Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers Weekly Newsletter Thursday 28 July 2016

Happy Birthday this week to Kate Barber, John Dryden, Joshua Edwards, Martin Grey, Teigue McAuliffe, Daniel Payravi, Elli Minster, Victoria Pritchard, James Trapmore, Layla Walker-Lawrence

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UK Youth Development League Results – YDL Southern Premier 1 Full Results 24-07-16 At Eton

WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Took place in Bydgoszcz, Poland from Tuesday19 July to Sunday 24 July.

4x100m – Men (22nd) Heat 1 GB&NI 1st (SB 39.91) taking .08 of a second off their 25 June time, ZANSON PLUMMER ran on Leg 1 and GERALD MATTHEW ran on Leg 4, (23rd) the Final GB&NI finished 6th (SB 39.57) taking .34 of a second off their Heat time, with ZANSON on Leg 1 and GERALD on Leg 4.

NEW MEMBERS IN JULY We wish you all a very warm welcome, and a happy, healthy and successful 2016 to ELLE HOPPINGANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN and LOUIS OCTAVE


Took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park last Friday and Saturday. In an astonishing meeting our Rio bound sprinters were subjected to a deafening wall of sound. In the 100m both OJIE EDOBURUN and DARYLL NEITA up against some of the world best sprinters, both finished 7th in their Heats. In the 4x100m Relay DARYLL again showed what an outstanding talent she has. Following her 4x100m relay Silver Medal in the recent European Championships, DARYLL again ran the final leg in the Great Britain team, coming home in a new National Record (41.81) taking .99 of a second of the time (42.80) recorded at last year’s meeting.

OJIE ran on the final leg for the Great Britain B team, in which they recorded (37.81), just .03 of a second behind the A team (37.78), OJIE was on fire as he was rapidly closing on CHIJINDU UJAH at the finish. SEB RODGER produced a solid run finishing .06 of a second off his season’s best, his (49.35) was the 10th time this year he has run under 50 seconds, and with RIO only 3 weeks away SEB will have his personal best (49.19) in his sights. JADE LALLY with her first throw finished on the podium in 3rd place with (61.85m).

100m – SM Heat 1 OJIE EDOBURUN U23 7th (10.26 w0.1), SW Heat 2 DARYLL NEITA U20 7th (11.30 w-1.3)

400m Hurdles – SM SEB RODGER 6th (49.35)

Discus 1kg – SW JADE LALLY 3rd (61.65m)

MULLER ANNIVERSARY GAMES We send 6 teams to compete in the Clubs Connect 4x100m Relays, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Overall it was an excellent evening with the Under 15 Boys winning and finishing just outside the Club Record which has stood since 1988, the Under 15 Girls were not to be outdone and also finished just outside the Club Record which has stood since 1984, finally the Under 17 Men time took them to No.4 on the SBH all-time list.

Please use this link which is the video of the Under 15 Boys

Under 15 Boys 1st (SB 45.28) taking 11.71 seconds off their 2 May time, and puts them up to No.2 on the SBH all-time list, also they are ranked UK No.5 team in 2016, NICHOLAS SHAW, KIERAN BYARD CHAMBERS, MICAH AGYEPONG, and ANDREW NICOLAOU


Under 17 Men 5th (SB 44.21) taking 3.15 seconds off their 29 May time, and puts them up to No.4 on the SBH all-time list, TRISTAN PROCIDA U15, SHINAWAT JAIDEE, JOSH KUMAR, NANA OWUSU  C

Under 17 Women 8th (SB 50.94) taking .60 of a second off their 29 May time, BLESSING ADJEI-OKWABI, SOPHIA OBI, JESSICA HURLEY, CHINWE IWUNZE


Under 20 Women 2nd (SB 48.64) taking 4.46 seconds off their 29 May time, PAGE FAIRCLOUGH, RACHEL FATUADE, KAYANNA REID, EAVION RICHARDSON

For the remaining newsletter information and results

UK YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE SOUTHERN PREMIER 1 The final fixture took place last Sunday at Eton.

Team result – 1st Blackheath & Bromley (835 points), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (683.5 points), 3rd Reading (679.5 points), 4th SBH (613 points), 5th Tonbridge (393 points), 6th Enfield & Haringey (382 points) 

Final League Positions – 1st Blackheath & Bromley (3276 points, 24 league points), 2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow (2749 points, 19 league points), 3rd Reading (2659 points, 16 league points), 4th SBH (2482.5 points, 13 league points), 5th Tonbridge (1716.5 points, 7 league points), 6th Enfield & Haringey (1622 points, 5 league points)

100m – U17M A NANA OWUSU 4th (11.78 w1.2), B DYLAN KAPOSI 3rd (SB 12.13 w0.3), U17W A CHINWE IWUNZE 4th (PB 12.49 w3.1) taking .01 of a second off her 11 June time, B SOPHIA OBI 3rd (13.13 w0.3), U20M A JACOB BERKELEY 5th (11.56 w-1.2), B CHENNA OKOH U17 (2nd Claim) 2nd (SB 11.25 w-1.1), U20W A PAGE FAIRCLOUGH 1st (12.24 w1.5), B LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 4th (SB 13.80 w2.0), Non Scoring U17M JOSH KUMAR 1st (11.95 w2.6), MICHAEL KOBEH 2nd (12.38 w2.6)

200m – U17M A CHENNA OKOH U17 (2nd Claim) 2nd (SB 22.62 w1.1), B JOSH KUMAR 2nd (PB 23.36 w0.7) taking .03 of a second off his 14 May time, U17W A CHINWE IWUNZE 5th (PB 26.15 w2.7) taking .52 of a second off her 29 May time, B JESSICA HURLEY 5th (28.10 w1.2), U20M A DOMINIC ASHWELL 4th (SB 22.4 w0.9), B JACOB BERKELEY 3rd (23.39 w1.1), U20W A EAVION RICHARDSON 4th (25.90 w1.4), B LAYLA WALKER-LAWRENCE 4th (28.99 w0.2), Non Scoring U20M JOSEPH PEPPIATT 1st (PB 24.90 w1.1) equalling his 2015 time

300m – U17W A JESSICA HURLEY 5th (43.00), B BLESSING ADJEI-OKWABI 2nd (SB 42.99) taking .11 of a second off her 8 May time

400m – U17M A LOUIS OCTAVE 1st (51.65), B ANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN 1st (56.11), U20M A OMAR PARSONS 2nd (48.75), B JACK FITZPATRICK 1st (PB 51.71) taking 1.04 seconds off his 26 June time, U20W A ELLIE BAKER 4th (PB 58.63) taking .21 of a second off her 2015 time, B EMILIA ECONOMU 4th (PB 64.67) taking .48 of a second off her 1 May time

800m – U17M A THOMAS PATRICK 4th (2:02.16), B HENRY ROCHA 5th (2:13.13), U17W A JOSEPHINE CHADWICK 3rd (PB 2:21.69) taking .71 of a second off her 5 June time, B SOUHUR ROOBLEH 4th (2:33.18), U20M A HAMZA KADIR U17 2nd (1:57.85), B MATTHEW LEWIS 1st (2:02.22), U20W A LIANNE LANGFORD 4th (2:19.50), B REBECCA ANDREOU 1st (PB 2:23.58) taking .57 of a second off her 2015 time

1500m – U17M A JAMIE HARPER 6th (4:30.24), A HENRY ROCHA 4th (4:39.21), U17W A SARAH BUTLER 4th (5:10.84), B LIDIA KYRIACOU 2nd (5:23.14), U20M A OLIVER FORMBY (2nd Claim) 6th (SB 4:24.18) taking .30 of a second off his 6 April time, B OLIVER GREENSTEIN 5th (PB 4:51.67) taking 5.15 seconds off his 2015 time

3000m – U17W A GEORGIA LEE 4th (11:54.0), U20M A OLIVER GREENSTEIN 5th (PB 10:34.01) taking 23.41 seconds off his 2014 time, U20W A CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON 3rd (11:10.8), B GABRIELLA KYRIACOU 2nd (11:41.3)

80m Hurdles – U17W A RACHEL CARTER 3rd (12.51 w1.0), A SOPHIA OBI 2nd (12.40 w-0.7)

100m Hurdles – U17M A JUSTIN LEE 5th (16.08 w1.1), U20W A EAVION RICHARDSON 4th (PB 15.45 w-0.8) taking .43 of a second off her 2015 time

110m Hurdles – U120M A JACOB SPENCE 1st (PB 14.32 w1.2) taking .16 of a second off his 22 May time, B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (15.67 w1.2)

300m Hurdles – U17W A RACHEL CARTER 4th (47.00)

400m Hurdles – U17M A NATHAN TADESSE 3rd (PB 78.31), U20M A JACOB SPENCE 4th (PB 57.48) taking .02 of a second off his 2014 time, B KHALID-ALI AHMED 2nd (PB 66.77)

1500m Steeplechase – U20M A NATHAN TADESSE 4th (PB 5:54.2) taking 4.40 seconds off his 26 June time

2000m Steeplechase – U20M A KHALID-ALI AHMED 2nd (PB 6:35.70) taking 1.55 seconds off his 26 June time, B OLIVER FORMBY (2nd Claim) 2nd (PB 6:59.22)



4x400m Relay – U17M 2nd (3:38.64) ANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN (56.1), THOMAS PATRICK (54.0), HENRY ROCHA (55.7), LOUIS OCTAVE (52.9), U20M 2nd (3:30.82) JOSEPH PEPPIATT (55.2), MATTHEW LEWIS (54.6), JACK FITZPATRICK (51.5), OMAR PARSONS (49.6), U20W 3rd (SB 4:08.38) taking 2.49 seconds off their 29 May time LIANNE LANGFORD (60.7), ELLIE BAKER (58.2), REBECCA ANDREOU (65.6), EMELIA ECONOMU (63.9) After an unfortunate, accidental, clash of spikes during the 2nd takeover between the incoming runner ELLIE BAKER and the outgoing runner REBECCA ANDREOU suffered a painful cut to her foot. Though clearly in pain she kicked off her shoe (which was loosened in the clash) and ran her leg with one shoe. I have to say that I was really impressed.  Not only did she have the presence of mind to kick off her shoe she had the courage and determination to complete her leg.

High Jump – U17M A JUSTIN LEE 5th (1.60m), U20M A LEWIS MCGUIRE 1st (1.95m), B SCOTT WEBSTER 1st (1.90m), U20W A MEGAN MCINNES 4th (SB 1.45m), FIONA MCQUIRE 4th (SB 1.40m) equalling her 29 May jump

Pole Vault – U17W A ISABEL DEACON (2nd Claim) 1st (3.35m), U20M A ETHAN WALSH 1st (PB 4.90m) adding 4cm to his 10 January vault, and is ranked UK No.6 U20 in 2016, U20W A MEGAN MCINNES 2nd (3.05m)

Long Jump – U17M A ANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN 5th (PB 4.90m w1.4), U17W A SOPHIA OBI 4th (4.65m nwr), U20M A LEWIS MCGUIRE 2nd (6.14m w1.2), B JOSEPH PEPPIATT 2nd (SB 4.75m w1.5) adding 4cm to his 2015 jump, U20W A EAVION RICHARDSON 1st (PB 5.95m nwr) adding 4cm to her 2015 jump, and is ranked UK No.6 U20 in 2016, B KAYANNA REID 1st (5.28m nwr)

Triple Jump – U17M A ANTHONY KHORASSANDJIAN 4th (PB 11.02m w1.2), U20M A LEWIS MCGUIRE 2nd (PB 12.35m w3.2) adding 81cm to his 29 May jump, B JACOB BERKELEY 2nd (SB 10.10m w3.2), U20W A SAPPHIRE CLARKSON 3rd (11.15m w3.1), B KAYANNA REID 1st (10.68m w1.3)

Shot 3kg – U17W A KLAUDIA DEBRECZENI 6th (SB 8.23m) adding 14cm to her 1 May put

Shot 4kg – U20W A ELLE HOPPING 5th (PB 8.63m), B MOLLY HOPPING (2nd Claim) 2nd (8.59m)

Shot 5kg – U17M A NANA OWUSU 6th (8.72m)

Shot 6kg – U20M A BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 1st (12.61m), B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (11.70m)

Discus 1kg – U20W A DIONNE MILNE 3rd (40.58m), B FIONA MCQUIRE 1st (32.98m)

Discus 1.5kg – U17M A KAI GORDON 6th (PB 25.91m) adding 1.56m to his 2015 throw

Discus 1.75kg – U20M A NATHAN THOMAS 2nd (PB 42.04m) adding 62cm to his 26 June throw, B DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (31.96m)

Hammer 4kg – U20W A PHILIPPA DAVENALL (2nd Claim) 1st (53.38m), B FIONA MCQUIRE 2nd (SB 15.71m)

Hammer 5kg – U17M A KAI GORDON 6th (PB 23.20m)

Hammer 6kg – U20M A BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 2nd (61.18m)

Javelin 500g – U17W A KLAUDIA DEBRECZENI 3rd (29.44m)

Javelin 600g – U20W A FIONA MCQUIRE 4th (25.68m), B MOLLY HOPPING (2nd Claim) 2nd (23.78m)

Javelin 800g – U20M A DYLAN CARLSSON-SMITH 1st (44.77m), B BILLY PRAIM-SINGH (2nd Claim) 1st (PB 40.23m) adding 12cm to his 26 June throw

Nick Nieland With Geoff Morphitisedited


NICK NIELAND NICK and his 3 sons came over to Eton on Sunday with his 3 young sons to watch the YDL team. The Club took the opportunity of awarding him the MASTERS FIELD EVENT AWARD for his outstanding javelin throwing. NICK is both a former Commonwealth Games champion and an Olympian and still holds the Club record with 85.07m.



MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS IS SPORT WORKSHOP Has been arranged and delivered by Mind. The workshop will take place on Monday 8th August, 5.30-8.30pm at ACTIVE NETWORK, 11th Floor One Euston Square, 40 Melton Street, London, NW1 2FD.

It has been decided to arrange one workshop at a central London location, which hopefully most people will be able to access. If you would like to attend, please use the following link to register:

JACK PETCHEY FOUNDATION – Established in 1999, the Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25.  The Foundation exists to raise the aspirations of young people, to help them take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society.  The Foundation focuses on London and Essex and since it has been established the Foundation has awarded grants totalling over £70 million.  In reality most of the young people that actually receive the award are aged 11-17

The foundation has three different awards in the scheme, bronze, silver and gold.  SBH are part of the Gold scheme and we get to nominate nine winners per year.  For each winner we are awarded a grant of £250 which is given to the club to spend. The awards are for January to June and September to November.

During the last few years we have used this grant to purchase the following: Pole vault, shot, discus, javelin, practice hurdles, relay batons,, gym mats, tri-bars, medicine balls, hi-viz jackets, stopwatches, GPS watches, tickets for the Anniversary games and 125th Anniversary Dinner, coach travel to away venues and it’s also used to subsidise the hoodies.



Saracens are running summer holiday camps this year, 4 days for 4-9 year olds and 4 days for 10-15 year olds. With Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner, this is an opportunity for children to experience the Olympic spirit first hand and take part in its premier sport; athletics!

The camps are on the following dates:

1st, 2nd, 22nd and 23rd August – 4-9 years

3rd, 4th, 24th and 25th August – 10-15 years

To book or for any enquiries about the above parents can email or call Emily Neilan on 07713 159 706 (work hours only – 9-5.30pm).

Emily Neilan | Athletics Run Activator – Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon, London NW4 1RL

Contact details DD +44 (0)203 675 7244 | M +44 (0)7713 159 706 | F +44 (0)1707 240 577 | E | W 

WELFARE OFFICER REQUIRED GRACE CONROY was one of two of the clubs Welfare Officers based at Allianz Park, but whilst this is preferable, it’s not essential. (MIKE TUVEY is the other one). If you feel you are in a position to find out more about this challenging and rewarding role within the club, (although historically it has not been particularly onerous), please contact PHILIP CUNNINGHAM at  or BRYAN SMITH at 

WELFARE OFFICER – ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES – Deal with confidential matters that may arise related to athletes and has an understanding and an appropriate way to such matters.

Responsible for the promotion of codes of conduct to members, parents and young people.

Receive, record and pass on to the NGB Child Protection officer, any concerns relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults

To provide advice on the development of activities for young people within the club/organisation.

Support the registration of all personnel involved in activities for young people with the club/organisation (Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Recognise the difference between poor practice according to club rules and matters that would be seen as a welfare issue.

ENDURANCE OFFICIALS COURSE Martin Howard is working with UK Athletics to organise an Endurance Officials course to be held in September.

The description of the course on the England Athletics web-site is “A one day course that will allow the candidate to work under the supervision of a qualified endurance official with a view to becoming a qualified technical official. This day also includes the Risk Awareness Course.”.

If you would like to attend the course would you email Martin on to register your interest. He will then notify you when the course details are finalised.

WHY NOT VOLUNTEER FOR LONDON 2017 Britain’s fastest ever woman Dina Asher-Smith and Paralympic Gold Medallist, Richard Whitehead, call on the British public to be the heart of London 2017 as organisers launch volunteering programme.

The London 2017 Organising Committee has today launched its search for ‘Runners’ – the volunteer programme for the World ParaAthletics Championships and IAAF World Championships.

Up to 4,000 volunteers will be at the heart of the Championships, helping to deliver the event in The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and across London.

It is anticipated that up to half of the ‘Runners’ will be from the grassroots of athletics across the UK. Others are invited through a national campaign, with the aim of retaining them in the grassroots of the sport beyond 2017 as part of the Championship’s legacy.

Recruitment will begin on 28 June through an online application process. Members of athletics clubs and the general public can register their interest in becoming a ‘Runner’ from today at and details of the application form will be sent in early autumn 2016.

Selection centres will take place before the end of 2016, with successful ‘Runners’ confirmed in early 2017. Volunteers will play a key role in the running of the 20 days of the Championships with a range of roles including transport, way-finding, meet and greet and accreditation.

SBH SUMMER FIXTURE CARD Which was recently issued, can now be found on the SBH website. Please use this link to which you can download/print the card and front sheet. 

PHOTOGRAPHS I would appreciate if you could send me any photographs, which I can then publish on the website and newsletter.

ENGLAND ATHLETICS NEWSLETTER This is the link to the July Issue No.3 –

LONDON ATHLETICS NEWSLETTER This is the link to the July Issue – 


Contact details of all Track & Field Team Managers can be found on the SBH website. Please use this link

UK CAU INTER COUNTIES & AAA CHAMPIONSHIPS Takes place on Saturday 30 July and Sunday 31 July at the Bedford International Stadium, Barkers Lane, Bedford (Satnav MK41 9SB).

For all entry details and full information please use this link 

LONDON INTER CLUB CHALLENGE (ALL AGE-GROUPS INCLUDING U13s) The third of four fixtures takes place on Saturday 30 July at the Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL). Is free to all members of Shaftesbury, but why not bring a friend and introduce him to athletics (there is a charge for non-members, £3 for the first event and £2 for subsequent events). Registration opens at 10.30am, and closes 30 minutes before the published start time. All events are for both male and female age-groups unless stated. The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print

Note: You do not have to be pre-entered, just turn up and register. 

QUADKIDS Takes place prior to the London Inter Club Challenge on Saturday 30 July.

CLYDE GORDON will be managing the event, with registration from 9.30am, first event starts at 10.00am, and completion around 11.30am, and is free to enter for Shaftesbury members and is £2 for non-members. Quadkids is primarily for school years 3 to 7 inclusive, ie age 7 to 12 and includes the four core disciplines of running (600m), throwing (Vortex Howler), jumping (Long Jump) and sprinting (75m). All are welcome and Parents you may be asked to join in by helping out on maybe one of the events.

BRITISH ATHLETIC LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR MEN) The fourth fixture of four takes place on Saturday 6 August at the Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).

This is a joint fixture with the UK Women’s match.

The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Geoff Morphitis 

UK WOMEN’S ATHLETIC LEAGUE DIVISION 1 (UNDER 20 AND SENIOR WOMEN) The third fixture of three takes place on Saturday 6 August at the Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).

This is a joint fixture with the BAL men’s match.

The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print

Note: You will have to be selected by your Team Manager – Nicole Cara 

EASTERN YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE COMPOSITE TEAM WITH BARNET & DISTRICT (UNDER 13/15/17 MEN/WOMEN) The fifth fixture of five takes place on Sunday 7 August at the Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon (Satnav NW4 1RL).

The timetable is on the SBH website, please use this link to view/print

Note: You will have to be selected by your respective Team Manager Joyce Smith or Brenton Hall 

WATFORD OPEN MEETING Takes place on Wednesday 10 August at the Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Watford (Satnav WD25 7HH). Events 7.00pm 100m, 7.15pm Shot, 7.30pm 400m, 8.05pm 800m no times please over 2 minutes 45 seconds.

For all entry information and ‘On the Day entry form’ please use this link 

OLYMPIC GAMES Takes place from Friday 12 August to Sunday 21 August at the Maracana Olympic Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


The Internationales Viersener Hocksprung-Meeting took place in Vieren, Germany on 24 July

High Jump – SM ALLAN SMITH 2nd (2.25m)

The UK Youth Development League Division NW2 took place in Ellesmere Port on 24 July

100m – A MATTHEW PAGAN U20 (HCA) 1st (11.2)

Shot 6kg – A MATTHEW PAGAN U20 (HCA) 3rd (7.77m)


The BMC Grand Prix took place in Oxford on 23 July

800m – Men Race A OMAR PARSONS U20 6th (1:50.92), Race B JACK CRABTREE U23 5th (PB 1:52.37) taking 2.19 seconds off his 2012 time, Race F BILLY KELSEY U23 5th (1:58.41), Race I TED NTIBAZONKIZA U23 6th (SB 1:58.81) taking .43 of a second off his 15 June time

Mile – Men U17 Peter Coe Trophy HAMZA KADIR 1st (PB 4:18.07) and is ranked UK No.1 U17 in 2016, HAMZA defeated Ricky Lutakome of Sutton who was the UK No.1 at the time, ELLIOT DEE 3rd (PB 4:22.32) taking .67 of a second off his 22 June time, and is ranked UK No.3 U17 in 2016

The photograph is of HAMZA with the cup, and ELLIOT to the right of him

The Memorial Rasschaert took place in Ninove, Belgium on 23 July

100m – Heat 2 NENGI OSSAI V40 6th (11.03 w0.2)

200m – Race 2 NENGI OSSAI V40 4th (22.28 w0.8)

The International Throws Meeting took place in Leiria, Portugal on 23-24 July

Discus 1km – SW (23/07) SHADINE DUQUEMIN U23 1st (SB 51.55m) adding 1.17m to her 19 June throw, and is ranked UK No.2 U23 in 2016, SARAH PARSONS U23 (HCA) 6th (SB 40.93),  (24/07) SHADINE finished 2nd (49.45m), SARAH finished 5th (44.82m)

Discus 2km – SMA (23/07) ZANE DUQUEMIN 1st (60.41m), (24/07) ZANE finished 1st (61.09m)

Javelin 600g – SW (23/07) JO BLAIR (HCA) 1st (49.78m), (24/07) JO finished 1st (51.44m)

The Herne Hill Harriers Open Meeting took place on 23 July

100m – SX2 SEAN LODOVICA U23 2nd (11.45 w1.6)

400m – SX1 LESLIE ODAMTTEN-ADDY 4th (51.93)

1500m – SX3 AIMI WEIGHTMAN U13 1st (PB 5:15.10) taking 4.31 seconds off her 15 May time

Pole Vault – SM NED QUINEY (HCA) 1st (4.40m)

The Kasitavling Meeting took place in Helsingborg, Sweden on 23 July

Shot 7.26kg – SM NICKPERCY U23 4th (SB 15.52m) and is ranked UK No.4 U23 in 2016

Discus 2kg – SM NICKPERCY U23 1st (PB 63.38m) adding 1.60m to his 11 July throw, and is ranked UK No.1 in 2016

The Morton Games took place in Dublin, Ireland on 22 July

800m – SM KYLE LANGFORD U23 1st (SB 1:46.73) taking 1.80 seconds off his 9 July time, and is ranked UK No.3 U23 in 2016

High Jump – SM DAVID SMITH 1st (SB 2.22m) equalling his 28 February jump

The Lee Valley Sprint Series took place on 20 July

100m – SM A1 CONFIDENCE LAWSON 5th (10.56 w-0.3), A2 DOMINIC ASHWELL U20 7th (10.65 w3.2), B2 CONFIDENCE finished 1st (10.49 w0.4), DOMINIC finished 5th (10.77 w0.4), SX 1.10 PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U20 7th (12.30 w1.7), SX 1.11 SHEREEN CHARLES 5th (12.25 w0.5), SX 1.13 CHRISTOPHER CASTRO NETO U23 3rd (11.47 w1.5), SX 1.14 SEAN LODOVICA U23 6th (11.48 w0.4), SX 1.18 LEON SINCLAIR U23 6th (SB 11.17 w1.6) taking .06 of a second off his 17 April time, SX 1.21 ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (10.39 w0.2), SX 1.23 NENGI OSSAI V40 1st (11.07 w0.0), SX 1.25 ANDREW AMOAH U23 4th (11.09 w1.0), SX 2.6 LUCY ADAMS U20 4th (PB 14.76 w-0.8), SX 2.9 PAGE FAIRCLOUGH U20 3rd (12.33 w1.4), SX 2.10 SHEREEN CHARLES 5th (12.32 w1.5), SX 2.14 CHRISTOPHER CASTRO NETO U23 5th (11.61 w-0.8), SX 2.17 ANDREW AMOAH U23 2nd (11.03 w0.0), LEON SINCLAIR U23 5th (11.22 w0.0), SX 2.19 NENGI OSSAI V40 3rd (11.09 w0.3), SX 2.23 ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (10.45 w1.1)

200m – SM ANTONIO INFANTINO 1st (PB 20.53 w1.9) taking .09 of a second off his 5 June time, JAMAL RHODEN-STEVENS U23 3rd (PB 21.35 w1.9) taking .19 of a second off his 5 June time, RICHARD MORRISSEY 6th (21.98 w1.9)

The Meeting Elite De Castres took place in Castres, France on 20 July

100m – Heat 1 TOMMY RAMDHAN U23 1st (10.71 w-1.4), in the Final TOMMY finished 6th (SB 10.48 w2.3) taking .05 of a second off his 11 June time

100m Hurdles – Race 1 GEMMA BENNETT 3rd (13.75 w0.3), Race 2 GEMMA finished 2nd (SB 13.57 w1.0) taking .05 of a second off her 25 June time

The Welsh Athletics U20 International took place in Cardiff on 20 July

110m Hurdles – U20M JACOB SPENCE 1st (14.57 w-1.6)

400m Hurdles – SM NIALL CARNEY U20 2nd (PB 53.98) taking .15 of a second off his 9 July time, and is ranked UK No.4 U20 in 2016

Hammer 4kg – SW REBECCA KEATING U20 6th (50.48m)

The Golden Stag Mile Open took place at Allianz Park on 20 July

1 Mile – SX 4 ISABELLE FLEET U13 9th (PB 6:18.38), ANNA MURPHY U13 13th (PB 6:52.65) taking 16.86 seconds off her 2015 time, SX 7 STUART SINGER V55 8th (6:03.25), SX 9 JO KENT V45 (2nd Claim) 6th (SB 5:44.80), SX 10 LUCA STUBBS U13 7th (PB 5:11.79), SX 12 THOMAS BUTLER U20 (2nd Claim) 1st (SB 4:41.36), DAVID STONE U15 12th (PB 4:58.56)

The BMC Regional Races took place in Eltham on 20 July

800m – Men Race C MATTHEW LEWIS U20 1st (PB 1:59.05) taking .85 of a second off his 15 June time

The Hampshire Grand Prix took place in Basingstoke on 20 July

Pole Vault – U17M LEWIS HERZOG (2nd Claim) 3rd (3.41m)


23 July – ALLY PALLY BARRY CHISHOLM V55 87th (First Time 26.10) 50th parkrun – OAK HILL SUSIE MCDONALD V45 87th (27.42) 21st parkrun

PHOTOGRAPH’S– From time to time we have photographs of our members taken at meetings or presentations which we would like to use both on the website or incorporated within our report to our local newspaper. Can you please let me know if you do NOT want your photograph to be used.

SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION – Little athletics programme is an athletics ‘Multi Skills’ programme for children aged 4-9 years. The programme is designed to teach children fundamental movement skills of athletics – running, jumping and throwing. The sessions are game based and as of September there will be a progression throughout the term. LAP runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30-5.30pm – Term time only.  

1st Legacy athletics club is a pathway club for children aged 10-15 years new to athletics. Children are introduced to all the different athletics disciplines and have the opportunity to develop running, jumping and running skills that we hope they will then go onto use as a participant in the formal athletics club structure or in any other sport for activity they choose to progress to. The lead coach is Gintare Dargeviciute who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the club. 1st Leg AC runs on a Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00–6.00pm – Term time only.

For full and contact details use this link to the SBH website – 

ALLIANZ PARK – Main Switchboard telephone number is 0203 675 7240.

CHARGES FOR USING ALLIANZ PARK – The current charges for using Allianz Park are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £4.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £2.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £3.00.

As a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers you can apply for a form which will give you membership of Allianz Park, you can pick up the form from the reception at Allianz Park. Any official coach of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers gains entry free of charge.

Charges for those with a membership form are as follows – Adult Daily entry fee £3.60, Monthly fee £22.00, Annual fee £264.00 – Junior (U18) Daily entry fee £1.80, Monthly fee £11.00, Annual fee £132.00 – Concession (Students and Over 65) Daily entry fee £2.70, Monthly fee £16.50, Annual fee £198.00.

All membership enquiries should be directed towards Isobel Dunnicliffe at Isobel will also be at Allianz Park (Tuesday and Thursday Evenings) in the West Stand. Her direct phone number is 020 3675 7252.