Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 6 July 2017

Happy Birthday this week to Brenda Atkinson, Malka Barry, Euan Dickson-Earle, Aramide Elegbede, Rebekah Gardiner, Alyson Harvey, Jack Fitzpatrick, Jack Hughes, Luuk Metselaar, Sophie Ogunniyi, Thomas Patrick, Aidan Reynolds, Gabriel Stolarski, Ray Tucker, Geoff Williams and John Wright



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RECENT NEW MEMBERSWe wish you all a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful year to LIERRE HENRY, MICHAEL OKOYE, JESSICA QUARTEY-PAPAFIO and NATASHA SPRINGER

NEW CLUB RECORD – Congratulations to DARYLL NEITA who equalled the Under 23 100m club record (11.20) in winning the England U23 Championships at Bedford on 17 June. The current club record (11.20) is held by fellow Olympian ABI OYEPITAN which was set in Beijing, China on 27 August 2001.
ABI made the Olympic 200m final in 2004 to become the first British woman since KATHY COOK in 1984 to reach those stages, where she finished seventh in the final.

What an outstanding week-end for Shaftesbury with 43 athletes contesting the UK Championships, of these DAN BRAMBLE, JADE LALLY and NICK PERCY stood on the winner’s rostrum. We also had five Silver Medallists DARRYL NEITA, DAVID SMITH, NATHAN FOX, ZANE DUQUEMIN and JO BLAIR, and four Bronze Medallists KYLE LANGFORD, SEB RODGER, NONSO OKOLO and SHADINE DUQUEMIN.

In the Long Jump DAN set the mark with first jump, a season’s best (8.02m w2.1), the remaining jumpers new they had their backs to the wall, FERON SAYERS won the Silver Medal in the third-round with (7.95m), in the fifth-round DAN produced another (8.02m w-0.7). His record since 2011 is impressive, winning in 2015, also two second’s and one third place finish.

The Discus is an event Shaftesbury have dominated over the years, with JADE LALLY retaining her Women’s UK title, and since 2009 JADE has won 7 UK titles in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and was second placed in 2012 and 2014. JADE’S opening throw (52.73m) which was the distance KIRSTY LAW the Silver Medallist threw, in the fifth-round JADE secured her win with (58.14m). SHADINE DUQUEMIN opened her competition with (46.96m), then two foul throws followed, the fourth-round proved decisive throwing a season’s best (51.31m) and won the Bronze Medal.

The Men’s Discus final featured 4 Shaftesbury athletes, in which NICK PERCY retained his title with a throw of (60.78m), ZANE DUQUEMIN following his 3rd place last year he moved up one place to finish 2nd (60.36m). The competition was won after three-rounds, in round two ZANE took the lead with (60.36m), in round three BRETT MORSE throw of (60.12m) won the Silver medal, shortly afterwards NICK produced his winning throw (60.78m).

100m – Men Heat 2 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 1st (10.40 w2.8), Heat 3 JOHN OTUGADE U23 2nd (10.46 w0.9), in Semi-Final 2 OJIE EDOBURUN U23 finished 1st (10.22 w1.0), CONFIDENCE finished 6th (10.44 w1.0), in Semi-Final 3 JOHN finished 5th (10.36 w0.8), in the Final OJIE finished 4th (10.21 w0.0)
100m – Women Heat 2 SHEREEN CHARLES 5th (12.11 w1.7), Heat 3 LAURA CLARK U23 4th (12.10 w0.5), in Semi-Final 1 DARYLL NEITA U23 finished 1st (11.28 w1.9), in the Final DARYLL won the Silver Medal (11.25 w-1.3).   DARYLL is on the left wearing No.6

200m – Men Heat 1 ZHARNEL HUGHES U23 1st (20.64 w2.0), Heat 3 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 4th (21.15 w1.1), in the Final ZHARNEL finished 4th (20.42) after being hampered with a tight hamstring

400m – Men Heat 2 SAM HAZELL U23 5th (47.54), Heat 3 JAMAL RHODEN-STEVENS 3rd (47.20), in the Final JAMAL finished 8th (47.61)
400m – Women Heat 2 SABRINA BAKARE U23 3rd (55.14), Heat 4 LILY BECKFORD U23 6th (55.56)
800m – Men Heat 3 KYLE LANGFORD U23 1st (1:49.31), Heat 4 ANTHONY WHITEMAN V45 7th (1:53.13), in the Final KYLE won the Bronze Medal (1:50.13)
800m – Women Heat 2 ELLIE BAKER U20 2nd (2:05.02), Heat 3 MARILYN OKORO 2nd (2:04.94), in the Final MARILYN finished 6th (2:03.81), ELLIE finished 8th (2:04.81)
1500m – Men Heat 1 JACK CRABTREE U23 10th (3:54.26)
1500m – Women Heat 2 MELISSA COURTNEY 2nd (4:12.92), in the Final MELISSA finished 5th (4:10.16)
5000m – Women Straight Final NAOMI TASCHIMOWITZ 12th (16:25.97)
5000m – Men Straight Final RICHARD GOODMAN 17th (14:36.27)
100m Hurdles – Women Heat 1 GEMMA BENNETT 4th (SB 13.85 w-0.4) taking .23 of a second off her 11 June time, in the Final GEMMA finished 8th (13.99 w-1.4)
400m Hurdles – Men Heat 1 NIALL CARNEY 5th (53.48), Heat 3 DANIEL REES  U23 5th (53.94), Heat 4 SEB RODGER 1st (50.51), in the Final SEB won the Bronze Medal (50.23)
400m Hurdles – Women Heat 3 OLIVE COLES (2nd Claim) 6th (61.92)
High Jump – Men Straight Final DAVID SMITH was one of three jumpers that won the Silver Medal (2.20m), ALLAN SMITH 6th (2.16m), AKIN COWARD U23 9th equal (2.08m), LEWIS MCGUIRE U23 12th equal (2.08m)
Long Jump – Men Straight Final DAN BRAMBLE won the Gold Medal with his 5th attempt (8.02m w-0.7) adding 2cm to his 24 June jump, and is ranked UK No.2 in 2017, PAUL OGUN (HCA) 9th (7.35m w0.9)
Triple Jump – Men Straight Final NATHAN FOX won the Silver Medal (16.42m w2.4), NONSO OKOLO won the Bronze Medal (16.29m w1.6), DANIEL LEWIS 9th (15.29m w-0.1)
Triple Jump – Women Straight Final ANGELA BARRETT (2nd Claim) 4th (SB 13.05m w0.0) adding 3cm to her 24 June jump
Discus 1kg – Women Straight Final JADE LALLY won the Gold Medal with her 5th attempt (58.14m), SHADINE DUQUEMIN won the Bronze Medal with her 4th attempt (SB 51.31m) adding 6cm to her 21 May throw, and is ranked UK No.7 in 2017
Discus 2kg – Men Straight Final NICK PERCY won the Gold Medal with his 3rd attempt (60.78m), ZANE DUQUEMIN won the Silver Medal with his 2nd attempt (60.36m), GREGORY THOMPSON 6th (55.57m), ANGUS MCINROY 13th (47.52m)
Shot 7.26kg – Men Straight Final GREGORY THOMPSON 9th (14.11m)
Hammer 7.26kg – Men Straight Final CHRIS BENNETT 4th (70.50m)
Javelin 600g – Women Straight Final JO BLAIR (HCA) won the Silver Medal with her 4th attempt (51.31m), BETHAN REES U20 (HCA) 4th (PB 49.56m) adding 96cm to her 17 June throw, and is ranked UK No.2 U20 in 2017
Javelin 800g – Men Straight Final STEVEN TURNOCK 4th (70.31m)

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETICS LEAGUE – The third match of the season took place in Peterborough last Sunday.
Apologies but the results are still not available, and will publish them in the 13 July Newsletter. Although the Peterborough team result and League positions are now on their website.
Team Result – 1st Nene Valley (748.5 points), 2nd SBH (727), 3rd Dacorum & Tring (627.5), 4th Peterborough (389), 5th Colchester Harriers (348), 6th Luton (152), 7th Biggleswade (134).
League Positions after 3 rounds – 1st Havering (21 league points – 2487.5 match points), 2nd Ipswich (21 – 2357.5), 3rd Nene Valley (20 – 2168.5), 4th Bedford (19 – 2168.5), 5th SBH (18 – 2245.5), 6th Chelmsford (18 – 2065)

With the final two fixtures being held at Allianz Park on 30 July and 13 August, we have the opportunity of finishing in the top six in the League. Which would mean we would then qualify for the Final which is on Sunday 3 September, and provisionally will be at Bedford providing they finish in the top six.

The next fixture is on Sunday 30 July at Allianz Park, where we are up against Chelmsford, Hertford & Ware/Enfield & Haringey, Luton, Peterborough, Stevenage & North Herts and Thurrock.

ITALIAN T&F CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place over the week-end
200m – ANTONIO INFANTINO won the Silver Medal (20.51) and has until the 25 July to run the London qualification standard (20.44)

BAUHAUS JUNIOR GALA – Took place in Mannheim, Germany on 1-2 July
100m – H1 DOMINIC ASHWELL U20 3rd (10.42 w1.7)
4x100m – Race 1 GB U20 TEAM 1st (SB 39.93) taking .01 of a second off their 21 May time, and are ranked UK No.1 U20 team in 2017, Race 2 GB U20 TEAM 3rd (39.98), DOMINIC ran on Leg 1 in both races.
Discus 1.75kg – GEORGE EVANS U20 3rd (55.86m)
100m – SM A RENARD FREDERICK 3rd (11.12 w-2.0)
1500m – SM THOMAS BUTLER U20 (2nd Claim) 2nd (PB 3:57.50) taking .59 of a second off his 24 May time
Pole Vault – SW A EMMA ANDERSON 1st (3.80m)
Shot 7.26kg – SM A GREGORY THOMPSON 1st (PB 15.75m) adding 1cm to his 24 June put, and is ranked UK No.10 in 2017
Discus 1kg – SW A JESSICA EMERY U17 2nd (38.54m)
Discus 2kg – SM A GREGORY THOMPSON 1st (55.68m)
Hammer 7.26kg – SM A JAMES HAMBLIN U23 1st (56.35m)
100m – SM 3 LOUIS UBAKA 5th (SB 11.14 w0.7) taking .13 of a second off his 24 June time, 4 JACOB BERKELEY U20 1st (11.16 w-0.5)
100m – SW 1 PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U23 6th (12.40 w0.8)
200m – SM 4 JACOB BERKELEY U20 1st (22.69 w-0.7)
Discus 1.5kg – SM P MICHAEL NICHOLLS F44 1st (44.79m)
U & T 800m NIGHT – Took place in Toronto, Canada on 29 June
800m – PHILIPPA AUKETT 6th (SB 2:11.79) taking 1.70 seconds off her 3 June time

WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Took place on 28 June
100m – SX 1 ROSALIND ZEFFERTT V55 6th (15.59 w0.4)
1500m – SX 5 SOPHIA STAAB U17 9th (PB 4:57.71) taking 10.19 seconds off her 25 June time, 6 AIMI WEIGHTMAN U13 15th (5:18.01), 9 BINI BLOOM U15 12th (PB 4:38.11) taking 3.19 seconds off his 7 May time, JONATHAN BOARDMAN U15 15th (4:49.02), 11 GILAD NACHSHEN U15 10th (PB 4:27.47) taking 45.54 seconds off his 2015 time, 15 FINN HARVEY U17 8th (PB 4:09.47) taking 3.09 seconds off his 25 June time, 16 ROBBIE LIGHTOWLER U23 2nd (PB 4:03.08) taking 2.28 seconds off his 2013 time, 17 ELLIOT DEE U20 6th (3:59.79), MARK PEARCE U23 12th (4:04.35), 18 THOMAS KEARNS 4th (3:59.36)
3000m – SX 2 DAVID STONE U17 4th (PB 8:55.79) taking 4.75 seconds off his 25 June time, ASHOK MATHUR U23 8th (PB 8:59.68) taking 15.67 seconds off his 2015 time, LOUIS CROSS U20 25th (9:47.48), RUFUS KENT U20 27th (10:15.76)
Long Jump – W55 ROSALIND ZEFFERTT V55 2nd (3.61m nwr)

LEE VALLEY FOUR FEST OPEN – Took place on 28 June
400m – SX 1 RICHARD MORRISSEY 3rd (48.75), 3 BEN LLOYD U17 (2nd Claim) 1st (PB 49.89) taking 1.11 seconds off his 14 May time, 4 JOSEPH PEPPIATT U20 7th (55.09), 5 JOSHUA KUMAR U17 1st (53.01)

EASTERN COUNTIES AA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Took place in Cambridge on 24 June
800m – U13G Straight Final AIMI WEIGHTMAN won the Bronze Medal (PB 2:27.15) taking 1.85 seconds off her 1 May time, and is ranked UK No.8 U13 in 2017

PERIVALE OPEN – Took place on 28 June
100m – SX 1.1 LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE U20 1st (14.33 w-1.0), 2.3 LAYLA finished 4th (14.44 w-0.8)

PARKRUN RESULTS – 1 JULY – ALLY PALLY – THEO BODEN U13 38th (23.09) 144th parkrun – OAK HILL STUART SINGER V55 14th (21.48) 185th parkrun – ST ALBANS – OLIVER GREENSTEIN U20 3rd (New PB 17.54) 28th parkrun, DAVID GREENSTEIN V50 30th (20.09) 56th parkrun, CLAIRE HOBSON 135th (24.39) 83rd parkrun – STEVENAGE – RUSSELL DEVITT V65 41st (24.11) 87th parkrun – WOLVERHAMPTON – BARRY CHISHOLM V55 36th (New PB 22.31) 92nd parkrun

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES – Took place in Malaga, Spain on 25 June to 2 July
Congratulations to EDWIN YAMOAH who won the three World title in the (100m, Long Jump and 4x100m Relay), and the Silver Medal in the (200m). His previous games were in 2015 Mar Del Plata, Argentina where he won the Long Jump (5.80m) and 4 silvers (100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m relays), and 2013 Durban, South Africa with Bronze Medals in the (100m and 4x400m relay).

100m – M30 Heat 1 EDWIN YAMOAH 1st (PB 11.65 nwr) taking .12 of a second off his 21 June time, in the Final EDWIN won the Gold Medal (PB 11.29 nwr) taking .26 of a second off his Heat time,
200m – M30 Straight Final EDWIN YAMOAH won the Silver Medal (PB 24.43 nwr) taking .32 of a second off his 2013 time
4x100m Relay – M30 Straight Final GB&NI won the Gold Medal (46.72)
Long Jump – M30 Straight Final EDWIN YAMOAH won the Gold Medal (PB 5.81m nwr) adding 1cm to his 2015 jump
The Great Britain and Northern Ireland team to topped the medal table, securing a total of 332 medals – 152 of those gold – at the multi-sport event which took place from June 25 to July 2, with the athletics team winning 52 gold, 29 silver and 10 bronze medals.
There were 1350 competitors over 15 events at this year’s 21st World Transplant Games. Of the 173 GB athletes, 104 were track and field participants.

Among the stand-out performers were MATT CAVE, EDWIN YAMOAH, MATTHEW SALKELD and STEVE JARVIS – pictured above forming the 4x100m relay team.
, competing in the 40-49 age-group, won a total of six gold medals over the two days of track and field competition, breaking three world records in the 100m (11.49), 200m (24.45) and high jump. YAMOAH won three golds in the 100m, long jump and 4x100m relay, while CAVE secured six golds and one silver and SALKELD won four golds and a silver.

The World Transplant Games looks to demonstrate the benefits of successful organ transplantation, while working to increase public awareness of its success and thereby increase organ donation rates, as well as promote the full rehabilitation and wellbeing of participants.
The next edition of the global event will be held in Newcastle in 2019.

WORLD UPGRADES FOR 4x400m WOMEN’S TEAM – Shaftesbury’s LEE MCCONNELL who was a member of the GB&NI 4x400m relay team in the 2009 World Championships in Athens, and 2011 in Daegu, South Korea are set to be promoted from fourth to third place, after ANASTASIYA KAPACHINSKAYA – part of the Russian relay team – had all her results annulled from 2008 due to doping.

LEE started off her athletics career with Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers in 1997 as an Under 19 High Jumper, achieving her personal best in 2000 with a height of (1.88m) which is still the current SBH club record. The following year she switched to the 400m where she made rapid progression. In 2002, she won individual medals at the Commonwealth Games 400m Silver in Manchester and European Championships 400m Bronze in Munich, and was fourth in the World Cup in Madrid, setting a lifetime best of 50.82 also the current SBH club record. The following season she enhanced her reputation as being a championship performer by reaching the final at the World Championships in Paris, placing seventh.
After reaching the semi-finals at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, she decided to switch to the 400m hurdles but despite having the potential to be a world-class exponent at that discipline, the switch did not fully materialise but LEE did win a 2006 Commonwealth bronze medal in Melbourne, setting a lifetime best of 55.25.
LEE remained an invaluable member of the British 4x400m, greatly contributing to successive bronze medal winning performances at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki and 2007 in Osaka, but she was not fit for the 2008 Olympic Games 4x400m relay in Beijing, having to withdraw through injury. 2009 started off well for her, but injury curtailed her performances and although a member of the 4x400m relay squad at the World Championships in Athens, it was not until her last race of the season in the Shanghai Grand Prix that she managed to run somewhere near her potential with a 400m season’s best of (51.45).
2010 started brightly with a convincing win in the European Championships Trials at Birmingham (51.55), but a below-par run in the championships in Barcelona where she finished in fourth place in her heat, then went on to win a 4x400m bronze medal. At the end of the year LEE ran the 200m/400m at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, finishing 5th & 4th respectively.
The following 2 years she reached the semi-final of the 2011World Championships in Daegu, South Korea and the 2012 London Olympics Games.
LEE final race of her career was winning the Scottish National 200m Senior title in February 2013.

NORTH LONDON AQUATICS TRIATHLON – Young athletes including Shaftesbury’s HANNAH OGUNNIYI took part in their diving club’s inaugural triathlon.

Around 38 divers from North London Aquatics donned their swimming caps, cycling shorts and running shoes at Allianz Park, Colindale, for a triathlon which started with cycling and running and ended in a diving display.
The participants were aged six to 14 and cycled two miles, ran a mile, then had refreshments supplied by local businesses before taking part in the 45-minute diving display.
MPs MIKE FREER and THERESA VILLIERS, leader of Barnet Council RICHARD CORNELIUS and councillors ALISON CORNELIUS and SURY KHATRI were all present to watch the event as well as present prizes, including a perseverance award to young diver HATTIE KRAVETZ.

POLE VAULT SUMMER CAMP  We would like to offer our pole vault summer camps to anyone that would like to attend. We know that clubs are always looking for pole vaulters to help them score points and that they don’t always have either the facilities or a coach to help them do this at their local track. Our two day intensive camps are suitable for anyone from beginners to more experienced vaulters, and are being held on 14/15 and 21/22 August.
Myself and former National Coach Mentor – ELLIE SPAIN, lead on the camps and have assistant coaches to support us over the two days.
We also welcome coaches on to the camp that want to learn how to coach the event or expand on their current knowledge of coaching pole vault.
If you have any questions, please let me know – RICH HUMBY on 07837839996.

IMPENDING CLOSING DATES – The following have a July closing date – UK CAU INTER COUNTIES & AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS entry standards apply, Entries close Friday 7 July  SOUTHERN COMBINED EVENTS & RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS For U15 to Senior Male/Female, Entries close Tuesday 11 July.
For full information see ‘upcoming fixtures’ further on in newsletter.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED AT ALLIANZ PARK JAMES NEWMAN is looking to recruit athletes (if possible) between the ages of 18-30, and assume that most of my subjects will participate in sports such as running and cycling.
Would you be able to support him to complete his dissertation, which is due in September.
If you’d like more information, or to arrange a meeting to discuss further then let him know as he is eager to get the study underway.

Link to poster including contact details – Knee Pain Poster

ONLINE REGISTRATION OPEN FOR ENGLAND ATHLETICS SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – We are pleased to announce registrations are now open for our outdoor track and field Senior Championships.  These will be held in conjunction with the AAA and UK CAU champs in Bedford on 29th and 30th July and will also include our national Senior Disability Championships.  The competition is the selection event for the England team competing at the Manchester International.  You can register with a paper entry or online.
England Athletics AAA & UK CAU Senior Championships and Senior Disability Athletics Championships Click here to download paper registration pack –      
Click here to enter online

Note – Entries Close Friday 7 July
We also welcome coaches at our events; to apply for Coach Accreditation for our indoor events please please click here to download the application form.  Media Accreditation for England Athletics Championships can also be applied for – please click here to download the application form.
FORTHCOMING ENGLAND ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Our England Athletics Under 17 & Under 15 Combined Events Championships are on 20-21 August and England Athletics Under 17 & Under 15 Championships and Age Group Disability Athletics Championships are on 27-28 August.  Online registration for those champs will open nearer the event (paper registration poen for U17/U15).  All champs info is posted at
Note – Entries Close Monday 7 August

Contact details of all Cross Country Team Managers can be found on the SBH website. Please use this link

ENGLISH SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Friday 7 July to Sunday 9  July at the Birmingham  Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Bar, Birmingham (Satnav B42 2LR).
LONDON ANNIVERSARY GAMES –  Takes place on Sunday 9 July at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
For full information on tickets and how to get there please use this link

VETERANS LEAGUE COMPOSITE TEAM WITH BARNET & DISTRICT The fourth of four fixtures takes place on Monday 10 July at the Dacorum Athletics Track, Jarman Way, Hemel Hempstead (Satnav HP2 4JS). Currently the League Rules are that you need to be a 2nd Claim member of Barnet & District AC to compete, if not there are non-scoring events.
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: If you are available and wish compete please contact team manager Men David Wilcock Women Karen Murphy
WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 12 July at the Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). Events 7.00pm 400m No U13s, 7.15pm High Jump, 7.30pm BMC, 8.00pm 800m No times over 2m 45s. Note pre-entries are required for all field events.
For all entry information and ‘On the Day entry form’ please use this link then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top
WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Wednesday 12 July to Sunday 16 July in Nairobi, Kenya
EUROPEAN U23 CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Thursday 13 July to Sunday 16 July in Bydgoszcz, Poland

MIDDLESEX YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE (UNDER 11/13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) The fourth fixture of four takes place on Saturday 15 July at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager, although you can compete as a non-scorer.

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR MEN) The third fixture of four takes place on Saturday 15 July at the Bedford International Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager
UK WOMEN’S ATHLETIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1 (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR WOMEN) The third fixture of three takes place on Sunday 16 July at the Norman Park Athletics Track, Hayes Lane, Bromley (Satnav BR2 9EJ).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager
EUROPEAN U20 CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Thursday 20 July to Sunday 23 July in Grosseto, Italy

SOUTHERN COMBINED EVENTS & RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Saturday 22 July and Sunday 23 July  at the Horspath Athletics Track, Horspath Road, Oxford (Satnav OX4 2RR).
U15 Boys/Girls Pentathlon, U17, U20 & Senior Women Heptathlon, U17 Men Octathlon, U20 & Senior Men Decathlon.
For online entry please use this link –
Entries close Tuesday 11 July
UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE SOUTHERN PREMIER 1 (UNDER 17/20 MEN/WOMEN) The fourth fixture of four takes place on Sunday 23 July at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager
WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 26 July at the Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). Events 7.00pm 200m, 7.15pm Triple Jump, 7.30pm 1500m No times over 5m 30s, 9.15pm 3000m No times over 11m 00s. Note pre-entries are required for all field events.
For all entry information and ‘On the Day entry form’ please use this link then select Watford Open Graded Meetings at the top

UK CAU INTER COUNTIES & AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Saturday 29 July and Sunday 30 July at the Bedford International Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).
For all entry details and full information please use this link
Entries Close Friday 7 July

LONDON INTER CLUB CHALLENGE (ALL AGE-GROUPS INCLUDING U13s) The second of three fixtures takes place on Saturday 29 July at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Is free to all members of Shaftesbury, but why not bring a friend and introduce him to athletics (there is a charge for non-members, £4 for the first event and £3 for subsequent events). Registration opens at 10.30am, and closes 30 minutes before the published start time. All events are for both male and female age-groups unless stated.
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and register.
QUADKIDS Takes place prior to the London Inter Club Challenge on Saturday 29 July
CLYDE GORDON will be managing the event, with registration from 09.30, first event starts at 10.00, and finishes around 11.30. QUADKIDS is free to enter for Shaftesbury members and is £2 for non-members. QUADKIDS is primarily for school years 3 to 7 inclusive, ie age 7 to 12 and includes the four core disciplines of running (600m), throwing (Vortex Howler), jumping (Long Jump) and sprinting (75m). All are welcome and Parents may be asked to join in by helping out on one of the events.
EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE (UNDER 13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) The fourth fixture of five takes place on Sunday 30 July at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager

PHOTOGRAPH’S From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. Also I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.  

FACEBOOK – Photographs can be found on the SBH page. 

SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION – Little athletics programme is an athletics ‘Multi Skills’ programme for children aged 4-9 years. The programme is designed to teach children fundamental movement skills of athletics – running, jumping and throwing. The sessions are game based and as of September there will be a progression throughout the term.
LAP runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30-5.30pm – Term time only.  
1st Legacy athletics club is a pathway club for children aged 10-15 years new to athletics. Children are introduced to all the different athletics disciplines and have the opportunity to develop running, jumping and running skills that we hope they will then go onto use as a participant in the formal athletics club structure or in any other sport for activity they choose to progress to. The lead coach is Gintare Dargeviciute who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club.
1st Leg AC runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00–6.00pm – Term time only.
For full and contact details use this link to the SBH website   

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7240. 

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.20.
As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for membership of Allianz Park, this is a the link for all information and application form Allianz Park Membership Form 2017 Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.
Charges for those with a membership card are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £24.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 60) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00.
Please use this link to view all membership details and application form (which you can print)Allianz Park Membership Form 2017
All Allianz Park membership enquiries should be directed towards Isobel Dunnicliffe at Her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252