Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Main Newsletter Thursday 2 December 2013

Happy Birthday this week to Andre Beswick, Gregory Dunson, Linda Fogg, Samuel Morris, Marie Munk Jakobsen, Nonso Okolo, Nick Percy, Ross Sambrook, Nick Smith, David Vaughan

CONGRATULTIONS TO RICHARD GOODMAN U23 AND MICHAEL CALLEGARI U20 – Who have been selected to represent GB & NI in the European Championships in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday 8 December. We have realistic chances of medals in both teams, with RICHARD in the Under-23 team and MICHAEL in the Under-20 team.

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NORTH WEST LONDON LEAGUE (MATCH 3) AND THE FRATERNITY/SORORITY CUPS – Take place this Saturday 7 December in Trent Park, Cockfosters Road, Middlesex EN4 0PS. The start is close to the car park which is accessible from the western gate of Trent Park, found on the left-side before reaching Cockfosters underground station (Piccadilly line).

The North West London League races start at 12.45pm Under 11 Girls (1200m), 12.55pm Under 11 Boys and Under 13 Girls (2200m), 13.10pm Under 13 Boys and Under 15 Girls (2600m), 13.30pm Under 15 Boys and Under 17 Women (4400m), 13.55pm Under 17 Men (5400m).

The Fraternity/Sorority Cups race starts at 2.30pm for Junior, Senor and Veteran Men/Women. Numbers will be given out close to the start area. Note: You do not have to be pre-entered for the NWLL and Fraternity/Sorority Cups, just turn up and run. 

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – It was agreed that rule 14 in the constitution should be changed to:

“A joining fee shall be paid upon election and thereafter an Annual Subscription shall be paid on the anniversary of election.  The subscription payable shall be approved at an Annual General Meeting of the Club and set at a level that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.  Any increase in the subscription rate can become operative immediately.  Individual affiliation to a Governing body is the responsibility of individual members and may be paid through the Club.”

Club subscriptions for the year commencing 1 October 2013 will be £30 for all athletes Under 20 and £35 for all athletes Over 20. In addition all athletes who are over 11 and who compete will need to pay a £10 annual registration fee to England Athletics. Some of the older members have already paid their subscriptions for 2013/14. Thank you. The rest of you will now be advised by e-mail as to the date when the subscription and the registration fee are due to be paid which will be based on the date you first joined the club. If you have any questions, please email the Treasurer at

ENGLISH SCHOOLS CUP FINAL – Took place in Southend on 30 November. Intermediate BoysTHOMAS FULTON (St Albans School) 37th (17.32), JAMES BRENNAN (St Albans School) 38th (17.33), the winner was Ben Dijkstra of Loughborough Grammer High School (15.53), the winning team was Dr Challoner’s Grammar School (6,22,35,41), St Albans School 8th (10,37,38,91), 145 runners finished. Junior BoysHENRY FULTON (St Columba’s College) 11th (11.54), ELBY CINNAMOND (St Columba’s College) 87th (12.52), THOMAS BRENNAN (St Columba’s College) 127th (13.42), the winner was Finn Birnie of Truro School (11.18), the winning team was Northampton School (2,13,25,26), St Columba’s College 9th (3,11,65,87), 140 runners finished.

ZANE DUQUEMIN – Spoke recently to Athletics Weekly about his development, training and ambitions, which was published on 7 November 2013.

Zane started in athletics when he was aged nine. He says “At the time I was involved in quite a few and was pretty quick. I started out as a sprinter, but luckily I was useful at all events – except for anything that involved running further than 200m!

I injured my abductor when I was eleven, which stopped me from running for a few months and so I tried the discus as my older sister (Shadine) was doing a bit of throwing. I took to it fairly quickly and realised then that throwing was for me.”

Coming from Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, Zane adds. “We only had one or two competitions a year and so we had to travel over to England for all my other events. My club Jersey Spartans AC, helped fund some of my trips, but it was still very expensive and I’m lucky my parents were able to pay for me to compete regularly on the mainland. To keep costs down we’d often fly out on the red eye on the day of the competition, which I used to hate as I’m not a morning person.”

Zane feels that his breakthrough competition was when winning a silver medal in the discus at his first English Schools championships as a second-year under 15. The No.1 ranked British shot putter in 2013 says “I have never been to an event of that size before and, even though we were out in the back field. I loved the atmosphere and thus gained my first taste of the buzz that big competitions can give you.” Although this was a breakthrough competition, Zane is keen to emphasise. “I would say the most important competition for me was a year later and failing to qualify for the final at the English Schools. This was a real eye-opener for me in terms of realizing that I could not continue to play rugby and throw at the level I wanted to and so I made the decision to focus fully on throwing and then went unbeaten the following year.”

The Shaftesbury Barnet Harrier, who is also the second-ranked British discus thrower this year, says that his training has evolved massively over the years and explains. “My London based coach, John Hillier, drilled it into me from an early age that throwing technique was the most important factor to develop first. The volume of drills and throws was huge and I would head down to the track whenever I was free to throw a discus.” He continues; “Gradually, the training became more structured and we started to include circuits with plyometrics and medicine ball work, but the emphasis was always on throwing. I was very weak when I was young and I absolutely hated the shot, but John encouraged me to start taking it seriously when I was 16 and that added a new element to my training as I then had two events to train for.”

Zane who studied sports science at St Mary’s University, started lifting when he was 17 and the first year was more about learning technique and getting used to the higher volume of sessions. In recent years, his training has become much more precise and individualised in terms of planning to ensure he gets the most out of his sessions while coping with the extra stresses of university.

The 1.85m tall thrower adds: “I prefer training for discus, but I favour competing in the shot – simply because it suits me better as I’m extremely competitive and can get quite aggressive when I compete in anything. It’s quite difficult managing the two events as I rotate in both. The technical positions are similar, but the timing and feeling is completely different, it makes it very difficult to peak in both events at the same time and we’re still trying to find a way to do this effectively.”

As Hillier plays a pivotal role is Zane’s development, the athletes who threw for GB at this year’s European Team Championships in Gateshead is keen to emphasise . “I wouldn’t be throwing today if it wasn’t for John. I was fortunate enough to link up with him when I was 12 as he was coaching Lauren Therin at the time – a discus and javelin thrower from Jersey – and so we’ve been working together for around a decade now. His role has changed over the years as he encourages all his athletes to become students of their event and develop their own ideas. The relationship is different now – he acts more as a mentor to me as he has the years of experience that I don’t possess.”

Zane is hoping next year to send the shot out to 20m and the discus past the 65m mark. After throwing a PB in the shot at this year’s European Under-23 Championships in Tampere, where he finished fourth, he says: “I’ve proven I can perform on the big stage and these distances should put me in contention for a top-five placing at next year’s Commonwealth Games and maybe even the podium. Long-term, I’m looking to be competitive at global championships. It may be the case I need to specialise in one event to do this, but I’m convinced I can mix it with the best in the world.”

The multi-event thrower, who recently graduated from St Mary’s with a degree says: “Moving to London was a big move for me and even though it often took me over two hours to get to each session, it allowed to train with a group of high-level throwers and also see my coach regularly. “Now back in Jersey training full-time, Zane is fortunate that he has funding from British Athletics and his sponsors. The One Foundation, so that he can focus on training for the first time.

His sponsors also run the Jersey High Performance Programme, which has taken huge steps forward over recent years and provides him with the facilities and support needed. He says: “Without them I would have to work to fund my athletics, so I can’t thank them enough.”

The 122kg Channel Islander realises: “To get up with the best in the world, my general and specific strength levels need to improve. My technique is now fairly good and relatively stable, but I’m just not strong enough in comparison to the big boys. I’m naturally not very strong and it’s something I’ve had to work at very hard and it may take me a few more years yet to get my strength levels to where they need to be. However, I know I’ll get there and I’m excited to see what distances I can start to produce.”

When asked which performance had given him the most satisfaction thus far, Zane says: “I think at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi have given me the most pleasure. I had a bad competition at the World Junior’s earlier that year (ninth in Discus qualifying), but I learnt from my mistakes and threw just short of my PB in both events and made both finals (12th shot, 10th Discus) at just 19 years old.” Next year he will be competing for Jersey at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – one of the few occasions that he is able to represent the island.

Concluding Zane adds: “Outside of athletics, I’m a very relaxed person and enjoy relaxing with friends and eating. I’m also involved in coaching strength and conditioning in the evenings and also coaching a few young throwers from Jersey.”

Typical Training Week (Hypertrophy cycle) – Each training cycle lasts four weeks. During strength and power phases the structure and exercises change slightly but stay fairly similar and the reps in the weight room come down.

Monday (am) Rest (pm) Lifting session 1.

Tuesday (am) Shot session (pm) Discus session and plyometric circuit.

Wednesday (am) Rest (pm) Lifting session 2.

Thursday (am) Shot session (pm) Discus session and plyometric circuit.

Friday (am) Rest (pm) Lifting session 3.

Saturday (am) Rest (pm) Rest.

Sunday (am) Shot session (pm) Discus session and plyometric circuit.

Lifting session 1 – Clean grip high pulls 3×10; Back squat 3×10; Bench press 3×10; Inverted row 4x Max Rep; Weighted push-up 3×5; Roll outs 3×10.

Lifting session 1 – Snatch grip high pulls 3×10; Front squat 3×10; Push press 3×10; Pull-ups 4x Max Rep; Weighted dips 3×5; Roll outs 3×10.

Lifting session 3 – Deadlift 3×10; Step-ups 2×5 each leg; Incline bench 3×10; Inverted row 4x Max Rep; Weighted push-up 3×5; Roll outs 3×10.

Shot session – 9.5kg stand throw x6; 7.26kg stand throw x10; 7.26kg full turn x10; 8kg medicine ball chest push throws 2×6; 6kg full turn x8.

Discus and plyometric session – 2kg discus stand throw x10; 2kg full turn x20; 2.5kg *Denfi full turn x6; Underarm throw8kg shot x5; Underarm throw 6kg shot x5; Loaded box jump 3×5; Single leg hops 3×5 each leg; 2.5kg Disc twists 3×20; Skipping 300 contacts.

*Denfi full turns are simply full turns but throwing a denfi tool rather than a discus – it’s basically a 2.5kg ball on a small chain with a hammer handle.

The above sessions are specific to Zane and may not be suitable for other athletes.

APOLOGIES – Last week I missed MIA GROOM from the North West London League result. Mia was 5th in the Under 13 Girls race. Have adjusted her X/C points total which is now 14 points, and she is now 2 points behind Lia Radus

ALLIANZ PARK SPORTS CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS – Which are as follows 23 December 09.00 to 21.00 – 24,25,26 December Closed – 27,28,29,30 December 09.00 to 17.00 – 31 December, 1 January Closed – 2,3 January 09.00 to 21.00. Attached is the official notice. 

SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS AND NORTH LONDON NETWORK, INDOOR TRAINING AT ALLIANZ PARK – The Network have agreed to promote a 10 week training camp at Allianz Park to improve the skills and knowledge of Network coaches and their athletes in Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump and Long Jump. The camp will run from WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER to WEDNESDAY 18 DECEMBER inclusive. Following feedback from the athletes and coaches after the first 3 weeks of the scheme, we have decided to modify the arrangements as follows.

The weekly session will start at 19.00 and end at 21.00 (warm up starts at 18.30). The cost to athletes to attend per session will be £3 per head for young athletes (U20) and students and £5 per head for seniors to include entry into the facilities.

RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.


Saturday 14 December – SEAA Masters and Inter Counties – Shuttleworth Park, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9EP. Start times Southern Masters 11.00am Men 50 and over (10km), 11.43am Women 40 plus, 50 plus, 60 plus and Men 70 plus (6km), 2.10pm Men 40 plus (10km). Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective Team Manager. Start times Inter Counties 11.04am U13 Girls (3km), 11.20am U13 Boys (3km), 11.40am U15 Girls (4km), 12.25pm U15 Boys (4km), 12.50pm U17 Men (5km), 1.15pm U17 Women (5km) and U20 Women (6km), 1.40pm U23 and Senior Women (6km). Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your respective County Team Manager. 

Saturday 21 December – Active Training World Metropolitan League Match 3 – Alexandra Palace which is accessible by road from junction of Park Road, Priory Road and Muswell Hill (western end). Getting there: W3 bus runs through Palace grounds. W7 runs past western end. BR to Alexandra Palace on Kings Cross line, or Piccadilly Line to Wood Green, then W3. Parking: Paddock Car Park from western end – park adjoins start area. Directions by road: A406 North Circular – exit at B550 Colney Hatch Lane, then onwards to Muswell Hill. The course itself: Again pretty flat! Start and Finish on a grass field, the rest is undulating, with a very steep climb/descent in parkland. You will definitely need spikes!

Start times 1.15pm U13 Boys (3km), 1.20pm U13 Girls (3km), not before 1.35pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4km), not before 1.40pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4km), not before 1.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6km), not before 2.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8km). Please go to Active Training World Metropolitan League web site for information on course maps, directions etc and will be available 2 weeks prior to the race.

Thursday 26 December – Boxing Day Bonanza – Takes place at Allianz Park and Starts at 11.00am. £1 entry fee, there will be prizes, raffle and refreshments, and why not come in fancy dress, and in Ray Powell’s case come as normal.


The Clarksburg Half Marathon (Road) took place in Clarksburg, West Virginia, U.S.A on 10 November

EMILY FERENCZI 10th (1:24.58)

The Wolverton 5 (Road) took place on 23 November

LIAM DEE U20 finished 2nd (1st U20 24.42), LISA WEBB V45 100th (3rd V45 32.02)

The Jersey Half Marathon (Road) took place on 17 November

CLIFF GOLDING V55 114th (1:43.40)


30 November – OAK HILL – JAMIE HARPER U13 2nd (New PB 17.47), STUART SINGER V50 15th (20.32), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU U15 17th (New PB 20.44), ZOE CAVENDISH U17 37th (23.36), LYDIA HERRIDGE U17 60th (28.34)

PHOTOGRAPH’SFrom time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

Please click on the link to access the SBH Website  If you view the News section then Club News, you will find the current and previously issued newsletters. Also there is Indoor News which also has the current and previously issued newsletters. We would welcome any comments you may have on the website.

This is the link to the London Athletics website, which contains useful information

England Athletics London Region and the Saracens Foundation have appointed JARED KEELY as the Urban Athletics Activator for the London Borough of Barnet. JARED is based at Allianz Park and can be contacted on 020-3675-7243 or by email on

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.