Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 29 October 2020

Happy Birthday from this Thursday 29 October to Jessie Concannon, Edson Gomes, Bobbi Harrison, Ben Jackson, Glasford Jones, Kieron Lee, Ted Ntibazonkiza, Freddie Ogilvie, Tommy Parker, Richard Samuel, Kenan Stephens, Harry Webb, Katie Webb and Aimi Weightman

NEELAM KADERBHOY I have been informed that NEELAM is unwell, and is currently in Hospital in Watford. On behalf of myself and Shaftesbury we wish NEELAM a speedy recovery. NEELAM will only be too pleased to hear or receive text’s, especially from her younger athletes, her number on WhatsApp is 07791 512383.

JONATHAN KILSBY To all his former friends & acquaintances at SBH we would like to keep you informed of a farewell gathering I’m organising in Trent Park.  He has requested his ashes to be scattered there as it was his favourite training venue.  His funeral will be on Wednesday 4 November in Norfolk where he lived so I’m looking at Saturday 7 November for Trent Park, after our morning training sessions. Please let me know if any SBH are likely to come along & I’ll give full details when finalised.
Best wishes, DES MICHAEL 07768 485469

RECENT NEW MEMBER We wish you a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful time with Shaftesbury to SOPHIE HANNA

SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS 130TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2020 Is to be held on Tuesday 24 November at 7.30pm. This is the link to the Agenda – AGM Notice 2020 (1)
Any proposals for a change of rule or notice of any business as per rule 22 must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary – PHILIP CUNNINGHAM, 147 Billy Lows Lane, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 1UY by 27 October 2020. This is the link to the SBH Constitution and Rules as of the 26 November 2019 – SBH Current Rules as of the 26 November 2019
Due to the need for social distancing and the current government restrictions, it is intended to hold the meeting via ‘Zoom’.
This year’s Track & Field Best Performance Awards have been cancelled. The 2019-2020 Cross Country Points and Club Championships Winners Awards will be presented to the winners by our various Coaches.

SBH SUBSCRIPTIONS 2020-2021 SBH Treasurer GEOFF MORPHITIS has sent me the following regarding subscriptions.
Dear Member I hope you’re fit and well during these difficult times. The Club has continued to function providing Covid-19 secure coaching at Barnet Copthall (formerly Allianz Park) on a limited basis from mid-June. We also promoted 7 Track & Field competitions during the period July to September. Six of these were LICC meetings at Lee Valley.
We’re working on the promotion of a number of Cross Country races at Barnet Copthall during the period December through to March in compliance with the England Athletics and Government guidelines applicable at the time.
The Club AGM will take place virtually at 19.30 on Tuesday 24 November (full login details will be distributed shortly). One of the resolutions on the order paper will deal with Club Subscriptions. Following the recent decision of the SBH Council, the proposal is as follows; “The Annual Membership Fee for new members from 1 December 2020 will increase to £50. Existing members who have paid their membership fee for year ended 30 September 2020 will be considered as having also paid their fee for the year ended 30 September 2021. In other words, in recognition of the disruption caused by Covid-19, these members will have 2 years membership for the price of one.” Therefore, I’m now asking athletes who have not paid their subscription for the year ended 30/09/20 (£45) to pay, so as to qualify for the 2 for 1 concession together with the England Athletics Registration Fee of £15 for 2020/21. The total is £60 and should be paid NOW to;
ACCOUNT NAME : SHAFTESBURY BARNET HARRIERS, BANK : HSBC, ACCOUNT NUMBER : 41308378, SORT CODE : 400426 – Please let me know when you make the payment. Thanks GEOFF

UPDATE ON SBH FIXTURE CARD  Currently all Cross Country and Road Relay fixtures for 2020 are either Cancelled or Postponed. The only exception is the Southern Counties who still need to advise whether the Southern Relays, London Championships and Southern Inter Counties are to take place. I anticipate having a clearer idea on the 2021 fixtures in December. This is the latest Fixture Card – SBH Winter Card Fixtures 2020-2021 Updated 28-10-20

WT 9.08kg – SW PHILIPPA DAVENALL U23 1st (PB 16.66m) and is ranked UK No.10 in 2020
WT 11.34kg – U20M OLIVER GRAHAM U20 1st (19.19m)

LANGDALE HALF MARATHON ROAD RACE Took place at Langdale on 24 October

MALLORY PARK 5K ROAD RACE Took place at Mallory on 17 October
KRISTIAN IMROTH U20 10th (PB 14.30 2nd U20) taking 3 minutes and 6 seconds off his 2016 time

WORLD CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 REQUEST DELAY The following was published on the athletics Weekly website recently.
Ongoing coronavirus pandemic restrictions force organisers to explore alternative dates for the 2021 World Cross Country Championships. The 2021 World Cross Country Championships, currently scheduled for March 20 next year, looks set to take place at a later date following a request from organisers that the event be postponed. Following the first day of its 222nd Council meeting, World Athletics announced that the global governing body will work closely with all stakeholders in Australia to explore the feasibility of other dates for the event taking place in Bathurst, New South Wales. “This is due to ongoing travel and gathering restrictions resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic and the measures currently implemented within Australia to contain it. This includes the closure of Australia’s international borders,” explained World Athletics. “The Board of the Local Organising Committee, World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 2021, the Athletics Australia board and the New South Wales Government have reinforced their strong desire to host this world championship and have asked World Athletics to postpone the event to a future date to be determined.” MARK ARBIB, president of Athletics Australia, said: “Whilst extremely disappointed to be making this recommendation, Athletics Australia and the LOC remain committed to the delivery of an outstanding world championship event, once we are confident that the best international cross country athletes can make their way to New South Wales and interstate travel is not restricted.” In May, Bathurst 2021 organisers announced how the aim is to take the event to an “even higher level” following the success of the 2019 championships in Aarhus.

Also on Thursday, World Athletics announced new dates for the postponed World U20 Championships Nairobi 2020 and World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships Minsk 2020. The World U20 Championships will now be held in Nairobi, Kenya from August 17-22, 2021, one week after the Tokyo Olympic Games. Under the competition’s rules, athletes aged 16, 17, 18 or 19 years on December 31, 2021, will be eligible to compete. The World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships has been rescheduled for April 23-24, 2022, in Minsk, Belarus. The World Athletics Half Marathon Championships Yangzhou 2022 has also had a small date change, moving back one week from March 20, 2022, to March 27, 2022. “The disruption caused by the global pandemic has made it more difficult to schedule international events over the next two years but we want to give as much certainty as we can to our athletes, member federations, host cities and partners,” said World Athletics president SEB COE. “We have done our best to choose dates that we believe are achievable and offer the best chance for our athletes and event hosts to shine on the international stage.”

Set protected national championships windows have been announced for the next four years as World Athletics looks to avoid calendar clashes with events such as the Wanda Diamond League. More on that news can be found here.

Trial and error, trial and error, that has been the source of pretty much every major change in athletics techniques over past centuries. And it should therefore come as no surprise to anyone that it was also the source of high jump’s famous FOSBURY Flop technique.
But the appearance of the Flop was dependent on one occurrence, and that was the creation of safe high jump landing- beds in the mid- 1960s. For before that, jumpers had deployed various versions of a face- down technique called the Straddle, which had arrived in the USA in the early 1930s. At that point, jumpers landed on either piles of sand or flat long jump-type sand-pits, but by the early 1960s these had evolved into a smelly mixture of sand, sawdust and scrap foam. And if you were a hardy Scot competing in its Highland Games, then you jumped ground to ground, you took what was coming to you, and let gravity take its course.
But to return to trial and error. Many years ago, I had a long discussion with DICK FOSBURY, and his story went like this. At college, he had been a basketball player, but one sunny spring day he had wandered down to the track, where the high- jumpers were just ending their session.
“All right if I take a few jumps, Coach“  he asked. “Be my guest, DICK,“ replied the coach.
A few minutes later a solitary DICK FOSBURY put the high jump crossbar up to around (1.55m). And cleared easily, deploying the same old-fashioned “Scissors“ jump that he had remembered from many years before as a boy, jumping in his back-garden. It was a primitive method, taking off from the left off his right foot from a narrow angle of around 30 degrees.
The “Scissors“ is the method normally deployed by the beginner, but that has to change when a child begins to take a serious interest in the event. This is because, though it has an excellent take–off position, in flight its right-angle shape means that the backside is low and soon gets into serious debates with the crossbar.
That first session, DICK FOSBURY cleared a satisfactory (1.60m) and he left the track mightily pleased with himself. A few days later, he tried again, added a couple of strides to his approach-run, gained speed and fluency, and was steadily gaining in confidence, clearing around (1.70m).
A few sessions later, Dick decided to conduct a major experiment, by flattening-out over the crossbar, lying parallel to it, thus getting his backside much higher. I pointed out to him that this is exactly what the German jumpers had done thirty odd years ago, clearing around (1.90m) with what they called the “Scherensprung”, later described as a “Back Lay-out “technique. And DICK, he was now getting clear at just over the magic six feet, around (1.85m).
This was where FOSBURY started to get a little hazy on the time-scale, and related to the moment at which he suddenly decided to employ a semi- circular approach-run. When I told him that over seventy years before the same type of run had been used by jumpers using the Eastern Cut Off clearance method, he was surprised, but that was no matter.
Using this ancient semi- circular approach, DICK FOSBURY suddenly found himself landing on his back at right angles to the bar, and at this moment the FOSBURY Flop was born. Soon he had cleared two metres, had not surprisingly attracted the attention of his college coach, and was asked to join the team. We are now probably in the summer of 1967, though FOSBURY was still rather hazy on dates, but no matter. Soon spectators stood goggling in bewilderment as he went on and on, closer and closer to the magic seven feet, in America’s still non-metric world.
And so, by 1968, DICK FOSBURY was in the American team, competing in the thin air of Mexico City, and I well remember, that even in the qualifying rounds, the stadium went quiet every time that he jumped. And so, into the Olympic final he travelled, to similar silence every time he commenced upon that strange circular run.
DICK FOSBURY proved to be a superb competitor, in an event where there is always one winner, and that is the crossbar. That day in Mexico City he cleared (2.24m), a world and Olympic record, without a single failure until he had achieved his final height. He then departed the athletic scene,
In that1968 Mexico Olympics, all of the other jumpers had deployed straddle techniques, but by the 1972 Berlin Olympics around half of them were now using the Flop, and four years later the straddle had vanished for good.
But only a few years ago, I discovered something that was quite remarkable. It was that a Montana athlete by name of BRUCE KWANDE had deployed a Flop way back in 1963, four years before FOSBURY had first made the American rankings. Using a head-on run, he had cleared around (1.85m), landing on piles of scrap foam before the instinct to survive had finally prevailed. But alas, that man from Montana, BRUCE KWANDE, for all that he had been first to Flop, he had not won an Olympic title, he had not beaten all records or using a technique that possessed the mystic, alliterative quality of the FOSBURY Flop.

NOSTALGIA – ATHLETICS WEEKLY LOOKS BACK 45 YEARS AGO The following was published on the athletics Weekly website recently.

In the magazine’s 75th year, STEVE SMYTHE looks back on past editions of Athletics Weekly and this time it’s the issue of October 18, 1975. It was a quiet year in terms of major championships, with the European Cup being the biggest international event. The issue we look at is October 18 and the cover star was PAUL DICKENSON, who is now probably better known for his BBC commentary career than he was for his hammer throwing. The double Olympian had a PB of (70.16m) when he was interviewed for ‘Who’s Who in British Athletics’ (page 20), but he went on to throw (73.20m) the following Olympic year which still ranks him 20th all-time in the UK. It should also be noted that he now coaches 27 athletes according to Power of 10 and these include JAKE NORRIS and BAYLEY CAMPBELL and he also had a successful masters career. Photograph of PAUL DICKENSON.












The most interesting pages for most might well be the UK teenage age best performances all-time on centre pages 18-19.

At the time the oldest marks (from 1958) belonged to 1960 Olympic sprint medallist PETER RADFORD (age 18 bests), who went on to head British Athletics. DAVE JENKINS, the 1971 European 400m champion, had six marks from 100m to 400m but that was headed by future Olympic champion STEVE OVETT in the middle distances. All his 800m marks have fallen to current star MAX BURGIN and STEVE CRAM took most of his 1500m and mile marks. OVETT’S (1:47.3) in the AAA final at 17, was a world age best at the time and his (1:45.8) age 18/19 gained him a European silver in the seniors. He was not at his very best in 1975 but did set a mile record. OVETT had actually lost some of his younger marks to MALCOLM EDWARDS whose picture appeared in the rankings. Matching OVETT’S eight was ANDY BARNETT who was a sensation aged 12 to 15 and still holds some of those marks. He failed to fulfil his huge potential even as an older junior and never made his mark as a senior. DAVE BLACK, who won a Commonwealth 10,000m medal in 1974, held a lot of the 3000m and 5000m marks and note future 10,000m world record-holder DAVE BEDFORD’S (28:24.4) which was a senior record at the time in 1969 and that is still the UK teenage record 51 years later. Now top coach ASTON MOORE stands out in the triple jump while two other Commonwealth champions GEOFF CAPES and CHARLES CLOVER impress with their respective marks at the shot and javelin. DALEY THOMPSON effectively had four age records in the decathlon but was still to improve the age 18 and age 19 marks.

TWO-YEAR BAN RULES OUT CHRISTIAN COLEMAN OUT OF TOKYO The following was published on the athletics Weekly website recently. Photograph taken by MARK SHEARMAN

CHRISTIAN COLEMAN, the world 100m champion, will miss the Tokyo Olympics after being given a two-year ban after missing three drugs tests. COLEMAN, who also holds the world indoor 60m record, narrowly escaped a ban last year on a technicality after missing three doping tests and then was provisionally suspended by the Athletics Integrity Unit in June this year. The 24-year-old American argued he missed one of his tests because he was near his house Christmas shopping, but a panel disputed his story and has banned him until May 13, 2022. COLEMAN did not contest his first missed test on January 16 last year but disputed a filing failure (where he submitted incorrect information) on April 26, 2019, and a whereabouts failure on December 9. For that latter test COLEMAN showed shopping receipts from Walmart to prove he was near his house and said that he returned home shortly before the end of the one-hour testing window. But anti-doping testers said they waited for the whole hour in front of his house. There is no suggestion COLEMAN has taken a banned substance but the out-of-competition testing rules say that athletes are accountable for missed tests if they are not at their specified location for the one-hour period they have stated.

The Athletics Integrity Unit verdict reads: “The athlete’s evidence was that he was out (Christmas) shopping. Though, he stated that he arrived home shortly before the end of the one-hour period, because he recalled watching the kick-off of the Monday night football game, which started at 8:15pm. His case was that the DCO (doping control officer) must have left slightly before the end of the 60-minute time slot and he must have just missed him. “Shopping receipts show that the athlete was shopping at least from 7:13pm, also purchased a chipotle at 7:53pm and finally purchased 16 items from a Walmart Supercenter at 8:22pm. The athlete’s evidence was that he returned home briefly sometime between 8:00pm and 8:10pm, ate his chipotle while watching the kick-off, then went out again. We do not accept the athlete’s evidence.” The AIU added their testing officers “both gave clear evidence that they were present throughout the period between 7:15pm and 8:15pm, standing directly in front of the athlete’s apartment. They stated that they would undoubtedly have noticed if the athlete had driven up and entered the apartment, whether through the front or garage door.” The AIU added it was “simply impossible” for COLEMAN to have bought a chipotle at 7:53pm (at least five minutes away from his home) and to return home, park his car, go in his house, eat the food, watch the start of the football game at 8:15pm and then go out again in his car to buy things from Walmart, which he paid for at 8:22pm. He would also have had to walk past the doping control officers and the lights in his house were never turned on. “It is obvious that in fact the athlete did not go home until after making his 8:22pm purchase,” the AIU concluded. “We are comfortably satisfied that this is what happened.” COLEMAN can now appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

You can read the full verdict from the AIU here.

ENGLAND ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY GUIDANCE FOR A RETURN TO LIMITED COMPETITION A collaboration of England Athletics, the English Cross Country Association and other competition providers were pleased to publish (on Friday 18 September) the return to limited competition guidance for cross country. We want to encourage all competitors and organisers to enjoy and compete in cross country this winter while we are also aware that we have to keep the cross country and wider community safe. We will continue to update guidance in light of the pilot events we are working on with competition providers and any change to government guidance. Click the link below to view the guidance documents and to read an update from MARTIN RUSH, Head of Coaching and Athlete Development at England Athletics.
A collaboration of England Athletics, the English Cross Country Association and other competition providers are pleased to publish the return to limited competition guidance for Cross Country. We know athletes, clubs, schools and coaches want a return to cross country competition. It has been the bedrock of endurance in Britain for well over a century. We want to encourage all competitors and organisers to enjoy and compete in cross country this winter while we are also aware that we have to keep the cross country and wider community safe.
The guidance document provides a framework for getting cross country competition back but this is in a limited way at this current point in time. The need to maintain social distancing (2m) or only spend a very limited amount of time closer together is at the heart of every sports’ guidance from road running, to football, to netball and triathlon. We have worked with Sport England and DCMS and other sports to ensure that our guidance recognises the current limitations imposed by the government restrictions with a return to activity which is so important to the sport, and wider community.
Our aim is that school children, club runners, international athletes and all who love the sport of cross country will be able to get back to limited racing and, if government guidance shifts, to the iconic scenes of the English National. We will continue to update guidance in light of the pilot events we are working on with competition providers and any change to government guidance.

Timelines Late September to Mid-October – Pilot cross country events, 3rd October – Cross Country Licensing opens, 17th October – Licensed Cross Country events.
Click here to access the cross country return to limited competition guidance document and associated cross country Covid-secure environment guidance document.

LATEST UPDATE ON PARKRUN – An update on our planned restart in England from parkrun Global Chief Executive Officer NICK PEARSON. Sadly, after significant consultation and discussion, circumstances outside of our control have dictated that parkrun cannot return in England by the end of October, as we had hoped.

CAN YOU HELP PLEASE During the period when all competitions are suspended, I will do my upmost in keeping the Newsletter information and other content going.
I would welcome any contributions From Yourselves, any impending marriages, or additions to the family, any running or competing incidents, also past warm weather training/holidays (No Club 24 please). Currently the response has been excellent, but if you have anything that could make it into next week’s Newsletter – please email me.

PROCEDURES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK FROM JEREMY SOTHCOTTWhich is now open to SBH members subject to the conditions below.
We have now negotiated the use of some Track & Field facilities with Saracens compliant with current guidance issued by the UK Government and England Athletics.
At the present time, the track & field groups will be limited to a maximum of five ‘Competing Club Athletes’ and one coach for each session e.g. 5 athletes on track and 5 athletes at the throws area.
Athletes should have their own implements. However, one implement of each weight will be left in the SBH store beside the sanitising equipment. Arrangements will have to be made in advance with TY HOLDEN.
Following Government Guidelines up to 5 athletes with a suitably qualified coach can now undertake Jumps training utilising jump beds and sand pits. We have updated our guidance documents, based on information and advice from our partners and government, to include guidance specific to Jumps areas (such as Cleaning requirements before, during and after sessions). Athletes, coaches, clubs and venues must follow the latest guidance – please read our updated guidance documents at: 👉
The indoor track and the clubhouse gymnasium cannot be used.
Athletes invited to train by their coach must be sent the attached Allianz Park Track & Field Agreement in advance of starting training at Allianz Park. The athlete and parent (if under 16) to sign and return to me and TY before they can train.  Athletes should meet their coach promptly at their booking time outside the SBH Clubhouse where they will be asked to confirm that they do not have, and that no one in their household has, (or has had within the last 14 days) any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
The athletes will then be escorted using social distancing (2 metres) into the SBH Clubhouse to sign the attendance record with times in and out of the stadium (black A4 folder on photocopier).  There is also some hand sanitiser on the table for use. Athletes must follow the instructions of the coach and observe social distancing during warm-up, the session and cool down.
Stadium Booking details
Please let me and TY know the names of the athletes and your preferred time slots for the following week (Monday to Sunday) before 6pm on the Saturday. We will confirm the availability and distribute the schedule to Saracens and to all coaches.
Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All 1 hour 35 minute slots (Saturday & Sunday – last slot finishes at 7.20)
9.00 – 10.35, 10.45 – 12.20, 12.30 – 2.05, 2.15 – 3.50, 4.00 – 5.35, 5.45 – 7.20, 7.30 – 9.00
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
There are 3 x 1 hour 35 minute slots and 7 x shorter 50 minute slots
9.15 – 10.50, 11.00 – 11.50, 12.00 – 12.50, 1.00 – 1.50, 2.00 – 2.50, 3.00 – 3.50, 4.00 – 4.50, 5.00 – 5.50, 6.00 – 7.25, 7.35 – 9.00
There is a 10 minute gap between each session for transitioning.
If you haven’t got a key fob for gaining access through the clubhouse, then please contact GEOFF MORPHITIS Mobile: 07976 994302 who will arrange to issue one to you. Please do not enter the clubhouse until the coach/athletes from the previous session exit.  No parents will be permitted to enter the stadium unless there is a child protection issue i.e. one coach and one athlete aged under 18.
There is a single disabled toilet (unisex) that can be used within the indoor area.
When going in and out of the Clubhouse from the carpark please make sure the door handle is left in the upward locked position at all times.
Link to the SBH Athlete and Coach Track & Field Training Agreement, which will sent to all participating athletes, and then to be returned signed by the athlete and parent – SBH – Allianz Park Track & Field Areement During Lockdown Period
Please let me know if you have any questions – JEREMY SOTHCOTT Mobile: 07764 621424 email

ENGLAND ATHLETICS CORONAVIRUS HELP FOR ATHLETES Many thanks to TUNJI who as reported on the 19 March newsletter is the father of NIAH AKINTOKUN. 
In these unprecedented times, I wanted to draw the club’s attention to some of the great resources available online. England Athletics is expanding its campaign to support Athletics and Running for everyone @home, with a focus on ‘Running @home’ support and advice. The homepage can be accessed here
There are many webinars, interviews and tips from top coaches and athletes on how to stay conditioned and focused.
In addition, there are some fantastic videos for 4-11yr olds on the Funetics webpage put together in conjunction with England Athletics.  The videos demonstrate parents and children (aged 4-11) taking part in FUN activities based on fundamental core movement skills: running, jumping and throwing. Funetics is a programme that has been designed to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2. At this time when our children are currently schooling at home, we hope that these video activities will support the need for education to continue at home.  You can access the videos here   TUNJI AKINTOKUN MBE – Non Executive Director, England Athletics

SBH 2020-2021 Winter Fixture Card updated  28-10-20, Currently all Cross Country and Road Relay fixtures for 2020 are either Cancelled or Postponed. An update on 2021 Fixtures will be published in early December 2020 – SBH Winter Card Fixtures 2020-2021 Updated 28-10-20
Cross Country Team Managers Details
Road Running/Relay Team Managers Details

Allianz Park Membership, which gives SBH members 10% discount on entry to the Allianz Park stadium – Membership details and Form can be either printed or downloaded
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SBH MIDWEEK JUMPS CLUB AT ALLIANZ PARK  Please contact CLYDE GORDON on 07753 985525/ for futher information on High Jump and Pole Vault days and times.


PARKRUN 5K RESULTS – Currently Suspended

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

PHOTOGRAPH’S – From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. Also, I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.

CLUB EMBROIDERED RED HOODIES Currently there are now over 750 Hoodies in circulation, this is the link giving details on how you can order your Club Hoody for £35, which includes having your name embroidered on the front Club Hoodies Updated 01-07-19

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CURRENT DISTRIBUTION OF SHAFTESBURY INFORMATION Currently I notify members (by email) using “MailChimp”. The reason I changed, was in November 2017 “Gmail” put a limit of 100 addresses that users could send to in a 24-hour period, and currently I send to approximately 850 members each issue.

On seeking technical advice “MailChimp” was recommended as the best way for SBH to go forward. There is one thing you should be aware off is that when you receive an email from me, the footer at the bottom has 4 options, of which one is “Unsubscribe Me From List”. Could I ask you not to select this as if you do you will be automatically removed from my distribution list.

SBH PRIVACY STATEMENT – In becoming a member, SBH will collect certain information about you. Can you please read the attached ‘Privacy Statement’ which contains Information on General Data Protection Regulations  SBH Privacy Statement Final April 2018

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7250.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – Currently the stadium is open for limited use.