (2) – Venue Lee Valley – U20 / Senior, Saturday 22 August – LICC (3) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 23 August – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (3) –  Bromley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Saturday 5 September – U15/U17 Southern Area Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 5 September – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (3) – Venue Chelmsford – U20 / Senior, Saturday 12 September – U20/Senior Southern Area Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 19 September – U15/U17 England Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 26 September – U20/Senior England Championships – Venue TBA

The British Championships are now being held in Manchester on 4/5 September, see report further down.

ALLIANZ PARK THROWS FEST Took place at Allianz Park on 11 July
Shot 7.26kg – SMA SCOTT LINCOLN (HCA) 1st (PB 20.41m) adding 2cm to his 2019 put, and is ranked UK No.1 in 2020
Shot 5kg – U17MB JAMES ISAACS 1st (PB 13.65m) adding 33cm to his 2019 put, and is ranked UK No.7 U17 in 2020, GABRIEL LAMB 2nd (PB 11.13m) adding 71cm to his 25 January
Discus 1.5kg – U17MB JAMES ISAACS 2nd (PB 41.08m) adding 1.56m to his 2019 throw, and is ranked UK No.3 U17 in 2020, GABRIEL LAMB 3rd (PB 40.98m) and is ranked UK No.4 U17 in 2020
Discus 1kg – SW JADE LALLY 1st (SB 56.10m) adding 4.28m to her 7 March throw, and is ranked UK No.2 in 2020, SHADINE DUQUEMIN 3rd (SB 52.51m) and is ranked UK No.3 in 2020
Hammer 6kg – U20MA OLIVER GRAHAM 1st (PB 63.96m) adding 57cm to his 2019 throw, and is ranked UK No.3 U20 in 2020, JAMES LANCASTER 2nd (SB 58.46m) and is ranked UK No.4 U20 in 2020
Javelin 600g – SWB CRISTINA POTTER U20 3rd (SB 27.69m) and is ranked UK No.7 U20 in 2020
Javelin 500g – U17W ISABELLA BRUNSKILL 2nd (PB 37.87m) and is ranked UK No.2 U17 in 2020 

JERSEY OUTDOOR OPEN MEETING – Took place at St Clement on 7 July
100m – SM2 EVAN CAMPBELL U20 2nd (SB 11.6 w2.5)

1990 SBH CENTENARY YEAR HIGHLIGHTS Last week I published a list of highlights that SBH achieved from January to December. Over the coming weeks I will publish those highlights for each month, Part 1 this week covers September, which included one of Shaftesbury’s biggest promtion to date “European Junior Clubs Championships.”
Link showing the full list of SBH 1990 Centenary Year Highlights as published on the 9 July Newsletter 1990 SBH Centenary Year Highlights

EUROPEAN JUNIOR CLUBS MEETING Took place on 29 September at Barnet Copthall Stadium.
ROGER SIMONS who master-minded the whole operation, lifts the lid on some of the highs and lows behind the staging of the most important promotion of our Centenary Year.
I have been involved in this competition since 1984 when I successfully brought Shaftesbury into the competition in Liege. In 1985, after seven years of promotion by RFC Liege, the Belgian organisers, GEORGE MOUTON and GILBERT EVRARD, decided the financial and administrative commitment was too great. They asked me, on behalf of Shaftesbury, to join a committee of three countries, called the International Committee of the CJCE (European Cup for the Young), to organise the meeting on a triangular basis, Liege, London and Amsterdam.

FINANCIAL WORRIES It was against this background that it was with some concern I learnt last February that our club committee had grave doubts as to whether we could put at risk £10,000 to £20,000, the amount needed to promote the meeting. There followed hectic budget calculations, with LYNNE MALLOWS the saviour of the hour by finding hotel accommodation at a very economical price. So at a special meeting of the SBH Council it was agreed to go ahead, restricting overseas clubs to 12 in order to limit costs.
WHAT WE WERE PROVIDING The big financial commitment arises from having to provide accommodation for teams for two nights, all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast, transport from arrival in this country to hotel to stadium to reception etc, plus the whole cost of the meeting, including meals and trophies for each club.
PANIC ALMOST SETS IN Deciding which teams should compete caused some hectic moments, especially when it was realised Switzerland and Eindhoven were at first omitted and should have been invited. Phone calls across Europe were frequent in spite of sending detailed information. ‘Allo-Allo’ conversations were taking place down in Somerset in various languages, sometimes at 6am or midnight, much to the amazement of the family. Some National Federations seemed to think my home was the headquarters of the CI-CJCE.
CLUB EXPERTISE Club discussions and organising committee meetings followed in London. It was a pleasure to have within SBH so much expertise and willingness to tackle so many tasks. JOHN WRIGHT, TERRY BROWN and GERALD ALTERMAN were largely responsible for setting up the running of the meeting and finding about 100 officials and helpers. 
INTERNATIONAL ATHLETE TO COMPETE A couple of weeks before the match it was learnt that DRAGUTIN TOPIC, World Junior High Jump Champion and record-holder, and European Champion, would be coming. Did our stands go high enough for a World Record? BRYAN got the loan of a brand new ‘Cantabrian’ stand. Record forms must be on hand. The Sports Council drug testing team must be in attendance.
FLAGS AND ANTHEMS Were required for all countries. JOHN PURNELL tackled this, together with presentations, and BRYAN SMITH and DAVE THOMSON raided Wembley Stadium’s supply. Iceland and Luxembourg caused problems. DAVE THOMSON looked after the programme (all those funny names!), and PEGGY BOWLER saw to these on the day. ERIC BURTON found liaison officer/interpreters, one being attached to each team for the whole weekend.
THE CLUB PRESIDENT Invited guests from the Borough of Barnet and athletic associations, and with GWEN ASHTON and Past Presidents welcomed them at the meeting. EVE KEMP, besides much secretarial work earlier, ensured they appeared at the rostrum to make presentations at the required time.
THE MAKING OF LUNCH PACKETS By my wife MAGGIE SIMONS, with the help of friend JILL MOORING, was another interesting exercise, requiring the purchase of 500 containers, boxes of Somerset apples, rolls and their fillings, drinks: these for all the athletes. MARGARET MORPHITIS was looking after the needs of officials from the clubhouse. DAPHNE WRIGHT and GWEN had been up at 6am to prepare food for the quests, which DAPHNE was to look after at the stadium.
TRANSPORT LOGISTICS The role of transport manager was carried out by TONY SUNDERLAND. With two coaches and two minibuses (these driven by club members), all teams had to be met, collected and taken around. TONY’S master plane was a feat of ingenuity to find an honoured place in the club archives. Pity Swissair, Lufthansa and Olympic Airways didn’t have a copy or they might not have made so many late changes. JOHN and HAROLD spent a day at Heathrow watching the planes come in, locating missing luggage, and getting poles and javelins through customs. ERIC BURTON spent three hours at Mill Hill Station waiting for a Yugoslav team that didn’t arrive there. KEITH MOYSE organised the Friday evening meal at MacDonald’s at Colindale.
SATURDAY EVENING RECEPTION Had been arranged at Trent Park College by GEOFF MORPHITIS, about the only place that could be found to seat 400 at a price we could afford. No least to TONY’S worries was to get them there quickly and away again afterwards, since some of the teams wanted to look around London.
THE OUTSTANDING FEATURE Of the whole weekend was the tremendous sporting spirit and good fellowship, culminating in the jollity of the reception (streaker and all). The presentation of trophies to all the teams was made by Councillor LESLIE PYM, acting deputy for the Mayor of Barnet.
AFTERTHOUGHT With grants from the Borough of Barnet, the AAA, and Southern Counties AA, plus some business sponsors DAVE BEDFORD and GEOFF had succeeded in persuading, together with careful budgeting, the whole cost was met without having to fall back on club funds.

MATCH RESULT 1st Crvena Zvevda AK Yugoslavia (261 points), 2nd Panhellinios CS Greece (201), 3rd SBH GB (200), 4th Stade Clermontois France (187.5), 5th FC Bayer Verdingen Germany (184.5), 6th Blackheath Harriers GB (175), 7th AAC Amsterdam Holland (173), 8th Bagsvaerd AC Denmark (162), 9th PSV Eindhoven Holland (160.5), 10th LC Bruhl Switzerland (137.5), 11th Luxembourg National Luxembourg (118), 12th Iceland National Team Iceland (116), 13th Houltand AC Belgium (82), 14th RFC Liegeois Belgium (78).

SBH RESULTS 100m SAM SEPTEMBER 8th (11.75), 200m MARTIN VENENDAYA 8th (23.59), 400m MATTHEW MACBETH 2nd (49.13), 800m WAYNE DUMPLETON 6th (1:57.49), 1500m WAYNE DUMPLETON 1st (4:03.10), 3000m JAMIE GODDEN 1st (8:45.00), 2000m Steeplechase STEPHEN MCHUGH 1st (5:59.46), 110m Hurdles GARY SMITH 5th (15.82), 400m Hurdles JASON TOAL 12th (60.77), High Jump STEPHEN FITZWILLIAM 6th (1.95m), Long Jump ENYINNA CHUKUKERE 5th (6.73m), Triple Jump HISHAM HUSAIN 7th (13.53m), Pole Vault NEIL WINTER 1st (5.00m), Hammer STEPHEN PEMBERTON 12th (31.72m), Discus OSITA IWENJIORA 5th (39.36m), Shot OSITA IWENJIORA 5th (12.50m), Javelin NICK NIELAND 3rd (59.64m), 4x100m SBH (DQ), 4x140m SBH 4th (3:24.06) MATTHEW MACBETH, RICHARD BUSH, NICK GILLINGHAM, PAUL EVANS.

It was fitting the Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers should host the European Junior Clubs Meeting in our Centenary Year, and this young team, with an average age of 17, responded by gaining 3rd place from the 14 clubs participating, only one point behind runners-up Greece. Yugoslavia were convincing winners with a strong team that included the star of the meeting, DRAGUTIN TOPIC. He is the holder of the World Junior and European Senior titles, with a High Jump best of (2.37m). Here he won with (2.15m), also took the Triple Jump with (14.88).
We had three fine wins in the distance events. In the 1500m WAYNE DUMPLETON proved too strong for the opposition in the finishing straight when 3 seconds covered the first six. JAMIE GODDEN won the 3000m when the Swiss runner crossed the line first, only to be disqualified for blatant obstruction in a neck-to-neck battle in the final straight. STEVE MCHUGH won by a distance in the 2000m Steeplechase, having led throughout. Our star Pole Vaulter, 16-year-old NEIL WINTER, did not come into the competition until everyone else was eliminated, and his (5.00m) equalled the meeting record.
MATTHEW MACBETH had a good 2nd place in the 400m, where the winner clocked (48.66). NICK NIELAND took the bronze in the Javelin, the winner, JAN BIELECKI of Demark, with a meeting record of (65.74m). All of our athletes gave of their best, and for some of our younger ones it must have been an awesome experience to face such competition. It was a pity the 4x100m disqualification denied Shaftesbury the runners-up position.
Next year the competition will be held in Greece, Where Shaftesbury and Blackheath will again be the British representatives. So potential supporters had better start saving their pennies – KEITH MOYSE.

REMAINING SEPTEMBER HIGHLIGHTS – 1 September, Southern WAAA Club Trophy (KIMBERLEY-CLARK) held at Copthall, for Girls and Intermediates. Having bben second to Essex Ladies on the last two occasions we were determined to try that little bit harder in our Centenary Year. All the athletes responded in great style, and we won the Trophy from the 11 other clubs in an exciting contest which see-sawed between us, Ipswich and Essex Ladies. It seemed at one time Ipswich were going to win, but a great response from our relay teams and an inspired 200m from BIBI ENWONWU saw us through by 2.5 points from Ipswich (117.5-115), GEC third on (100), and Essx Ladies faded to fourth (95).

2 September, The Young Athletes League Final took place at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. For the second year Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers performed brilliantly only to find that their old South London rivals Blackheath came through on the last event to win the title by 4 points. The Harriers collected 52 medals, but pride of place goes to NEIL WINTER who set a new British Age-16 record in the Pole Vault (5.20m). This was the best performance by anyone under 20 in the UK and was better than Britain’s representitives in the recent Europian Senior Championships. There were many fine performances and personal bests. In the Youth age group outstanding efforts from ONOCHIE ONUORAH in three individual and dominating victories. A personal best in the 3000m by DAVID BULLOCK was the pick of the middle distance strength. Fine hurdling from JASON TOAL secured two personal bests and two medals. HESHAM HUSAIN was a competent winner of the Long Jump, whilst brother KHAIRUI was collecting points all afternoon. The 4x100m team although only 4th, equalled the Club Record. The Boys section was dominated by fine trebles by MICHAEL PAGE and AHIB ABOOD in the 400m, 800m and 4x400m relay. The sprint hurdles duo of STEPHEN WATTS and PAUL CZARNECKI were in a class of their own collected a bag full of points. The Colts section was outstanding with all team members running personal bests. The only disappointment was the ever present JAI RAWAL who was bundled over in the 800m when in 3rd place. The sprinters were excellent and won the sprint relay by over 20 metres. Match Result 1st Blackheath Harriers (424 points), 2nd SBH (400), 3rd Borough of Enfield (354).

9 September, The 37th Shaftesbury Ten was held at Copthall Stadium. The day was hot and sunny, ideal for sunbathing spectators, but not conducive to fast times, and the runners were glad to make use of the watering stations at the end of the three laps. MARK MOUGHTON led at the end of the first lapin (16.40), with JULIAN GENTRY, ANDY CATTON, CHRIS TALL and ANDY KELLEHER in close attendance. Soon after GENTRY went through five miles in (24.56), and won the race by some 13 seconds (50.25).  SBH Results 4th MARK MOUGHTON (52.36), 5th ANDY KELLEHER (52.45), 15h RAY BROWN (57.24), 20th DEREK SURREY V (58.55), 27th MARK FOSTER (59.40),  28th REG BLACK V (59.42), 39th PETER ORCHARD V (62.29), 45th RUSSELL DEVITT V (64.33), 63rd CLIFF GOLDING (70.00), 72nd MICHAEL FOX V (77.07).

SBH SCHOOLS CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS FROM THE NINETIES, NOUGHTIES AND TENSIES – Many thanks to GEOFF WILLIAMS for producing this outstanding table of SBH runners between 1991 and 2020.
GEOFF who now lives in Barnstable, Devon has attended the ESAA Championships almost every year since 1972; initially as a Middlesex Schools’, latterly Devon Schools’ and intermittently as one of the England Team Managers but always wearing my coach’s hat. I treasure some very happy memories, a fair share of disappointments but also many surprises as so often athletes rise to the occasion and perform above themselves.

For me the lead up to the English Schools’ AA Cross Country Championships is always exciting with so many young athletes and their coaches seeing this event as the culmination of a whole winter’s training. This year’s ESAA Cross Country Championships was the last major competition before the lockdown caused by the Covid19 virus. It was hugely disappointing that the pandemic prevented the Schools’ International scheduled for the next weekend in Scotland and the World Schools’ Championships due to staged in Slovakia in April had to be cancelled. Photograph taken at the 2011 European U20 XC Champs in Velenjie, Slovenian in December – my last event involving SBH athletes who were coached by me. On the right is NIALL FLEMING (GB Team Gold medal) and RICHARD GOODMAN is on the left (Silver Individual Medal and GB Team Gold Medal). At the meeting I was an accredited coach. I do not have a formal coaching group or club affiliation since retiring to North Devon. Intermittent health problems mean I have reined things back considerably but I still do lots of work with English Schools’ AA and timekeep regularly at meetings in the South West area and as often as I can for SBH.

For the majority of athletes simply being selected as a member of their school team and running with friends as a school team at the local district championships will be the pinnacle of their competitive running achievements. Some of the more gifted who choose to make running their prime sporting focus will no doubt train hard and progress further, aiming to run in their county schools’ championships and hopefully gain a county schools’ vest.  It is a wonderful achievement to be one of the best eight runners in your county age group and to experience the unique challenge of joining the 350 plus competitors vying for honours in the National Schools’ Championships held in March each year. As befits a national event, this very often involves a long coach journey and an overnight hotel stay.
From this event the top eight finishers in the Junior and Intermediate age groups automatically gain England Schools’ representation which brings first international honours for an athlete.
Each year Shaftesbury has always had a healthy number of county school’s representatives (mostly from Hertfordshire and Middlesex Schools) so I felt we should formally record the achievements all of those youngsters who have gained such honours and had the privilege of experiencing the excitement and challenge of competing against the very best of their school peers. The attached spreadsheet records the 243 SBH athletes who represented their county schools’ teams on a total over 450 occasions at ESAA Cross Country Championships between 1991 and 2020. Where known, I have also recorded Schools’ International honours and positions. I do not have a list of the dates certain individual athletes may have joined Shaftesbury so there will be inaccuracies so if any of you have corrections/amendments to the attached spreadsheet please email me at so that the SBH webmaster can eventually publish the full list in the results archive of the club website.
Over the next few months I will endeavour to publish a list for the period 1971 – 1990. Records of these years can be difficult to find so any information would be most welcome. If any of you would like to share their memories of their School based competition I would be glad to receive them and to incorporate them into future reports.
In the meantime stay safe and keep running GEOFF.

Link to table from 1991-2020 SBH ESAA XC Representatives (2)

FASTEST AND TOUGHEST UK PARKRUNS – The following was published on the Athletics Weekly website recently. Photograph taken by REBECCA BURNS.

New stats reveal which parkrun courses are best for a PB and those ranked most difficult. Ever wondered how fast or tough your local parkrun is, or where you should head if you are on the hunt for a parkrun PB? Some new stats have revealed the fastest parkruns in the UK, as well as the slowest.
Using the same runner handicap system that is behind the RunBritain rankings, statistician and keen runner TIM GROSE has rated the relevant difficulty of every single UK parkrun by way of the ‘SSS’ (standard scratch score) to identify the quickest and slowest since 2019.
According to GROSE’S stats, Berkeley Green’s disused nuclear power station site in Gloucestershire is now the place to be on a Saturday morning for parkrunners targeting a PB, while the slowest course is considered to be that of the Great Yarmouth North Beach parkrun, which takes place on a mixture of shingle and sand.
The fast or slow nature of each course is based on the difficulty of the terrain and undulation, typical weather, how busy the event might be and whether the course is either a little shorter or longer than the advertised 5km distance.
The lists below provide an update to the 2018 rankings which we published here, with Berkeley Green replacing Victoria Dock (pictured) as the fastest parkrun and Great Yarmouth North Beach replacing Woolacombe Dunes as the slowest of the 692 UK parkrun events.
Both of those top 2018 parkruns now rank second on the respective lists, although Grose does highlight that Berkeley Green and Great Yarmouth North Beach are new events and therefore the data may be slightly skewed. There are plenty of fast and tough parkruns to choose from, however, as the lists below show!
When it comes to elite action, GB internationals ANDY BADDELEY and CHARLOTTE ARTER set the men’s and women’s parkrun records of (13.48) and (15.49) at Bushy Park in 2012 and Cardiff earlier this year, respectively.
Read more: CHARLOTTE ARTER ‏improves parkrun record in Cardiff
While parkruns are currently suspended due to coronavirus restrictions, New Zealand events are set to resume soon and World Athletics recently announced a new partnership which will see a series of permanent parkruns created for the host cities and countries of world championship events, including the World Championships Oregon 2022 and Budapest 2023.
For runners in the UK, do let us know where your local parkrun ranks or tell us the courses you will be targeting when restrictions are lifted.

The Top 30 fastest parkrun courses in the UK.
1 Berkeley Green 0.48, 2 Victoria Dock 0.89, 3 Aberbeeg 1.03, 4 Pegwell Bay 1.18, 5 The Wammy, 1.23, 6 Walsall Arboretum 1.24, 7 Isabel Trail 1.26, 8 Dulwich 1.27, 9 Belfast Victoria 1.31, 10 Market Rasen Racecourse 1.33, 11 Groe 1.36, 12 Burgess 1.38, 13 Eden Project 1.39, 14 Swansea Bay 1.39, 15 Stretford 1.39, 16 Hackney Marshes 1.40, 17 Worthing 1.42, 18 Rother Valley 1.43, 19 Torbay Velopark 1.44, 20 Long Eaton 1.44, 21 Morecambe Prom 1.45, 22 Stratford-upon-Avon 1.47, 23 Alexandra 1.47, 24 Great Denham 1.47, 25 Bakewell 1.49, 26 Riverfront 1.50, 27 Cassiobury 1.52, 28 Southend 1.52, 29 Hartlepool 1.52, 30 Blandford 1.53.

The Top 30 slowest parkrun courses in the UK.
1 Great Yarmouth North Beach 9.92, 2 Woolacombe Dunes 8.86, 3 Whinlatter Forest 8.68, 4 Watergrove 8.60, 5 Millom 7.63, 6 Mount Edgcume 7.34, 7 Squerryes Winery 7.13, 8 Churchfields Farm 6.79, 9 Coed Cefn-pwll-du 6.58, 10 Storthes Hall 6.57, 11 Lanhydrock 6.52, 12 Gainsborough 6.43, 13 Flatts Lane 6.43, 14 Stratford Park, Stroud 6.42, 15 Lyme Park 6.40, 16 Faskally Forest 6.40, 17 Uckfield 6.34, 18 Lullingstone 6.17, 19 Chadderton Hall 6.14, 20 Parke 6.08, 21 Fort William 5.99, 22 Bevendean Down 5.99, 23 Lanark Moor 5.97, 24 Itchen Valley Country 5.93, 25 Drumchapel 5.88, 26 East Grinstead 5.79, 27 Wepre 5.74, 28 Windy Nook 5.56, 29 Hafan Pwllheli 5.46, 30 Guernsey 5.37.

WHEREABOUTS SYSTEM “REALLY NOT THAT COMPLICATED” – The following was published on the Athletics Weekly website recently. Photograph taken by MARK SHEARMAN.
World Athletics president SEB COE says athlete status is irrelevant when it comes to anti-doping, following high-profile cases involving world champions CHRISTIAN COLEMAN and SALWA EID NASER.

World Athletics president SEB COE has expressed surprise that any athlete “hanging by a thread” with missed test strikes against them would risk further failures and a potential ban.
Recent high-profile cases have seen world champions CHRISTIAN COLEMAN and SALWA EID NASER provisionally suspended after they each logged three whereabouts failures within a 12-month period.
Coleman heavily disputes his third whereabouts failure, while Naser was quoted as saying that she “would never cheat”.

“I don’t think it is that complicated, I really don’t,” said COE. “The athletes are asked to give their whereabouts for one hour a day and there’s plenty of scope if that one hour suddenly becomes a problem. You know, you turn up and the track has got something else on or you get caught in traffic. It’s really not that complicated.”
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules require athletes to submit their whereabouts for one hour every day in case they are needed for out-of-competition testing. An athlete is said to have violated anti-doping rules if they have any combination of three missed tests or filing failures within 12 months.
“I was comforted by the observations made by athletes who just made the point that this is the world they live in, they accept it and they’re actually quite grateful that we’ve got systems in place that are actually protecting them,” COE added. “So yeah, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
“If you’re hanging by a thread on one or even two of those, my instinct would be to sit by my front door for that hour. You wouldn’t risk not being there.”
The two-time Olympic champion also admitted that athletics is facing significant challenges to restart traditional competition, with a trimmed down Diamond League now slated to kick off in Monaco on August 14.
“There may be some restrictions on athletes being able to travel. I am sure there will be,” he said. “But we’ve seen there are things we can do to make sure that takes place.”
Coe was speaking before it was announced by British Athletics that the Müller British Athletics Championships would be further postponed to September 4-5 and take place behind closed doors, with the Diamond League in Gateshead also delayed, while there is clearance to resume elite sport behind closed doors in all parts of the UK starting from next week.
Growing annoyance from some athletes at lingering aspects of the lockdown is understandable, Coe conceded, with 2011 world 400m hurdles champion DAI GREENE having expressed his frustration at not yet being permitted to use hurdles and blocks.
“In some countries, they can,” COE said. “In France and Spain and Italy and Germany, they are now back in training. So, it’s difficult for me to make judgements across different jurisdictions. There are different health and safety protocols.
“I am in Monaco. Our restaurants are now open. I have 20 people back in the office. I have my mask and wipes and hand sanitisers. It is difficult. There is always an element, sometimes you have to make judgements. We have to be guided by the science. We have to take advice from authorities. But there are a lot of smart people in our sport to make some of these judgements.
“I was pleased to sit down with our guys about getting the Diamond League back in Monaco,” he added. “Most days of the week they are trying to figure that out. Of course, we need to be cautious. Every country has different ‘R’ numbers. We can’t play fast and loose with the health of the athletes.
“We have to be careful of communities as well. We don’t want communities in our stadiums if there is a risk they also will be under threat. It’s quite hard. But I do understand athletes and sportspeople watch one sport deal with something in a different way to another one. I do share the slight frustration that DAI GREENE has shared.”

BRITISH ATHLETICS LEAGUE 50TH YEAR BOOK We are delighted to announce that a publication celebrating 50 years of British Athletics League history is now available to purchase.
Copies can be bought for £5, or £8 for two, and £10 for three, which is the maximum order. The cost includes postage and packing, with all money raised going to help young athletes through the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund, which has also supported many BAL athletes on their journey along the athletics pathway.
To order, simply email with the details of your order and make an online payment of the appropriate amount to;
The publication itself features a range of nostalgic contributions from athletes, committee members, team managers and officials. Olympic champion and President of World Athletics, SEBASTIAN COE said: “The competition has been of constant high standard and I remember fondly my own competitions as a member of the Haringey team that were not only important for the club and its status but were important stepping stones to championships later in the season.”
There are great stories of feats that will impress, surprise and amuse you, from exhausted athletes doubling-up to score points, to guitar sing-alongs on team buses. Liverpool Harriers’ MIKE HOLMES has provided a fascinating series of archive reports that bring the piece to life, as do images by MARK SHEARMAN and MELISSA GRESSWELL. Statistical information has also been compiled by PETER MATTHEWS, with a club-by-club directory of every team to compete over the last five decades put together by MIKE HEATH.
Please note that orders will be satisfied on a first come first served basis. No booklets will be sent until payments have cleared so allow please allow seven working days between order and delivery.

ENGLAND ATHLETICS CORONAVIRUS HELP FOR ATHLETES Many thanks to TUNJI who as reported on the 19 March newsletter is the father of NIAH AKINTOKUN. 
In these unprecedented times, I wanted to draw the club’s attention to some of the great resources available online. England Athletics is expanding its campaign to support Athletics and Running for everyone @home, with a focus on ‘Running @home’ support and advice. The homepage can be accessed here
There are many webinars, interviews and tips from top coaches and athletes on how to stay conditioned and focused.
In addition, there are some fantastic videos for 4-11yr olds on the Funetics webpage put together in conjunction with England Athletics.  The videos demonstrate parents and children (aged 4-11) taking part in FUN activities based on fundamental core movement skills: running, jumping and throwing. Funetics is a programme that has been designed to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2. At this time when our children are currently schooling at home, we hope that these video activities will support the need for education to continue at home.  You can access the videos here   TUNJI AKINTOKUN MBE – Non Executive Director, England Athletics

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