Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 21 October 2013

Happy Birthday this week Serena Clarke, Amy Clemens, Eromo Egbor, Nathan Fox, Robert Gayler, Nabil Haque, Alexander Kola, Nana Nottinson-Nyaaku, David Pearlman, Callum Scutt, Victoria Walker, Richard Williams

Special congratulations to Joyce Smith on reaching her 76th birthday on Saturday 26 October and Gerry Elmore on reaching his 71st birthday on Friday 25 October

For the remaining newsletter information and results

LIDDIARD TROPHY/NORTH OF THE THAMES – takes place this Saturday 26 October – Changing (No Showers) is at Kingsbury Free Church Hall, Slough Lane, Kingsbury NW9 8QG. Start times 13.55pm U17/U20 Men (3 Miles), 14.00pm U17/U20/Senior Women ((3 Miles), 14.30pm Senior Men (5 Miles). NOTE: YOU HAVE TO BE PRE-ENTERED BY YOUR TEAM MANAGER

ACTIVE TRAINING WORLD METROPOLITAN LEAGUE – the first fixture s took place at Claybury on 19 October, it was a pleasantly warm afternoon with a shower midway through the races. We had an excellent start with the Under 13 Boys team winning, Under 13 Girls 2nd, Senior Men 4th, Under 15/17 Men 5th, Under 15/17 Women 7th and Senior Women 8th. There were wins from JAMIE HARPER U13 and RICHARD GOODMAN SM, 2nd place finish from RACHEL FELTON SW, 3rd place finishes from MIA GROOM U13 and GERRY O’BRIEN U13.

In the Senior Men’s race MICHAEL CALLEGARI was feeling unwell and had to drop out on the second lap, we wish you a speedy recovery.

RUSSELL DEVITT celebrated his 100th race by waving his centenary flag from start to finish, attached are the photographs’ taken by Clare Powell prior to the race with Ray & Russell with their flags.

The above results are reflected in our position in the “HOWARD WILLAMS TROPHY”. For those new members Howard was the driving force is setting up the Metropolitan League in 1966, following the retirement of Howard after the 2009-2010, the league decided to hold a separate competition to commemorate Howard’s 44 years as League Administrator.

There are now 2 competitions known as the Howard Williams Trophy, one for Senior’s which is based on the final positions of your club in the Men’s and Women’s final league table at the end of the season. The second trophy is called Junior’s (which Shaftesbury donated) is based on the final positions of your club in the U13 Boys/Girls and U15/17 Men/Women’s final league table at the end of the season. The final result is calculated based on the 20 clubs in the league, therefore for example in the Senior competition SBH won the Men’s league they are awarded 20 points, and SBH are third in the Women’s they get 18 points – giving a final total of 38 points. Then say Barnet win the Women’s they get 20 points and are second in the Men’s they get 19 points – final total 39 points Barnet would win the Trophy. The same points are applied to the 4 junior races.

Following Saturdays results SBH are 5th in the senior’s and 2nd in the junior’s. The previous three seasons the seniors have been 4th, 5th and 4th. The juniors have been 1st, 7th and 2nd.

Under 13 BoysJAMIE HARPER 1st (10.11), GERRY O’BRIEN 3rd (11.13), TOM PATRICK 10th (11.37), SAM LEE 12th (11.41), WOODY CASTANG 18th (12.14), ALFIE CASTANG 22nd (12.23), ELBY CINNAMOND 25th (12.29), TOM BRENNAN 31st (12.41), MURRAY WILSON 49th (13.40), MAX CASTANG 51st (13.55), Team Result 1st SBH 192 points, 2nd Herts Phoenix 181, 3rd Enfield & Haringey 155. 57 runners finished 

Under 13 GirlsMIA GROOM 3rd (12.38), SCARLETT KENT 7th (13.95), KAYLA MICHEL 24th (14.10), CIARA DALY 32nd (14.53), Team Result 1st Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 134 points, 2nd SBH 124 points, 3rd Herts Phoenix 103, The winner was Charlotte Buckley of Thames Valley Harriers (11.40), 47 runners finished

Under 15 Boys/Under 17 MenGREG COOKE U17 6th (4th U17 14.10), GEORGE GROOM U15 7th (3rd U15 14.12), JAMES BRENNAN U15 27th (8th U1515.30), RUFUS KENT U15 52nd (25th U15 16.38), HAMZA AHMED U15 57th (29th U15 16.48), Team Result 1st Enfied & Haringey 296 lpoints, 2nd Highgate Harriers 290, 3rd Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 257, 5th SBH 248, The winner was Canaan Solomon of Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (13.30), 84 runners finished

Under 15 Girls/Under 17 WomenJESSICA HURLEY U15 10th (6th U15 17.04), EMMA DWAN U17 30th (14th U1718.26), CHLOE GOODSON U17 32nd (16th U17 18.34), GAIA CASCIELLO U17 39th (19th U17 19.35), Team Result 1st Thames Valley Harriers 195 points, 2nd Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 191, 3rd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 156, 7th SBH 109, The winner was Georgia Fear of Highgate Harriers (15.23), 54 runners finished 

Senior MenRICHARD GOODMAN 1st (24.25), NIALL FLEMING 6th (25.46), GLEN WATTS 8th (25.57), ORLANDO EDWARDS V35 19th (26.53), BEN ROCHFORD U20 34th (1st U20 27.37), MARK PEARCE U20 44th (3rd U20 28.16), KYLE LANGFORD U20 69th (8th U20 29.04), DALTON MCGUIGAN U20 81st (9th U20 29.26), MOHAMED MOHAMED 82nd (29.26), KEVIN WALDEN 169th (31.50), ANDY MILLETT V45 219th (33.32), PHILIP CUNNINGHAM V50 259th (35.07), TIM PARKIN V35 308th (37.52), RAY POWELL V50 309th (37.53), RUSSELL DEVITT V60 356th (43.05). Team Result Division 1 – 1st Highgate Harriers 1098 points, 2nd Serpentine 1020, 3rd Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 891, 4th SBH 824. Division 3 – 1st Enfield & Haringey 942 points, 2nd Hillingdon “B” 841, 3rd London Heathside “C” 767, 14th SBH “B” 105, Veterans Division 2 – 1st Barnet & District 184 points, 2nd London Frontrunners 170, 3rd Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets 163, 9th SBH 75, 371 runners finished

Senior WomenRACHEL FELTON 2nd (21.34), MARGARET COOPER V45 19th (24.52), LUCY SHORT 35th (26.10), Team Result Division 1 – 1st Serpentine 345 points, 2nd Highgate Harriers 309, 3rd Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 279, 8th SBH 159, Veterans Division 2 – 1st Barnet & District 61 points, 2nd Metropolitan Police 33, 3rd Serpentine “C” 25, 4th SBH 17, The winner was Lorna Russell of Enfield & Haringey (21.27), 152 runners finished

Congratulation to BEN ROCHFORD who was awarded £55 for the first U20 finishing, and MARK PEARCE received £15 for third place.

RICHARD GOODMAN leads with 400 points and RACHEL FELTON second with 149 points. Early days yet, but remember to be in with a chance of the cash prize at the end of the season you will need to have finished in at least 4 races.

CROSS COUNTRY POINTS TABLES – Please note that this year the North of the Thames have not included an Under 15 Boys and Girls race. As this fixture was one of the six races that counted towards the point’s championship, Tony Smith and I agreed that the three races for the Under 15 Boys and Girls before the Southern Championships will be the first three North West London League races.

UK ATHLETICS ANNOUNCE FUNDING LIST – five of our athletes DAN BRAMBLE, ZANE DUQUEMIN, JADE LALLY, SEB RODGER and ALLAN SMITH have been included in the Podium Potential World Class Performance Programme which is designed to support those considered possible medalists in seven years’ time.

CAN YOU HELP – the club require a replacement Small Fridge (not a freezer, either a desk top or under the counter) for use in the SBH Office in the West Stand. If you have one which is in working order and you were thinking of replacing and would like to donate to SBH then please contact Geoff Morphitis at or on 07976 994302 to arrange for delivery / collection.

JAMAL LEWIS U17 – following his outstanding club debut at last week-ends U17 Men’s winning National Road Relays team, he competed last Sunday in the Ampthill Trophy race, with a field of good senior runners Jamal won in a time of (29.28).

NADIA WILLIAMS SEEKS COMMONWELTH RETURN – after a season out due to injury Nadia is confident of returning to her best for next year’s Commonwealth Games. The triple jumper who had her best result when winning bronze at the 2006 games in Melbourne, had keyhole surgery on her right knee in January. She had hoped to be in action by May but decided to sit out the season when the return took longer than expected.

However, having last week been announced as an ambassador for Kukri – kit supplier to the England team for Glasgow 2014, Nadia is hopeful that will be far from her only involvement.

Nadia has fond memories of the Commonwealths and says: “The 2006 Games was my first major championships. Prior to that I was competing recreationally so I never really had aspirations of getting to competitions of such a level. It was then I started to take things seriously. To go to my first Games and come away with a bronze and a personal best was a great thing to have to my name.”

After winning the UK title in 2010, Nadia was sixth in the Commonwealths in Delhi but, despite a PB of 13.77m the following year, has fallen short of her expectations since. “With the years since not going the way I would have liked. I now have in the back of my mind next year as the year for putting certain things right and achieving the marks that people have put against my name that I should have gone out and registered.” Said the 31-year old. “I know what I need to do to get those standards and it’s now just a case of going out there and doing it.”

After the operation to address general “wear and tear” common to many triple jumpers, Nadia returned to training in July and has had a head start on winter training ahead of a year in which her first priority will be the England selection standard of 13.50m. Following nine months training under Peter Stanley in the North East, Nadia is back with former coach Keith Fleming in London and has been working on changes to her technique.

“Injuries highlight things which you’re not necessarily doing correctly”, she said. “They will also highlight where you need to make improvements. Yesterday I had a discussion with my coach and we talked about changing the angles in term of my hop and step into my jumps. Because of the injury it sounds like it’s going to be beneficial for me to change the angles of my jumps to avoid putting more stress on my knee and giving myself a reoccurring problem.”

SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS AND NORTH LONDON NETWORK, INDOOR TRAINING AT ALLIANZ PARK – The Network have agreed to fund a 10 week training camp at Allianz Park to improve the skills and knowledge of Network coaches and their athletes in Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump and Long Jump. The camp will run from WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER to WEDNESDAY 18 DECEMBER inclusive.

The weekly session will start at 18.00 and end at 21.00. The cost to athletes to attend these sessions will be £3 per head for young athletes and students and £5 per head for seniors to include entry into the facilities.

Due to the difficulties associated with PV and HJ, we will be running 2 groups in each event.

PV Group A – young vaulters with PBs over 2m – 18.00 to 19.30

PV Group B – beginners and vaulters with PBs below 2m – 19.30 to 21.00

HJ Group A – beginners and jumpers with PBs below 1.30m – 18.00 to 19.30

HJ Group B – jumpers with PBs above 1.30m – 19.30 to 21.00

RESULTS – I endeavor to publish as many results as possible, as my main source is the power of 10 website. Unfortunately all races do not make the PO10. Therefore feel free to e-mail me the race, date and result if you have it, if not the result there is a good chance I can find it on Google.


Saturday 02 November – National Cross Country Relays – Berry Hill Park, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 4JR. Start times 11.00am U20 Women (3 x 2.5K), 11.09am U17 Women (3 x 2.5K), 11.40am U20 Men (3 x 3K), 12.10pm U17 Men (3 x 3K), 12.35pm U13 Girls (3 x 2K), 13.00pm U13 Boys (3 x 2K), 13.25pm U15 Girls (3 x 2K), 13.50pm U15 Boys (3 x 2K), 14.10pm Senior Women (3 x 3K), 14.40pm Senior Men (4 x 5K). Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your Team Manager 

Saturday 09 November – Active Training World Metropolitan League (Cross Country) Match 2 – Changing is at the Sailing Centre, Fairlands Valley Park, Six Hills Way, Stevenage SG2 0BL. The Sailing Centre is signposted as you drive up Six Hills Way from the Town Centre. The course is on the other side of Six Hills Way and there is an underpass under the road. Numbers will be given out on the course. Start times 13.15pm U13 Boys (3km), 13.20pm U13 Girls (3km), not before 13.35pm U17 Men and U15 Boys (4km), not before 13.40pm U17 Women and U15 Girls (4km), not before 13.55pm U20, Senior and Veteran Women (6km), not before 14.35pm U20, Senior and Veteran Men (8km). Please go to Active Training World Metropolitan League web site for information on course maps, directions etc and will be available 2 weeks prior to the race. Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run. 

This is also the Cross Country Club Championship race for the Junior Men, 5 Miles Senior Men and Masters Men 

Saturday 16 November – London Cross Country Championships – Parliament Hill, Hampstead, nearest station I Gospel Oak, Start times 13.15pm Junior/Senior Women, 14.00pm Junior/Senior Men, There are eligibility clauses which are, you were born in the Greater London area or not less than 1 years bona fide residence the Greater London area or not less than one year’s continuous full time employment in the Greater London area or not less than one year’s continuous full time attendance at an educational establishment in the Greater London area. Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your Team Manager Simon Keene. 

Saturday 23 November – North London Cross Country Championships – Changing is at Hillingdon AC Clubhouse, 206 Bury Street, Ruislip HA4 7TJ. The course is in Mad Bess Woods which is 10-15 minutes’ walk from the clubhouse, and this is where the numbers will be given out. Start times for Junior/Senior Men’s and Women’s races to be confirmed. Note: You will have to be pre-entered by your Team Manager Simon Keene. 

Saturday 23 November – North West London League (Cross Country) Match 2 – Changing is at Hillingdon AC Clubhouse, 206 Bury Street, Ruislip HA4 7TJ. The course is in Mad Bess Woods which is 10-15 minutes’ walk from the clubhouse, and this is where the numbers will be given out. Start times to be confirmed. Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and run. 

Thursday 28 November – Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Annual General Meeting – Being held in the Restaurant at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon NW4 1RL The meeting starts at 19.30pm followed at 20.00pm with the presentation of 2012/2013 Cross Country and 2013 Track and Field awards.


The Mizuno Half Marathon took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 20 October

REBEKAH GARDINER 149th (PB 85.01), SARAH WILLIAMS 231st (87.21)

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 20 October

JAMES COOK U23 (3:34.47), BEN WILSON U17 (4:35.30) 

The Wisconsin Invitational (8000m) took place in Madison, Wisconsin USA on 19 October

JAKE SHELLEY U20 (New Mexico University) 12th (24.56)

The Pre National Invitational (6000m) took place in Terre Haute, Indiana USA on 19 October

LIZZIE BIRD U20 (Princeton University) 135th (21:42.83)

The Crimson Classic (8033m) took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA on 18 October

HARRY SAGEL U20 (Rice University) 22nd (25:25.85)


19 October – OAK HILL – STUART SINGER V50 3rd (20.18), GABRIELLA KYRIACOU U15 8th (New PB 21.27), LIDIA KYRIACOU U13 17th (22.47), SOPHIE LEWIS U15 50th (28.34)

19 October – GROVELANDS – JAMES SOTHCOTT U20 1st (New PB 18.26), JEREMY SOTHCOTT V45 21st (24.05)

19 October – GUILDFORD – JOHN DRYDEN V65 72nd (26.05)

19 October – HAMPSTEAD HEATH – SOPHIE BOWEN U15 20th (New PB 22.19)

19 October – HIGHBURY FIELDS – THOMAS BROOKS U20 6th (New PB 19.43)

19 October – ST ALBANS – SAM GRIFFITHS U17 1st (New PB 16.25)

PHOTOGRAPH’SFrom time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

Please click on the link to access the SBH Website for fixtures and results, news items, statistics etc. You can view this newsletter on the “home” page, and previous issues are on the “club news” page. We would welcome any comments you may have on the website.

This is the link to the London Athletics website, which contains useful information

ALLIANZ PARK Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7200, then press 4 for Athletics.