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Happy Birthday from this Thursday 7 May to Scott Amir, Shimaala Elliott, Linda Elmore, Latifah Harris-Osman, Emily Hathaway, Alex Kramer, Harry Kyriacou, Tyriq Lafeuille, Scott Lincoln, Jason Nicholson, Trinity O’Connor, Naomi Palmer, Yasmin Palmer, Jenny Poll, Anne Ridley and Freya Stapleton,

ENGLAND ATHLETICS ANNOUNCE ATHLETIC COMPETITION SUSPENDED TO 30 JUNE EA announced on Wednesday 29 April that the suspension period relating specifically to athletics competition has been extended until at least 30 June. Link to EA full statement – Announcement – EA – suspension of competition to end June 2020 – 29.04.2020 (003)

SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT, UPDATED 24 MARCH The following is a joint statement by SBH and Saracens SBH Coronavirus Statement 24.03.20 Rev A

CURRENT UPDATE ON UPCOMING FIXTURES – Can be found in the ‘Upcoming Fixtures’ further down.

CAN YOU HELP PLEASE During the period when all competitions are suspended, I will do my upmost in keeping the Newsletter information and other content going.
I would welcome any contributions From Yourselves, any impending marriages, or additions to the family, any running or competing incidents, also past warm weather training/holidays (No Club 24 please).

YOU CAN JOIN TY HOLDEN’S CIRCUIT SESSION ON ZOOM – TY will be holding a circuit session on Zoom, which is a conferencing platform, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. If you wish to join, please email TY at and he will email you an ID number for you to join in. Zoom can accommodate up to 100 users at a time.

PROFILE ON JADE LALLY – JADE, STORMY and nine-month-old daughter NYLA are currently living in Loughborough. The following highlights JADE’S career, which I believe that she is one of the most consistent and successful athlete that the club has. Photograph was taken last week on one of theire isolation walks.

JADE joined Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers in December 2007, in which she had just entered the U23 age-group. In 2007 her personal best in the Discus was (49.28m) in the England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships, winning the silver medal. JADE big breakthrough came in 2009 in which she was 2nd in the England U20/U23 Championships, 3rd in the National, then in the European U23 Championships in Lithuania won the bronze medal. 2010 was her first National title which was her first of eight titles, except in 2012 and 2014 where she finished 2nd.
Other Major Championships – European 2012 Q11th, 2016 7th, 2018 11th – Commonwealth Games 2010 6th, 2014 Bronze, 2018 7th – World 2017 Q8th – Olympic Games 2016 Q15th.
Progression – first 50m throw April 2009 (53.15m), first 55m throw May 2010 (56.17m), first 55m throw July 2011 (60.76m), current personal best (65.10m) on 27 February 2016, ranking her UK No.2 on the all-time list.
Towards the end of 2018 JADE announced she was pregnant, and NYLA was born on the 19 July 2019.
2020, first competition for 18 months on 27 February, JADE said “It felt good to be back! Wasn’t sure what to expect as throwing has been a bit hindered with weather recently. Also, I had no idea on how my nerves would be. Last time I competed was in Jersey, August 2018.”

Photograph taken at the New South Wales State Champs, 2016. This is when I threw my current personal best (65.10m) and beat DANI STEVENS– a World Champion and Commonwealth Games Champion.

This is JADE’S comments on what she is doing now and the future Currently I’m doing pretty well with training. I’ve managed to buy all my own equipment and had a lot of stuff before the lockdown because of my job (as personal trainer). I also have a Discus circle Chris Scott leant me so I can drill in my garage, and I can lift almost as normal as before. Throwing is a little more challenging but I have managed to find some concrete and an open space to throw. I plan to compete this year whenever the bans are lifted. I am also planning on moving to Australia later this year with my boyfriend Stormy and of course little Nyla. So even if this season is out, the Australian season will be a real possibility to throw and compete before the year is over. Photograph of NYLA enjoying pesto pasta with our washing in the background!




























Best moment in sport– Gaining automatic selection for the Rio Olympic Games.
Worst moment– Thinking I would be selected for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and learning I wouldn’t be going. Despite appealing the decision and costing £1000’s.
Favourite Country – UK, of course!! But I really like California too. I could definitely live there. It’s like Australia but only 1 flight away!
Favourite City – London, I’m bias. Culturally so vast. So many different foods available, music scenes, people. It’s so diverse. I’m yet to find anywhere like it and feel at ease there.
Favourite Food/Snack – Favourite food is steak, fillet when I can afford it, sirloin when I can’t! Snacks, naughty snacks, Krispy Kreme when I can afford it, any old cake will do when I can’t!
Music/Artist – I have a wide variety here. I’m a big fan of old school UK garage, dance, R’n’B and rap. That always gets me going. I also am a big fan of musicals and musical theatre, The Greatest Showman is my favourite. I also am a big fan of the 60’s!
Favourite Film – Not many have heard of it, but Monsters Ball. Closely followed by the Hunger Games.
Hobbies – I used to play a lot of golf before I had Nyla. I’m also a follower of the PDC darts. Not good at playing it but always have a go!
Dislikes – People that feel they’re entitled and owed something.
Likes – People that work hard encourage others to be the best version of themselves.

This was the second in the profile series, so Beware You Could Be Next. Coming up will include one of the following Athlete, Team Manager, Coach or Official.

TRAINING TECHNIQUE VIDEOS PRODUCED BY JADE LALLY – JADE has recently produced two videos relating to the basic fundamentals for Discus, this is the link to JADE’S first video on How To Hold A Discus the second video is on Discus Basics: Foot Placement
For future videos, watch this space.

HUGH STARKEY MOVES THE PONT L’ABBE STORY ONOn the 16 April Newsletter there was an article relating to RAY VAREY, in which HUGH RICHARD’S mentioned the 1979 Pont l’Abbé race. Subsequently HUGH STARKEY contacted me, with additional information.

This was HUGH’S findings I was intrigued that in the 16 April newsletter you were able to reference our participation in the Pont l’Abbé race in 1979 so I dived into my archives. Without wishing to be pedantic, I can perhaps add to the record.
I found the poster for the 1976 race, and a report of this race in the Shaftesbury Quarterly Magazine for March 1976 by RICHARD SAMUEL who was at that time the editor and highly influenced by the style of Private Eye.

RICHARD SAMUEL recalls The Pont L’Abbé races were facilitated by the introduction of passenger services from Portsmouth to St Malo and Roscoff by Brittany Ferries in the earlier 1970s. At the beginning the passenger accommodation on the boats was very basic and on one memorable trip I remember sleeping in the medical room with the rest of our group. The races were organised by a brother and sister from a cafe on the harbour in Pont L’Abbé. I can’t remember what it was called then but I think it might now be the Restaurant De La Marine as that looks very familiar. Pont L’Abbé is not a large town so the race was run in multiple laps around the town usually in front of reasonably large crowds. What has to be remembered was in those days English runners in France were a rare breed as few made the trip across the channel so we were feted as heroes (steady on. Ed). Well, we were an interesting bunch always up for a bit of moules frites and lashings of any wine we could get our hands on. On race day, it was also traditional for the English (or Welsh) to eat all the bread in the restaurant before any food came and afterwards to eat all the cheese unlike the French who only had a few pieces each. The groups of us who made the trip soon named themselves the musketeers. This was not a conscious decision as prosaically the name came from the advertising symbol of the French supermarket, Intermarché, who at the time used a slightly raffish representation of a dashing musketeer to promote their stores. Somehow this appealed and was adopted by us.
The weekend races usually involved an extremely early start to dash down to Portsmouth and a return on Mondays usually feeling the worst for wear. As the races were held in April this often meant potentially very rough crossings across the channel. Usually this did not put the heartier souls off their food but I do remember one less than intrepid runner who I will not name having to rush to a plant pot as sea sickness overtook him.
Along with Vanves and later Nantes France in the 1970s and 80s was a happy hunting ground for those Shaftesbury boys at Pont l’Abbé and no doubt there is still talk in the town of those days and relief they are over…….or maybe not!

Nestled at the bottom of the estuary, Pont l’Abbé, with the “Little Town of Character” label, was described by MAUPASSANT as “the most Breton town” of Lower Brittany. The castle, the inhabited bridge that gave the town it’s name, the shipowners’ and merchants’ residences evoke its proud history. It was in the land of legends that the famous headdress gained its height, honouring the skill of the embroiderers.

Pont l’Abbé 1976 Small but select, that is how I would like to think of the team that made the somewhat arduous journey to the small Breton town in the Bigeuden region of France on the weekend of the 7th/8th March 1976. In fact, the team of HUGH STARKEY, ROY STEVEN, and the musketeers HUGH RICHARD and RICHARD SAMUEL were not the only English runners to make the trip as we were accompanied by Portsmouth AC and Aldershot, strangely enough the first three Southern clubs in the National.
After a hairy journey down to Plymouth, and a few beers in the nearest bar we boarded the Armourique for what to be a very rough overnight crossing. On arrival at Roscoff we were whisked off to Pont l’Abbé by our hosts. Once there we were introduced to the organisers and after a quick run settled down to the start of several lengthy meals in our Hotel. The rest of Saturday afternoon was occupied by a guided tour around the area conducted in superb weather conditions, though this was still only March. Another lengthy meal and a few beers and the rest of the day had passed.
Inevitably the worst time was the waiting for the afternoon race, which was being held at 5pm. The route for the race was round a 1200m lap which circled the town and which had to be covered 7.5 times, giving a total distance of some 9k. The French opposition was very strong with three leading French distance runners in BOXBERGER (9th in International), PAUGAM (18th), and RAULT (32nd) all competing. In a fast start HUGH STARKEY and ROY STEVEN were soon to the front with RICHARD SAMUEL and HUGH RICHARDS close behind. At 3000m ROY and BARTON were dropped, and BOXBERGER split up the rest with a long drive from 5000m out, to score an easy win. HUGH hung on to place an excellent 4th, with ROY holding 6th after his fast start. RICHARD moved through over the final 3k to place 8th, whilst HUGH found himself out of the scorers for the first time in quite a while, despite beating LES PRESLAND.
Result 1st BOXBERGER (26.54), 4th HUGH STARKEY (27.26), 6th ROY STEVEN (28.00), 8th RICHARD SAMUEL (28.12), 11th HUGH RICHARDS (28.22). Teams 1st SHAFTESBURY (18 points), 2nd ALDERSHOT, FARNHAM & DISTRICT (36).

Photograph of the 1976 poster.

Pont l’Abbé 1977 After last year’s success in winning the Le juene Gnome de Bigonden, the squad were strengthened by the addition of DAVE BEDFORD and JOHN DRYDEN although ROY STEVEN was missing.
After an eventful journey to Portsmouth in DAVE’S car, where only a minimum of traffic laws were not broken. JOHN DRYDEN was not sick on the boat going over, and no-people approached the party for their autographs. In France though it was a different story as DAVE did not begin to drive as badly as we all knew he could. He did not knock anyone over and no ambulances or gendarmes we needed at any stage of the journey although there were some Pink Floyd.
Once at Pont l’Abbé, the boys decided to find out the old Breton customs of eating seafood, and also about Oliver Cromwell who used to own a brewery in Ely, or was it Ealing. After training later in the afternoon when HUGH STARKEY did not run faster than anyone else, and did not look at the view from the world’s highest bridge – almost, DAVE BEDFORD did not do a lot of strides, and was completely knackered, JOHN DRYDEN and HUGH RICHARDS remained non-plussed and RICHARD SAMUEL was already to make a name for himself.
The route for the race was the same as last year, which is a distance of 9k. The French opposition was very strong with leading French distance runners in BOXBERGER, PAUGAM, CARABY and RAULT. Suicidal sees DAVE, BOXBERGER, PAUGAM, RICHARD and CARABY clear after 800m, RICHARD is dropped after the 2nd lap but remain in contact 10m behind. After 3 laps DAVE and PAUGAM are 80m up on RICHARD and CARABY remain together. After 4 laps DAVE drops PAUGAM and not long after BOXBERGER passes PAUGAM, during the 6th lap BOXBERGER closes on DAVE, who responded and then started to pull away. Towards the end of the 7th lap DAVE was 100m clear and the race was won.
Result 1st DAVE BEDFORD (28.04), 2nd BOXBERGER (28.15), 4th RICHARD SAMUEL (29.04), 7th HUGH STARKEY (29.41), 14th HUGH RICHARDS (30.30), 15th JOHN DRYDEN (30.33).

JOHN DRYDEN recalls However,DAVE was coming back from an injury but wasn’t too unfit, having come 45th in World cross the previous weekend.  Reading the race report, one could ask why DAVE flogged the last lap to open a 100m gap when he could have beaten BOXBERGER by just cruising around?  Well, M MEHU had bet him that if he was first past the post he’d buy DAVE a beer for every metre he won by. To be fair, when DAVE got back to the Café de la Marine he found plenty of volunteers to help him get through them.

Photograph of the 1977 poster, followed by DAVE BEDFORD on his way in wiining the race, finally RICHARD SAMUEL holding off the opposition for 4th place.

Pont l’Abbé 1978 Unfortunately I cannot find a report of full results.

Pont l’Abbé 1979 The evening of the Southern Road Relay, five of our lads packed their bags and set off is search of another memorable and enjoyable weekend in Pont l’Abbé. After coffee at “Chez RICHARD et JULIE” in Richmond we piled into HUGH RICHARD’S car and travelled down to Portsmouth where we partook of dinner at the celebrated “l’oeuf d’Or”. We made the boat with the customary 10 minutes to spare, checked into our cabins and after an incident free journey were able to breakfast on coffee and croissants at St Malo, and arrived in one piece in Pont l’Abbé about mid-day.
The route for the race again around the town and the distance was 10k. The main trouble came from the top Breton Club, Stade Brestois who provided the winner JEAN-LUC PANGAM. Shaftesbury win the “Jeune gnome de Bigonden” for the fourth consecutive year.
And so back to “Dom et Maries” for the evening celebrations, enlivened by various musical entertainment, the appearance of “la lune du Pays de Galles” and M MEHU doing the palais glide with the wife of one the Irish team.
Up early the next day for a relaxed 10 along the riverbank, after a shower, check out of our hotel. The manager, it seems, wishes to have a word with us. The lads want to run for it at once, and it takes some time to convince them that he does not wish to call the gendarmes or impound our luggage, he is, in fact inviting the team to join him for cocktails, on the house, before lunch. Is this a first for Shaftesbury?
A delightful cider and pancakes at (where else?) the creperie, then off to M MEHU’S wine cellars to purchase a few cases of his cuvee Maison (at a generous discount). We then set off for a leisurely drive to Roscoff, and the overnight ferry to Plymouth. The weekend ended about lunchtime on Tuesday as usual.

HUGH RICHARDS recalls I remember well the Bigouden Boy now residing permanently with HUGH STARKEY (and of course PHYLLIS). Those were the days when we had a Customs grilling when re-entering the UK. The Bigouden Boy is quite a valuable piece of Breton porcelain – even more so some 40 or more years on.  It might have been on that occasion (although there were many) when the Custom Officer, having scratched his head a few times, said words to the effect ‘thank goodness a British team has won something abroad….’ Photograph of the Trophy.

ODDS-N-ENDS – The following was published in the 1977 April edition of the Shaftesbury Harriers Quarterly magazine.
Congratulations to LINDA and GERRY ELMORE of the birth of a son LEE on 19 March.
There is no truth in the rumour that the only reason we are not doing the National Road Relay on 23 April is because JULIAN GOATER is getting married that day.
The storey goes that the Club track captain, GEOFF MORPHITIS, obtained a broken nose and two lovely black eyes while playing rugby. But we have not heard anything from MARGARET, GEOFF’S wife.
RICHARD SAMUEL says he is not bringing a girl to the Club dinner because he wants to enjoy himself.
DAVE BEDFORD says he is not bringing a girl to the Club dinner because his fiancé won’t let him.
Those who knew KEN PEASNELL may like to know that he has just been appointed Professor of Lancaster University.

STEVE SOLOMON AN AUSTRALIAN’S VIEW ON THE LOCKDOWN/OLYMPICS Written by ROSALIND ZEFFERRT. London 2012 400m finalist at just 19, had it all mapped out in the build up to Tokyo. “My qualification for these Olympics started last May. Every competition I did was to set me up for 2020,” said Solomon, Australia’s team captain at last summer’s World Championships. “I was really looking forward to a successful year. The season’s best I got in my last competition in February, 45.37 seconds (down from 45.54 in 2019 and seeking 44.90 to qualify), showed what a good place I was in; I was really strong and in great shape.”

Then, a few short weeks later, on the day both Australia and the UK went into lockdown, those plans were turned upside down, when the IOC postponed the Games. It hit hard. “Even though it was kind of a relief when the announcement came, at first I found myself stressed in a way I hadn’t been for years,” said SOLOMON. “Getting into the Olympics is a challenge anyway and the months going into the Games are so intense, not just for the athletes but for their families. Everything is amplified. We’d been due to hold our national trials the following week and were expecting some selections soon after.”
There was more to waiting another year than the simple passage of time and a later qualification deadline. “It may not sound that disruptive, but for athletes it’s quite a significant push for us to change to 2021. Our health, form and performance now is no guarantee of what it’ll be next year. For a lot of athletes it means a new approach to the Games.”
SOLOMON’S disappointment also reflects his personal sacrifices over the past two years. “I’d made some huge decisions to help me to reach Tokyo this year, not next, in terms of relationships, where I train and where I work. I also had plans for after the Games and that’s all in the air now.” He added, “I feel deflated, too. Even though the Games are still going to take place, it almost feels as though they’ve been taken away entirely, because the Olympics won’t be exactly the same as they were going to be in 2020.”
Nevertheless, he is satisfied with how the decision-making was handled. “It was better for us that the Games were going ahead right until the moment they were postponed, because what we do is too hard for uncertainty,” he explained. “People see us as machines, but we’re human. If the IOC had wavered, athletes would have started making poor training choices. Also, Tokyo made the announcement two months earlier than they’d originally said and we appreciated that. Otherwise it would have been very difficult for us, especially as people are on different lockdown measures in different parts of the world.” Another issue would have been managing anti-doping testing, due to the current restrictions on entering people’s homes.
SOLOMON also believes it is fortunate, given the circumstances, that the host city is Tokyo. “Had it been Rio, I think they would have struggled both financially and organisationally to keep everything ready for another year, so the Games would probably have been cancelled altogether.”
Focused though he is on his own Olympics preparations, one of the first things he did following the announcement was to message each of his fellow athletes to offer support. ”Everyone is still processing the news,” he said. “The real time to talk is early next year when the stress and anxiety will ramp up again, but I wanted them to know that I understood how they were feeling.”
Like most of Australia’s athletes in lockdown, SOLOMON is adjusting to a new routine. “Typically I’d go into unstructured training at the end of the international season, to give the body a rest, but with no official season this year, I need to start preparing for 2021 straight away,” he said. “So I’m taking that break now and I’ll have an extended season from later this month right through to next summer.” Current at-home training involves two short sessions daily with a combination of swimming, exercise bike and rowing machine, supplemented by “fun” core circuits via Zoom with work colleagues at Uber Eats, where he is a partnership manager.
When not training, SOLOMON finds he is working harder than ever, despite freeing up time by not having to make the usual two-hour round trip to the west Sydney track where his coach, former Olympic 100m hurdler Penny Gillies, is based.  “I find it hard to stop working, because I’m at home and it’s around me the whole time,” he said. “I’m consumed by work. I haven’t got round to thinking about how I’ll go back to training normally within the constraints of lockdown.”
When he does, he is determined to put everything in place to give himself the best possible chance of a place in the Olympic squad. “I’ll continue to prepare at all times with the information I have,“ he said. “The Tokyo 2020 CEO has now said that even the 2021 dates can’t be guaranteed while the virus is still spreading. I understand it is a complicated situation to predict, but I trust that those tasked with making any revision of the decision are fully aware of the gravity and the responsibility they carry.”

SBH 2020 Summer Fixture Card Front Sheet Summer 2020 Fixture Card Front Sheet Final Issue 12-02-20
SBH 2020 Summer Fixture Card Fixtures, Updated 30-04-20 Showing Cancelled & Postponed Fixtures – Summer 2020 Fixture Card – Updated 30-04-20 Showing Cancelled & Postponed Fixtures
Track and Field Team Managers Details
Road Running Team Managers Details

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WORLD ATHLETICS SUSPEND OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION PERIOD The following article was published on the Athletics Weekly website,
World Athletics has announced that the qualification period for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has been suspended until the start of December, ruling out any results which might be recorded from April 6 2020 to November 30 2020. During that period, performances will also not be considered for world rankings purposes. Results will continue to be recorded for statistical purposes, including for world records, World Athletics added.

The global governing body also confirmed that athletes who have already met the entry standard since the start of the qualification period in 2019 remain qualified and will be eligible for selection, together with other athletes who qualify within the new qualification period. Subject to the global situation returning to normal following the coronavirus pandemic, the qualification period will resume on December 1, 2020, and will run until May 31, 2021, for 50km race walk and marathon events and until June 29, 2021, for all other events. “I am grateful for the detailed work and feedback from our Athletes’ Commission and Council who believe suspending Olympic qualification during this period gives more certainty for athlete planning and preparation and is the best way to address fairness in what is expected to be the uneven delivery of competition opportunities across the globe for athletes given the challenges of international travel and government border restrictions,” said World Athletics president SEB COE. Some rescheduled events are currently set to fall within the window of suspension, meaning that results recorded at races such as the Virgin Money London Marathon, which is now due to take place on October 4 rather than April 26, will not count for Olympic qualification purposes. There are still plans for the European Championships to take place in Paris in August too but should the event go ahead, performances achieved there would also not be considered as Olympic qualifying marks.

Britain’s DAI GREENE was among the athletes to give reaction to the news on social media, with the 2011 world 400m hurdles gold medallist describing it as an “excellent decision”. “Short term safety is more important than athletes having to make risky decisions to chase qualification marks later in the summer,” he added. “Takes a lot of pressure off during an already stressful time.” While Britain’s European indoor 3000m silver medallist CHRIS O’HARE wrote: “European athletes still have to hit standards to qualify for European champs. Potential situation – An athlete runs an Olympic standard in a European Championship or British Championship (both apparently still going ahead) but it doesn’t count?”

ENGLAND ATHLETICS CORONAVIRUS HELP FOR ATHLETES Many thanks to TUNJI who as reported on the 19 March newsletter is the father of NIAH AKINTOKUN. 
In these unprecedented times, I wanted to draw the club’s attention to some of the great resources available online. England Athletics is expanding its campaign to support Athletics and Running for everyone @home, with a focus on ‘Running @home’ support and advice. The homepage can be accessed here
There are many webinars, interviews and tips from top coaches and athletes on how to stay conditioned and focused.
In addition, there are some fantastic videos for 4-11yr olds on the Funetics webpage put together in conjunction with England Athletics.  The videos demonstrate parents and children (aged 4-11) taking part in FUN activities based on fundamental core movement skills: running, jumping and throwing. Funetics is a programme that has been designed to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2. At this time when our children are currently schooling at home, we hope that these video activities will support the need for education to continue at home.  You can access the videos here   TUNJI AKINTOKUN MBE – Non Executive Director, England Athletics

WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER It has just been announced that as the World Cross Country Championships is in Australia are on 20 March 2021, the Inter Counties in Loughborough will be on 20 February and the National Cross Country Championships will be at Parliament Hill on 6 March. Elsewhere the National Cross Country Relay Championships in Mansfield are on 31 October 2020, European Trials are on 28 November and the European Championships in Dublin on 13 December.

MULLER BRITISH ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIPS – Since the current pandemic resulted in significant changes to the competition calendar, British Athletics have been in constant communication with our partners at European Athletics, World Athletics and the Wanda Diamond League to coordinate the remaining schedule of athletics events in 2020, prioritising the safety and health of our sport and spectators at all times.

At this moment in time, we are still working on the basis that all British Athletics events – Müller British Athletics Championships Manchester, Müller Anniversary Games London & Müller Grand Prix Gateshead – will be going ahead although we will continue to adhere to all government advice and guidelines to ensure the safety of those involved.

PARKRUN 5K RESULTS – Currently Suspended

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

UPCOMING SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS FIXTURES AND OTHER FOR THE NEXT 4 WEEKS – Due to the Coronavirus situation, all fixtures until the end of April and part May have been cancelled. We have also been advised that the Lee Valley Athletic Centre fixtures have been cancelled until the End of May

All fixtures have been Cancelled until the Tuesday 30 June, this is the link to the SBH Fixture Card updated on the 30 AprilSummer 2020 Fixture Card – Updated 30-04-20 Showing Cancelled & Postponed Fixtures

The following fixtures have now been Cancelled
World U20 Championships due to take place from Tuesday 7 July to Sunday 12 July
English Schools Championships due to take place on Friday 10 July and Saturday 11 July 
European U18 Championships due to take place from Thursday 16 July to Sunday 19 July
Olympic Games due to take place from Friday 31 July to Sunday 9 August

Virgin London Marathon and Mini Marathon due to take place on Sunday 26 April has been Postponed, and is rescheduled to take place on Sunday 4 October
UK Championships due to take place on Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 June has been Postponed, and is rescheduled to take place on Saturday 8 August and Sunday 9 August

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