Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 8 August 2019

Happy Birthday this week to Daniel Banyard, Lily Beckford, Juliet De Freitas Vile, David Greenstein, Adam Krzyszton, Euan Mackenzie, Zach Nicholls, Isobel Parker, Sahib Singh, Kayomie Thompson, Dimitry Veshchikov and Joshua Woods

2019 Summer Fixture Card Fixtures Issued 21-02-19 – Summer 2019 Fixture Card Issued 21-02-19
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All Lee Valley And Watford Open Meetings July To September 2019V3 Lee Valley Open Meetings July-September 2019 Issued 04-07-19W V3 Watford Open Meetings July-September 2019 Issued 04-07-19

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SBH MIDWEEK JUMPS CLUB AT ALLIANZ PARK  The current arrangements until further notice are that Pole Vault training is on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 18.30pm to 21.00pm. High Jump training is on Wednesday’s from 18.45pm to 21.00pm.
Please contact the session administrator CLYDE GORDON in advance and let him know if you are planning to attend.

POLE VAULTERS REQUIRED FOR 2019 To all athlete’s young & old, are you aware of the Pole Vault sessions SBH, have in the indoor track, at Allianz Park on Monday’s & Wednesday’s evenings from 6.30pm. We have room to coach more of you, why not come along, see a session & get involved.
Last year 2018 in the Eastern Young Athletes League, we were unable to fill our full quota of athletes, in the Pole Vault, so why not give it a try for 2019.
Contact CLYDE GORDON at for more details.

STEEPLECHASE TRAINING AT ALLIANZ PARK  Please note following requests BRYAN SMITH will be coaching steeplechase every Tuesday evenings from 18.00pm to 18.30pm.
All welcome but please be ready to start at 18.00pm as there is only 30 mins to cram in what we can.  Main concentration will be on hurdles and barrier work.
BRYAN coached former Senior Women 3000m Steeplechase Club Record holder JO ANKIER, whose time of (9:43.88) ranking UK No.9 on the UK All-Time list, also JO holds the Under 23 2000m Steeplechase (6:48.92) and 1500m Steeplechase (4:52.5) club records, her 1500m time is ranked UK No.1 on the UK All-Time list.

RECENT NEW MEMBERSWe wish you a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful time with Shaftesbury to KACHI AKPAKWU, HOPE BAKER, SAULE MICKAITYTE and KACEY WALTERS

EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS SUPER LEAGUECongratulations to the following Shaftesbury athletes who have been selected to compete for Great Britain & Northern Ireland in Bydgoszcz, Poland from 9-11 August.

MANCHESTER INTERNATIONALCongratulations to the following Shaftesbury athletes who have been selected to compete for England and Scotland in Sportcity, Manchester on Wednesday 14 August.

ENGLAND  ETHAN WALSH (Pole Vault), AKIN COWARD (High Jump), DAN BRAMBLE (Long Jump), NATHAN FOX (Triple Jump), GREGORY THOMPSON (Discus), PAGE FAIRCLOUGH (4x100m Relay), ROBERT SHIPLEY (4x400m Relay) and ZANE DUQUEMIN (Support Staff Throws)


Hosted at the Manchester Regional Arena in Sportcity, the event will see an England team compete against teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland & Ulster, Wales, BAL/UKWL (British Athletic League / UK Women’s League), GB Juniors and international athletes across a wealth of track and field disciplines. 2019 marks the first year that para athletes have been included in the line-up.
Now in its fourth year, the Manchester International acts as a gateway competition between regional club events and the Commonwealth Games, giving athletes the experience of competing in front of a big crowd against strong opposition. The event is a great platform for athletes to hit form and impress England Athletics selectors with a home Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.

YOUTH NATIONS CUPTook place at Dublin, Ireland on 3 August.
400m – U18W HANNAH FOSTER (England White) 1st (55.41)
3000m – U18M HENRY MCLUCKIE U20 (England White) 1st (8:43.88)
1500m Steeplechase – U18W AMELIA WILLS U20 (England Red) 3rd (5:23.32)
Triple Jump – U18M JOSH WOODS U20 (England White 2nd Claim) 3rd (13.52m w0.4)
Pole Vault – U18M GLEN QUAYLE U20 (England Red) 1st (4.60m)
4x400m Relay – U18M ENGLAND WHITE 2nd (3:55.48) HANNAH FOSTER ran on Leg 3
Team Result – 1st England Red (73 points), 2nd England White (60), 3rd Ireland Green (50)


BRITISH ATHLETICS LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP (UNDER 20 & SENIOR MEN)The final fixture of four took place last Saturday at Birmingham.

Team Result – 1st Birchfield Harriers (394 points), 2nd Newham & Essex Beagles (338), 3rd SBH (323, 4th Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (297), 5th City of Sheffield & Dearne (250), 6th Harrow (242), 7th Blackheath & Bromley (189), 8th Cardiff (126).

Final League Standings After 4 Rounds – 1st Birchfield Harriers (31 league points – 1417 match points), 2nd Newham & Essex Beagles (29 – 1330), 3rd SBH (21 – 1143), 4th Harrow (19 – 1090.5), 5th Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (16 – 1071), 6th City of Sheffield & Dearne (14 – 1020), 7th Blackheath & Bromley (7 – 843.5), 8th Cardiff (7 – 729).

100m – A DOMINIC ASHWELL U23 2nd (10.56 w0.0), B JOHN OTUGADE 3rd (10.68 w-0.7), Non-Scoring CHARLIE DOBSON U23 (2nd Claim/HCA) 1st (10.47 w-0.3), LUKE SMITH U23 8th (11.04 w-0.3),
200m – A JAMAL RHODEN-STEVENS 6th (21.74 w-1.5), B LUKE SMITH U23 5th (22.17 w-1.3)
400m – A ROBERT SHIPLEY (HCA) 4th (47.62), B KRISHAWN AIKEN 3rd (48.55)
800m – A MOHAMED ISMAIL MOHAMED 6th (1:54.77), B RORY MUIR 6th (1:56.12)
1500m – A LIAM DEE 4th (3:48.50), B PHILLIP CROUT 2nd (3:50.79)
5000m – A THOMAS BUTLER U23 3rd (15:01.58), B PHILLIP CROUT 2nd (15:02.74)
110m Hurdles – A EDSON GOMES U23 4th (14.54 w-0.7), B JASON NICHOLSON U23 (HCA) 4th (14.91 w-0.1)
3000m Steeplechase – A ORLANDO EDWARDS V40 4th (SB 10:27.10) and is ranked UK No.1 V40 in 2019
400m Hurdles – A JOSHUA FAULDS U20 3rd (52.74), B JASON NICHOLSON U23 (HCA) 4th (PB 52.72) taking .25 of a second off his 24 July time, and is ranked UK No.5 U23 in 2019
4x100m Relay – SBH 4th SB 41.32) taking .44 of a second off their 9 June time, and is ranked UK No.7 club team in 2019 JOHN OTUGADE, JAMAL RHODEN-STEVENSLUKE SMITH, CHARLIE DOBSON U23 (2nd Claim/HCA)
4x400m Relay – SBH 2nd (PB 3:10.23) taking 1.16 seconds off their 2008 time, and is ranked UK No.3 club team in 2019 SAM HAZELL (47.3), KRISHAWN AIKEN (48.2), JOSHUA FAULDS U20 (47.7), ROBERT SHIPLEY (HCA) (47.2)
High Jump – A AKIN COWARD 3rd (2.00m), B BEN BELLISARIO U20 3rd (PB 1.90m) equalling his 28 July height
Pole Vault – A ETHAN WALSH U23 3rd (5.00m), B BEN BELLISARIO U20 6th (SB 2.10m)
Long Jump – A DAN BRAMBLE 1st (7.90m w1.8), B KENAN STEPHENS U17 4th (6.47m w0.0)
Triple Jump – A NATHAN FOX 2nd (SB 16.41m w0.0) adding 29cm to his 20 January jump, and is ranked UK No.4 in 2019, B DANIEL LEWIS 1st (15.72m w0.0)
Shot 7.26kg – A GREGORY THOMPSON 3rd (15.42m), B JAMES HAMBLIN (2nd Claim) 4th (11.00m)
Discus 2kg – A GREGORY THOMPSON 1st (60.47m), B NATHAN THOMAS U23 5th (39.79m)
Hammer 7.26kg – A CHRIS BENNETT 2nd (SB 73.23m) adding 43cm to his 8 June throw, and is ranked UK No.4 in 2019, B JAMES HAMBLIN (2nd Claim) 3rd (58.14m)
Javelin 800g – A DANIEL BAINBRIDGE U23 4th (63.32m), B GREGORY THOMPSON 6th (SB 33.83m)

Scoring System Top 10 – NATHAN FOX 2nd (16.41m – 1070 points), DAN BRAMBLE 7th (7.90m – 1024 points),

UK WOMEN’S ATHLETICS LEAGUE DIVISION 1 (UNDER 20 & SENIOR WOMEN)The final fixture of three took place last Sunday at Wigan.

Due to the adverse weather the 200m and both relays were cancelled.

Team Result – 1st Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (187.5 points), 2nd Southampton (181), 3rd Swansea Harriers (155), 4th Herts Phoenix (147), 5th Wigan (149.5), 6th SBH (141), 7th Crawley (129), 8th Harrow (107).

Final League Standings After 3 Rounds – 1st Woodford Green with Essex Ladies (19 league points – 553.5 match points), 2nd Wigan (19 – 551), 3rd Southampton (18 – 533), 4th SBH (17 – 524), 5th Swansea Harriers (14 – 479.5), 6th Harrow (9 – 421), 7th Herts Phoenix (7 – 383), 8th Crawley (5 – 381).

100m – A PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U23 3rd (12.13 w-1.8), B SELENA HENDERSON U23 5th (12.94 w-1.6))
400m – A MARILYN OKORO 6th (SB 58.26), B HANNAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 8th (62.67)
800m – A NATALIE CONNOR U23 5th (SB 2:21.12), B HANNAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 2nd (PB 2:19.96) taking .34 of a second off her 13 July time
1500m – A INDRA PATEL U20 5th (PB 4:54.74) taking .10 of a second off her 30 June time, B ELANA DIMMER 4th (5:13.77)
3000m – A INDRA PATEL U20 1st (PB 10:20.88) taking 9.24 seconds off her 6 July time, B ELANA DIMMER 3rd (PB 11:22.39)
100m Hurdles – A NENE HARRISON V35 8th (18.12 w-2.9), B KIERRA GRANT U20 7th (PB 25.04 w-2.3)
400m Hurdles – A ALEXA EICHELMANN U23 6th (PB 72.79)
4x100m Relay
– Cancelled
4x400m Relay – Cancelled
High Jump – A CLAIRE MCGARVEY U20 4th Equal (1.65m), B AMY GULLEN U23 3rd Equal (SB 1.60m) equalling her 16 June height
Long Jump – A EAVION RICHARDSON U23 2nd (SB 5.80m w2.2) adding 18cm to her 9 June jump, B KIERRA GRANT U20 4th (5.22m w1.1)
Triple Jump – A JAZZ SEARS U20 2nd (11.56m w1.9), B EAVION RICHARDSON U23 1st (11.18m w3.1)
Shot 4kg
 – A ALEXA EICHELMANN U23 6th (10.25m), B SARAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 5th (8.85m)
Discus 1kg – A SARAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 4th (31.79m), B NENE HARRISON V35 6th (PB 18.40m)
Hammer 4kg – A SARAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 7th (SB 20.16m) adding 1.37m to her 26 May throw, B HANNAH RIDLEY U23 (HCA) 6th (PB 9.74m)
Javelin 800g – A ALEXA EICHELMANN U23 6th (SB 28.67m) adding 1.99m to her 6 July throw, B NENE HARRISON V35 4th (22.97m)

INTERNATIONAL THROWING MEETINGTook place at Leira, Portugal on 3-4 August.
Discus 1kg – SW 3 August SHADINE DUQUEMIN 6th (54.33m), 4 August SHADINE DUQUEMIN 5th (54.26m)
Discus 2kg – SM 3 August NICK PERCY 3rd (61.42m), ZANE DUQUEMIN 4th (SB 60.76m) adding 8cm to his 29 June throw, 4 August ZANE DUQUEMIN 2nd (SB 61.02m) adding 26cm to his 3 August throw, NICK PERCY 5th (60.36m)

YORK 10K ROAD RACETook place at York on 4 August.
ROBERT RIGBY V55 99th (39.11)

UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM OPEN MEETINGTook place at Birmingham on 3 August.
3000m – SX 1 JEREMY DEMPSEY U23 2nd (PB 8:12.18) taking 7.21 seconds off his 2017 time, and is ranked UK No.9 U23 in 2019, THOMAS BUTLER U23 12th (PB 8:27.61) taking .35 of a second off his 2018 time

CITIUS MEETINGTook place at Bern, Switzerland on 3 August.
100m – 1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 5th (10.47 w-0.1)
200m – 1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 5th (21.12 w0.6)
800m – 1 KYLE LANGFORD 7th (1:47.19)
High JumpDAVID SMITH 1st (SB 2.21m) adding 3cm to his 9 June height, and is ranked UK No.3 in 2019

SOAR SUMMER MILETook place at Olympic Park on 2 August.
Mile – SX 5 LISA WEBB V50 5th (5:47.48), 12 KIERAN CLEMENTS 3rd (SB 4:05.54)

BELFAST INTERNATIONALTook place at Belfast on 1 August.
Discus 2kg – SM NICK PERCY GB&NI) 1st (60.71m)
Hammer 7.26kg – SM CHRIS BENNETT (GB&NI) 1st (69.24m)

LEE VALLEY SPRINT 100M/200M OPEN MEETINGTook place at Lee Valley on 31 July.
100m – SX 1 DOMINIC ASHWELL U23 2nd (10.34 w0.7), 8 SAHIB SINGH U23 4th (SB 11.44 w-0.3) taking .06 of a second off his 17 July time
200m – SX 2 DOMINIC ASHWELL U23 4th (SB 21.55 w2.1) taking 1.83 seconds off his 6 April time

ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPSTook place at Bressanone, Italy on 28 July.
200m – SM Heat ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (20.93 w-0.7) in the Final ANTONIO won the Gold Medal (20.84 w-0.4)

PARKRUN 5K RESULTS – 3 AUGUST – BARCLAY – SARAH WILLIAMS V35 4th (20.38) 25th parkrun, RICHARD WILLIAMS V35 6th (21.03) 49th parkrun – BUSHEY – LIA RADUS U17 19th (New PB 18.15) 18th parkrun – CANONS PARK – LAUREN MALTZ U13 55th (26.46) 5th parkrun – FOUNTAINS ABBEY – ADAM THORPE U23 1st (16.44) 8th parkrun – FUKAKITARYOKUCHI, TOKYO, JAPAN – JO KENT V50 5th (First Time 21.09) 56th parkrun, SCARLETT KENT U17 17th (First Time 26.57) 34th parkrun – HACKNEY MARSHES – NAOMI TASCHIMOWITZ 4th (16.57) 26th parkrun, BARRY CHISHOLM V60 170th (25.43) 175th parkrun – JERSEY – EMILY HATHAWAY U17 27th (New PB 20.08) 24th parkrun – LYMINGTON WOODSIDE – REBEKAH GARDINER 8th (New PB 19.50) 46th parkrun – MAIDSTONE – CLIFF GOLDING V60 159th (28.07) 68th parkrun – OAK HILL – FREYA LENTON U23 71st (24.47) 3rd parkrun, BRADLEY SINGER 78th (25.02) 111th parkrun – PENRHYN – DYLAN MICHEL U15 4th (First Time 19.15) 33rd parkrun, KAYLA MICHEL U20 23rd (First Time 22.40) 27th parkrun, LENARD MICHEL V45 29th (First Time 22.50) 54th parkrun, SHONA MICHEL V45 74th (First Time 26.12) 33rd parkrun – RUSHMOOR – JOSHUA EDWARDS U20 7th (First Time 18.03) 27th parkrun, TOBY EDWARDS U13 220th (First Time 25.27) 21st parkrun – STEVENAGE – RUSSELL DEVITT V70 230th (32.36) 159th parkrun – SUNNY HILL – ABBAS ADEJONWO U20 17th (First Time 24.45) 1st parkrun, SANJEEV BALLUCKSINGH U20 22nd (26.24) 11th parkrun

PARKRUN – Can you make sure that you are registered as ‘Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers’, as the link I use to select all results only shows SBH athletes. If anyone is also officiating can you please contact me, and advise me where and when.

SEBASTIAN COE SET FOR UNOPPOSED RE-ELECTION AS IAAF PRESIDENTThe following article was posted on the Athletics Weekly website.

A list of 45 candidates seek election to the IAAF Council in various roles – SEB COE is set to be re-elected unopposed as the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) but there will be strong competition for a number of other positions on the IAAF Council. The IAAF has announced a list of 45 candidates from across the globe who have put themselves forward for election to the international federation’s governing board. The candidates seek election into 18 positions on the Council at the IAAF Congress on September 25, two days ahead of the World Championships in Doha.

Those 18 positions include one president, four vice-president and 13 individual member roles. Of those four vice-presidents, at least one must be female. In addition to the 18 positions there will be six area presidents, who have already been elected, and two members of the athletes’ commission (one female and one male) who will be elected by the commission in November, making a total of 26 IAAF Council members. The IAAF advised that a focus on increasing the gender balance on the Council, with the areas conducting gender leadership seminars, has seen a 10% increase in female candidates. There are three women, including 1992 Olympic 400m bronze medallist XIMENA RESTREPO of Colombia, among the 11 candidates seeking election as vice-presidents. Ukraine’s 1988 Olympic pole vault gold medallist SERGEY BUBKA also hopes to be re-elected as a vice-president. He was unsuccessful in his bid to become president when he stood against Coe four years ago.

“We have a strong list of candidates from 44 countries applying for IAAF Council positions which demonstrates the global strength of our sport,” said Coe. “I am particularly pleased that almost 40% of the individual candidates are female, something we have seen reflected across our area elections, with four of our areas electing a female vice-president.”

The full list of IAAF Council candidates can be downloaded here.

REMEMBERING TOKYO 1964The following article was posted on the Athletics Weekly website.
With exactly a year to go until Olympic Games action returns to Tokyo, former Athletics Weekly editor MEL WATMAN looks back 55 years and shares his memories.

It is going to be a hard act to follow. The Tokyo Olympics are just a year away and the British team will surely be a strong one … but it is unlikely to obtain the level of success enjoyed at the last Tokyo Games in 1964.

Team GB’s showing at the London Olympics of 2012 was widely hailed as the best ever with four gold medals thanks to MO FARAH (two), GREG RUTHERFORD and JESSICA ENNIS, plus a silver for CHRISTINE OHURUOGU, a bronze (or an upgraded silver?) for ROBBIE GRABARZ and three fourth place finishes. But that hardly bears comparison with the 1964 haul of four golds (two with world record-breaking performances), seven silvers, a bronze and five fourth places./p>


LYNN DAVIES – Long jump gold
– 20km race walk gold
– 800m gold
– Long jump gold
– 400m hurdles silver
– Marathon silver
– 3000m steeplechase silver
and TIM GRAHAM – 4x400m silver
– 50km race walk silver
– 400m silver
– Pentathlon silver
and MARY RAND – 4x100m bronze

Remember too that in Tokyo there were only 36 events on the programme, whereas at London 2012 there were 47 as a result of 11 additional women’s disciplines. I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo 55 years ago to report on the Games for AW. They were my second Olympics – and I went on to attend seven more – but the 1964 edition remains my favourite. It wasn’t just because of the British triumphs, although being of roughly the same age as most of the team and forming friendships with many of them helped me identify with their aspirations. No, those Games were special because I was privileged also to watch some fantastic sprinting, a monumental 800m/1500m double, a sensational 10,000m, an amazing marathon, a dramatic discus contest and so much more.


Men’s 100m: BOB HAYES USA 10.0 (electronic 10.06)
Women’s 4x100m & 4x400m: USA
39.0 (39.06) & 3:00.7
11.2 (11.23)
Long jump: MARY RAND GBR
4x100m: POLAND
43.6 (43.69) (later removed in favour of USA 43.9 (43.92)

ANN PACKER becomes the first British woman to win an Olympic track title, breaking the world record for 800m gold. Photo by MARK SHEARMAN. The August 1 edition of AW magazine includes WATMAN’S full day-by-day reflection. Here are some highlights:

October 14

Shortly before the Games I interviewed MARY RAND and asked her what would mean more to her: an Olympic gold medal or a world record. She replied: “I would much rather have a world record than an Olympic medal really. To be best in the world, even if it was only for a day, would be absolutely marvellous. Of course the greatest thing of all would be to do a world record at the Olympics. Needless to say, that’s what I would like to do in Tokyo!” And she did! Her UK long jump record of 6.59m was just the start of an astonishing series as she reeled off 6.56m, 6.57m, another Olympic and UK record of 6.63m, a fifth round world record of 6.76m into a 1.6m/sec wind and 6.61m. Remember this was from a rain-soaked cinder runway and it’s not fanciful to suggest that with the wind in her favour on an all-weather run-up she might have jumped seven metres.

October 15

A second gold medal for Britain came courtesy of the late KEN MATTHEWS in the 20km walk. He judged his race to perfection. By halfway he was 24 seconds clear, a lead he extended to 1min 40sec by the finish. That walkers were still unfairly regarded as second class citizens in the world of athletics became apparent when Britain’s other three Tokyo gold medallists very quickly featured in the Queen’s Honours List but it wasn’t until 13 years later that, following a campaign organised by the Race Walking Association, MATTHEWS at last received his richly deserved MBE. To this day he remains Britain’s most successful walker.

October 18

The day of LYNN DAVIES’ long jump gold. After four rounds the situation was that defending champion RALPH BOSTON (USA), the world record-holder at 8.34m, led with 7.88m ahead of the USSR’s former world record holder IGOR TER-OVANESYAN (7.80m) and the young upstart DAVIES (7.78m).

As I reported in AW at the time: “The fifth round opened quietly with fouls by the Spaniard LUIS ARETA and BOSTON. Next up was DAVIES, who while not exactly revelling in the conditions was less disconcerted by them than was the case with most of his rivals. The measuring seemed to take an eternity but the delay was justified when the figures 8.07m flashed up on the indicator board. DAVIES was way out in the lead with the best jump of his life. TER-OVANESYAN had his jump to come; it was a fine leap but at 7.99 it sufficed only for second place. And so to the last round.

“The pressure was really on BOSTON. The tension was unbearable, not least on DAVIES, who admitted that he covered his eyes … and peeked through his fingers. BOSTON hit the board smack on and rose high into the air. It was a good jump, but how good? Again one’s eyes were glued to the electrically operated indicator. “8” flashed up, followed by “0”, followed by – joy of joys – “3”. The great RALPH BOSTON had fallen short and DAVIES was champion.”

October 20

In my AW preview of the Games I predicted ANN PACKER would win the 400m ahead of Betty Cuthbert, while at 800m my tip was another Australian, DIXIE WILLIS, with PACKER second. However, as WILLIS had to withdraw due to illness, PACKER therefore became my favourite … even though the rest of the media considered her a complete outsider with no chance of winning.

It was a journey into the unknown, yet PACKER raced with impeccable judgement. Sixth at the bell in 59.1, she was third at 600m in 90.7 and second to MARYVONNE DUPUREUR around the final turn. The Frenchwoman was still five metres ahead entering the final straight but as she began to flag so PACKER’S stride lengthened and her spirits soared. As the crowd of nearly 70,000 roared with excitement and the British supporters went almost berserk, PACKER rushed past her defenceless rival some 60m out and, with a beatific smile on her face, broke the tape five metres clear in a world record of 2:01.1 … becoming the first British woman to win an Olympic track title.

NEWHAM & ESSEX BEAGLES MINITHON 2019 Takes place on Sunday 11 August at the London Marathon Community Track (Satnav E20 2ST).
For school years 1-6. Choose any 3 events from 75m, 150, 600m, Long Jump and Throwing Vortex. Starts at 10.00am.
Link for full informationNEB Outdoor Minithon Aug 11 Final (2)

SUPPLEMENTARY GUIDANCE NOTES FOR UKA RULES FOR COMPETITION 2018-2020 – Will All Our Athletes Note that the IAAF have amended rule 180.17 Time Allowed for Trials, replacing the 30 seconds allowed for a trial with 1 minute. The change is to be applied immediately.

The updated Supplementary Guidance Notes document can be downloaded by clicking the following link: Supplementary Guidance Notes (February 2019)
Please address any queries to A PDF copy of the Rule Book and supplementary notes can be found at

The current 2019 Summer Fixture Card can be found on the SBH website also the contact details for all Team Managers can be found here – and then select “Athletics”

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE (UNDER 13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) The fifth fixture of five takes place on Sunday 11 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager, Those athletes who wish to compete as a non-scorer, please contact your Team Manager no later than Thursday 2 August as the declarations have to be in on Friday 3 August.

LONDON INTER CLUB CHALLENGE (ALL AGE-GROUPS INCLUDING U13s) The Fourth of Four fixtures takes place on Saturday 31 August at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Entry is free to all members of Shaftesbury, but why not bring a friend and introduce them to athletics (there is a charge for non-members, £4 for the first event and £3 for subsequent events). Registration opens at 10.30am, and closes 30 minutes before the published start time. All events are for both male and female age-groups unless stated.
The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print
Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and register.

QUADKIDS Takes place prior to the London Inter Club Challenge on Saturday 31 August
CLYDE GORDON will be managing the event, with registration from 10.00am, first event starts at 10.30am, and completion around 12.00pm, and is free to enter for Shaftesbury members and is £2 for non-members. Quadkids is primarily for school years 3 to 7 inclusive, ie age 7 to 12 and includes the four core disciplines of running (600m), throwing (Vortex Howler), jumping (Long Jump) and sprinting (75m). All are welcome and Parents you may be asked to join in by helping out on maybe one of the events

These fixtures you will have to enter yourselves and pay the appropriate fee

A WARNING REGARDING OPEN MEETINGS 2019 – I spoke to 2 of the organisers of open meetings, regarding whether there was a closing date for their meeting, especially as now entries are online only. Their response was when a meeting opens on the online system, there could be a 100m event that takes place between 19.00pm to 19.45pm, they would have ascertained that between these times there will be 8 races. Once the 64 entries for those 8 races have been filled, the event is therefore closed. Therefore, there could be a chance that an event could be closed 1 Week or 2 weeks before the meeting date. Therefore, please beware of this.

LEE VALLEY SPRINTS OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 14 August at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London (Satnav N9 0AR). All age-groups including U13s. Cost is £6 per race before Wednesday, £8 on the day. Timetable commences at 7.00pm.
PLEASE NOTE: For all information including entering yourself online please use this link –
Please Note: Be Aware That An Event Could Be Full Maybe 1-2 Weeks Before The Meeting Date, So Enter Early

SOUTHERN U13, U15 & U17 CHAMPIONSHIPS INCLUDING U13 OPEN EVENTS Takes place on Saturday 17 August and Sunday 18 August  at the Julie Rose Stadium, 1864A Willesborough Road, Kennington, Ashford (Satnav TN24 9QX).

WATFORD OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 21 August at the Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). All age-groups including U13s.
There is an overflow car park prior to the main entrance on Horseshoe Lane if you are travelling up from the A405/Garston but we cannot guarantee if there are spaces.
Nearest large car park if the facility car parks are full is the Leavesden Country Park off College road (Satnav WD5 0NR) approximately 1100 metres, which is a continuation of Horseshoe Lane. Please note the Harvester Car Park is now pay and display
Timetable/Events – 7.00pm 200m, 7.15pm Long Jump, 7.30pm 400m no U13s, 8.00pm 1500m no times over 5m 30s, 9.30pm 3000m no times over 11m 00s.
PLEASE NOTE: Entries online only, no entries on the day, for all information including entering yourself online please use this link –
Please Note: Be Aware That An Event Could Be Full Maybe 1-2 Weeks Before The Meeting Date, So Enter Early

UK CHAMPIONSHIPS INCLUDING THE TRIAL FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Saturday 24 August to Monday 26 August at the Birmingham  Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Bar, Birmingham (Satnav B42 2LR).

LEE VALLEY SPRINTS OPEN MEETING – Takes place on Wednesday 28 August at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London (Satnav N9 0AR). All age-groups including U13s. Cost is £6 per race before Wednesday, £8 on the day. Timetable commences at 7.00pm.
PLEASE NOTE: For all information including entering yourself online please use this link –
Please Note: Be Aware That An Event Could Be Full Maybe 1-2 Weeks Before The Meeting Date, So Enter Early
ENGLAND U17 & U15 CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September at the Bedford International Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).

PHOTOGRAPH’S From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used. Also I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.

CLUB EMBROIDERED RED HOODIES Currently there are now over 500 Hoodies in circulation, this is the link giving details on how you can order your Club Hoody for £35, which includes having your name embroidered on the front Club Hoodies Updated 01-07-19

FACEBOOKPhotographs can be found on the SBH page.

CURRENT DISTRIBUTION OF SHAFTESBURY INFORMATION Currently I notify members (by email) using “MailChimp”. The reason I changed, was in November 2017 “Gmail” put a limit of 100 addresses that users could send to in a 24-hour period, and currently I send to approximately 850 members each issue.

On seeking technical advice “MailChimp” was recommended as the best way for SBH to go forward. There is one thing you should be aware off is that when you receive an email from me, the footer at the bottom has 4 options, of which one is “Unsubscribe Me From List”. Could I ask you not to select this as if you do you will be automatically removed from my distribution list.

SBH PRIVACY STATEMENT – In becoming a member, SBH will collect certain information about you. Can you please read the attached ‘Privacy Statement’ which contains Information on General Data Protection Regulations  SBH Privacy Statement Final April 2018

SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION – Little athletics programme is an athletics ‘Multi Skills’ programme for children aged 4-9 years. The programme is designed to teach children fundamental movement skills of athletics – running, jumping and throwing. The sessions are game based and as of September there will be a progression throughout the term.
LAP runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30-5.30pm – Term time only.
1st Legacy athletics club is a pathway club for children aged 10-15 years new to athletics. Children are introduced to all the different athletics disciplines and have the opportunity to develop running, jumping and running skills that we hope they will then go onto use as a participant in the formal athletics club structure or in any other sport for activity they choose to progress to. The lead coach is Gintare Dargeviciute who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club.
1st Leg AC runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00–6.00pm – Term time only.
For full and contact details use this link to the SBH website

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7240.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.20.
As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for membership of Allianz Park, this is a the link for all information and application form Allianz Park Membership Form 2017 Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.
Charges for those with a membership card are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £24.00 – Junior (U16) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00 – Concession (Students in full time education, unwaged and Over 60) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £12.00.
Please use this link to view all membership details and application form (which you can print)Allianz Park Membership Form 2017

All Allianz Park membership enquiries should be directed towards Emma Gouge at her direct phone number is 0203 675 7252, or Lauren Hewett at her phone number are (Office) 020 3675 7210 or (Mobile) 07881 297875