Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 23 July 2020

Happy Birthday from this Thursday 23 July to Dylan Carlsson-Smith, Akin Coward, Victoria Dawes, Renee Diomar, Martin Grey, Mick Jones, Jonathan Klein, Calvin Lawrence, James Munyambu, Zach Nicholls, Victor Odiaka, Naomi Ogunniyi, Jack Redford and Gemma Sharp

RECENT NEW MEMBER We wish you a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful time with Shaftesbury to AMY GODDARD

LICC ON 1 AUGUST AND 2 AUGUST On Saturday 1 August there are events for Under 15 and 17 and Sunday 2 August there are events for Under 20, Seniors and Masters. This is the link to Saturday and Sunday timetables LICC YA MTG LV SAT 01.08.20LICC MTG LV SUN 02.08.20

The cost for SBH members is £4 per event as compared to £8 per event for athletes from other clubs. Due to Covid-19-restrictions you can only enter 1 event, this is the link for entries –

CAN YOU HELP PLEASE During the period when all competitions are suspended, I will do my upmost in keeping the Newsletter information and other content going.
I would welcome any contributions From Yourselves, any impending marriages, or additions to the family, any running or competing incidents, also past warm weather training/holidays (No Club 24 please). Currently the response has been excellent, but if you have anything that could make it into next week’s Newsletter – please email me.

TRAINING VIDEOS PRODUCED BY JADE LALLY – JADE has recently produced two videos relating to the basic fundamentals for Discus, this is the link to JADE’S first video on How To Hold A Discus the second video is on Discus Basics: Foot Placement

YOU CAN JOIN TY HOLDEN’S CIRCUIT SESSION ON ZOOM – TY will be holding a circuit session on Zoom, which is a conferencing platform, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. If you wish to join, please email TY at and he will email you an ID number for you to join in. Zoom can accommodate up to 100 users at a time.

UPDATE ON PROCEDURES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK FROM JEREMY SOTHCOTTWhich is now open to SBH members subject to the conditions below.
We have now negotiated the use of some Track & Field facilities with Saracens compliant with current guidance issued by the UK Government and England Athletics.
At the present time, the track & field groups will be limited to a maximum of five ‘Competing Club Athletes’ and one coach for each session e.g. 5 athletes on track and 5 athletes at the throws area.
Athletes should have their own implements. However, one implement of each weight will be left in the SBH store beside the sanitising equipment. Arrangements will have to be made in advance with TY HOLDEN.
Following Government Guidelines up to 5 athletes with a suitably qualified coach can now undertake Jumps training utilising jump beds and sand pits. We have updated our guidance documents, based on information and advice from our partners and government, to include guidance specific to Jumps areas (such as Cleaning requirements before, during and after sessions). Athletes, coaches, clubs and venues must follow the latest guidance – please read our updated guidance documents at: 👉
The indoor track and the clubhouse gymnasium cannot be used.
Athletes invited to train by their coach must be sent the attached Allianz Park Track & Field Agreement in advance of starting training at Allianz Park. The athlete and parent (if under 16) to sign and return to me and TY before they can train.  Athletes should meet their coach promptly at their booking time outside the SBH Clubhouse where they will be asked to confirm that they do not have, and that no one in their household has, (or has had within the last 14 days) any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
The athletes will then be escorted using social distancing (2 metres) into the SBH Clubhouse to sign the attendance record with times in and out of the stadium (black A4 folder on photocopier).  There is also some hand sanitiser on the table for use. Athletes must follow the instructions of the coach and observe social distancing during warm-up, the session and cool down.
Stadium Booking details
Please let me and TY know the names of the athletes and your preferred time slots for the following week (Monday to Sunday) before 6pm on the Saturday. We will confirm the availability and distribute the schedule to Saracens and to all coaches.
Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All 1 hour 35 minute slots (Saturday & Sunday – last slot finishes at 7.20)
9.00 – 10.35, 10.45 – 12.20, 12.30 – 2.05, 2.15 – 3.50, 4.00 – 5.35, 5.45 – 7.20, 7.30 – 9.00
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
There are 3 x 1 hour 35 minute slots and 7 x shorter 50 minute slots
9.15 – 10.50, 11.00 – 11.50, 12.00 – 12.50, 1.00 – 1.50, 2.00 – 2.50, 3.00 – 3.50, 4.00 – 4.50, 5.00 – 5.50, 6.00 – 7.25, 7.35 – 9.00
There is a 10 minute gap between each session for transitioning.
If you haven’t got a key fob for gaining access through the clubhouse, then please contact GEOFF MORPHITIS Mobile: 07976 994302 who will arrange to issue one to you. Please do not enter the clubhouse until the coach/athletes from the previous session exit.  No parents will be permitted to enter the stadium unless there is a child protection issue i.e. one coach and one athlete aged under 18.
There is a single disabled toilet (unisex) that can be used within the indoor area.
When going in and out of the Clubhouse from the carpark please make sure the door handle is left in the upward locked position at all times.
Link to the SBH Athlete and Coach Track & Field Training Agreement, which will sent to all participating athletes, and then to be returned signed by the athlete and parent – SBH – Allianz Park Track & Field Areement During Lockdown Period
Please let me know if you have any questions – JEREMY SOTHCOTT Mobile: 07764 621424 email

ENGLAND ATHLETICS DRAFT COMPETITION PROGRAMME – England Athletics have just published  May 2020 version 9 of The Draft Competition Programme for the period w/e 19 July to w/e 27 September. This sets the structure for joint men/women meetings which SBH hopes to follow. Fixtures below updated 24 June 2020 with Venue Confirmations and Dete Changes (these are shown in Red).

All the promotions listed below are subject to: –
1. Government lifting the present lockdown by 1 July so as to allow group gatherings
2. UKA issuing specific instructions to allow compliance with Government requirements
3. Obtaining a sufficient number of appropriately qualified officials from the participating clubs
4. Facility availability
5. Securing a suitable First Aid provision
6. Receipt of the appropriate licences from UKA

Saturday 25 July (Postponed to Saturday 1 August) – LICC (1) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 26 July (Postponed to Sunday 2 August) – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (1) – Venue Lee Valley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Sunday 2 August – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (1) – Venue Lee Valley – U20 / Senior, Saturday 8 August – LICC (2) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 9 August – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (2) –  Venue Lee Valley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Saturday 15 August – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (2) – Venue Lee Valley – U20 / Senior, Saturday 22 August – LICC (3) – Venue Lee Valley – all age groups, Sunday 23 August – U17/U20 Southern Premier Division (3) –  Bromley – (Inter-Club competition featuring the 6 clubs which would have been the now cancelled YDL), Saturday 5 September – U15/U17 Southern Area Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 5 September – National Athletics League – Premiership Division (3) – Venue Chelmsford – U20 / Senior, Saturday 12 September – U20/Senior Southern Area Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 19 September – U15/U17 England Championships – Venue TBA, Saturday 26 September – U20/Senior England Championships – Venue TBA

The British Championships are now being held in Manchester on 4/5 September, see report further down.

1990 SBH CENTENARY YEAR HIGHLIGHTS In the 9 July I published a list of highlights that SBH achieved from January to December 1990. In the 16 July Newsletter, I published Part 1 of the detailed highlights which covered September 1990. This week is Part 2 for the months of January to March 1990.
Link showing the full list of SBH 1990 Centenary Year Highlights as published on the 9 July Newsletter 1990 SBH Centenary Year Highlights

6 January Ladies win Beryl Davies Cross Country Trophy which was held at Footscray, Bexley.
With 20 teams participating we won the overall trophy with (249 points) to Cambridge Harriers (382).
Seniors 5th FREIDA BROWN, 7th SUSAN BROWN, 9th JOYCE SMITH, 14th ALISON BROWN. Teams 1st Cambridge Harriers (15 points), 2nd SBH (35), 3rd Herne Hill (117).
Intermediates 7th MICHELLE LEE, 11th TERESA WEBB, 18th RACHEL WHITBOURN, 21st SANDRA EWINS. Teams 1st Thurrock Harriers (35 points), 2nd Cambridge Harriers (53), 3rd SBH (57).
Girls 8th SHARON MURPHY, 20th ELSPETH LUMBY, 26th CLAIRE SPROUT, 32nd REBECCA WRIGHT. Teams 1st Highgate Harriers (51 points), 2nd Parkside (59), 3rd Bracknell (71), 4th SBH (86).
Minors 6th DONNA ROSS, 14th JACQUELINE CORTIE, 21st SOPHIE PRINCE, 30th KERRY MARTIN. Teams 1st Thurrock Harriers (37 points), 2nd Bracknell (47), 3rd Reading (54), 4th SBH (71).
13 January The Men’s Southern XC Championships was held at Parliament Hill on what felt like the first day of spring but was in fact the 13 January. The Juniors packed well to record a good 2nd place. Plymouth winning with 108 points to our 124, with Dacorum third with 167. ROBERT DRAPER currently at Cambridge University, was our first scorer 17th (33.07), 25th LAURENCE FREEMAN (33.31), 38th WAYNE DUMPLETON (34.03), 44th COLIN GODFREY (34.12), 56th JASON STUPART (34.57), 68th GERALD FOX (35.25), 77th MARIO DICESARE (35.53).
27 January The Women’s Southern XC Championships was held at Coulsdon, Surrey in heavy rain with parts of the course in ankle-deep mud. None of which prevented splendid Shaftesbury performances, for our teams were 2nd in both Seniors and Intermediate races. KERRY MACKAY had another superb race to be 2nd to arch-rival GILLIAN STACEY of Bromley.
Seniors 15th ANNE RIDLEY (25.16), 24th KAYE GILLINGHAM (25.38), 36th FREIDA BROWN (26.31), 50th SUSAN BROWN (27.03), 55th JODY ALLEN (27.14), 75th ALISON BROWN (28.10), 80th BARBARA KIRK (28.26), 90th IRENE PEATY (28.48), 149th SANDRA HARDY (33.42), 154th CAROLE BROWN (33.23), 164th ANGELA WOOLSEY (36.27). Teams 1st Woking (99 points), 2nd SBH (125), 3rd Parkside (152).
Intermediates 2nd KERRY MACKAY, 7th JOANNE BINNINGTON, 12th VICTORIA BOWLES, 36th MICHELLE LEE, 2nd TERESA WEBB. Teams 1st Bedford & County (56 points), 2nd SBH (57), 3rd Ipswich Harriers (119).

10 February The Southern Veterans XC Championships was held at Havering. The result was an emphatic win for Shaftesbury with 15 points. But the most remarkable was that we had four age-group champions. Winner of the race was GYLNNIS PENNEY of Cambridge Harriers (19.07), with JOYCE SMITH 2nd (20.09 1st O/50), JOYCE SMITH 2nd (20.09 1st O/50), BARBARA KIRK 6th (21.48 1st O40), CAROL GOULD 7th (21.55 1st O/45), CAROLE BROWN 27th (24.53), BETTY FORSTER 30th (27.48 1st O/55), JENNY EVANS 3nd (28.07). There was one black spot to mar such a splendid day, for JUNE ALLEN slipped on her was to the start and broke her arm.
10 February Senior Men win the Metropolitan League at the final meeting at Hainault. The league was a two-horse race from the start, with Woodford winning the first two fixtures the Shaftesbury second. This order was reversed at the next two fixtures, so for the final meeting at Hainault, on Woodford’s doorstep, only one point separated the clubs. Woodford had a very big turnout, and Shaftesbury pulled out all the stops. The day went in our favour by 2858 points to 2763, and the title was ours. The team packing was significant, for we had, 2nd DOMINIC BANNISTER, 3rd MIKE WILLIAMS, 8th STEVE LOWE, 10th GRAHAM GETTY, 11th ANDY KELLEHER, 13th ALASTAIR MUNRO. How’s that for a scoring six? Highest individual overall places, DOMINIC BANNISTER with a 1st and 2nd, and IAN CORNFORD a 1st. PETE MALLOY was our leading Vet runner on four occasions.
Youths/Boys, PAUL RYAN ran in all 5 races and was our first home on three occasions, placing 7th twice, 8th and 9th. Colts, STEPHEN BERRY was twice 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Seniors/Juniors – 1st SBH (13111 points), 2nd Woodford Green (13025), 3rd North London (10660)
Youths/Boys 1st Ealing & Southall (938 points), 2nd Woodford Green (886), 3rd Verlea (872), 5th SBH (773)
Colts 1st Highgate (937 points), 2nd SBH (765), 3rd Ealing & Southall (739)
Veterans 1st Verlea (1079 points), 2nd Woodford Green (1066), 3rd SBH (971)
10/11 February The UK Under 20 Indoor Championships was held at Cosford. There was an outstanding double from CATHERINE MURPHY, winning the Girl’s 100m (7.85) and then the 200m (26.27) a championship best performance. In the Youths, ONOCHIE ONUORAH won the Long Jump with (7.07m) a UK Youth indoor record and championship best performance.
17 February The Women’s National XC Championships was held at Rickmansworth. In marked contrast to the Southern, the day was fine and mild, and the going on the scenic parkland course was good. The highlight was the Intermediate team winning the Silver Medals, with a great run by KERRY MACKAY to finish 4th.
Team Results 1st City of Stoke (110 points), 2nd SBH (132), 3rd Bedford & County (150). Individual Results 4th KERRY MACKAY (16.28), 13th VICTORIA BOWLES (16.57), 25th JOANNE BINNINGTON (17.35), 90th MICHELLE LEE, 131st TERESA WEBB, 199th SANDRA EWINS
17 February The Omron Indoor Games featured NEIL WINTER cleared (4.85m) in the Pole Vault for a UK Youth Indoor Record and a Welsh Senior Record, indoor or out.
24 February The English National XC Championships was held at Roundhay Park, Leeds. The great day of the cross-country calendar, the facilities were excellent, with good changing accommodation, firm going, and a fine day until the end of the Senior race, when the runners, officials and spectators got a soaking. A record field for the Senior race, with 2195 runners and 250 teams. JOHN SHERBAN was quickly with the front group and was always in the first ten, and it was a superb performance to finish 7th (49.90), ANDY KELLEHER 148th (49.90), NEIL WALKER 584th (53.44), ANDREW MILLETT 609th (53.54), JOHN KELLY 1224th (57.57), BOBBY BROWN 1352nd (58.41), MIKE MCQUEEN 1557th (60.22), ANDREW LEBOZER 1691st (61.26), PETER ORCHARD 1720th (62.45).
25 February The Scottish National XC Championships was held at Aberdeen. On a heavy 3.7-mile course. ANNE RIDLEY a 24-year-old micro-biologist who graduated at Glasgow University, pulled off a great performance to win by 2 seconds from HAYLEY HAINING, a former GB Junior International. This win gained ANNE a place in the Scottish team for the World Championship trials.
25 February The Shaftesbury Young Athletes XC Championships was held at Copthall. And did it rain, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the runners. In the Minor Boys/Girls race (2130m) DONNA ROSS (6.52) won the girls race with the team winning with (6 points) to Thomas More School (29), in the Boys SIMON WELLS was 5th (7.16) and the team won the team race (22 points) on count back from Old Gaytonians. In the Colts/Girls race (3200m) both STEPHEN BERRY (10.31) and ELSPETH LUMBY (11.43) both finished 2nd and the teams finished 2nd and 3rd respectively to Old Gaytonians and Middlesex Ladies. Finally, in the Senior Boys race (4000m) DAVID BULLOCK (13.13) finished 2nd with the team finishing 4 points in front of Old Gaytonians.

3/4 March The European Indoor Championships was held at Glasgow. Featured JACKIE AGYEPONG who in her 60m Hurdles heat ran (8.13) and the finished 4th in the Semi-Final (8.17). In the Long Jump EVETTE FINIKIN finished 6th setting a Club Record (12.43m).
9/10 March The AAA/WAAA Indoor Championships was held at Cosford. And there was a fine Brother and Sister double, firstly JACKIE AGYEPONG had an impressive win in the 60m Hurdles (8.16). FRANCIS AGYEPONG had the hair-raising experience in the Triple Jump of five no-jumps before his final attempts, winning with (16.05m). In the Long Jump FRED SALLE who was in good form to take the Silver Medal (7.75m).
24 March The World XC Championships was held at Aix-Les-Bains, France. Following her 4th place in the National, KERRY MACKAY was selected to represent GB in the Junior Ladies race, KERRY is in fact, was the first SBH runner to run for GB in the Championships, for up to the last two years runners from the UK represented their separate countries, e.g England, Scotland etc. In the race, held on a hard, dry racecourse in warm sunshine, KERRY finished 60th in the first half of the field. As one of the youngest runners, she is still eligible for this race next year.
24 March The English XC Relay Championships was held at Mansfield. The Senior race consists of 4 stages of (5000m) of firm and fast going. A fine first leg by KIRK DUMPLETON (15.27) brought him home in 2nd place, on leg 2 there was a strong finish by DOMINIC BANNISTER and a time of (15.13) took Shaftesbury back in front from Tipton. ANDY KELLEHER (16.18) slipped us back to 5th with Salford back in front from Tipton. On the final leg JOHN SHERBAN ran (14.54), the fastest of the day, taking us up to 3rd place.
Team Results 1st Salford (61.30), 2nd Tipton (61.47), 3rd SBH (61.52).

Congratulations to JOHN BROE and FIONNA on their marriage on 17 March in Manly, New South Wales, Australia.

SBH COMPETING AND OFFICIATING IN THE ‘NEW NORMAL’ – The following was published on the Athletics Weekly website recently.
Olympic discus thrower JADE LALLY was among those to compete at the first official UK athletics meeting after lockdown. Photograph of JADE with STORMY and almost one-year-old daughter NYLA.

Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers hosted Throws Fest, the first official athletics fixture in the UK since March, at Allianz Park last weekend and both athletes and officials were delighted to be back in action after months of lockdown, writes ROSALIND ZEFFERTTThe competition, a test event designed in conjunction with England Athletics to help the sport prepare for post-lockdown action, saw 45 invited entrants over the four events – discus, shot put, hammer and javelin – having to familiarise themselves with a number of new rules. These required athletes to remain in designated sections within the competition areas, use only their own implement which they, rather than an official, retrieved after every throw, and ensure that any accompanying individuals left their contact details with the organisers for Test and Trace purposes. It was a challenge to organise in just three weeks, as field referee STEVE MARSHALL, technical manager at the 2017 World Championships, readily admitted. “I’d gladly swap the preparation for Throws Fest for 10 days at the Championships,” he said. “I can’t pretend it wasn’t stressful. But it turned out to be one of my best days in nearly 40 years of officiating. “Since athletes had to stay within certain areas, they were paying more attention to other throwers instead of taking themselves away between throws to prepare for the next one. They watched and supported each other and offered positive advice. It was like one big family. The atmosphere was brilliant.”

Having gone through nearly four months of social distancing, athletes had no trouble adapting to the new measures. “We were so used to being careful anyway that it was natural not to get close to anyone,” said Olympic discus thrower JADE LALLY, who managed to throw (56.10m) despite suffering from a numb throwing hand after her one-year-old daughter fell asleep on her arm overnight. “But after having been segregated for so long, we really enjoyed finally being able to be together and to get out and throw.” JADE’S long-time connection with Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers added to the significance of the day. “For me it was particularly special because Shaftesbury is my club and it’s where I first broke 60 metres,” she added, “so it meant a lot for me to be there.”

Meanwhile SCOTT LINCOLN, now in his fifth season at the top of the senior UK shot put rankings, set a PB of (20.41m) in his final throw of the competition. “I actually felt that I wasn’t throwing at full capacity and that I had a lot more there,” he commented, “but once I work a bit on timing, it’ll be fine.” Other athletes to improve their PBs included Shaftesbury’s under-20 hammer thrower OLIVER GRAHAM with (63.96m) and ZARA OBAMAKINWA of Blackheath & Bromley, whose (47.14m) throw not only cemented her place at the top of the under-17 discus rankings but also moved her up to 12th on the UK all-time list. Link to SBH results Allianz Park Throws Fest Results

NATIONALES MEETING, HELP AT CORONA Took place at Osterode, Germany on 18 July
Discus 1kg – JADE LALLY 3rd (58.76m) adding 2.66m to her 11 July throw, and is ranked UK No.1 in 2020

JERSEY SUMMER THROWS MEETING – Took place at St Clement on 14 July
Discus 1.75kg – EVAN CAMPBELL U20 1st (40.54m)
Discus 2kg – NATHAN THOMAS U23 1st (SB 42.58m) and is ranked UK No.2 U23 in 2020, CAMERON CAMPBELL U23 2nd (SB 40.05m) adding 2.67m to his 7 March throw, and is ranked UK No.3 U23 in 2020

OJIE EDOBURUN AND CJ UJAH AMONGST SPRINTERS FOR BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS The following was published on the Athletics Weekly website recently. Photograph taken by MARK SHEARMAN.

A further five athletes have been announced for the Müller British Athletics Championships taking place in Manchester on September 4-5. CJ UJAH, who claimed world relay gold in 2017, will bid for further national success having first medalled at the championships in 2014. He is set to be joined in competing at the Manchester Regional Arena by ASHLEIGH NELSON, IMANI-LARA LANSIQUOT and OJIE EDOBURUN, as well as hurdler JESSIE KNIGHT, who impressed during the indoor season when she won the British 400m title and claimed victory at the Müller Indoor Grand Prix. UJAH has also been announced for the Paavo Nurmi Games on August 11.

The British Championships had originally been scheduled for June 20-21 before new dates of August 8-9 were announced. The event was then further postponed and will now take place behind closed doorsPreviously announced athletes include EILISH MCCOLGANHOLLY BRADSHAWJAKE WIGHTMAN and NIAMPH EMERSONREAD MORE: Global finalists announced for British Championships

“It is great to announce another list of high-profile and successful athletes for the Müller British Athletics Championships,” said CHERRY ALEXANDER, major events director at British Athletics. “With invites officially going out, we are excited to be able to add even more of our best British athletes for Manchester. “The championships are fast approaching and we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes so that we can put on a truly world-class event for everyone competing.” The action is set to be shown on BBC Two from 18:30 on Friday 4 September and on BBC One from 13:15 on Saturday 5 September.

TOKYO 2020 CONFIRMS OLYMPIC SCHEDULES – The following was published on the Athletics Weekly website recently. Photograph taken by MARK SHEARMAN.

Athletics action at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will take place over 10 days, from July 30 to August 8, 2021, organisers have confirmed. The schedule sees athletics competition commence on Friday July 30 with the opening round of the men’s 3000m steeplechase and conclude on Sunday August 8, which is the final day of the Games, with the men’s marathon in Sapporo. The action will be spread over 16 sessions at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium and for the first time in Olympic history the women’s and men’s marathon victory ceremonies will both be held during the closing ceremony. Athletics features prominently in both of the Games’ ‘Super Saturdays’, with three finals – the men’s discus throw, women’s 100m and the inaugural mixed 4x400m relay – scheduled for August 31. Another seven athletics titles will be decided on Saturday August 7, among 34 event finals scheduled for that day, the highest single day number during the Games. ‘Golden Sunday’ on July 31 will include 25 medal events, capped by the men’s 100m final. Click here to download a PDF of the timetable.

The Olympics will begin on July 23, while the Paralympics are now due to be held from August 24 to September 5 in 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification system already in force was adapted to fit the new dates of the Games and in April World Athletics announced that the qualification period would be suspended until the start of December, ruling out any results which might be recorded from April 6 to November 30.

BRITISH ATHLETICS LEAGUE 50TH YEAR BOOK We are delighted to announce that a publication celebrating 50 years of British Athletics League history is now available to purchase.
Copies can be bought for £5, or £8 for two, and £10 for three, which is the maximum order. The cost includes postage and packing, with all money raised going to help young athletes through the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund, which has also supported many BAL athletes on their journey along the athletics pathway.
To order, simply email with the details of your order and make an online payment of the appropriate amount to;
The publication itself features a range of nostalgic contributions from athletes, committee members, team managers and officials. Olympic champion and President of World Athletics, SEBASTIAN COE said: “The competition has been of constant high standard and I remember fondly my own competitions as a member of the Haringey team that were not only important for the club and its status but were important stepping stones to championships later in the season.”
There are great stories of feats that will impress, surprise and amuse you, from exhausted athletes doubling-up to score points, to guitar sing-alongs on team buses. Liverpool Harriers’ MIKE HOLMES has provided a fascinating series of archive reports that bring the piece to life, as do images by MARK SHEARMAN and MELISSA GRESSWELL. Statistical information has also been compiled by PETER MATTHEWS, with a club-by-club directory of every team to compete over the last five decades put together by MIKE HEATH.
Please note that orders will be satisfied on a first come first served basis. No booklets will be sent until payments have cleared so allow please allow seven working days between order and delivery.

ENGLAND ATHLETICS CORONAVIRUS HELP FOR ATHLETES Many thanks to TUNJI who as reported on the 19 March newsletter is the father of NIAH AKINTOKUN. 
In these unprecedented times, I wanted to draw the club’s attention to some of the great resources available online. England Athletics is expanding its campaign to support Athletics and Running for everyone @home, with a focus on ‘Running @home’ support and advice. The homepage can be accessed here
There are many webinars, interviews and tips from top coaches and athletes on how to stay conditioned and focused.
In addition, there are some fantastic videos for 4-11yr olds on the Funetics webpage put together in conjunction with England Athletics.  The videos demonstrate parents and children (aged 4-11) taking part in FUN activities based on fundamental core movement skills: running, jumping and throwing. Funetics is a programme that has been designed to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2. At this time when our children are currently schooling at home, we hope that these video activities will support the need for education to continue at home.  You can access the videos here   TUNJI AKINTOKUN MBE – Non Executive Director, England Athletics

SBH 2020 Summer Fixture Card Front Sheet Summer 2020 Fixture Card Front Sheet Final Issue 12-02-20
SBH 2020 Summer Fixture Card Fixtures, Updated 15-07-20 LICC and YDL Fixtures 25 -26 July Rescheduled – Summer 2020 Fixture Card – Updated 15-07-20 LICC and YDL Fixtures 25-26 July Rescheduled (version 1)
Track and Field Team Managers Details
Road Running Team Managers Details

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PARKRUN 5K RESULTS – Currently Suspended

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

UPCOMING SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS FIXTURES AND OTHER FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS – Currently there is a small number of fixtures planned to commence from Saturday 1 August, details to be  published on the current status in the 23 July SBH Newsletter.

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CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – Currently the stadium is open for limited use.